BREXIT BLUES: Dazed and Confused?


 “Today, the imperialist designs of the United States, Britain, France, and Germany have not changed. What has changed is the pretext and justification for waging their neo-colonial wars of conquest. During the colonial period, the narratives and justifications for waging war were accepted by public opinion in the colonizing countries, such as Britain and France. Today’s “just wars” and “just causes” are now being conducted under the banners of women’s rights, human rights, humanitarianism, and democracy.”

— sociologist and award-winning writer Mahdi Darius Nazemroay, from: Preparing the Chessboard for the “Clash of Civilizations”: Divide, Conquer and Rule the “New Middle East.”

I’ll admit, I was pleasantly shocked when it was announced that Britain would be leaving the European Union.

And no, I’m not a racist, xenophobic, right-wing radical or crusty old misanthrope reliving the good ole’ days of the 1950s. I’m simply seeing the European Union for what it is: a “union” that is not designed to serve the people and never will be in its current form.

In today’s ridiculous climate of leave and remain hysteria encouraged as usual, by our ever-witless media it seems divisions and demarcations along tribal lines are being encouraged. It has given us the chance to see how the rise in nationalism and right wing sentiment is growing and it has also given us the opportunity to see how many who consider themselves left-liberal and “progressive” are reacting to such a growth. Thanks to the toxic influence of Thatcherism and Blairism in the UK we are living with a wholesale embrace of American neo-colonialism, imperialism and neo-liberal economics. This means that the banking sector, the corporation and the state have merged under the EU as never before.

Like many, I’ve seen a shift in the nature of the left and socialism in general and its inability to square the circle regarding this development, displaying both abject ignorance and denial that is extraordinary to behold. As a result and somewhat ironically, British conservatism has taken on the role of actually protecting people’s rights and values – at least for now. Yet, they too have the very real problem of the radical right flowing as an undercurrent within and threatening to wrest control from moderate principles. It still amazes me that those who see themselves fighting for a better world, a more progressive and humanitarian ethos choose to expend their energies in supporting the European Union that was never meant to be anything other than an economic outpost for highly damaging neo-liberal economics and the neo-colonial wars that go with it.

What happened to the traditional anti-war movement of the left?

What has happened to their ability to fight for the underdog?

The European Union is the first within a plan for a global union of centralised, interlocking economic unions which, in practice means:

  1. The EU has overseen a gradual increase in unemployment, poverty, social exclusion and the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor since it came into being. This rose sharply after the latest crash in 2008.
  2. The EU represents a dominance of centralised political and financial power. The European Commission decides how the national budget of member states will be spent and regulated. This is designed to funnel contributions into the vast maw of the EU to fund its various projects. This money pot is routinely abused. This is tied to the goal is to manifest the ideology of Statism as a driver for progress when it is the very nature of the state that must be opposed in order to alleviate poverty and inequality and move toward self-sufficiency and autonomy. Maximising profit and expanding capital is naturally the abiding desire of a conglomerate of states. Since neo-liberal economics dominates, the market price of extracted commodities remains the only value. Corporatism and the State are one and held up as an exemplar by the EU as a sustainable model.
  3. The EU and Brussels is the biggest centre of lobbyists on earth perhaps numbering 15 -30,000. Lobbyists provide the “new ideas” for the vast numbers of unelected euro-civil servants who decide policy for the rest of the member states. For example, this is why GMO foods, proven to be toxic to humans can safely pass controls under EU law. Why? because many within the EU Commission and their lobbyists have shares in the Food industry. This is a standard corporate dynamic.
  4. The ideology of the European Union is solely about economic integration, having all nations reading from the same book. This is akin to saying that all people are the same. Each nation has it’s own culture, its own personality made of up of a rich history of experience. To expect nations to conform to a one-size-fits-all monetary policy is at best impractical, at worst a system of organised debt slavery which naturally benefits only corporations, banks and bureaucrats.
  5. The EU authoritarianism cannot service long-term environmental concerns or regional and community values since it’s values are directed by neo-liberal economics and financial warfare. This is the antithesis of local, regional and national destiny and therefore sovereignty and autonomy. It pays lip service to environmental concerns through abortive short-term projects and grants which are continually supplanted by its inherent injustice and economic iniquities. However, the pseudo-ecological environmental concerns are pushed under the mantle of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 which is an exercise in greenwashing and systematic social control.
  6. The EU and the U.S. negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is representative of the mindset that flows through this autocratic monolith. The TTIP  represents the greatest threat to Europe’s sovereignty by expanding the U.S. corporate and financial empire into Europe and giving carte blanche to transnationals to privatise and sell off Europe’s assets. It has yet to be ratified but it looks likely that it will be, as it offers a massive opportunity for the usual suspects to cream off more dividends at the expense of ordinary people. For more on this topic see here.
  7. The EU has yet to be given a clean bill of health by auditors. This is because corruption, nepotism and bureaucracy is endemic. This is always the case with heavily centralised systems of economic control where enormous waste and exploitation is the norm. The European Central Bank thrives on its debts which are distributed to transnationals who indulge in all manner of ponzi schemes to buy back their own shares excluding honest investors. This is the 0.00.1% way of doing “business” in the EU which is a mirror of business in the United States.
  8. The EU encourages adherence to traditional forms of economic disparity including absolute authority to the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) the World Trade Organisation (WTO) all of which promote the “Shock Doctrine” of cartel capitalism euphemistically called “structural Adjustment” and “harmonisation.”  An inherently corrupt and destructive financial template offers massive loans to governments tied at the hip to transnational corporations with the condition that social infrastructure is destroyed to service a debt that becomes more and more difficult to pay back, so much so, that it becomes a form of slavery.  The EU promotes this neo-feudalism where, unlike the centuries old serfdom who parried a few scraps for their exploitation, the ordinary man and women receive nothing in return.
  9.  The EU floats on a legion of think tanks heavily biased toward Neo-Conservative or Cultural Marxist orthodoxies, both of which have caused social and cultural carnage in the last forty years. This includes a pernicious propaganda designed to bully and bribe nations into EU reductionism which forces the devolution of national powers and laws in favour of a centralised legislation to unelected Eurocrats in Brussels.  The dissolution of borders and the eradication of the concept of nation states is essential for transnationals and World State ideologues.
  10. The EU inevitably displaces domestic modes of production within member states in favour of cheap foreign imports thereby eroding generational and traditional modes of production and community that had nourished the social fabric of those nations. This leads to the impoverishment of towns and villages and the imposition of corporate, factory farming practices which tie the farmer to big corporations, the despoiling and erosion of the land through the use of pesticides, herbicides etc. and the automation and mainstreaming of traditional farming toward a SMART vision of agriculture which takes us further and further from traditional farming practices which trod lightly on the earth and respected her cycles. This is tied to the same neo-liberal exploitation with all the complex, non-linear feedback of negative effects that go with such a move.
  11. The EU, as part of the Anglo-American agreement to gain control of the Middle East has been a long time, active participant and supporter in numerous wars carried out by the United States and Israel. Accordingly, European intelligence agencies and outsourced private armies – in particular the United kingdom – have supported US-NATO-led acts of aggression against countries ripe for regime change causing millions of civilian casualties. This has caused massive destabilization and has led directly to the present immigration crisis, feeding into the undercurrent of right wing radicalism.
  12. The EU is monolithic outpost of neo-imperialism. Although the strategy and tactics are determined in Berlin since Germany is the prime mover behind the EU superstate, Brussels is the centre of a military-corporate complex under the auspices of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).  This systemic and entrenched level of criminal activity incorporates a multi-billion dollar turnover from drug-trafficking, money-laundering, human-trafficking, out-sourced security (private armies) and a complete merger of the state and underworld to produce a nexus point of a European “Overworld.”
  13. The EU has Brussels at the heart of past and present child trafficking and child rape networks which are intimately connected to European institutions and above criminal activity. They go hand in hand. (See links at the foot of this article)
  14. The EU is fully integrated into the phony war on terror and the inexorable move toward SMART Surveillance Superstate. It’s intelligence agencies mirror the criminal acts of the United States in fostering false flag terrorism through Islamic fundamentalism. It supports the continuance of state-sponsored terror harking back to the red brigade armies of Operation Gladio in 1950s Europe and the CoIntelpro activities of the FBI and CIA in the civil rights era. Both of these deep state dynamics have continued under the Union and represents the true, disturbing true face of European Establishment rule.
  15. The EU is an authoritarian superstate in the making as per a Third Reich legacy and the Treaty of Rome both designed to concentrate power in Germany. This has been the vision of all fascist groupings since the early 19th Century and best represented by the (until recently) ultra-secret organisation: Le Cercle, a Pan-European Synarchist group. And now, with the potential Brexit looming a more desperate and blatant acceleration of these plans has taken place. A recent 9 page document leaked by Polish media outlet TVP Info. has shown that the oft derided “myth” of a superstate is profoundly true. Entitled: “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties,” the paper is written by Jean-Marc Ayrault and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the foreign ministers of Germany and France – the two nations which hold the reigns of power in Europe as a whole. They propose nothing short of tyranny with:
    • An EU Directed military chain of command
    • A European Security Compact.
    • Expansion of internal security.
    • A strengthened Europol.
    • Expansion of security in Middle East, Africa, and all traditional U.S.-NATO occupations.
    • Common European asylum and migration policy including European Aslyum Agency linked to EU-controlled databases.
    • Fast tracking of the Economic and Monetary Union.
    • Development of a European Monetary Fund.
    • And the acceleration of a common taxation.

You can read the full paper HERE.

And many people are actually protesting and demanding that we remain in such a tyrannical entity?

If you want to get the inside scoop on just how undemocratic and elitist the EU really is do watch the above documentary by Peter Vlemmix

Sure, it’s not all bad. There has been an enormous amount of money sloshing around the EU in the form of subsidies and grants for member states. It has also had significant progress in reducing greenhouse gases by 23% across Europe. However, these positives are dwarfed by its essential nature. Environmental legislation should be a common cause outside of a supranational entity. Dispensing money from a centralised system is a product of systemic debt dependency and precisely the lack of self-sufficiency that the EU encourages. We go to the EU coffers for handouts because of the inherent inequality of the economic system it represents and the lack of independence it demands to sustain its unworkable machinery. This is a federal Europe by non-violent means, but federalism nonetheless.

“In fourteen out of the EU’s 28 member states, one in three children are considered to be living in poverty.”

Alarming report reveals rampant poverty across Europe


“The extent of corruption in Europe is ‘breathtaking’ and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says”

Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’ – EU Commission, BBC News.

I received an email this morning which positively screamed at me in big bold letters: “FIGHT RACISM RESIST BREXIT!!” sign the petition for a second referendum!” It is this kind of knee-jerk reaction and idiocy that feeds into Establishment wishes. The immigration problem must be dealt with sensibly and with due pragmatism otherwise countries already straining under EU-banker imposed austerity measures will simply not cope. What appears to be lost on those screaming a racist conspiracy behind anyone who doesn’t have an open door policy to all and everyone is the salient fact that such a catastrophe is a direct result of US-NATO – and therefore EUROPEAN – war-mongering which has destabilised and displaced millions of people under the pretext of fighting ISIS, the terrorist upgrade from Al-Qaeda, both of which were/are Western backed tools for Middle Eastern regime change.  The ignorance on this point is astounding. Ergo, to equate the wish for sensible immigration policies, independence and self-determination with racism is juvenile and should be treated with the derision it deserves. Such fallacies continue to be popular in the so-called progressive camp who wouldn’t know objective reality if it hit them between the eyes.

Britain leaving the European Union is one step towards true sovereignty and the chance for alternative modes of resource management, sensible trade, home-grown economics, community, pragmatic and sustainable living to finally emerge outside of a government beholden to EU directives and EU law. This is simply common sense. It does not mean we escape from the shadow of corporatism but it is a step in the right direction, should it happen. Yet, we have a groundswell of progressive ideals seeking to reform the EU and offer “alternatives” and old style socialism to be grafted onto a system that is immoral and valueless at its very heart. One thing we cannot do is expect to solve problems by utilising the very same economic framework which spawned the problems in the first place!

This is when socialist, left-liberal ideals become extremely dangerous because they are founded on beliefs which do not incorporate knowledge of ponerology, remaining stubbornly fixed in the notion that a foundation rooted in a psychopathic worldview can be cured. The psychopath cannot be cured nor can its institutions. It amounts to repairing numerous holes in a sinking ship refusing to believe that the wood is riddled with woodworm. In this way, much energy is expended in a perpetual activity to repair and reform. Then as the boat begins to sink you realise too late that the boat itself was never designed for the sea…

Source: ‘Sinking European Economies a Threat to World Economies’. (Jafrian News)

To support Brexit has nothing to do with xenophobia or any other right wing reaction that the “Project Fear” campaign mounted by the UK government sought to instill in the British population. To leave the EU is to ignite the expression of true individuality within a commonality of nations. But to embrace such an opportunity one has to be fully cognizant of what the European Union and its neighbour in crime the United States has stood for since the cold war, namely a hybrid mix of cartel capitalism and a pseduo-socialism to benefit the few over the majority.

Closer ties between nation states is possible but it will never arrive if we follow the paramoral and paralogical notions so beloved of  the Europhiles and who try to persuade us that its economic and social directives are normal, sensible and proper when they are anything but. True integration of values and sustainable fiscal policies can only materialise if we first become truly self-sufficient and autonomous nations, able to take care of ourselves yet open to meaningful exchange on REAL manufacturing and local business trading first, and second, with Europe and the world as a whole. Neither does this exclude the integration of  humanitarian principles and people’s propensity for natural cooperation. Yet we have to reject the common “EU-speak” culture of idealistic and politically correct euphemisms which often lead to the exact opposite.

If Britain and other nations in the EU were truly sovereign they could impose their own tailored regulations and rules based on their own economic and socio-cultural climate instead of overseeing the sell-off of their companies and the dependence on foreign investment and ownership. Where corporations close down factories and move on to the next killing as per EU directives and economic policy, it leaves behind mass unemployment, social dislocation and the interminable decline of what creative community ethos used to mean.

This also means respecting and honouring each nations’ way of conducting their own destiny while working to assist each other when asked. When each country has reached a point where they have clawed back their identity free from interfering centralised control and financial exploitation, then we will eventually have stabilisation, self-regulation, and true strength of independence which comes from a sense of belonging. This is the right of every individual nation which is allowed to develop a healthy pride in its culture and people and which will naturally be reflected in its trade and partnerships with other countries in Europe. It is then that the collective impulse to grow together can work because it begins from a solid foundation of self-reliance and self-development, just as it must within a community, family or the individual to be sustainable and successful.

“16.9 million people [are] out of work in the 17 countries making up the euro currency area. Compared to the same month a year ago, the number of people on the dole rose a staggering 1.4 million.”

EU unemployment soars to record high

Any potential for true social and cultural emancipation is lost when we have well-placed leaders and authoritarian followers acting as parasites who feed on that potential. Through the imposition of an obsessive consumerism and commercialisation, a materialism which is taken as a normal part of our socio-political paradigm, our way of life is inevitably reduced down to a GDP quota and dollar sign, all of which leads to ever greater control for banks and corporations who care little about the diminishing returns for most of society. This has led to an increase in serious mental illness and a loss of meaning which are natural reactions to the structural pathologies which cage us. It will not get better if we give away our creative power to those who care nothing for people’s suffering and indeed, actively encourage it to maintain their privilege. This is the legacy of the European Union and its American partners.

By the same token, the rise of nationalism and radical right is a very real danger. While I support the right of nations to determine their own destiny and do not agree with the erosion of national borders, there are reasons to be concerned about the undercurrent flowing within European Conservatism, American Republicanism and Euro-nationalist movements despite their present value in resisting U.S. and EU globalism. Nationalism and conservatism offer very real antidotes to the impractical and naive policies currently engineering societies and which flow like a tidal wave from the European left. We have gender confusion, politically correct group-think, the politicisation of minority sexuality and the serious decay of traditional values which gave meaning and authenticity to communities. However, there is no doubt that the ultra-right has hitched a ride on the genuine, balanced reasons for exiting Europe and with the inevitable economic hardship that will arrive from Brexit, should it materialise. With or without such a move, far right sentiment will spread like wild-fire as it always does when authority breaks down. (The Weimar Republic is an example and Europe is extremely close to those exact same elements which gave rise to extremism).

Authoritarian followers are found most commonly on the religious right and within nationalist movements yet can also be found on just as easily on the left, though the latter expresses itself in a covert “soft” totalitarianism rather than overt fascism. Call it Orwellian and Huxleyian – they are two sides of the same coin. Regardless of belief each defines their sense of self from those in authority so that  the confusion, uncertainty and fear can be exorcised. This insecurity can be channelled into charismatic figures who are traditionally found in reactionary organisations who seek to make a clear distinction between the “other” as the threat – implicit or explicit – and shore up the walls accordingly. We see this in reactionary figures like Donald Trump and to a much lesser extent Nigel Farage and UKIP. It is not so much the danger of these leaders as the pent up forces that they seek to unconsciously or consciously unleash and which quickly turn into more extreme forms of discontent which benefit no one. This is fuelled by very genuine suffering which channels a steady flow of emotional and instinctive fear that the Elite have habitually used to divide and conquer and driving us away from creative solutions which could mark the end of their control.

So, in one sense, the Brexit fear-mongering was right: there will be economic hardship and the potential for right wing radicalism to gain ground should we not navigate through this change very carefully indeed. The Establishment would like nothing better than to be “forced” to accelerate their surveillance and terror tactics under the guise of “protecting society” from itself. Maybe it is time we started to realise that it is the people that need to be protected from the State and the Union of European oligarchs presently trying to hold on to their corrupt power base.

And of course, it remains to be seen if Britain will actually leave the EU. But I suspect we won’t have to wait too long to find out.



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Confronting the Authoritarian Mindset (Or Keep Your Eye on the Cheese Knife) Part II


‘Monster and Villagers’ (2006) by London-based artist and illustrator Tom Gauld.

Continued from this post. Please read first for the background.

As far as I can recall, here is the complete dialogue with my resident authoritarian border line personality type whom I have called “Ned.” Our Ned was a classic 71 year-old WASP Establishment figure, Corporate CEO and ex-military man. He sat across from me at a dinner party of around eleven people and had already established his lack of redeeming qualities well before we were shown to our seats. After a full hour of obnoxious oratory I decided to tackle his statements partly out of boredom and partly to rescue the poor guy sitting next to me who was receiving the full brunt of his mega-phone grandstanding. The dialogue that follows has inevitable holes, but I think it’s a fairly accurate summary.

Ned: Yup, it doesn’t matter what you do with people like Assad, Chavez and our despot of the day Putin, they always want more and they’re pretty darn good at gettin’what they want – sometimes over the very long-term…Sure.  This is where the U.S. has gotta step in to restore some order. Sometimes they don’t always get it right, I’ll be the first to admit that, but that’s more to do with leadership issues than foreign policy. On foreign policy we need to be strong to counter the Muslim threat and the terrorists.

Stephen: (Man sitting to his left): So, you’re not a fan of Mr. Putin then?

Ned: He’s a fuckin’ liability Simon –

Stephen: That’s Stephen…

Ned: – and lemmie tell ya somethin’ about this ex-KGB ass-wipe (takes a gulp of wine) he won’t be satisfied until he’s gotten control of the whole goddamn world – I’ll stake my military career on it. The guy’s as corrupt as a mafia don. Goodfellas’ has got nothin’ on this guy lemmie tell ya….”

S: Well, you might be right there …

Ned: Lemmie tell you Simon –

S: – Stephen…My name’s

Ned: – if I’m not right then why are we in the shit-hole we’re in now huh? Can ya tell me that? Huh?

S: Well – I –

Ned: “I’ll tell ya why, it’s because our nation has been sold down the River by spineless, chinless, closet commies like Obama and his crew. They’ve allowed immigrants to infest the country and – and – allowed Islamism – Islamists – to spread like a cancer. They’re a bunch of incompetent do-gooders who have no understanding (finger jabbing) what it means to be disciplined, to have honour and respect for the rule of law. They don’t have a fuckin’ clue Simon. You need balls of steel to tackle trash like Putin who hates America as much as those Arabs and Chinks. And it’s because of communism and Islamism – the two greatest evils on this earth today – that American has to – MUST – step up to the plate and enforce the rules.

(Slams palm on table).

Tim: (Man sitting to my right) “I don’t know about that Ned…I mean we live in a very complicated world and interventionism hasn’t exactly been a great success has it?

Ned: Whatya talkin about?

Tim: (Daps at his mouth with a serviette) “Just that look at the Iraq war and Libya. You could say that the fact that the U.S. and NATO interferred only made things worse.”

Ned: Are you a progressive?

Tim: I’m sorry?

Ned: I said … Are you a progressive?

T: Well, I’m not on the right of the issue if that’s —

Ned: I knew it! It’s always the same, anyone that actually steps up to confront evil like these terrorists and dictators like – like – like  Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda or Osama bin fuckin’ Laden is somehow morally wrong. Bullshit!

T: I wasn’t —

Ned: What’s your name son?

T: Pardon? Er…Tim. We…met before…

Ned: Oh yeah, yeah, sure right, with the brunette. Well listen Tim, you need to educate yourself a little better and stop with all this left-progressive, liberal bullshit and try and see what’s happening on the ground, ’cause it ‘ain’t pretty friend, it ‘ain’t pretty at all.”

T: I can assure you I’m not unaware of –

Ned: – Sure, sure you’re not, right…

T: – of the complexities involved… I understand very clearly that the war in Iraq wasn’t democratic and there wasn’t WMDs and our governments pretty much lied about the reasons for -”

Ned: Lies? You’re talkin’ about lies Tom? Come on! Really? So you think because they didn’t find chemical weapons that he didn’t have them? Is that what you think?

T: Yes, actually. I don’t think the Iraqi regime —-”

Ned:  And you think that we should have just left Al-Qaeda to run over all the Middle East and across American homes to plot many more nine elevens –

Tim: Of course not, but —

Ned: – and to let the Baathist fuckers remain in power just because you didn’t think it was done by the UN’s bureaucratic book? Is that what you’re tellin’ me Tom?

T: No, I’m telling you that –

Ned: You don’t know what you’re even tellin’ yourself never mind what you’re trying to tell me. (Smiles and adopts a fatherly look) Look, the truth is that terrorism was on the rise, foreign powers were on the rise, Islam was – and IS – on the rise. Look at where we are now for Chris’ sake! You think that’s because of America and our European Allies? Really? Where would we be if had the same pussy attitude when Hitler and Nazism was knocking at your blighty door and we had to bail you out? You think it’s different? You think dictators and despots are more educated now?

T: I think that’s an entirely different…

Ned: It’s EXACTLY the same Tom, exactly. And it’s people like you – too frightened about taking action that causes the most harm in our world.

T: (Laughs and shakes his head) I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but whatever it is, I don’t think I agree with it..”

Ned: Of course not! You can’t agree with me because you it goes against getting somethin’ for nothin’ lifestyle that you’ve grown up with!

T: Oh for Goodness sake, you don’t even know me, just because…I think we better move on…

Ned: I know your type, I know what camp you’re in buddy. I’ve come across guys like you a thousand and one times. And you might actually learn something if you didn’t keep running away from reality Tom.

T: I’m not running away from anything. I just don’t agree with your position. My name is Tim by the way.

Ned: (Snorts) Well excuse me TIM. Don’t get all prickly on me. Disagree all you like but facts are facts.  I didn’t just fall outta the stork’s mouth ya know. I don’t come to these conclusions lightly my friend. Lemmie tell ya about Ned.

(Ned’s wife sighs and puts a tentative hand on his wrist. He scowls at her and pulls his hand away).

I was in the U.S. Air force from 1963-1968. I was one of the youngest men to serve. Why? Because I always knew what was important. I always knew what I had to do to serve … to serve God, my country and to protect my family from anything that threatened it. Back then there was no pissy ideas about right and wrong. You just knew what you had to do, and you did it, if you had any kind of moral fibre. My Daddy taught me everythin’ I needed to know about how to be a man Tom, how to treat a woman and how to love your country. Those three principles should rule your life. All else follows from this. Which is why I’ve been so successful and why I’m regularly in the top rags of today. You name it: Forbes, Newsweek, Tatler, The – what is it? That British rag?…What’s it called?

(His wife whispers it to him).

RIGHT! The Economist, right. I was even in GQ this past month. Ya think it’s because I talk shit that I’m in there? Huh? Or do ya think I might have my finger on the truth? Whadya think?”

M.K: “What about The Bearsden Gazette?” I said, cheerily.

Ned: “Huh?”

M.K: “Have you been in the Bearsden Gazette? That has a great business section. If you haven’t been in the Bearsden Gazette then….”(apologetic wince).

N: “I don’t know the Bearsden Gazette. Is it an architectural digest?”

M.K: “No it’s a community local, south of Glasgow.”

(Eyes narrow, chin juts.)

“You know, community? That thing which emerges when people start to work together without State and big business routinely fucking them over.” (Winning smile).

Ned: You pullin’ my chain?

M.K. Maybe….

Ned: (grimaces and folds his arms). You obviously think that people like me rule the world and poor little oppressed whiners like you are just soooooo misunderstood? I guess you’re holding Tom’s limp dick on this one right? You’re right up there with the touchy feely Obama progressives who want everything on a plate right? And when the crapola hits the fan it’s guys like me who rescue you because you have no idea how to do it yourself.

M.K. Well, that’s an interesting picture of how your mind works but obviously quite wrong.

Ned: It’s obviously “quite wrong” is it? And how do you figure that? Please enlighten me, I’m all ears.

M.K. I think you’ve been talking about how you’d like things to be rather than what is. Nothing of what you’ve said has any connection to reality as far as I’m concerned.

Ned: (almost inaudibly) Is that right? Ooookaaaay….And who the fuck are you, the Lone Ranger?

M.K. I can see you like that kind of George Bush “bring it on” style of brinkmanship. It’s easier to kick ass first and think later isn’t it?

(I continue eating).

Ted: I’m happy to shove this up your ass (picks up butter knife) if you’d prefer? Whadya say?

M.K. (I put down my knife and fork). You’re taking this a bit personally don’t you think? We’re at a dinner table not Fallujah.

Ned: You make it personal buddy.

M.K. Just because Tim and I disagree with you?

Ted: NO. Because I know WHY you disagree. You’re the reason America and most of Europe is going down the sewer pipe because you’re self-indulgent pricks full of your own ideas and theories about how the world works but you’ve never been at ground zero fighting for your life.

M.K. You seem very convinced by by your opinions. And that’s all they are as far as I can see. And just because I haven’t been in a war zone doesn’t prevent me from commenting on the reasons why I think such horrors come to pass and how we might be able to stop them. Don’t you want to discover how to prevent future horrors from happening? Don’t you want to use your knowledge and experiences to decrease aggression rather than drive a wedge between everyone you meet?

(Silence) (Ned stares at me, still fiddling with the butter knife, his wife still occasionally whispering in his ear. He places his elbows on the table, putting his hands together to form a pyramid, as though carefully pondering his next move).

Ned: Do not cross me. I have five multi-million dollar companies and I’ve served in the USAF —

M.K. Yeah, I got that…

NEd: — I know exactly how the world works. What do you think YOU know?  What is it you think YOU can teach ME? What credentials and life experience do you have Mr. smart-ass that you can tell me what I don’t or don’t know? Who the hell gave you the right to judge me on my experience and my knowledge?

M.K. You don’t need nay particular credentials to actually make the effort to think for yourself Ned. It becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly what’s bullshit and what’s truth IF you’re able to leave preconceived ideas behind that is …

Ned: Oh it does it Mr. smart ass? Hahahahahaha – hoo boy….

M.K. –  and I have exactly the same right to break that fact to you, since we’ve all had to sit through your misanthropic sermons about what we should or shouldn’t be thinking…

Ned: HA! Shame you have it the wrong way around buddy. You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about butcha think you do!

M.K. (Leaning forward in a whisper:) You know that’s spooky because that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking about you! Who’da thought?

Ned: Ohhh, I KNOW what I’m talking about bud –

M.K. Of course you do and you want to make damn sure everyone has your opinion seared with a cattle-prong into their brains.

Ned: I’m blunt sonny, you don’t like it – too bad.

M.K. I heard your life story third time around and sorry to break this to you but that’s no protection against erroneous beliefs – you’re a living example of that.

Ned: “PFAH!  Your Mom was wiping your ass when I was flying jet fighters buddy so don’t lecture me with your psycho-babble bullshit. Belief is everything. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t move forward in life and I have passed the speed of light in that area my friend and it doesn’t look like you believe in anything much! God, nationhood, family and fighting for the original American way is what I believe in. Yeah, and I’ve no doubt you’re part of the whining, smart ass generation that believes in nothing but their smart ass theories.”

M.K. I try not to believe in anything, you’re right.

Ned: I know I’m right! (Takes a swig of wine) So, you’re a…what’s it? You’re a …you’re one of these nihilist fuckers?

M.K. Not at all. I try to know not just believe I know. I don’t want to just pitch my tent on any old belief and give up. I don’t want to…believe something because it makes me feel secure and comfortable. And most of what you’ve said this evening conforms to belief not fact.

Ned: (Shakes head) You can chatter on like a milk-maid about what I, you or Prince Fuckin’ William believes but it won’t change the fact you’re still a whiner who does nothing and I feel sorry for you because you can’t pull your finger outta your ass and smell the roses!

M.K. (Laughing) I think you got that a bit back to front there Ned…

Ned: Yeah, you can laugh shit for brains…Can’t you see what’s happenin’to America? Can’t you see what’s happenin’ to our world?

M.K. Yes, I do see what’s happening but the reasons I have for why these horrible events are happening are very different to yours. And I find it difficult to BELIEVE that you really care. You either contribute to the noise or you seek to lessen it. You seem to wallow in that noise because you haven’t a clue what’s going outside your belief bubble.

Ned: Listen wet-behind-the-ears where do you get off lecturing me with your psychobabble you fuckin’ pussy! I’ll tell you the reasons why we are diggin’ in the dirt! Seems like you need educating about the REAL facts, so yeah, hunker down and take notes. You seem to be ignorant a world that’s comin’ under fire from Islam and ter’rusts ripping apart our families and our nations! American is under attack and has been since 9/11. Can’t you see that? Jeeze, you guys in Europe don’t have the horse and cart no more, you got these quaint little villages with li;’ gardens and ya- ya red telephone boxes –

M.K. (Laughing) Er – I think you’re locked in 1950’s mirage there Ned –

Ned: – and you think because you have YOUR way of doin’ things that the terr’usts can’t find you. You think that if we all hold hands and pray for human fuckin’ rights that everything will be okay. Well, friend, it won’t be okay. There’s a World War going on right now and you have to choose which side you’re on: Christian or Muslim; Great Britain, and America or go and join Iran, Russia, China and all the others who hate us – hate us for —-

M.K. – for our freedoms perhaps?

Arthur: Oh Good grief…

Ned: Yeah, actually yeah…exactly. It’s not complicated – it’s a clear case of good vs evil buddy. Time to decide!

M.K. I’m still waiting for the facts Ned rather than a comic book narrative.

Ned: What are you stoopid? Can’t you see what’s in front of ya goddamn nose? Terrorism and Islam is killing your way of life and you’re doin’ NO-THING. NAH-THING.

M.K. Jesus. Firstly, you don’t have any idea what I’m doing in my life, so best not to make any more judgments on that score. Secondly, you —–

Ned: Did I get your knickers in a twist?

M.K. —- Secondly, you seem to be completely unaware that the war on terror and terrorism in general is an industry, a “strategy of tension” – it’s an old, old formula for controlling the mass mind alongside the use of pretexts tailored to geopolitical strategy —

Ned: PFAH…That’s just bull –

M.K. No, it’s not bullshit it’s the truth. Yeah I know, I know it’s a horrible thing to contemplate that the state kills off its populace whenever it wants, but it is a matter of historical record that factions pulling the strings of governments or the state routinely murder civilians —-

Ned: Oh, riiiiight….No historical record I’ve ever seen…

M.K.  —- routinely murder civilians for domestic and geopolitical objectives and it uses precisely the kind of emotional reactions that you are sharing here this evening to fuel its existence.

Ned: Ahhhh, I see where you’re comin’ from now…You’re one of these conspiracy theorists aren’t you? Oooookay, now I can see where YOUR beliefs lie…

M.K. They aren’t beliefs Ned.

Ned: You believe in conspiracy theories….so popular these days with spotty little nerds just out of college…

M.K. Conspiracy theories which, for the most part have now become fact. Operation Mocking Bird? MK-ULTRA? The Dreyfuss Affair? Operation Northwoods? CoIntelpro? All these were considered ridiculous fringe theories until they were proven to be conspiracy fact. The state is conspiratorial by nature Ned. Folks like you who filter your experiences through the Clint Eastwood lens of let’s beat-the shit-out-of-them-now-ask-questions-later STILL maintain the state is unimpeachable and somehow exists as a product of democracy rather a symptom of its exact opposite…

Ned: You don’t know shit buddy…(pointing finger)

M.K. And by the way, if it means you’re a nerd to want to get closer to the truth then I’ll embrace being a total nerd!

Ned: Just as well buddy! Hahahahahaha… Oh yeah ….

M.K. Here’s something for you to chew on: did you know the very term “conspiracy” was pushed and disseminated by the CIA in the late 60’s to undermine an increasing development in public awareness and investigation on “sensitive” matters to the State and military?

Ned: Another conspiracy theory from the nerd, how convenient! Did you just find that on some amateur blog?

M.K. No, this was confirmed by a Freedom of Information Request. You can see the declassified documents at George Washington University.

Ned: I don’t give a shit whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t alter the facts.

M.K. And what are these unassailable facts you keep droning on about? All I’ve heard is hot air. You have to actually connect the pieces here!

Ned: Don’t tell me what I have to do buddy…

M.K. Do you really think—–

Ned: … I don’t have to connect anything —-

M.K. —– that those in power go about their business wholly open about their dealings and wishing only that the public determine the longevity of their power? Honestly? The longer they get away with corruption and lies the bolder they become.

Ned: (Violently shifts in chair) Who is “they” exactly huh? Who are these shadowy people that are plotting against the American people huh? It’s always just “they” isn’t it?

M.K. That depends. You can talk about statesman, bankers, members of think-tanks, CEOs of certain large corporations, academics etc. But the persons who hold the real power brokers are seldom seen – they don’t court publicity for obvious reasons.

Ned: Whatever. I KNOW that in the Western world we operate under a general mandate of democracy and we elect our members of congress through democratic means. Yeah, yeah there are some bad apples and sometimes there are crooks… Maybe a lot of crooks, especially in our government, but you try living in Iran or North Korea or…Or Saudi Arabia – THEN you’ll see how your whining about conspiracies around every corner is like pissin’ in a pot.

M.K. That’s just degrees of the same sickness. There’s no point arguing that just because those countries have overtly oppressive regimes doesn’t mean we don’t recognise a “softer” version, a more covert version of the same oppression in countries setting themselves up as democratic when they are nothing of the kind. Funny that you mention Saudi Arabia since that’s one of America’s closest allies and about as barbaric as ISIS who incidentally, with Turkey’s help, it happens to be funding.

Ned: Oh of course, and America created ISIS to bomb itself back to the stone age right? Perfect sense!

M.K. Not the government Ned. Factions within and overseeing the machinery of politics. It is ordinary people and soldiers through wilful ignorance become their willing pawns in fighting for their resources and fear…fear Ned is the greatest lubricate for swaying public opinion.

Ned: U.S. soldiers are some of the finest on this earth so don’tcha dare say anything against those guys!

M.K. Maybe things are different to when you were in the Air force. But what I can say is there hasn’t been a war in the last fifty years, minimum – and most of those have been started by the U.S. invading a weaker country  – that had anything to do with humanitarian principles or a “greater good” and most especially the recent crimes of invasion such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

Ned: We’re overthrowing corrupt regimes and providing aid! Yet, you want to turn it around and make it out that dictators and warlords are a good thing!

M.K. You honestly believe that’s what America was doing invading those countries? You really believe that resources such as oil and minerals and geopolitical leverage played no part?

Ned: The U.S. has to remain dominant in the world …if it doesn’t then it’s chaos.

M.K. Dominance at any cost? Who made America the world policeman? Based on its democratic record with over 2 million people incarcerated and police brutality off the scales?

Ned: If America – America is still the most democratic country on this planet. FACT.

M.K. Where on earth have you been living for the past forty years?? Police brutality, the evisceration of the bill of rights, the constitution, suspension of haebus corpus, CIA torture, Abu Gharaib, massive state surveillance, the NAA, the patriot act, the continuing habit of invading other countries precisely so that the war on terror can justify those taxes, justify the fear, justify the control and make lots of money for the bankers, weapons companies and corrupt governments all over your precious Western world.

Ned: YOU don’t live in the U.S! I know my country better than you and I think there’s a lot bullshit from conspiracy websites, leftist media and charismatic leaders who know nothing about morals and values which are country was founded on.

M.K. You live in a soft dictatorship Ned and you’re in complete denial…

Ned: I’m not denying anything buddy. America is still the greatest nation on earth and like any great nation it’s gonna have problems but it’s still leading the way, showing how democracy should work, can work and sometimes it has to get down and dirty…

M.K. So, you’re selective about what you choose to believe?

Ned: Huh? I – I – yeah, I guess, of course I’m selective. Whadya mean?

M.K. You trust the mainstream media like CNN, Fox News, CBS, because they fit your belief?

Ned: I make my own mind up about what’s happening…

M.K. Really? And when there are only five corporations who determine when, how and what kind of news reaches our T.V.s and all of whom are affiliated to particular political ideologies, are you sure your mind isn’t made up and you just look for confirmation that they happily feed you? Maybe you’re primed and ready to dish the dirt for THEM not for you…

Ned: I can turn that around to you and say exactly the same thing smart-ass!

M.K. Not really. Since I don’t set myself up as socialist, right-wing, libertarian or any other political ideology. I try to separate myself from bias and belief. All I want to find out is the the truth. I don’t have an axe to grind.

Ned:  Oh the purity! We have a bonifed truth-seeker in our midst. Pfffff! (Turns to his wife and laughs. His wife smiles thinly and turns back to her conversation with a lady on her left).

M.K. Since when did that become a dirty word?

Ned: When truth-seeking became anti-government and anti-values. It doesn’t mean finding the truth it means destroying our institutions.

M.K. And what if our institutions, as they are now, are the problem?

Ned: I’ll tell ya what the problem is: ISLAM and their ter’rusts infecting a once proud nation.

M.K. Every time we get closer to the truth of the situation you jump back to evil Islam. That’s where you draw the line between your belief and the facts – you don’t want to know that the issues may be far more complex than that, and you don’t want to even contemplate that the U.S. government might not be the rosy apple you think it is.

Ned: I’ll tell you what I know buddy: I KNOW that the U.S. government is down a dark hole ’cause  it has that asshole Obama as President who only knows how to read an auto cue and probably isn’t even a legal president! But lemmie say this: I’d lay down my life for him! Sure, I would if you wanna compare the U.S. government with Islam and ter’rusts.

M.K. Well, at least we have the same distaste for Obama but probably for different reasons…But what if the terrorists were just pawns in a Grand Game? What if they were not aware that they were being maneuvered as if on a chess board? Did you know that it’s standard to create or inflame terrorist groupings in question so that they act as hammer to whatever nail you want to position. You then hammer as many nails as you can into the country in question which has all those resources you what to get your hands on —-

Ned: Ha-ha, back to conspiracy woo-woo again…

M.K. —- which fractures the country or balkanizes it…leading to civil war and general mayhem. Then you install your CIA backed dictator of choice which governs the country for you enabling corporations to ransack the country while you go have another staging post for the Empire and further leverage in the Middle East or Africa.

Ned: It’s called maintaining U.S. interests and making sure communist and terrorist cancer doesn’t multiply.

M.K. Very convenient reasons to do whatever you want wherever you want under the pretext of preventing terror. Which is why the Muhajadeen were funded and supported by the Reagan Administration back in the 1980’s and which led to the eventual withdrawal and break up of the Soviet Union. But then they’d created a monster called Al-Qaeda…and Osama bin Laden who happened to be a CIA asset left over from his Afghanistan days of Freedom fighting…

Ned: It wasn’t like that…

M.K. And we now have the same exact pattern occurring with ISIS since the U.S. NATO had to fight alongside Al-Qaeda to get what they want, they had to create, fund and train a new mercenary terrorist group who would be paid handsomely for their trouble – and the more villainous and terrible they were the more fear and geopolitical leverage they would have. This is psychopathic statecraft 101. You’re just refusing to see it.

Ned: Or this is just your conspiracy wet-dream?

M.K. Oh get your head out of your arse Ned and wake up! Heard of Machiavelli’s The Prince? What about The Art of War by Sun Tzu? All, this was known and applied centuries ago. What about Propaganda by Edward Bernays? These guys in power have read all this stuff and follow it, literally by the book and rely on your cluelessness to continue.

Ned: You wanna just escape reality by dressing it all up in your James Bond bullshit. And I’m not saying espionage doesn’t exist – it does. But U.S. and British intelligence are good people doing a real tough job in combating Jihadists.

M.K. Riiiight…So, USA equals pretty flowers and puppy dogs on the right side of God while everyone else is instantly evil for the very reason they don’t subscribe to American exceptionalism?

Ned: American democracy IS the leading light unless you’re a marxist or anarchist or like chopping off people’s heads?

M.K. Like the Royal House of Saud which Obama recently bowed to and continues to support?

Ned: That’s strategic. They have strategic interests. Why burn your bridges?

M.K. That’s where the problem is Ned. You assume that government and their agencies are unassailable bastions of goodness without any possibility that they can be compromised. You’re still living in this idealised, Gary Cooper idea of politics and the military which hasn’t been true for decades – if ever.

Ned:  I know more about reality that you ever will BOY!

M.K. Er…I’m 46 years old Ned….

Ned: The U.S. Air Force and military AND their agencies do great work. Yeah, there are bad apples, but they’re not ALL bad. They are decent people. In all my years in business and the military I never saw anyone in the higher ups doing anything conspiratorial or underhand. You wanna live in a state of paranoia go right ahead!

M.K. Sure, there are decent people but they are under the umbrella of compartmentalisation. The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. The higher-ups often know what’s going on but they value their careers and their status. It’s got so rotten now that folks don’t know what to do about it, because when it gets that rotten the scum naturally rises to the surface pushing out the decent folks.

Ned: (Shaking his head) So, this is the latest from conspiracy central?

M.K.  This isn’t a conspiracy – this is basic statecraft 101 and it’s built into the system. You say that you never saw anyone do anything underhand…Does that mean it didn’t happen? Sorry to say Ned but the Universe doesn’t revolve around your subjective orbit…


Tim (Aside) Can’t argue with that can you?

M.K. Didn’t Donald Rumsfeld say something similar? There are known knowns and unknowns knowns…?

Ned: You LISTEN! People do bad things, of course they do! But the kind of conspiracy you’re talking about makes no rational sense at all. Why the hell would the U.S. kill its own people? Why in God’s name would it plot and conceal things from the public and military personnel when we all know who the enemy is? We ALL know it! It’s hippy dippy bullshit left over from the 1960s is what it is.

M.K. Of course it makes no rational sense! But you’re not dealing with people who are rational. They camouflage a lack of rationale and conscience with masks of sanity and democracy. Are you absolutely sure you know who the enemy is?

Ned: Don’t patronise me Styllinski. It’s Islam and any domestic agitator and extremist who just wants to see governments fall because they like chaos – that’s the problem we have.

M.K. It is a problem, sure. But who is pulling the strings of Islamism and who is ensuring that there is this ridiculous “Clash of Civilisations” meme? You need to really look at the PROVEN history of state-sponsored acts of terror. Jeeze you’re a military man, do you really think that those in power who order their soldiers to act for them and do all their dirty work…to DIE for them, to DIE for nothing but their greed – do you think they are doing it for the milk of human kindness? To protect the Homeland?

Ned: The majority YES I fuckin’ do! I do.

M.K. Have you even contemplated the possibility that these brave serviceman and intelligence agents are simply being used? What if the love of their country and their various hatred of “the other” is fuelling the ability of a minority in positions of power to do what they do? What if you are actually enabling them through your refusal to SEE?

Ned: Where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence? In your mind Styllinski!

M.K. No! It’s as plain as day and easily verifiable. And these are the building blocks upon which conspiracies are erected even though they are more complex and difficult to prove.

Ned: They’re difficult to prove because they’re usually just propaganda.

M.K. If you’re a man of history then go back and retrace your steps and discover a whole dimension of history which has been conveniently left out of our academic courses and current media outlets. Why? Because a certain mindset that favours a particular STORY – His -STORY – has been allowed to compromise almost every facet of Western societies.

Ned: (Yawns loudly) I don’t buy it. Our culture seems have done pretty well before Islam and blacks descended on our nation. Besides, there are hundreds of terrorist plots which have been foiled!

M.K. Oh and who told you that? The FBI and their media? If we have a terror industry then the technique of entrapment is essential to that end. Find some wannabe jihadists who are disaffected with American society, turn them into agents to find mentally ill, highly suggestible young men, mess with their minds and give them some weapons, whip them up into an emotional frenzy of hatred and righteousness and Hey Presto! You have your terror plot foiled and you have your fear and chaos.

Ned: BULLSHIT! There are plenty of real-life Islamic terror plots without any of the tactics you think go on by our intel groups! It’s Bullshit, I don’t believe it.

M.K. And your prefer to believe in the sanctity of an American Republic – the REPUBLIC – that doesn’t actually exist. Entrapment techniques used to be very rare but now they are standard. Abuse of power is absolutely endemic, you just don’t hear about it on the news because their editorial remit and corporate sponsors would never allow it. You’re being sold a lie Ned.

Ned: Oh, fuck you. If we didn’t have the state and the law then chaos would rule and a vacuum would welcome every kind of radicalised freak from Syria to Bali. You think it’s bad now, it would much MUCH worse if the State was dismantled in favour of your anarchist and jihadist friends you love so much!

M.K. I’m not in favour of dismantling the State I’m in favour of ignoring it and putting our energies into alternatives.

Ned: Counter-culture reasoning eh? And look where it got them?

M.K. That wasn’t a genuine alternative. And if it was, it was co-opted pretty early on.

Ned: CHAOS Styllinski that’s what you want and I want nothing to do with it —

M.K.  You think that maintaining the status quo that his is balance but it’s actually inviting more chaos through perpetual war. I want to find the road that leads us away from Chaos. Fermenting chaos as a political tool has always been what the state is about! It was born out of violence and fear; it’s a means to control for God’s sake! It runs on cycles of peace and war. And people inevitably begin to see past the camouflage whether that is economic disparity or a false history. Now we live in an age of information and people are starting to wake up just as they did in the 1960s. This time we have the internet and it’s not so easy to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Ned: No one needs to pull anything over anyone’s eyes you just gotta look outside and see what’s happening outside your own front door!

M.K. Isn’t it possible that with State-induced formula for managed chaos you can enact, initiate and introduce all kinds of laws and regulations that otherwise would have been unthinkable in peace time? And peace-time isn’t very lucrative for the state.

Ned: Ahhh, you love this conspiracy shit don’t you?

M.K. It’s HISTORY Ned, HISTORY and the true reason for the National Security State. You seem desperately attached to that “conspiracy” word, like it’s some kind of life-jacket to keep your own beliefs afloat. It’s like you need that counter-point for validation! Politics and statecraft is by definition conspiratorial. THAT’S WHAT THEY DO: conspire to obtain their ideals without the knowledge of the public. And even better, to create ideologies which contain paramoralistic and paralogical discourse which gives the illusion of democracy – just enough to keep people occupied.

Ned: Para what? Paranoia is all I can see. Look Styllinski, if you can’t understand that the enemy is Islam then I wouldn’t recommend visiting the USA anytime soon. This IS about a clash of cultures and some very tough decisions are going to have to be made in the near future whether you like that or not. Islam is a cancer that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth! Suck it up buddy!

M.K. And what about Islam? There’s nothing wrong with the original principles of Islam in the same way there is nothing wrong with old Christianity. They have both been corrupted into monstrous cults. Islamism is not the same as moderate Islam. Fundamentalist Christianity is not the same as moderate Christian thinking, yet you make no distinction!

Ned: Because I don’t remember any terrorist act being carried out against America as white or Christian!

M.K. Actually, according to the FBI’s own statistics in the last 30 + years there have been more terrorist attacks carried out on U.S. soil by Jewish extremists than Muslims. The Muslim terrorist has been massively hyped because it’s expedient to do so – it fits geopolitical designs. You need a bogeyman to promote nationalism and fear and the idea that the government is acting in your best interests instead of lying through its teeth.

Ned: You make all kinds of shit up to suit YOUR beliefs too.. We need the State or everything falls into anarchy. That’s it.

M.K. Who says? When did you last experience what the world would look like without centralised government which means: weapons, human trafficking, drugs and the flow of money into a  very small minority while 99.9% of the population has to get used to poverty and / or austerity – a euphemism for propping up the banking system when it begins to crash. Your attempts to put it all down to Russia and evil Muslims is pathetically simplistic.

Ned: And you are full of shit because anyone with any ounce of intellect knows that without the State machinery and its armies no nation would survive. Objective my ass!

M.K. Who told you that?

Ned: LIFE!

Tim: (Aside) But not as we know it Jim…

(Everybody ready for dessert?)

(Desserts are delivered. Relative silence and light banter for a while)

Ned: You see, I can read you like a book Styllinski (Waves spoon in my direction dropping ice-cream on the table) I know that people like you…Anarchists and terrorist sympathisers …You follow a train of thought…Like…Like… Putin is really a good guy, Islamists all had poor childhoods and just needed love; the U.S. is no longer a democratic nation; our intelligence agencies are secret commies;  morals are relative;  blacks are saints, feminists are righteous….and on and on until nobody knows where they are anymore. Well, I KNOW where I am and I see Muslims as a threat. I see Putin as a threat and I see terrorists as a threat because I’ve SEEN the results over decades and its those results I joined up to prevent buddy. But here we are. And if God means anything it means we stand up and be counted and to voice REAL TRUTH when you see it, not your pseudo truth and conspiracy bullshit you try and sell to bored housewives in need of a thrill. You don’t know shit Styllinski. The USA is still a force for good in the world and whether you or any other liberal pussy thinks the opposite makes no difference in the real world.

(picks up butter knife and holds it very tightly, thrusting the tip in my direction)

You know that these Jihadi Joe types would cut your head off like it was nothing more than a rooster. It’s nothin’ to them. It’s Islam that created these people. And now you’re defending them.

M.K. Perhaps you’d like to plunge that knife into my throat? Maybe you have more in common with them than I thought Ned. After all, I’m disagreeing with you aren’t I? And you can’t stand that can you?

Ned: Don’t put ideas in my head.

M.K. I guess it’s that easy isn’t it? Put ideas in your head and off you go like a wind up toy… You just proved my whole point.

(Suddenly thrusts the knife toward me getting up from his seat, his chair falling to the floor behind him).

Ned: Hahahahahahahah…Hooo boy you nearly shat in your pants….Hahahahahahahaha. Sometimes TOYS can be unpredictable Styllinski especially when they’ve been taught hand to hand combat. Maybe you should remember that when you go to bed at night?

(I am still standing as is Tim and Arthur the gentleman next to me. The table is silent)

Ned: Oh, come on guys si’ down. Can’t you take a joke?

M.K. I didn’t have you down as a practical joker. Hilarious.

Ned: (scrapes the remains of his ice-cream loudly) Yeah, well, you don’t know me do you? You don’t know me at all.


It continued in this vain for a while. As described in the previous post, Ned hit his head on the lamp as he lunged forward again a few minutes later and not long after that he took his leave. We talked about Vladimir Putin. I tried to point out that a new cold war was being formulated by U.S-NATO cabal and the massive propaganda campaign levelled against Russia was to create a sufficient momentum to that end. I explained that Russia had bent over backwards to initiate peace plans whilst defending against the psychopaths presently dominating the West.

In a sense, this was very much an example of how difficult it will be to convince social dominators and authoritarian personalities that they are not even coming close to seeing reality objectively because they have no interest in doing so. These are the true authoritarian followers which enable our psychopathic institutions to flourish.

After such conversations, one can only defend and highlight the truth as you and so many others see it without getting caught up with the idea that you can change anyone’s point of view. It’s often pointless to try. In this case, it was very probably self-indulgence on my part. In the end I suppose, I was tackling Ned in order to show to others – despite their lack of contributions – that sometimes you have to speak up and say NO. I will not submit to this. Not this time.























Confronting the Authoritarian Mindset (Or Keep Your Eye on the Cheese Knife) Part I

Lake Monster by Tom Gauld

              “Lake Monster” |

“Do not cross me… I have five multi-million dollar companies and I’ve served in the USAF. I know exactly how the world works. What do YOU think you know? What is it you think YOU can teach ME?”

I had the misfortune – or fortune, depending on which perspective you take – to engage in a slow-burn confrontation with a classic authoritarian personality with possible psychopathic tendencies. (Think Trump’s narcissism blended with Hillary Clinton’s snake-like ruthlessness). It certainly wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last.  It’s a fascinating and intimidating spectacle as such people can be highly unpredictable; you never quite know if a blunt object is about to sail your way or if a figure is going to leap out of the shadows armed with a monkey wrench as you put the keys in your car door. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, but I came close to it during a dinner party last week. No monkey wrench but a cheese knife had a momentary starring role…

As always, it was instructive to see how such people – we’ll call him Ned – grapple with facts bouncing off their distorted beliefs and how alarming it can be to see someone lose their composure from what should have been a free and easy discussion. Yet, because he took my cordial and sometimes slightly mischievous disagreement as a full frontal attack on his brittle persona, it could only have ended as it did, namely an aborted, half-hearted act of violence followed by a fast exit – his diminutive wife in tow.

Guiltily hilarious for me, highly embarrassing for him.

I suppose I should have just kept silent. That would have been the sensible thing to do. Sometimes it is the only thing you can do.

On the other hand, there are times when you have to say: No. I am not going to continue to listen to this buffoon suck the energy out of an otherwise pleasant evening. I am not going to nod sagely with a thin smile, keep my head down and continue to walk on glass around an individual who is deeply in love with the sound of his own voice as much as he is with his warped views on politics and society. Since everyone was grinning inanely and /or averting their eyes, clearly not wanting to make a scene (how English) then he continued to trumpet what was essentially a fascist philosophy to the point where I thought the wine glasses would vibrate. Occasionally, a few people attempted to engage and offer a painfully polite and ingratiating alternative to his Wagnerian world – it was like an ogre gleefully pulling off the head of an unsuspecting knight or maiden.

To summarise: Ned is an asshole of the highest order.

While that’s by no means a crime (otherwise half of humanity would be in jail) there is a limit to how much of said asshole I – we – could all take. So, rightly or wrongly, I calmly (although with some trepidation) began to respond to his insufferably boring monologues on American Empire and big dick military might in similar jovial fashion, but without his vitriolic asides. Obviously, as he was completely identified with his beliefs this little tête-à-tête resulted in a spectacular showcase of a contractile mind that circled me like a caged animal visibly digging its talons into the table-cloth at every perceived slight. The more I began to highlight some unpalatable truths regarding his Amerikan Mein Kampf version of reality the more hysterical his fragile persona became. He served up an impressive transformation which included ice-blue eyeballs ablaze, flared nostrils, the occasional sneering grimace and thumping fist all backed up with a spittle-flecked invective which spewed forth like a torrent of toxic waste, blobs of food and splashes of wine tumbling down his once pristine cream shirt.

Ned was on a mission.

When the opportunity presented itself his wife dutifully tried to wipe his front with a napkin while encouraging him to calm down, needless to say, without success. And to her credit, she intermittently attempted to steer her husband away from the subjects dear to his shrivelled heart, (apple pie America, evil liberals, evil Muslims, the sanctity of Uncle Sam and the piety of purpose inherent within U.S. intelligence agencies) but to no avail. He was determined to fight off the usurper that I was, preferably I imagine with a view to skewering my head to the pork and beef kebab stick so that he might serve me up on a cerebral platter as a warning to all.

“Do not cross me. I have five multi-million dollar companies and I’ve served in the USAF. I know exactly how the world works. What do you think YOU know?  What is it you think YOU can teach ME?”

It was an extraordinary crescendo of lip-curling aggression that poured forth. He might as well have been beating his concave chest and swinging from the rafters. One would have been forgiven for thinking that I had just been caught diddling his wife over the billiard table and was still wearing her bloomers on my head. Of course, I hadn’t. I was simply disagreeing with him.

Nevertheless, this mode of thuggish delivery got worse and worse as the evening went on and proved to be the foundation from which he launched his attack, no doubt safe in the pseudo-knowledge that he always got his way. And for sure, he was a very wealthy man who thought nothing of buying the odd castle in Scotland so he could be close to his idea of clan lore and his “Scottish roots.” (The alleged lineage to King Malcom I was dissected to death ad nauseum with loud corrections against those who dared to interject). Earlier in the evening during the hand-wringing mingling period his wife was heard to saying: “We did think about buying Culloden castle which would have been just lovely, but Ned didn’t fancy it at the time. Still, it would have been nice to add to the books.” (Cue hand over mouth and coy tittering).

Well, obviously, one castle is never enough. But being part of the plebian 99.9% I wouldn’t have understood the necessities of American “Royalty.”

Ned had obviously made his considerable mark in the world of property, hotels and venture capital by operating as a human bull-dozer, ruthless in his pursuit of power and status. (Let’s face it, it wasn’t his sense of humour and charm that oiled the wheels of his business acumen). Here was a man used to getting his way with everything and anyone, someone who would not countenance contradiction on any of his beliefs held like bejeweled dummies to his puckered mouth. And if his latest audience were deemed suitably submissive to his “expansive personality” and “no nonsense” demeanour then he could comfortably wax lyrical about his highly biased and cliched knowledge of British history and his numerous business exploits, happy and contented that he had lassoed some followers who, by the force of his personality or their own predispositions, were hanging on his every word.

Indeed, there were several individuals present whose personalities and child-hood programming meant they were eager to assume the submissive position of vassal to feudal lord, painfully unaware just how obsequious were their responses. These were the assigned authoritarian followers seeking approval from a larger than life character in their midst. Like an electronic switch pressed to “on”all the right triggers were there: they were ready to shine his shoes with gushing compliance to his worldview if need be, anything other than challenge that hobnailed boot uncomfortably wedged up their backsides.

The fact that we were bored out of our skulls and ready to fall on our fish knives, mattered very little to him.  The importance of maintaining centre stage was paramount. That way he could vacuum a steady stream of people’s energies flowing into his Saturnine frame. So, you can imagine that he did not take kindly to the threat of having his worldview systematically dismantled, which, given the nature of his argument and foghorn discourse, was as easy as demolishing a derelict building desperately in need of repair. He was boorishly stupid when he thought he was intelligent and worldly-wise which meant he relied on bluster and bullying to get his way.

Yet, despite being loud, trite and largely ignorant about the true nature of the military-corporate world in which he lived, flying around his various properties like a hawkish golfing celebrity, there was something forlorn and tragic in his stance which was only visible when I felt he was about to clamber across the table with the cheese knife in his bony hand. There was a moment of spasmodic disgust at the realisation that I was taking an opposing view on virtually everything he stood for, so it became personal. Since his mixed up views were completely enmeshed in his identity, to attack these opinions was to besmirch his vision of who he was.

His knuckles turned white, spindly fingers curling around the knife which slowly turned in my direction but thankfully never left the table but remained poised like a trident targeting my features. More “in the know” explanations sailed my way. It didn’t matter that everyone knew he was a asshole.  For him, he was a sophisticated CEO and “philanthropist” who had been in Tatler, GQ and The Economist which was obviously reason enough for demi-god status.

“What about The Bearsden Gazette?” I said, cheerily.


“Have you been in the Bearsden Gazette? That has a great business section. If you haven’t been in the Bearsden Gazette then….”(apologetic wince).

“I don’t know the Bearsden Gazette. Is it an architectural digest?”

“No it’s a community local, south of Glasgow.”

(Eyes narrow, chin juts.)

“You know, community? That thing which emerges when people start to work together without State and big business routinely fucking them over.” (Winning smile).

Not the most subtle repast to the incessant droning on of American exceptionalism but my barely veiled cover was blown. And so it began in even more earnest.

A good half an hour later amid occasional interjections from others who were rapidly shouted down, and after our bloody forays into the mess that is the Middle East thanks  to Anglo-American, NATO and Israeli geo-strategy, the dessert trolley came trundling in as a possible solution to this jousting match by a work colleague and friend. She looked like she was trapped in hostess hell. As the desserts were passed around, dear rakish Ned pushed out his chair and leaned his large hands on the table like some great spider about to spin a sticky tempest:

“And just what makes you such a fucking expert on the Greatest – THE GREA-TEST – (finger stabbing in my direction) – Nation on Earth?”

As he finished bellowing this latest question, a loud chime sounded as his head hit the edge of the lamp which was at a low angle in relation to the dining table. This acted as a rather comical full stop to his query. If he wanted to invoke an impression of intimidation and fear it was instantly dissipated as his bald forehead hit warm steel. Reeling from the impact, he moved his hand a tad too far to his left upsetting his wife’s wine glass and the remains of her  raspberry coulis.

“WHOOOOOO THAHHHHHH FUCK DECIDED TO FIX A FUCKING LAMP TWO INCHES FROM THE FUCKING DINNER TABLE?!” He yelled with a mixture of laughter and intense irritation. The question was directed at me. I just blinked, desperately trying to stop a smirk from spreading over my face. There was an awkward silence while someone picked at their fruit salad, a knife on glass squeaking and scraping as though it was the only sound in the world.

“That would be me,” said our hostess severely, with a strawberry poised on her spoon, “And I’ll thank you to sit down now.”

I quite admired her apparent nonchalance but I knew that she was just as put out by this behaviour as I. He scowled at her and snorted derisively, leaning over to hack at the mature cheddar with such gusto that little bits bounced into his wife’s dish of lemon sorbet. His wife whispered something in his oversized ear before pushing her away and muttering between gritted teeth, something to the effect of: “Get off me woman. You know about as much as that pussy across the table.”

The next few minutes our authoritarian friend chewed his lip and stared at me sniffing every 2 seconds – a nervous tick to be sure. When he realised that he had nothing in front of him he barked for the cheeseboard and wine to be handed down once again as if we were his serving slaves temporarily unshackled for such an honour duty. He waved his cheese knife in my general direction again while sounding off about the evils of Putin, his evil entourage and the obvious double-dose of evil he was spreading across the eminently civillised Western hemisphere. Ned, and people like him were our only hope it seemed. And to prove this point he made an attempt at an obscene joke, presumably to regain the spotlight and garrotte any politically correct sensibility which might have been lingering in his vicinity. This failed miserably, partly because it involved killing more “rag-heads” and a lurid description of a female Syrian refugee offering fellatio to a member of Congress, and also because he had had too much wine so that it was (luckily as it turns out) difficult to decipher what he was trying to communicate to his rapidly cringing brethren.

After a few confused pauses where it seemed he’d lost track of who he was fighting and indeed to where the object of his ire (me) had disappeared. I actually hadn’t gone anywhere being somewhat rooted to the spot. It was Ned’s myopic vision which had wandered off.  He had begun gesticulating to a nice man sitting next to me called Arthur who looked like a fatter version of Harry Dean Stanton. Arthur had gently raised his impressive eyebrows with a mixture of fear and puzzlement alongside a quivering finger pointing upwards to say that he hadn’t said a word and didn’t intend to – especially about Putin – for the rest of the evening. I had to lean in from my side to redirect his fury back to me. Arthur nodded cordially and continued to stare at his chocolate mousse which by now, had started to sweat.  Ned meanwhile, resumed his tirade against me punctuated with copious knife pointing, finger jabbing and increasing personal abuse which usually included brutal descriptions of Putin and I wrapped in various states of sexual depravity. It was certainly a window into where Ned’s fantasies lay.

And sometimes the food even stayed in his mouth.

In case the reader is thinking he was just plastered I’m afraid the same obnoxious undercurrent was in evidence before the drinks began to circulate. The only difference being that all inhibitions and basic social etiquette had been cast aside. No one could take him seriously, yet, he meant every word. He was drunk but not to the extent that he didn’t know what he was doing. Judging by his wife this was a regular pastime. The problem was, Ned wasn’t getting anywhere since I wasn’t yielding but offering up more nuggets of information that were like hot coals of searing pain to his by now mottled belief system which, like an Italian composer on speed merely sent him to new heights of gesticulation as he tried to drive his identity stake through my heart.

This man was clawing back at reality so that he might hold on to his carefully crafted illusion of authority. And over what? A discussion on politics and the American Empire which managed to push all his buttons at the same time. What on earth would have happened had he been faced with a real conflict? Perhaps he would have been in his element?

At this stage, Mr. Ned had effectively proved my point that he was a product of that very same pathology, although by the same token, he was hardly likely to admit to that which he was entirely unaware. Besides, this very probably was normal for him and millions like him.  I was like the Matrix cat who glitched his reality. He had no choice to become Agent Smith if he was maintain his mainframe.

Yet, for all that, after that crescendo of cognitive dissonance had reached it’s peak – part of me felt bad. He had become a spectacle of a bully which had regressed to a beast before slipping back to the little boy that he was, screaming at a nasty man who poked unsightly holes in his self-deception. And that is sad to behold. Despite his repellent behaviour it was hard not to feel pity for him.

Nevertheless, does it not sometimes require that we draw a line against what we know to be blatant lies polluting the environment whether that be at a dinner party or Congress? Does it not mean we draw a line in the sand (or across the raspberry coulis) and say no I won’t suffer another second of your aggression?

Aren’t we all tired of this bullshit?

Aren’t we sick of the Ned’s of this world who inhabit boardrooms, media outlets, government agencies, religious pulpits and intelligence HQs and who get away with the same rail-roading crimes against conscience?

This episode was a picture of the state of our world in microcosm; the very reason why we have allowed ourselves to be dazzled and bullied by self-styled authoritarians who cannot function – indeed, enact their laws, wars and social engineering programmes – without the adoration and tacit approval of their followers. And once they have that power, they ride rough-shod over any hope of natural living, transforming our inner and outer world into a arid wasteland.

Sometimes you cannot keep silent. Even if that means some broken glasses.

In the next post I’ll try to reconstruct the whole dialogue as best I can.


























Smoke and the Moon


© infrakshun

“The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

 Some recent news articles and reports which were gathered at random:

The secret epidemic of Police domestic violence: Cops up to 15x more likely than general public to be domestic abusers

Japan: Fingerprints to Be Tested as ‘currency’

Federal Business Opportunities: 994 Tons of Weapons Shipped to al-Qaeda in Syria

4-Year-Old Alameda County Boy On Terrorist Watchlist

Drone kill list: UK Parliament deceived on ‘medieval assassination’ program

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street

Mind Control Microscope Changes Behavior of Mice: Scientists Say They Will Soon “treat the brain as the keyboard of a piano”

US-NATO Plans for a New War in Libya

Wi-Fi exposure is more dangerous to kids than previously thought

Greenpeace Helps Corporations Destroy the Planet


The Apex

The above articles offer a glimpse into a rising tide of pathology scorching the global consciousness. There is a veritable storm of complex forces presently battling, appeasing, joining, consuming, subsuming or resisting.  The friction is electric out there. No doubt you feel it impinging on awareness in a variety ways.  It feels like an apex of change is in sight.

We have US police brutality and abuse which almost defies description, symptomatic of a nation engineered for decline; various countries (in this case, Japan) pushing state surveillance and SMART society programming;  clear evidence of US-NATO, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia working on behalf of their Western masters to supply weapon shipments to Daesh / ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated mercenary  groups – all handsomely paid for their trouble; more evidence of the United States extrajudicial assassination program mirrored in the UK assisted by the growing obsession with drone technology; yet another ridiculous case of a “terrorist” appears on the ever-burgeoning Terror Watch List, this time in the guise of a 4-year old; US-NATO Establishment cartels busy expanding their wars for corporate profits and psychopathic ideology of total control, while the health effects of Wi-Fi continue to raise alarm bells just as they did with mobile phone use and a growing realisation that genuine environmental activism is being ponerised toward corporate interests and the Establishment agenda of UN Agenda 21 and their “one world” SMART society.

These reports are a window into some of the current trends of our world, all of which are interrelated through a common theme: the psycho-social infection of the psychopath who is presently taking every domain of our global societies to the edge of chaos. Each represents a tributary into a raging River of Change which cannot possibly end in anything other than dissolution and destruction.

I don’t know about you but it dawned on me earlier this week in a rather visceral fashion that we have passed the point of no return. At about 3.00am in the morning – the veritable witching hour where the demons stir and emotions and memories of what the world could be rise up and meet the moon – I felt the most enormous anxiety and dread which quickly dissipated to leave only intense sadness. I slipped out of bed, rolled a cigarette and stepped outside.  This anxiety then transformed to a slice of moon-lit “excitement” (lunacy?) as if various opposites were wielding their swords within me.  It’s difficult to describe other than the unnerving realisation that I’d almost become a receiver picking up a multitude of dissonant signals from God knows where…One rock song on the radio from earlier in the day kept flashing through my mind which seemed particularly apt. A portion of the lyrics kept replaying over and over and layered with the hint of a cruel grin:

It’s with me still,
I need a pill,
It’s taking me over,
My brain is fried,
It’s suicide,
Crazy time …

I’m losing touch,
Can’t lose too much,
It’s taking me over …”

Regardless of your musical predilections, you might pick up on the melancholic tension and feverish anticipation in the song and how it seemed to fit my mood. (Increase the volume to maximum and you’ll be in the ball-park for this metaphor…)


So, what was “with me still”?

Far from being a need to escape into subjective reality via a drug induced stupor, perhaps it was the result of coming nose to nose with the world’s objective reality;  an almost gothic sense of despair wrapped around an intense electrical excitement running in a loop, over and over, as if something was trying to break free external to my own psyche; something which was imminent.

“It’s taking me over…”

And these moments occasionally bring us back to the red pill /blue pill scenario and the reaction of which can lead to: …I’ll have a steak please…and keep that wine coming…Nothing to see here…And nothing to remember.

But once you see this world as it is, you can’t forget it. Not if you wish to extract yourself from it’s lies and deceit.

My cigarette smoke drifted across the clear sky and stars. It seemed both beautiful and oppressive. What was this desolation rising up inside?  The loss of conscience in the world at large?  Or my own snail’s pace “progress” toward any kind of authenticity? Or perhaps it was all an excuse to be self-indulgent…?

It’s always the same: so many lies deeply rooted in ourselves, so much weakness and apathy, resistance to beauty, love and objective truth clouded by centuries of rapacious violence to the soul. And even now, we still persistently claim the opposite, that we have somehow purged ourselves of all our shadows and denials and taken the higher ground in the domains of activism and “seeking truth.”

I’m not so sure.

Not to say there aren’t some great trail-blazers out there amid this global information explosion … Yet, when I take a long, hard look at the intense activity of the internet and the alternative media I still see more egos, axe-grinding, grandstanding and general narcissistic behaviour than ever before. (And this is before any of the monopolising tactics and corporate controls). These are the natural effects of living under a variety of psychological deviants who have made it their pastime to funnel normal people into their perception of reality.

What is so tragic is that so many of us don’t see that we are dancing to their tune in the ways we react to this pathology. And popular reaction is the bread and butter of the state and their agencies.


© infrakshun

An example would be those who produce their radio shows, podcasts and write their blogs; disseminate information about resisting evil and even travel the country giving lectures – in some cases for free. Then some of these “teachers” advocate gun rights and the defence of their property by any means necessary. (Cue photo of orator with a semi-automatic looking suitably angry – “I mean business dude.”)

Okay, you have many modern day counter-culture, anti-establishment and ‘spiritual’ leaders who encourage you to arm yourself against the State and also urge a crowd-base call for mass revolution. In reality, this conduct has the Establishment salivating with anticipation since it is precisely the reaction they seek to encourage. This is the hook by which radio talk show host Alex Jones and others inspire resistance in the minds of young activists and alternative media journalists, through an undercurrent of guns, ammo and revolution in the tradition of 1776. We play right into their hands by responding in this way. If we look at the history of revolutions rarely are they connected to true emancipation, rather it is the occult Establishment’s way of tapping into genuine social unrest to achieve their own ends. It’s the same old Hegelian dialectic writ large.

Break it, to re-make it

Nothing much has changed.

Sure, one has the right to own guns and to defend that right. And of course, gun control is a red herring designed to de-fang the populace and ramp up the fear factor via mass shootings. But encouraging resistance head on is misguided. How do you think that’s going to end under this pathocracy? Look at what police raids are doing right now in downtown Amerika. Look at the level of brutality and death perpetrated by law enforcement. What do you think is going to happen when American Patriots and gun-toting alternative media hosts join together because they have “truth on their side”?


Perhaps even civil war, precisely the kind of fragmentation and social chaos needed to “remake” America in line with World State aspirations.

This is World Order strategy based on very ancient beliefs in feudalism for the masses so that the mass mind remains in the strait-jacket to which it has become accustomed. It moves with the times by employing conscious and unconscious “change agents” in each societal domain. It is the drug of adrenaline and dopamine flowing from emotional reactions of our “teachers” and activists’ inflated egos which feeds into the Three Establishment Model and their continuing plans for a targeted and controlled demolition of society. The inducement of emotional reaction and active, “righteous” aggression is essential to that end.

The more anger and fear you can create the better. That’s the whole point. It’s a balancing act for sure, but they usually get what they want as history attests.  Society begins to gets a sniff of what’s going on and wars are introduced. The latest economic free-for-all has run the deregulated coffers dry and more centralisation is needed, time to create asymmetric war and coloured revolutions tweaking latent tribal divisions, torrential propaganda and synthetic distractions from technology. They need your emotional capital to fuel their agenda: break the spirit, build anew, In THEIR image; total war through psychological terror from overseas and most importantly from domestic “threats” from within. This is why reactionary personas with their often messianic missions and the idea that they have “DUH TROOF” is so dangerous to ordinary folks but very useful to the authorities.


It isn’t the fact that the information is wrong (although it often is, by design or by beliefs) the problem lies in the fact that it is they who become liable since they are so identified with their role and thus wide open to manipulation from their enemy. This is HUBRIS, the definition of which is  “excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.” In the tradition of Greek tragedy, they fail to see how easily they can be slaves to their emotions, getting high on the passion of leadership and thus incurring the wrath of our self-elected “Gods.”

This hubris doesn’t defend or reduce the power of such a nemesis but actually inflates it through the inability to see their own self-importance. They fail to perceive that the confrontation they seek will only produce more chaos and a reaction from authorities who positively seek any excuse to go to the next phase of totalitarian oppression. They hugely underestimate the extent to which these psychopaths will go to achieve their ends.

You see, we are not dealing with what we have come to understand as human beings, rather the image of a human being mimicking the normalcy of the human condition or those with the potential for exercising conscience. We have what amounts to humanoids holding most positions of power in our world and which has now chronically infected government agencies and our social systems.

CoIntelpro for Everyone

Accordingly, departments within agencies of western intelligence – responding to trickle down orders from a relatively small coterie of deluded and deranged – have been steadily developing new and ingenious ways of corralling the global population. In terms of “information dominance” they knew precisely the way this brand of internet-based activism would unfold since they had for many decades been testing their methodologies of mind control and psychological coercion techniques upon the civil rights, nuclear disarmament, animal rights, peace and psychedelia movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet, in truth, this was merely a modern day outgrowth of the latent seeds of authoritarianism waiting for the Hysteroidal Cycle to come around once again, where a nations population would be suitably tenderised and dumbed down so that a full blown pathocracy could emerge,  the signs of which we can see only too clearly in the United States.

They knew how to disarm awareness first and channel it into often subtle by-ways second via think tanks, NGOs, and their countless memes of change seeded on the internet. From the standpoint of corporatism’s advertising and marketing, the web is a battleground for the real estate of your neuroplastic mind. This applies equally to the search for truth which encompasses subjects such as the 9/11 truth movement, geopolitical commentary, human rights and most certainly the hot potato of Israel and their destruction of the Palestinian people to name just a few. You can tell exactly who is an agent of obfuscation and disinformation by seeing what these people will allow and what they will not allow in their forums and on their blogs; whether their beliefs are conducive to truth seeking or actually serve as an impediment, thus useful for those who have a far greater perspective on humanity’s trajectory.

How to Spot CoIntelpro Agents   |  25 Rules of Disinformation

This is largely the case with Alex Jones who falls into the category of a paid shill or conscious agent. David Icke is another who may have started off with genuine intent but was so full of his own importance that he couldn’t see that he was setting himself up for major co-option. Mix in a blood-drinking and baby-sacrificing British royal family and reptilian shape-shifters with the more sober subjects of economic and conspiratorial control, topped off with “all you need is love” idea of consciousness, it becomes a heady brew designed to distract and oppose the very things Icke believes he is encouraging: freedom of the mind. In both cases however, the net result is to vector objective awareness of what is really going on in the world into a variety of sensationalist dead-ends with just enough truth to keep the often younger minds locked in.

In Jone’s case for instance, he rarely mentions anything related to Zionism and Israel who remain at the forefront of global deception and false flag terror. His belligerent and bellicose style is so patently over-the-top that he can rarely be taken seriously by anyone – which is the general idea. His support for violent revolution along with a heavy commercial angle to his burgeoning media Empire vacuums up all and everything conspiracy-related therefore managing, by association, to tarnish more reputable outlets who are actually interested in the truth. Far from assisting people to understand the true nature of world events he relies on hyperbole, rumour and sensationalism mixed in with enough “inside intel” to keep younger members coming back for more. Jones is the primary pied piper for conspiracy consumerism. He is not interested in educating his audience but transposing his agenda onto those seeking genuine awareness.

Where some alternative news websites encounter censorship at the hands of Google, it seems Alex Jones always manages to remain at the top, ready to peddle his aggressive, emotionally-driven fundamentalism. It is a clever ruse of tabloid information masquerading as truth-seeking. If you ever had to look for a “limited hangout” operation within alternative news and conspiracy websites – Alex Jones fits the bill to a T.

After all, it was Jones (so he likes to say) that predicted the 9/11 attacks before anyone else. One has to ask if that was so, who gave him this piece of information so that he could ride the wave of conspiracy fervour right into the waiting spotlight? His handlers perhaps?

Indeed, a coterie of paid and unpaid shills are rounded up for this very purpose way in advance of public awareness. Learning to see who is and who isn’t the real deal requires hard work, a honed bullshit-o-meter and access to a genuine network, the likes of which are not thick on the ground. (In fact, I only know one that is worth it’s weight in gold). So, anyone that you see pushing American Patriot fundamentalism and urging pro-active reaction against the government is either deluded, a bit dense or is paid by the government to do so. (Or all three). That is not to say that any activism is wrong. Not at all. But civil disobedience has to be carefully targeted so that maximum awareness of key principles is achieved. You cannot change the State and its minions but you can open the eyes of those seeking alternatives to grow outside of Official Culture. (More on this in a future post).


Alex Jones disinformation shill co-opting truth seekers.

The Establishment are licking their lips at the thought of overtly and explicitly rounding up dissidents and subversives and actively preparing for such a scenario after the coming economic meltdown which is coming, of that you can be sure. If you are grandstanding and encouraging such “revolution” it will get you killed and martyred for the cause. Except you won’t be a martyr – you’ll be someone who is just another useful idiot who thought he could beat the state head on. You merely hastened your role as domestic cannon fodder.

Dissident violence meeting State violence doesn’t work. It never has. Yet, there has been an endless procession of trail-blazers and “truthers” under the delusion that they can change society and change the world according to their individual ideas as to how it should work, and whilst remaining inside the belly of the beast. They also make the mistake in thinking that they are invincible thereby showing that they have not reached a state of humility regarding the material forces on this earth and beyond. They make the mistake that because they have gone through the fires of hell to get where they have, they subconsciously imagine: “…this is where I’m at and there is nothing more I need to learn.” Actually, this is just the beginning. If you take on the responsibility to inform others about the nature of this reality and you reach a significant threshold of success and popularity, you better be damn sure you have a network of genuine support in place.

And most importantly, if you are ALLOWED to do what you do, ask yourself why? Is it because you have the whole banana? Doubtful. And in fact maybe it is a case of being so far from the truth that you become useful to the State in sowing confusion and misinformation?

As you begin to make progress and feel like you’ve been given the keys to unlock truths for others, you might reach the stage where you accrue all kinds of “helpful” individuals who provide you with enlightening information and “big secrets” about the way the world works at the highest levels of skulduggery. You may even believe you really can change the external world (rather than your perception of it) and are convinced that you have a handle on the scope and requirements for the mission. Moreover, if you are supported in your endeavour and have relatively little interference then you can be reasonably sure that you have gargantuan gaps in your awareness and are actually assisting the Establishment and their endgame. This is how CoIntelpro works and most assuredly within the realm of high strangeness beyond the five senses.

Aside from conscious agents the more you consider that you have the low-down on how things work here on this right royally screwed planet of ours, the more one permits exclusive belief to dominate and therefore increases the likelihood that you are actually being groomed as a pawn, patsy and useful idiot without one iota of awareness of the fact. This assistance only requires the belief that we must struggle against these forces and play them at their own game, rather than struggling against our frailties within, which produced these vulnerabilities in the first place. I suggest that it is this struggle that potentially places us in a better position to discern and discriminate the various degrees of bullshit in the external world not whether we have a tattoo on our shoulder, sing the national anthem after a vegan breakfast or subscribe to Alex Jone’s media channel.

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world … as it is in being to remake ourselves.”  – Mahatma Ghandi

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Ignoring the Psychopaths’ World

You ever feel like that hamster in the above wheel? An activist, scholar, occultist or journalist getting high on the cause and feeling you’re making a difference until the spin throws you half way across the cage? And yet, we seem to just get up and do it all over again, usually because we cannot face the awful truth that what we do makes no difference at all. It’s not that funny really. Though no doubt the cosmic trickster is doubling up with hilarity. This is however the truth. This is the story of humanity for the last two thousands years. Around and around in a loop where soul and spirit is still caught between materialism and religious extremism and awakening minds are caught between CoIntelpro and more sophisticated paranormal forces of control which as yet, won’t fit inside the collective mind.

I know what you’re thinking. This is wrong. It’s not that bleak. I’m being a major party pooper and unjustly raining on your unique parade.

Fuck you dude. We can change the world.

Perhaps.  But maybe not quite in the way that Alex Jones would have you believe. 

I actually quite like Nafeez Ahmeds’ contribution to the subject of “changing the world” which is simple and concise: One — Start with you  Two — Continue with those around you and Three — Create something new.  Seeing the world in all its negative and positive glory doesn’t mean sitting on your arse and navel-gazing about how wonderful / horrific it all is. But the key thing to remember is to educate ourselves regarding how DEEP the darkness truly is and how clever it’s machinations. Without this comprehension we cannot fully realise the light potential within and ignite it in others. It’s like we have too many shutters and buffers to truth. It’s only a logical differential after all.

That said, the object of this article is not to send you into a tailspin of interminable depression. It’s always paradoxical. When you comprehend just how far down in the collective poop we are, this realisation offers an instant candle to light your way out of that stinky gloom. And one way is to observe our emotional reactions in relation to psychopathy and its related pathology that presses in on our minds. By choosing not to engage and by learning the ways of the psychopaths and authoritarian followers within our institutions and how we have allowed them to distort our vision of the world, we gain the ability to divert much needed inner energy so that we may cope with reality – as it is. This economy of energy is akin to a akido maneuver which allows us to dip under the radar of “The Matrix”. This is the first step to true independence.

If we choose to react to the psychopath’s world using their methods we are already locked into their game-plan, and once inside, we are effectively an extension of their designs, thinking that we are fighting the good fight in equal opposition to evil. This is very much part of the hypnotism of a further cave – inside Plato’s cave. It is a self-replicating illusion that we are in control. Once you see the Magician behind the curtain, the mistake is to believe that we must fight it head on and indeed, that this magician wasn’t one of many, the deeper you dig.

The only way we can defend against the psychopathic incursions into our lives and the havoc they wreak against the world at large is not to participate in any of their lies and distortions; to ignore their authority (not excluding by peaceful, civil disobedience where necessary) and refusing to react to their provocation. Most importantly, to defend our soul by purifying the source within. And that means healing our emotions and learning to recognise and respect what IS; refusing to pander to willful blindness and personal beliefs. Building a new world must take place in ourselves parallel to creating the foundation of new communities outside the psychopathic paradigm in which we live.

Changing ourselves is an ongoing, ambitious process which doesn’t stop just because we have gone through an occult school and think we know their nefarious plans, or that we have progressed through the ranks of journalistic integrity and feel ourselves immune to the propaganda and pay-cheques that come our way. Or maybe we thought we had achieved a strategic enclosure of tried and tested strength and along came spiritual partners and activists who gave us the last pieces of the puzzle in such synchronous ways that it had to be true! Destiny and protection was at work!  In fact, with notoriety and exposure comes an immediate tracking and targeting in innumerable ways to render people useless. And this happens primarily through insufficient awareness of our weaknesses. Pumped egos and wishful thinking is a great opportunity to have our butts kicked in a host of colourful ways. (I should know).

You see, it’s easy to preach to the choir as I and many others have done on various other blogs, websites and social media. The internet is an incredible tool. It is a global brain seeking to connect; a technological zeitgeist of unparalleled potential. There is no question that many minds are waking up to the nature of the State and the endemic lies and mediocrity that it must produce in order to exist. Nevertheless, it could be said we are all here at this level of existence precisely because we “fit.” We are all here because we have been given the chance to “see the light” in ourselves and then choose how we may manifest that process of becoming in the material world, so that we may have some chance to move into a more authentic reality. (This may be more literal than we think)


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What is it that we must accomplish over and above resisting government mendacity?

To confront ourselves in our quest to root out lies and to join together with others who are actively attempting the same – whether through art, journalism, communitarianism or environmental activism or a natural synthesis of all four. A spiritual process of shedding illusions and beliefs, healing our emotions and learning to achieve a measure of wholeness in our lives must kick start this process instead of Official Culture’s requisite fragmentation and narcissism to which we have all been inculcated. Accomplishment and activism take on a different trajectory where we IGNORE state controls and bypass their inducements to react against their inhumanity. It requires a long-term approach and a strong measure of self-control in the face of easy temptation to engage. Not so much Rage against the Machine as to re-direct it, so that this power goes where it is needed in order to affect change with the minimum of interference. 

Once again, to be truly effective there must be an awareness of psychopathy and the nature of its psycho-spiritual infection within every social domain and discipline. If not, the new, shared creativity is wide open to subversion. Inspiration and good intentions are nothing without real-world knowledge of psychopathy which exists among us and from which we have all suffered in some form or another. If we do not address this crucial aspect of evil, we will accomplish nothing more than to repeat yet another cycle of involution and dissipation, where souls wink out as if they had never been there at all.And so it begins all over again…

Yet, countless stars send out the ancient light of their existence as if to warn us that what humanity is facing now has probably been faced countless times before; that these sparks of conscience are routinely extinguished as a natural equation. The harvest of those who followed their essence begins while those who acquiesced to evil took another ride on that interminable merry-go-round we call earthly life. Regardless, the Universe is going its own way as it always will and it is offering us the chance to choose creativity or entropy. This choice between two poles – ascent or descent, the choice to SEE – is becoming urgent.

The point of no return occurred through the slow engineering of psychopathic belief which gave birth to the State and humanity’s subsequent mind-numbing adherence to a morally bankrupt authority. We allowed the Western mainstream media to sell 9/11 as an attack by Muslim extremists;  we permitted a cabal of psychopaths to gradually infect our social systems to the point that there could be no other outcome. Whatever the mix of complex causes, the reality in which we find ourselves is now so dire, so utterly bereft of collective conscience that we are now moving toward the inevitable denouement where the Earth will stretch a little, work up a fever and slough off the psycho-spiritual virus of evil that is manifesting through the apathy, greed, and callous indifference of the psychopaths and narcissists of our troubled world. That means there is an opportunity for all of us to grow in ways unimagined. And unfortunately, since there are still not enough of us seeing reality as it is – warts and all – this confrontation with truth will be harsh and unforgiving.


It seems the Universe and cosmic processes do not give personal attention until you are moving toward a singular type of resonance which is a consciously directed choice to seek a creativity that purifies, heals and receives; an internal revolution that is alchemical at its inception, the results of which must act as a catalyst of change in others. It only becomes personal when we consciously elect to work toward this creative stream rather than lying in the glamorous mud of its entropic down-flow.

The world is presently basking in the negative juices made up of our denials, with the consciousness of billions about to become the main course to those denizens of a dimension so beyond the conceptions of most that it would be pointless to even try to point it out. They have done so well in corralling humanity for thousands of years it is hardly likely that in a critical mass of earnest seekers of truth – most of whom are following a legion of CoIntelpro pied-pipers – could suddenly perform a quantum feat of magic and permit such unpalatable realities to fit inside the heads of many.

It’s a fait accompli.

It won’t work.

If so many still crave authority and actively and wantonly pretend that subjective reality is what counts; are willing to burn the very seeds of their souls to believe it, then there is always the possibility that they’ll take us down the cosmic plug-hole with them… Yet, the wish for a New World will not arrive through activism alone and certainly not in terms of a strictly materialist perspective. The die has already been cast.

How we respond to these micro-macrocosmic changes will determine which reality will find us. Numerous worlds and many timelines may be shimmering and coalescing just out of phase… Many of us could find ourselves in a literally different reality depending on how attentive we have been to objective truth in ourselves and in the same vain, how well we have paid attention to the world as it undergoes transformation.

As stated in a previous post, there will come a time, perhaps very soon, where it will be imperative that we get into groups, not only for physical survival in the short-term but to create the binding glue of future communities armed with knowledge that protects and nourishes. Now is the time to forge these links with those who see the writing on the wall and with those whom you know you can trust. And if you do not have close family or friends, it might be sensible to begin forging those links. No man can afford to be an island these days. 


You can’t wake anyone up.

It’s a natural process.

All you can do is strengthen what is naturally within and link up with those who “get it,” at whatever level that maybe. So, it falls back to the individual to revolutionise him or herself, to be that example instead of projecting fear and anger onto convenient outer demons. Perhaps this is where evil represents the anvil upon which we sharpen the sword of the soul. And when you see the face of evil lurking inside your own being, it changes you forever. It changes you because you realised that you are just a puppet on a string lost in this toxic sea of illusion in which our psychopathic brethren are so at home. Until we see that we are meat-machines made up of a psycho-chemical cocktail of influences – none of which belong to us –  we will be prey to the crypto-geographic influences of Wetiko and our childhood traumas inculcated as “normality”.

We have to fight, tooth and claw to find the essence that is truly us, then we have to surrender to that process like a snake that is shedding its skins. THEN you can begin to separate from evil because you have seen how it uses you; you have heard how it sniggers as you go about your daily life thinking you have the answers when all along you are just a little man, a little woman, sucking at the teat of a vast self-replicating abyss. 

How could I say such a thing?

I send love and light to all; I say my prayers like a good Christian; I get my prayer mat out and bow my head to the Imam Mahdi…

Go ahead and ritualize. We are just machines fed on lies for centuries, fattened up for the kill in this momentous period of Great Reckoning.

Have I made you think that perhaps I’m not being “positive” enough or that I have relinquished all hope for a better outcome?

Or… Every cloud has (new age) silver lining?

That we create our little red-waxed Secret reality?

Ignorance and willful blindness ensure that we never find out how such patently obvious bullshit is sold to us because we – I – have been too afraid to let go of a carefully crafted mask, a mask I see everywhere I go, a mask that presently fits like a cast iron cage around this jewel of an Earth.

Yet despite this, when you see what a deep, dark pit we have dug for ourselves you can also see with dramatic clarity our part in that suffocating descent. And it is that clarity which drives us to forge something new within in order to take action without. And this action cannot be identified with changing the world. It can only be about aligning to that which is spiritually, objectively authentic; that which is receptive to growth and nourishment rather than an exclusive service to self. This in turn must have its expression in a pragmatic preparation without anticipation or obsession; without any trace of fear.

Not at all easy, but it may well determine the outcome.

After all, if you have faith and trust in the Universe then we must apply it in practical ways. It doesn’t respond to “wait and see” and sitting on the fence. It responds to effort directed toward ourselves and in response to our environment; by co-creating with nature and preparing the ground…The probability of adding something spiritually significant during one’s lifetime and which may not become apparent until after death, is part of that cycle. Religion has nothing to do with it, science and experiential verification shared and pooled with others most certainly does.


The New Heresy and Snake-oil Secrets

Can you not hear the cries of those hundreds of thousands of “witches” and “wizards” “heretics” and “heathens” burned on the pyres outside their own homes and in the cobbled streets? This heresy continues today.

Those that love truth and resist the psychopaths’ dream must stay connected to objective reality whilst being immersed in serial pathology of varying degrees. We must take responsibility for ourselves by becoming aware that there is Truth which reveals universal principles of values, morals and cooperation. Rather than burning alive these dissenters the State now weaves a softer spell of totalitarianism as the first phase toward its classical expression. Meanwhile, an Orwellian invocation is at work and so deep that we have come to love our consumerist distractions; to become addicted to the infinite flavours of Official Culture so that our slavery is wired in from birth.

When we are confronted with the fact that authoritarianism and hierarchy as expressed in this Synthetic Age is pathological, the vast majority of us cannot detach themselves from it’s mainframe. Many cannot function without this authority overshadowing them – it would mean an end to their self-concept and ability to make sense of the world. Thus dissolution would ensure a headlong fall into their own mini abyss, which up until that point had been kept in abeyance by the State, its fake Rule of Law, regulations,  social strictures and the kind of guiding parameters that limit growth and divert it toward the centralisation of group consciousness and uniformity.

Giving away our response-ability and embracing such atomisation is far more corrosive to the soul (should it be present at all) than the horror of physical torture and pain. Once one has chosen to believe the lie and to willfully join evil – even if it is decked with sweet-sounding words and seductive images of freedom – you become subsumed into that same monumental lie where one’s very soul is accessed, processed and eaten.  And then you become a “light-eater” yourself;  you become the living dead. The tragedy is, we don’t even know it. 

But we create our own reality! All there is is love!


Not only is this a gross distortion on the nature of reality but it becomes a horrible caricature of truth when you recall the young boys passed around Westminster paedophiles like candy, to be raped to death (yes that’s right – raped to death) and discarded in rubbish dumps; when you remember the catholic priests who defiled and stomped on innocence to satisfy their desires, whilst relying on successive Popes to cover up their deeds; not forgetting the children sold into slavery every minute of everyday, who are abused, murdered in snuff films and satanic forms of rituals at the behest of some of the highest movers and shakers in the land.

Our beloved media makes it easy for us to move on to the next infotainment news item where reality and fantasy naturally blur. Clearly, the new age market place wishes us to believe that these children did not think positively enough about their reality and thus brought in upon themselves. Not being privy to the The Secret, the Universe it seems, cast them into an unyielding determinism where Rhonda Bryne’s re-packaged “sacred wisdom” could have saved them from such Predators. What this disinformation actually counsels is the inflation of ego by getting something for nothing while spinning the very core concepts of spirituality into self-help capitalism as the arbiter of happiness. 

The idea of spiritual growth has become as much a commodity as the dead children it helps us forget.

And talking of death, I see it sitting on my shoulder daily. It reminds me that nothing I ever do will ever alter the fact that it will come for me. Yet, death is my friend. He shines with the wisdom of the Dark Half of God as much as the Light. Neither can exist without each other. Knowledge defines which one we will embrace before any notion of love and light enters in. The shadowsphere knows this. It binds us so tightly that we cannot breathe or pay attention to anything which whispers a remembrance of who we truly are. 

Such a concept doesn’t even approach the sheer depth of darkness which spreads over every rock and wraps around every star busy screaming their ancient echos from deep space.


… The light travels through that blackness and it is never extinguished. It can never dissipate. Just like the choices we make to change ourselves. Once we take on that hero’s journey and truly decide to bring all the separated pieces back together, however long it takes, you can be sure that we will see ourselves reflected in those stars, which are integral constituents of galaxies and universes – without end.

How then can we give up, when we see our very essence reflected in deep space? This hope will sharpen the will to see the world as it really is. And therein lies our road to freedom.

One more cigarette and I close the door on the night.


Dedicated …

… to those, known and unknown, who continue to be murdered by those with no conscience and a supreme contempt for humanity; by those whose impunity allows them to routinely stand on the neck of the child in poverty, the child neglected, the child abused and the lives of children whose only crime was to be born.

Maybe, “wise” old patriarch, banker and statesman, maybe at the gates of death you will find a frail child’s fingers curling into your own and maybe then you will learn what it is to hold redemption at the mouth of oblivion, a gaping maw that you gladly mistook for  home.

There will be only a musical symmetry – the perfect sound equation of what could have been; The reflection of the major and minor notes of choice which oscillate every millisecond of our lives and the realisation that we are roped and tied to his descent.

Dark Skies, Community and Cooperation (I)

 By M.K. Styllinski

Note: It wasn’t my intention to post again until the New Year at the earliest but I felt I had to write something in light of the horrific Paris attacks, albeit tangential. I want to review what has got to this point and broach the subject of community and begin to explore how to make its presence felt in the face of these dark skies. The following post might be part of an ongoing series to continue … at some point.

© M.K. Styllinski

nature (34)

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller

Hard to believe in the face of darkening skies, but one way or another, the emergence of community and cooperation is coming.

Unfortunately, it will likely come from intense collective suffering rather than any radical change instituted by our societies’ leaders and their deluded minions. What is certain: any shred of hope in our current systems of centralised government has been irrevocably lost within the last 15 years of the Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations, including many governments across Europe. Our response must be to turn away and re-enchant human values and a community ethos on our own, whilst ignoring those in power who have created, perpetuated and fed on needless destruction and atrocity for so long. By refusing to react to their depredations we become free to build templates for social networks of LIVING communities based on pragmatic and practical solutions. No one is going to do it for us – least of all those who benefit from the old patterns of endless exploitation. And as we come together to build these communities in our towns, cities, suburbs and rural villages we will slowly recognise what it means to live in decentralised, socially and economically empowered organisations which both honour the individual and the collective. By doing so, the sum of its parts is enriched as a natural consequence.

During the next decade or less we will probably be forced to set up community building due to necessity and not by choice, such is the trajectory that our governments are determined to follow. The sooner we see the writing on the wall the sooner we can start to forge these connections that will see us through; providing mutual support in our immediate locality. Strong community ties will be the difference between victimisation and psycho-social survival in the face of economic breakdown and environmental catastrophe, the signs of which have never been greater.

It IS possible. And the connections are beginning to form.

embrace slavery

The recent atrocity of the Paris attacks on Friday November 13th, 2015 represents yet another chapter in Establishment psychopathy seeking to enforce its will. More innocents dead, more pain and grief circulating the world like a heavy, leaden pall seeping into so many lives and tainting all with a sense of hopelessness and futility.

(Russian mainstream news is the only outlet to offer a true narrative as to the true nature of the attacks. See here, here, here and here for further information).

A friend living in Paris recently sent me an email in which he berated the left and communists whom, in his view were saying that the West was responsible. He believed the real culprit was the rise of militant Islam.  This is a caricature of the nature of the problem, misunderstanding that Islamism is a Frankenstein, a homonculus made to serve geopolitical aims of Western elites. Fragmenting consciousness into left, right, black, white, secular, religious etc. is the strategy of terrorism, to create tribal divisions fuelled by fear, anger and a sense of helplessness which serve to polarize latent beliefs. These manifest in actions which encourage long suppressed emotions and desperate frustrations to burst forth as crime or misplaced activism. Emotional capital and the instinct of fear are eminently malleable, where forced choices lead to ready-made “solutions” dangerous to the ordinary man and woman but useful collateral for the government and world Establishment.

The latest collective demon to up the imperialist ante and take over from Al-Qaeda is ISIS/ISIL. Far from failures of intelligence and inept foreign policy their presence on the world stage “… is the result of concerted, immense, multinational state-sponsorship.” The fear and hatred engendered by such evil has enormous repercussions in every facet of our lives, from the refugee exodus to increasing state surveillance and the erosion of civil liberties.

However “aware” we think we are so much of our personality is still tied to the addictive power of tribal thought forms and peer group pressure. Stepping out of that into one’s own sovereign world is often frightening but necessary on the road to true self-reliance.  Nothing is more important to those who consider themselves wardens of our existence than to restrict emancipation of our innate creativity and natural predisposition for cooperation and mutualism. Accordingly, when we live under a society that has become gradually pathologised, then the basic framework of values and morals begin to fall away in favour of paramoralistic and paralogical discourse. The lowest ebb of human instinct and emotion blur the boundaries between moderation and extremes. And the more a society begins to function on shock value, and a narcissistic fast-food mentality, the more extreme behaviour becomes  in order to feel something, anything that shows we are alive instead of the legions of the walking dead.

A psychopathic minority’s continued dominance through history must depend on a cycle of managed chaos to keep the normal people oblivious to their existence. For groups of psychopaths who inveigled themselves into key positions of power, the only way to allow  unfettered freedom for their predatory behaviour is to hijack social systems and institutions; to invert sound ideologies so that they are constantly predisposed to destructive, backward perceptions of reality. And it has worked, time after time and age after age, where secrecy, hierarchical authority and the good intentions of normal people are used to provide perfect cover.

The terror industry is a prime example of government PR designed to hoodwink the public into thinking evil terrorists are under every bed and on every street corner. When in fact, although extremism does exist and is on the rise, the majority of atrocities are either black operations carried out by governments and their often outsourced agencies and paid assassins or entrapment operations involving agents who stimulate jihadists to carry out the same.  Unless the public at large becomes educated on the nature of terrorism as an age-old geopolitical tool of control we will continue to re-play exactly the same responses, playing right into the hands of our governments and their string-pullers. And so it is.


After about 15 years of analysing the nature of terror attacks, intelligence agencies and the rise of the centralist State in Western societies there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that false flag terrorism as a tool of warfare has had a long history and is as old as warfare itself; where acts of terror perpetrated against innocent civilians serve to galvanise the opposing forces into open conflict. Most importantly, it is a war against ordinary civilians who pose a threat to the Establishment’s order. Civil war in society and a crackdown on those who question the accepted narrative is the goal.

It is a tried and tested formula used to involve ethnic groups, regions and whole nations in wars that offer massive profits for relatively few. Banksters roll into the targeted country and tempt corrupt politicians and businesses with unlimited power and prestige which is then mandated under global economic law, enforced by the IMF and World Bank to place countries in life-long debt. This consists of asset stripping, social welfare destruction, corporate colonisation and access to virgin resources such as oil, land, minerals and gas. Gaining control of whole countries by installing dictators working for Anglo-American masters has characterised most of Western foreign policy and their cynical international alliances forged in the last two centuries. This is the story of pathocratic Empires and the propagation of false narratives necessary for their ascendance.

In the Age of Information we have access to rich, empirical evidence that the very inception of the State and its agencies – democratic or otherwise – has never been about protecting or providing for the people who can’t take care of themselves. In fact, the latter comes about because of statism, not despite it.  These are merely new variations on a theme to control and engineer compliance. Huxleyian and Orwellian control has always been at the kernel of Western “democracy” where true autonomous networks of self-regulating and self-organised communities based around freedom of thought and spiritual emancipation have been continually prevented from developing. Examples of communities have occurred though inevitably flawed and abortive, to be reabsorbed into the  leviathan State and its outposts.

Intelligence agencies are now a highly compartmentalised law unto themselves serving those without conscience and whose only purpose is to corral and control the world populace for specific long-term goals. Authoritarian followers inhabit its environments and self-censoring beliefs give the glue for plausible denial. Terrorism has always been a tool for herding the public into pens of belief which serve the Establishment of governments, monarchies, military and corporate worlds and their many organisations and agencies. Post World War terrorism and its offshoots is nothing more than a creation of Western governments through the auspices of NATO and through high level factions within the agencies of America’s CIA and FBI; Britain’s MI5 and MI6 and Israel’s MOSSAD. There are other affiliations working through ostensibly benign think tanks, financial corporations and economic organisations but these are the key signatures of state-sponsored crime syndicates with operational oversight on world terrorism.

This is no conspiracy theory but merely an unspoken and purposefully excluded history.

Stretching back to Europe’s “stay behind armies” of Operation GLADIO in the 1950’s and 60’s, through to the Middle Eastern land and US-NATO regime changes, British balkanization and Israeli terror tactics of our modern age, the pathological infection of the 3EM continues to camouflage their activities through a morally bankrupted media. Psychopathy infects all sociopolitical and economic pathways. It is now so entrenched that many people still find it impossible to believe that the eulogies and dramatic words of resistance given by our puppet leaders are part of a dog-eared script used time and again. Our sound-bite culture and its social media encourages short attention spans coupled with a lack of education in reading the signs of targeted social programming. Therefore, when are ridiculous leaders dutifully read emotional trigger phrases (“Barbaric” “evil”  “Will not go unpunished…” “”…will track them down” etc.) they add to the propaganda that  governments are somehow opposed to their proxy armies and double agents lying behind all terror groups.

Terrorism IS the State.

It is the both the source and the enabler within an neo-imperialist and military-intelligence framework, using individuals and armies for hire to carry out geopolitical objectives. This is historically labelled the “Strategy of Tension”, a policy which has been extended and updated by the ideologues of globalism. Indeed, most politicians are so obviously incapable of understanding this fact since they are blinded by ambition, a lack of perspicacity and conscious or unconscious realisation of their own limited power to affect change in their role. They are largely told what to say and which auto-cue to look into. In the unlikely event that they choose to grow a conscience their political career is swiftly brought to end, or, if their illumination is dramatic enough a heart attack or cancer is induced. (Yes, it is possible, no, it is not conspiracy paranoia). They are, after all, only in such a position of superficial authority because they have shown absolute willingness to sell their souls for what they perceive is the machinery of the State and the power it confers. They are true minions of Establishment rule and cannot see beyond such choices. Therefore, we must ignore them, and not engage with their anti-human games.


Prime Ministers David Cameron and Francois Hollande – tired puppets on strings, the variations of which we’ve all seen before. Both have been given their orders to stay with the Western narrative of Russia as evil  in order to advance the resource grab objectives of US-NATO interests. Hollande recently moved toward Russia during its routing of ISIS targets and the result was a warning manifested as probable false flag attacks in Paris. Expect events in Germany to follow.

Our culture of “bread and circuses” has now reached exactly the state that Aldous Huxley described in his Brave New World. We see entertainment in endless Youtube videos depicting a thousand ways a human being can fall from a bicycle, a skateboard, sledge or  skis; videos of street fights involving children smashing the shit out of each other in place of a missing rites of passage. We see robberies at supermarkets and petrol stations where the tables are turned and justice appears to be done; we can take perverse pleasure in seeing the products of an equally perverse society spew out those who cannot cope, where crime and mentally ill persons become fused; paraded as social refuse and shoved into the infotainment machine to be reprocessed as new forms of “reality” TV.  Voyeuristic entertainment takes the place of sincere interpersonal connection, where puerile titillation is elevated as a pastime for those equally switched off from true empathy and emotion as those seeking their Youtube seconds of fame.

We have a world of fashion and glamour that elevates death, violence and sexual abuse as art; where anything is art as long as it can be commodified. Marketing and advertising see children’s minds as fresh new real estate to exploit whilst our school systems masquerade as places to educate, stuffing what is left of any child’s natural joy and auto-didactic ability to learn into a test tube of reality so restrictive that the mere concept of freedom and spirit may as well be scrawled on a public toilet door.


Official Culture and the State

That trust is still somnambulistically offered up to our institutions and governments that have routinely sacrificed its people throughout history is testament to both apathy, the disease of disempowerment and inculcated ignorance.  Is it any wonder that so many people have come to love their servitude thinking it normal and healthy? Since there isn’t anything worth emulating then it isn’t surprising that life becomes a case of existing rather than living.  Similarly, large-scale disillusionment of politics has not led to the observation of how the operations of those in power are merely using mass ignorance of socioeconomic and political realities for their own ends. Academia has hung limply on the ladder of its ascent and used corporatism and corruption to maintain its status. It isn’t just politics that needs to be questioned but the whole concept of our societies and the centralised blueprint which permeates our lives.

Entertainment saturating the internet also reflects our desperately bankrupt media who instead of offering a clear appraisal of our world serves up “news” which is carefully vetted and sanitised so that corporations retain their stock dividends and politicians keep their funny money; where torture, sexual abuse and economic warfare against the poor is not only allowed to continue it is purposefully encouraged by wilful blindness and a lack of self-responsibility; accepted by a socio-cultural programming that celebrates narcissism and psychopathy as Hollywood chic. It is the general public itself who keeps this dark, viscous toxicity permanently flowing. It is a learned acquiescence which slowly chokes our conscience and atrophies our hearts and ability to think critically. We become those that believe we are alive when we have nothing original in our mind-body system that we can truly call our own since we are mechanical in thought and emotion.

Like blind puppies sucking at the teat of the State we actually believe we are entitled to something.

What do we expect to get from that which seeks to subjugate and emotionally anesthetize human behaviour from the deep heritage of conscience? All the better to predict and thus control with absolute impunity.

There, there little man … There, there little woman … Go and be the good Ken and Barbie that you are … Eat shit and silicone. Laugh when we say. Clap when we say and take on the weight of our world. 

As long as we have that tribe, that group-think and gadget-based belonging we can forget that we have no energy of our own and thus no intrinsic purpose. By attaching our own shiny feeding tubes to others everything we have ever accumulated has been sucked up from everyone we have ever loved and hated. Wherever we can find a weak spot that energy rushes through us as a steady stream of transitory “nourishment” permitting a temporary respite from what we know lies in the rhythm of daily life, that soft blanket of suffocating mediocrity.

But this energy nutrient, sourced from all the unconscious drama we create doesn’t stop with us. Our feeding tubes never give us enough because Official Culture and the State keeps us attached in a bizarre symbiosis of need. Yet, it eventually strips us of everything authentic we have inside, including our ability to access our true self. Anything approaching the delicate mirage of soul light – that gentle gossamer flame waiting for that cycle of dawn promised through a thousand deaths and cyclic returns – is extinguished along with the potential of true purpose and meaning that is uniquely our own. Which is why we are forever empty inside and addicts to bio-chemical hits laid down in childhood, caught in the trap that we are significant if only we could be or possess this and that; to make it over that green pasture and all would be well…

If we decided to peel away all the layers ossified on the façade we call Mr. ______ or Ms _______, would we find anything at all worth cultivating?

Are any of our thoughts truly our own?

We are living in a reality that allows the soul to be imperceptibly consumed so that the agony of potential is crushed before it can ever be set free. It is stretched out over time; a slow death where the body-mind complex is screaming as loud as our Cosmic Spirit that flows through us. If we were to attune ourselves to the sheer macro cosmic pain flooding the fabric of the Universe we would be changed in millisecond. We would wake up and see that we are not only prostituting our spiritual life but we are actively feeding evil by believing the lies we tell ourselves and thereby accepting the lies promulgated in public life. We would see how inured in this world of fakery we have become; it would make us sick to the stomach, saddened beyond consolation, shocked at the horror of what we truly are – a vampire of emotion conjoined with the werewolf of instinctual responses churning and writhing in us as archetypes of predatory behaviour and always, ALWAYS afraid that we will be discovered.


© M.K. Styllinski

There is something darker more oppressive in the skies these days. And it is demanding to be recognised.

We are all addicted to Official Culture in some way or another and it seems those most happy with such a state of affairs are those most irretrievably lost.  We are all directly responsible for these continuing atrocities since we consistently offer them the energy to do so by claiming indifference, sitting on the fence or reacting with righteous anger and fighting fire with fire which is precisely the reaction our elite wardens desire.

The pathology that passes for culture has now reached a point of such darkness that I don’t see any way out, accept by participating with it as little as possible with a view to exiting from this dark emotional hailstorm as soon as I can. And rather than purchasing a piece of strong rope and tying it to the cross beam in my garage, I mean to engage with that which is clearly not part of this darkly hilarious idea we call Western civilisation that never was. I mean to ignore this psychopathy passing for culture; to refuse to engage with it as far as is possible. I will not react to the Powers that Be and deny them any energy at all. Perhaps I can create something within myself that is outside and beyond their touch. In doing so, I hope to manifest that link to others who have left that ridiculous cat and mouse game thereby establishing the potential to create community – to eventually exist outside the sheep pens of Official Culture.

I cannot do this however, until I’ve created a centre within.

I cannot do this until I make that promise to grow the soul within, to the point that it begins to manifest on the outside in my relationships and activities. Otherwise, any concept of community seeding itself in our material world will inevitably sprout within the sheep pen – to be eaten as quickly as it came.

We must change ourselves.

I had a chance to do this earlier in my life and I rejected it. Clearly, I wasn’t ready, too damaged by the poisons that made up my fragile personality. Whatever the reason, choices determine our lessons. The faintest glow of soul growth needs friction to become the spark that provides constancy and persistence to see it through to the end.  We are too easily discouraged by negative influences and the myriad phantoms assailing our minds; the daily changes which threaten our gaudy masks of self-conceptualisations. Patterns of learned, negative behaviour overwhelmingly have their origins in our own denials and habitual weaknesses. These shadows, these demons becomes so insistent, so powerful precisely because they have been neglected, buried and denied. Thus it is no surprise that they are unconsciously acted out in our daily lives until the effects of these unhealthy dynamics – to whatever degree – are mirrored back to us. Then we are confronted by choices to understand and transform the hard way.

2013-06-07 17.30.31

                        © M.K. Styllinski

Perhaps a time is approaching where there is an opportunity to address the barren ecology of our inner lives balanced by a healthy, simple attention to external duties. The latter will become a good way to monitor our successes and failures, that is, if we have that drive to be truly authentic.

What matters is the effects we have upon others. That is the simplest barometer of objectivity we can use to gauge our progress.

I mean to explore what it means to be part of community – what it is to have true, joyous meaning in one’s life, where everyone cares for each other because each and every person has access to his or her own well-spring of creativity, naturally disbursed. This occurs because everyone knows that sharing of this kind enriches the whole. It is drawn from a once vestigial but spiritual umbilical cord to the Universal Ocean of the same, where Truth equates to beauty and is embodied in the lives of the community as an artistic way of living – the true art of alchemy, the antidote to the prevailing anti-human ethos.

It has taken me decades to reach a point where I can even begin to make tentative steps to address my own part in this film of life and a further 8 years of conscious experiential discovery to see if there is anything within worth salvaging. I am convinced that most of us have the potential to find our purpose within this complex mosaic of interaction, strangely interrelated and interconnected by the perpendicularity of our lives; by the grief, fury, passion and love. The alchemy of mind-body change may be discerned within a genuine community of relations which nourish and support its members. Yet the effort to build a healthy ecology of community must first take place within before we can find it in the material world and play a part in extending its influence.

Overall, communities inside centralist societies never work since they are still inside the very social systems which are designed to offer just enough freedom to function. The real purpose of our current societies are to padlock the creative expressions of humanity’s soul and with it compassion, love, empathy, critical thinking, networking and the knowledge that gives rise to objective truth – because it is KNOWN and lived.

In a true community we give each other courage to be all we can be in the face of forces arraigned against us. Courage is multiplied when the effects begin to be seen, when truth is embodied and applied. No more evidence of its efficacy is needed. It is then that right human relations becomes a basic spiritual principle downloaded into everyday simple activities.

Have clusters of communities achieved the kind of equilibrium so many idealists dream about in our distant past? I believe so and I think the time is ripe for such interlinked communities to manifest again, although it may mean several major shocks to Humanity before the correct form of communitarianism can safely be grown.

Whatever community means to you, now is the time to test the water in your own life and to see if there is the potential to forge links with others who share your perspective for practical, psycho-spiritual change that is grounded in reality. It might just provide the material and emotional support which could not only save your life but build a future that is more sustaining than you could ever imagine.

Meantime, Illegitimi non carborundum …




This is my last post for 2015. Thank you for reading and I hope to be back early next Spring. Until then, a classic reminder from Max Ehrmann and some parting music from Henryk Gorecki. Starts slow, let it wash over you and listen right to the end. All of the beauty and pain of human experience is there. As one comment mentioned: “If this doesn’t move you, check your pulse.” ; ) Warm wishes to all.


Henryk Mikołaj Górecki – Symphony No. 3, Op. 36 (1976) | luzifersgruss

Reality Change IV: Full Circle

By M.K. Styllinski

“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.”

– Carl Gustav Jung


We are all enmeshed in a vast network of interrelated and interconnected associations. Coming Earth changes might just be the catalyst to “flip the switch”. The question is: who are we and what do we see? The answer may determine where we are on that vast circuit board, and which reality we are likely to inhabit.

The onset of the next cometary bombardment does not necessarily mean a global catastrophe to end them all, but it would take care of the long-term emergence of Pathocracy should enough of us be armed with the knowledge of what has been going on here for centuries. It offers an enormous opportunity for a New World of balance, instigated along natural lines with inbuilt safeguards to prevent the entry of ponerological infections. At the very least, we would be on a level playing field where those that would seek to manipulate and lead by deception will be plainly seen for what they are. As such, we will be able to see make the choice not to share in the rebuilding of a replica of the past but use the knowledge to create a future without psychopathic inculcation.

Getting back to Nature is not some sentimental vision of naturists or the naive whims of failed hippy ideals. There is a wealth of deep wisdom in her cycles of growth and decay; the sensuality of tropical sands and the iridescence of birds of paradise; the ice-fresh air of mountain ranges and cathedral quiet of an English forest. Our hearts can be captured by its majesty, its glory and splendour. But masked by the emerald green foliage and the deep hues of a sunset over the ocean is a veritable ferocity of death and carnage; harsh, painful realities of predation that are as real as they are in the human family. Each exists side by side. We have yet to address what lies beyond the horizon, where metaphysics of the ancients meets the quantum physics of the future. Perhaps the latter is beginning to confirm that reality may be a nested spiral of multiple Universes branching out at the threshold of each thought? What if we are merely inhabiting one infinitesimal expression of what a Universal Mind can do, working by proxy, through flesh, blood, bone and hormones, passion, grief, love and violence, seeking out the choices of what will manifest as creation or destruction, each of us seeking ever sophisticated methods to enhance our chosen pathways?

Like the vast oceans which surround the continents of this planet, the interface of the human mind with our developing concepts of reality remains uncharted territory. Scientists claim they have the answers but the limitations of scientific materialism have never been more apparent. Science has explained so much yet it is now desperately trying to fit a hyper-reductive mentality into a conceptual bottle that simply can’t be done. Quantum theories are lapping at the consciousness of the human family and pushing it to expand. But to do so means to cultivate a new science of perception that experiments with consciousness and consensus that is not simply confined to the test-tube, petri-dish and particle accelerator. What is more, the creative power of science could literally change the material world but instead it is largely used to engineer new and ingenious ways to kill, maim, restrict and repress. Until we accept the idea that our thoughts are vibrantly alive, that what we think and what we say has immense power, then we will forever be looking for answers which cannot go beyond a self-imposed limitation chained to the material world.

psychopathsworld-angel-vert“As above, so below” | © infrakshun

In order to have some glimmer of hope in bypassing institutional psychopathy, a radical overhaul of the very idea of human progress must surely take place. Trying to tackle the causes and effects already housed in a manipulated continuum can only ensure a repetition of another generation of children coated with narcissism and the predators that will line up to prey on them. We can describe the legions of deeply-rooted flaws in our economy, in our education system, in governments, welfare systems, science establishments and organised religion; we can talk about the effects and root causes of the widespread psycho-social dislocation that is now so much a part of Western culture. There is no shortage of critiques and diagnoses of what ails our societies and what should happen to move humanity forward, just as there is no shortage of exciting and innovative solutions waiting to emerge phoenix-like from the ashes. But if we do not include ponerology in this equation then these often brilliant and creative flurries of activity that connect so many dots and so many great minds will still be locked into the same diorama of reality and no substantive change will arrive.

The psychopathic mind is the master of human mimicry and adaptation just as it is the exemplar of the Predator in human form. It must capitalise on the ferocity of its primal instinct to trap and feed; to do what is in its nature to do: learn the techniques and methods that will ensure a steady supply of human victims and to maximize the production of bio-chemicals of fear, hatred, anger, arousal, pain, grief, sex, and horror. Yet the desire to destroy and to take pleasure in the full gamut of suffering took on more refined forms as it adapted and mimicked human conscience, where individuals and groups began to learn the value of cooperation and understanding, empathy and accomplishment. This sounded the periodic death-knell for the psychopath and the dissemination of its numbers. Yet, they always returned as darkness always must.

The search for Knowledge and truth gave no refuge to the psychopath who was at home in mediocrity and the limited fantasy of his subjective desires. While normal humans sought to evolve, to develop their conscience and to seek knowledge and perhaps the potential of the soul, the psychopaths sought to devolve and to take us with them; they sought how to prevent humans from knowing by the institution of ignorance in order to prevent the light of awareness ever setting humans free; to wrap our extraordinary capacity for creativity in dark swathes of deception.

Our biggest secret was that we were slaves and we didn’t know it.

We were an experiment.

The binding nature of this deception became complex and multi-faceted woven into myths, religion and ancient wisdom showing only the briefest glimpses of truth before being distorted by the same dark force of flowing through its agents. It knows how to remain in the shadows and to manipulate humanity away from its birth right of higher emotional development and the potential of spiritual evolution. The psychopaths are the shadow side of humanity, the destructive force – the dark face of God. They are those who act at the behest of the ancient mythology of demons and evil spirits said to exist in the hinterlands between the human and spirit world.

Yet, we do have the ability to awaken from such elected victim-hood; to end the cycle of repeated suffering which is personified through so many of the world’s children. They are the symbol of this awakening which can grow to maturity in a full field of awareness or they can be still-born and cold to the touch like the foetus in the trash-can. Or worse still, they can continue to live under the tutelage of the worst predation that is a minority of humanity, as he was eons ago and as he is now.

The biggest victims of the psychopathic assault on the quality of consciousness have been directed at children who, if not struggling to exist, instinctively know that the human manifestations of our world are built on lies. They are educated in the Lie that is Official Culture and its streams of addiction. Children react against it before this reality consumes them, before they become the wardens or servants of a system that is sewn into their very cells.  Sexualized, commoditized and pulled apart by the McWorld and Jihads of our time-loop, they see beneath the veil and are taught to poor scorn on inner-tuition and natural perspicacity. Or they fleetingly see a possibility of their essence while paradoxically immersed in the sensual world, never to catch sight of it again until old age, if at all.


Beautiful isn’t she? And she’s about to let us know. Don’t take it personally. After all, we are just consciousness stuck in bio-chemical space-suits out for a ride …

On June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go, effectively setting himself adrift in the zero gravity of space. For 23 minutes White floated and maneuvered himself around the Gemini spacecraft while logging 6500 miles during his orbital stroll. White was attached to the spacecraft by a 25 foot umbilical line and a 23-ft. tether line, both wrapped in gold tape to form one cord. In his right hand White carries a Hand Held Self Maneuvering Unit (HHSMU) which is used to move about the weightless environment of space. The visor of his helmet is gold plated to protect him from the unfiltered rays of the sun.

On June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go ….

Many people do intuitively feel that there is something missing in their understanding of the modern world and the reasons for such destruction and suffering that seems beyond all mathematical probability. Surviving and coping with our daily lives is often more than enough for most of us. Yet, amid all this, within whatever circumstance and culture we find ourselves, we must dig deep and long for the possibility of reaching even a tiny glimmer of the Real “I.” And as we do so, we’ll find the buried children, half-eaten by our own inner denials and the choice not to see. WE placed them there, in the same ragged clothes of refutation that we wrap ourselves, snug and warm as they are, provided by a legion of predators that care for us, as we care for animals on their way to the slaughterhouse, vacuum-packed and ready for consumption.  Same process, different level of consciousness.

Andrzej M. Łobaczewski was an extraordinary man. I was lucky enough to meet him in person and aside from having a razor sharp mind I found him to be kind, gentle and full of hope for the future of humankind. Perhaps it is fitting for this pioneer of ponerology to have the last word on what type of new world could manifest as one of our many alternative futures:

“A system thus envisaged would be superior to all its predecessors, being based upon an understanding of the laws of nature operating within individuals and societies, with objective knowledge progressively superseding opinions based upon natural [emotional] responses to phenomena. We should call it a “LOGOCRACY”.

Due to their properties and conformity to the laws of nature and evolution, logocratic systems could guarantee social and international order on a long-term basis. In keeping with their nature, they would then become transformed into more perfect forms, a vague and faraway vision of which may beckon to us in the present.

The author has survived many dangerous situations and become disappointed with many people and institutions. However, the Great Providence has never disappointed him under the most difficult circumstances. This condition suffices to permit him to promise that elaborating a more detailed draft for such a necessary better system will also be possible. …

What is of crucial importance is to fully grasp the importance of the science of Ponerology and how many applications it may have for a future of peace and a humane humanity. This science permits the human mind to understand things that have been, for millennia, unintelligible: the genesis of evil. This understanding could very well bring about a turning point in the history of civilization which, I should add, is presently on the point of self-destruction.

Therefore, my request to you is: Be not shocked with the immense size of the task! Take it as a work to be gradually performed and hope that many other people will come to help and thus progress will be assured.

It seems that, in the natural order of things, that those persons who have suffered the most from psychopaths or bearers of other mental anomalies, will be those called to do this work, to accept the burden. If you do, accept also, ladies and gentlemen, your fate with an open heart and humility, and always with a sense of humor. Cherish assistance from the Universal Mind and know that Great Values often grow from Great Suffering.” 

During a period of history when psychopathy was on the ascendance, when persecution and totalitarianism had its genesis, psychopaths ensured the annihilation of all who opposed them. The Cathars’ knew that beyond the cycles of time and space their faith and purpose had sealed-in their alchemy of applied knowledge despite the presence of organised evil erasing anything of conscience in its path. For those people and many like them down through the centuries, they understood that within the kernel of humanity lay the answer and that the cycle would eventually turn offering a chance for Truth, Love, Goodness and Beauty to grow once more.

Truth can never be extinguished, suppressed or forgotten. The heat of destruction, no matter how intense, can never destroy it. Before long, it will push through, fresh and verdant from the ashes – we will come full circle once again.

In Christianity, the laurel, once sacred to the God Apollo, is said to symbolise the Resurrection of Christ and the triumph of the human soul, or as the Cathar maxim describes it: “Al cap dels sèt cent ans, verdejera lo laurel” –

“After 700 years the laurel will be green once more.”

Let’s raise a glass to that.


Reality Change III: Comets, Cataclysms, Plagues and Pathocracies

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

– George Santayana

An historical social science which includes a synthesis of shared data from all academic fields is essential if we are to have any chance of true progress where it matters. Prediction may then possible and applied with scientific rigour so that safeguards can be established for maintaining its long-term integrity. Needless to say, ponerology must feature as an adjunct to ALL disciplines if we are to make any sense of the human condition. We are writing the history of the future with the choices we make in the present.

A professor of ecology and mathematics at the University of Connecticut, USA and author of War and Peace and War: The Life-Cycles of Imperial Nations (Pi Press, 2006) Peter Tirchin is convinced that history can not only be about focusing on the minutiae but as a science that can “develop unifying theories and test them with data generated by history, archaeology and specialized disciplines.” The professor calls this new branch of science: ‘cliodynamics’, from Clio, the muse of history, and dynamics, the study of temporally varying processes and the search for causal mechanisms.” In his July 2008 article for science journal Nature titled: ‘Transforming history into science: Arise ‘cliodynamics’’ He proposes the collection of quantitative data and the creation of explanations which can be empirically tested from the gathered data: “… rather than on instances carefully selected to prove our pet narratives.” Tirchin reiterates the point: “To truly learn from history, we must transform it into a science.”

Turchin dismisses those who believe that unifying theories cannot be found due to the complexity and unpredictability of human societies, stating if that were the case: “… there would be no empirical regularities. Any relationships between important variables would be contingent on time, space and culture.” The professor makes the observation that certain streams of collective violence occur within states across various time periods and cultures yet follow similar pathways. In modern times he reminds us that deaths from asymmetric warfare or terrorism, civil wars and genocides far exceed those between nations. So, what is the common causative factor?


Understanding the pathogenic quality of essential psychopathy is the key if these unifying theories are to be found. The cycles of population growth followed by increased instability which Turchin mentions may also indicate a rise in the dissemination of genes of psychopathy commensurate with certain decreases in ethical and moral safeguards which would otherwise have limited psychological infection. He then proceeds to scratch his head as to what some of these “fundamental principles” could be:

Population growth beyond the means of subsistence leads to declining levels of consumption and popular discontent, but this is not enough to destabilize agrarian societies. Peasant uprisings have little chance of success when the governing élites are unified and the state is strong.

The connection between population dynamics and instability is indirect, mediated by the long-term effects of population growth on social structures. One effect is the increasing number of aspirants for élite positions, resulting in rivalry and factionalism. Another consequence is persistent inflation, which causes a decline in real revenues and a developing fiscal crisis of the state. As these trends intensify, they result in state bankruptcy and a loss of military control; conflict among élite factions; and a combination of élite-mobilized and popular uprisings, leading to the breakdown of central authority. [Emphasis mine]

If psychopaths have honed their predatory skills through millennia it is logical to assume that population growth, instability and economic decline – while they can be explained as purely sociological effects – could also be a product of careful manipulation based on an knowledge embargo. Many historical figures have been cited as the initial sparks for revolution and the emergence of mass movements. They take the blame for all kinds of iniquities. But given the nature of elite control it is more than probable that such secrecy and advanced knowledge was used to not only to predict social instability but actively create the parameters by which they would remain in power in the long-term. They have done this by installing suitably primed leading figures to take action on their behalf, who are often unaware they are being used for a much broader and long-term objective.

The fundamental principles that govern massive upheavals in societies across the world must include the tracking of psychopathy within our societies and the refusal to dilute and dumb down the implications of these discoveries. Current historical studies and related disciplines are far from shedding these obstacles to its development for the very reasons that those responsible for such age-old dynamics do not want to be revealed. Official Culture takes care of that without too much direct interference.

After years developing his cliodynamical model, Turchin is certain that a major collapse is imminent, all based on mathematics. Even if Tirchin has not included ponerology as the major elephant in the room, measuring data on income inequality, the minimum wage, and health he has discovered a repeating pattern throughout our history. It can best be described by a inequality curve where the gap between the rich and poor is increasing leading to unhappiness and discontent which in turn, simmers and boils causing social unrest or revolution. As the super-rich continue to monopolise jobs and specialised work and take advantage of inherited wealth they actually utilise their inherent advantages in ever more ruthless ways. It’s not rocket science but it is probably the first time that it has been shown through mathematics and and the bird’s eye view of history as the template. If we take Turchin’s science on board, along with the Historical Cycles referred to by Verstappen, the hysteroidal cycle posited by Łobaczewski, plus a raft of other commentators saying the same thing from different fields of economics, political science, social science, spirituality and religion, the evidence is now overwhelming that Western culture – in particular the United States – is precariously close to a total meltdown with a global economic crisis but one spoke of a Grand Wheel that is buckling.

While Turchin misses the crucial ingredient of psychopaths who act as chaotic strange attractors causing negative – but perhaps ultimately positive – bifurcations within any local or global systems, there is another final piece in the puzzle may lie in the knowledge of cyclical, catastrophic change that has proven to be at the forefront of ancient mythology and religious instruction. It is here perhaps, that the Pathocrats may have overestimated their omnipotence and the unpredictable nature of cosmological interference. Indeed, humanity has gone so far down the road of acquiescence to entropy (lies and deceit) it seems to me that the only way we can return to a more harmonious state of affairs is through a substantial collective shock. As discussed in the previous post ultimately, this may not come from a new 9/11 or US-NATO induced World War III but from a return of a mix of cosmological, meteorological and large-scale cyclic environmental catastrophes,  the evidence of which is all too clear to see. [1]


Screen shot from the Animal Planet miniseries, “Animal Armageddon”. Animation by Radical 3D

The arrival of comets have heralded plagues, famines, earth changes and cyclic cataclysm all of which may have an intriguing connection to the rise of psychopaths within civilisations. Author Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s extraordinary social and historical detective work has explained how a diverse set of factors have allowed the rise in psychopathic genes. She explains how much of the most destructive periods in history may have been directly or indirectly caused by comet and meteor impacts and not only mythologised, but whole religions and beliefs created around them, in order to distract and confuse the populace. Concerning the nature of these epic harbingers of planetary change, she asks: “What was it that so successfully stopped people asking why there is a traditional and deeply ingrained fear of comets in the psyche of humanity? … there are people outside of mainstream academia who ask these questions. But why against all common sense is this subject so widely and systematically ignored, marginalized and ridiculed?” [2]

Why indeed?

Not only could earth changes and the following cometary bombardment have caused great Empires to fall it may explain the 1000 year-old inactivity of the Dark Ages and subsequent famines and plagues. These phenomena correlate exactly with multiple impacts by comet debris and the consequent widespread social upheaval. Earthquakes, floods, fireballs, and anomalous electrical discharges have caused chemicals to be released by high-energy explosions in the atmosphere. There may also be a strong case for the release of comet-borne disease pathogens which would alter the whole nature of man’s place in the cycle of disease and societal decay. 

Similarly, Knight-Jadczyk cites evidence from the publications of eminent scientists Victor Clube and Bill Napier who wrote: “Within the last few years, it has been found that there is a great swarm of cosmic debris circulating in a potentially dangerous orbit, exactly intersecting the Earth’s orbit in June (and November) every few thousand years. More surprisingly perhaps, it has been found that the evidence for these facts was in the past deliberately concealed.” From this data, which is mounting year by year, there appear to be two opposing camps: the American school of asteroid impacts which happen at intervals of millions-of-years with a minimal threat and the British school of science which posits that bombardment of much smaller objects occurs with much greater frequency alongside those million-year intervals. The historical record bears out the latter theory most convincingly.

Rather than one huge meteor or asteroid impact drastically altering the Earth’s environment leading to the demise of the dinosaurs, according to Clube, Napier and others, the evidence appears to show that the radical change was due to an episode of cometary bombardment or “swarms” numbering in their thousands which introduced massive amounts of meteorite dust into the earth’s atmosphere. This created “rains of fire” which, in combination with other earth changes such as earthquakes and super-volcanoes precipitated by such impacts  – led to enormous climate change and the subsequent extinction event.

The “swarm theory” may have appeared many times over our history and literally carved out catastrophic periods of change which have since been misinterpreted and/or covered up. There is a vast amount of hard, scientific evidence that ties up many loose ends and to which we must familiarise ourselves if we wish to extract the implications and build our awareness. Needless to say, I cannot possibly do it justice here. Starting with Clube and Napier’s The Cosmic Winter and The Cosmic Serpent this should be followed up with Knight-Jadczyk’s: The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes (2012) in order to place this in its psycho-social context. It is only when one truly studies the subject care of the above trail-blazers does one realise just how much information on comet bombardments, meteorite strikes and anomalous earth changes have been concealed, distorted and ignored by the authorities.


Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, Folio 28, c. 1552

Quoting from the book, regarding the nature of such colossal planetary change it seems the question of survival depends on what to look for and how to prepare:

“… We aren’t talking about a giant asteroid here that is going to create a global wave of firestorm destruction like the movies depict. It’s not ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru.’ It’s not necessarily the ‘End of the World.’ However, it might be somewhat like the Black Death with the loss of half the population of one or more continents, or the great Chicago Fire or Tunguska, or even all of these rolled into one; but all of those events were survivable had the victims been informed and prepared. […]

The very fact that Bill Gates and others have invested in [a] seed bank, in an observatory, suggest strongly to us that they (the rich and powerful) too have this sort of future in mind. The very fact that the weather has become increasingly chaotic, that fireball sightings have increased so dramatically, and even frequent impacts are recorded around the globe, are clues that we are moving into a cosmic dust stream as Clube describes and that such a stream very likely includes some bigger objects – swarms of them – and those ‘in the know’ have taken note and are making preparations to survive. Shouldn’t that knowledge be available to everyone? We think so. … We only have to deal with the science in front of us.” [3]


Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, Folio 52 (erschrocklicher Comet, 1300)

And tracking proper science in this field as opposed to the fraudulent is a never-ending task.

The reader may not realise just how frequent and ubiquitous is the historical record of global celestial impact effects from the Bronze Age to Ancient Egypt to the Dark Ages right up through Reformation England and the First World War and the present decade. Comets and their effects may have much more to do with the problem of psychopaths than we presently understand. What is beyond dispute (and thoroughly explored in this blog) is that when we place our trust in pathological authorities we follow a path that is not our own and we are seldom cognizant of this fact until it is too late. Knight-Jadczyk believes it is not a coincidence that large-scale ponerisation of the global population and the rise in earth changes, meteorological and cosmological fluctuations all have a mysterious link.

She poses the question:

“Is there an evolutionary process at work here? Clearly, staggeringly large numbers of people die repeatedly when they place their trust in lies and liars. And nearly as often do the liars in power find themselves in difficult situations as a result of their over-reaching and ignoring facts. Obviously, if evolution is at work here, those individuals – and their offspring who believe lies – are ultimately eliminated from the gene pool. What happens to those who … try to comprehend, understand and the face facts of our reality, remains to be seen. … this comprehension must not deny the outrageous nor attempt to deduce the unprecedented from the precedent.

You see, evolutionarily speaking, psychopaths should not exist. Throughout history it can be seen that human beings have needed to cooperate and care about one another in order to survive and produce a new generation that will carry on the processes of society. Most human dynamics are based on people trying to work out their problems and come to resolutions agreeable to the greatest number or, at the very least, in the interactions between two people. The issue of trust is paramount. Someone who betrays your trust is someone you cannot live or work with. Therefore, psychopaths, who are untrustworthy should have long ago become extinct. But that isn’t the way things are. It appears, if fact, as if psychopathy has increased.

As we can observe throughout history right down to the present day, being the only psychopath in a group of trusting people can be a very good thing for a psychopath. As groups get larger, they can accommodate more psychopaths. It seems that when the number of people carrying the ‘psychopathy gene’ is small enough, those few who carry it can achieve phenomenal breeding success.” [4]

Quoting Glenn Whitman from his article: “Psychopaths as Hawk Strategists,” she puts our present social and geo-political hamster wheel in context:

“If there are few enough psychopaths in the population, then being a psychopath makes sense because you’ll mostly have winning confrontations with nice people. But if there are too many psychopaths, then the gains from taking advantage of nice people will be swamped by the losses from confronting other psychopaths. In equilibrium, you’ll get both psychos and nice folks, with each strategy generating approximately equal returns, and with the precise balance determined by the relative payoffs of different interactions.” [5]

Psychopathy was not always dominant. The suppression and degradation of the Goddess and a male-female gender balance was replaced in favour of a violent God – the God of the psychopath and a male-female infection of psychopathy and narcissism has been allowed to flourish as a direct result of periodic, myth-making effects of cosmic catastrophe visited upon the Earth. What does this mean for modern society? Paraphrasing Clube, Knight-Jadczyk offers this chilling glimpse into the true nature of this “…vast, monolithic conspiracy”:

“Are the elite powers creating a War on Terror as an immediate and constant pressure on the public to get the needed support for stock-piling of nuclear weapons so they will have them to use on asteroids? You know, a benevolent lie with a million plus Iraqis being sacrificed to sustain it.” Or, the more likely scenario: “Are the powers that be using the threat of asteroids on lawmakers to get them to agree to backing the phony War on Terror in order to obtain and retain the support of the masses when what they are really doing is just planning a fascist takeover of the world?” [6]

It may be a combination of both.


Our paleolithic ancestors were designed for Ice Age environment. We may yet be returning to their climate…as social, environmental and psycho-spiritual destinies collide …

Whatever the truth, the implications of periodic psychopathy appearing at the juncture prior to and after possible extinction events has a special place in catastrophism and the recording of history. What also appears to be the case as we have discovered in various guises throughout this series, is that the re-writing and revision of history takes place rather like a copy and paste technique to maintain the status quo of control. Constant revision is ongoing and in ways that boggle the mind. That is after all, the Establishments raison d’etre: to keep the mass mind cut off from true knowledge and thus true freedom and creativity – which means the demise of their power.

Logician and sociologist Alexander Zinoviev and Mathematician Anatoly Formenko have both written extensively on the falsification of history due to cataclysmic disruption and an acute awareness of these periods of upheaval that were known by certain elites of different eras. With such vital knowledge withheld by a continuum of pathocratic perception desiring complete control, how would this manifest down through the generations? Although missing the inclusion of periods of social decay and stasis due to ponerology and cataclysmic change in their conclusions, they remain shocking nonetheless. Zinoviev writes in the preface to Formenko’s History: Fiction or Science:

“… what A.T. Formenko and his colleagues had learn[ed] over the course of their research was the fact that the entire history of humanity up until the XVII century is a forgery of global proportions … a falsification as deliberate as it is universal. … The first global falsification of history as discovered and brilliantly related by Formenko was based on an erroneous temporal and spatial coordinate system of chronological events …” [7]

Rather than any problem with the accuracy of data in the fields of archaeology, geology and paleontology, it is what official culture “scribes” omit in their studies and how it is re-framed and merged into a seemingly coherent ideological framework that serves to wholly distort the history of humankind. Zinoviev explains that their strength lies in: “the ability to misrepresent historical events while giving correct temporal and spatial coordinates and representing individual facts veraciously and in full detail. The actual falsification is achieved via the selection of facts, their combination and interpretation, as well as the context of ideological conceptions, propagandist texts that they are immersed into …” [8]

Zinoviev also believes that distorted versions of history serve to legitimise authority and cement generational control as each new social upheaval takes place. These fractures in the socio-cultural milieu of the time are linked to major depopulation events where the falsification of history which Formenko identified “occurred at the end of 300 years of disaster piled on disaster beginning with the decimation of the population of Europe by the Black Death.” [9]

 Bosnian Pyramid |“Evidence Found Across the Globe of Highly Evolved Human Species from before the Ice Age, Demand Scientific Recognition of our Past that Depicts Societies of Advanced Technology and CultureHouston anthropologist reveals irrefutable proof that recorded history is wrong.
How much more of our history has been padlocked away as part of Official Culture? See also: The Hidden History of the Human Race: The Condensed Edition of “Forbidden Archeology”

Knight-Jadczyk came to the same conclusions as Zinoviev and Formenko who each dealt with different periods of history. She thought it was “just an accumulation of innocent errors” before she began to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, dove-tailing perfectly into her work on the widespread presence of counter-Intelligence operations – a form of cosmic CoIntelpro – and bringing to light the science of Łobaczewski’s ponerology. We can see that this CoIntelpro is exactly what is taking place in the modern world just as it has been doing in centuries past. It is a cloaking of history itself with bogus organisations and highly sophisticated propaganda techniques used to maintain control of the mass mind.

She states in relation to Formenko’s work:

“… the temporal and spatial parameters of much later times were imposed on the stories of the more distant past, but that does not entirely invalidate those stories; it just means that things were re-established, and what was familiar to the ‘trained specialists’ was utilized to give the new view of the past a more realistic ‘feel’.” One can’t help recalling George Orwell’s 1984 in this context and the importance of memory control in the population at large: “All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. ‘Reality control,’ they called it … ‘double-think,…” [10]

Such a falsification of the catastrophic nature of our past and the role that psychopaths play within in this historical drama cannot be understated. It is a cover up of vast proportions that continues to this day resulting in a global population that is unaware of both periodic cycles of catastrophism and the psychopathic threat that takes advantage of psycho-social weaknesses to impose tight controls on conscience and consciousness. As author Carlos Ruiz Zafon said in a recent interview, building on Santayana’s observation at the top of this page: “We are what we remember and the less we remember, the less we are. The past is being erased from modern conscience. If we don’t know where we are coming from, it’s hard to know where we are going.” [11]

And it is precisely those forms of paramoral, paralogical and conversive discourse which makes up the diet of media propaganda; a pervasive double-think which is employed by our Establishment puppets, their strings pulled by essential psychopaths, in turn driven by ancient occult beliefs and a psycho-biological deviancy. It is nothing less than the erasure of conscience in normal humanity so that ponerogenesis may proceed accordingly.

This not only brings us full circle to the introduction and the explication of the National Security State by Richard M. Dolan, but forces us to conceive more questions regarding the roots of cataclysm and military-occult mind control.  Do so-called “fringe” subjects such as ufology, hyper-dimensional physics and ultra-terrestrial influence also play a part?  Does the true history of the human race display a spider’s web of manipulation so vast that we are forced to confront the seeming impossibility of such an ancient cover that spans centuries?

Indeed, if we look deep enough into this abyss we may come away with the disturbing realisation that this powerful minority is not necessarily at the top of the energic food chain. There’s a thought.  But maybe that’s for another time …

Alongside these cataclysmic upheavals is the origin of how psychopathic genes multiply and achieve dominance. Synthesising a raft of scientific literature on the subject Knight-Jadczyk makes the case for the clash of the advanced culture of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man having a lot to do with our present mess. It seems that Cro-Magnon man could be the ancient ancestors of ordinary human beings whilst Neanderthal man are very likely the prehistoric equivalent and genesis of the modern psychopath. There is no single authoritarian or “psychopath gene,” but a wide range of diversified Anti-Social Personality disorders which may merge given the right set of environmental, social and genetic circumstances.

Speculation as to what may have happened all those thousands of years ago and cross referenced with other advances in social science offers a compelling theory. What is important in terms of science and especially the doctrine of evolution and the materialism today, is that while there is a case for being descended from the apes – it may not be true for everyone. Yet, if it is true and there were many mutations occurring due to cometary impacts and interbreeding between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man then this would set the seal for the emergence of psychopathic genes in modern societies given the correct environmental circumstances.

I urge the reader to delve further into these subjects to evaluate the science and scholarship of the authors above and discover the rich details of possibilities within their pages.



[1] See Professor Bill Napier’s article: ‘Was a Giant Comet Responsible for a North American Catastrophe in 11,000 BC?’ For further reading see The Cosmic Serpent (1982) By Victor Clube; The Cosmic Winter (1990) By Victor Clube and Bill Napier, The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture (2006) By Richard Firestone, Allen West, Simon Warwick-Smith and The Secret History of the World (2005) and By Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
[2] p.34; Knight-Jadczyk, (The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes (2012)
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[11] Quoted from Traveller, EasyJet inflight magazine December 2012.

Reality Change II: “Hope for the best, Prepare for the Worst.”

“Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.”

– ‘Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies’


“Don’t trust the banks. Most are bankrupt. Don’t put your gold and silver coins in the safe deposit box. Keep them at home and keep them secret. Don’t keep more cash in the bank than is necessary to cover about a month’s worth of bills. This is a flashing red alert. Many tens of thousands of people who have their trust in the government system (U.S. currency) are headed dead ahead into impoverishment.”

– Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty Digest

Not a pretty picture.

The above nebulous language introduced in recently amended regulations in the US code of military operations on domestic soil conveniently skipped over what these “activities” would be in order to quell civil disturbances. What it does do is give the US military carte blanche to do as they please in such a scenario which won’t exactly reassure American citizens that they are safe. Indeed, it suggests that the only “unexpected” thing here is just what the US military has planned in the face of the inevitable break down in social “order.” And when we factor in all kinds of natural disasters on the horizon you can understand why so many folks are leaving cities with high density populations and even leaving the country completely.

Not all of the disaster events in the last post will occur but since the main points on this list was first compiled in 2011, we are already seeing some of these scenarios playing out. And who knows? They may all arrive within a year… It really is a case of “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” as some bright spark once said …

Returning to our Machiavellian friend and insider Zbigniew Brzezinski, this man has had his finger on the pulse between pathocrat and the global public for several decades. Driven by an irrational and all-consuming hatred of Russia, Brzezinski is a master tactician and highly astute at deciphering the many possible futures currently jostling for supremacy.  If he is worried about the scope and depth of changes taking place, then you can be fairly certain he’ll telegraph his concerns to the pathocratic faithful so that contingencies can be updated.

In recent years, he has let his concerns be heard above and beyond the usual Boys Clubs, participating in television, radio and public forums for maximum exposure. One of his worries that Brzezinski revealed during a speech in Poland in 2008 was that it had become: “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the: “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples.” (The latter of which he  presumably belongs).

In other words, the alternative media and its internet platform is proving to be a problem for continuing mass propaganda.

Indeed, the public dismissal of an obvious PSYOPS operation to accuse Syria’s President Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people was a PR disaster. Although much of the public may not have seen how blatant this manipulation surely was, their appetite for war was unequivocal – and they let their elected MPs and Congressman know it in unprecedented numbers. If politicians wanted to remain in power they had to vote accordingly offering a very rare glimpse of democracy in action.

Similar examples of a “global political awakening” is not something that the Elite would like to see. To some degree there is a lack of confidence in sectors of insider control that they can pull off the Grand Plan of managing the global population as they would like. To say that they are all worried would perhaps be overstating the issue. But there is a lot of friction between the factions, so to say, which is compounded by the increasing pressure coming at them from all sides.

It’s tough at the top of psychopathic pile …

During a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, Brzezinski stated that:

“the major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people…”

This may be interpreted as a warning to the Establishment to “Get your act together and stay on course or you will lose the game.” They must do what needs to be done without shirking their responsibilities to the visions of World Order – whatever that takes. And the stakes are about to get considerably higher.

If there is indeed a breakaway part of a global government that means to remain at the top of the pile when the list of changes begin to arrive, most wholly manipulated to occur, others entirely out of their control, then it stands to reason that they have certain provisions and preparations already in place. Whilst this is an apotheosis of an old occult plan for dominance shining brightly at the capstone of their distorted visions, at the lower tiers it is simply a push to protect what they consider is theirs. The billionaire banksters obviously want to hold on to their lion’s share if privy to serious economic or even cataclysmic predictions and they’ll do anything to keep the gravy-train membership hermetically sealed.

The imminent collapse of the economic structure is inevitable and this alone is sufficient reason for the Establishment to get their houses in order far in advance. Creaming off the last few billions from a bankrupt financial system and ransacking vulnerable nations for resources continues, meantime. Government officials, dynastic families and all members of the 0.0001% are happily expecting to emerge from their hi-tec bunkers in order to pick up where they left off. This formula isn’t new. Bankers and weapons manufacturers made enormous amounts of money from stimulating World War I and II. The pivotal year of 1947 saw the genesis of all the major institutions of today which radiated from the inspirational hub of the United Nations, an institution and its affiliated organisations and which characterise the present neo-liberal cartelism which has wrought havoc across the globe.

While the long sought after inversion of the Golden Age is seen as a definite prize, this minority is nothing if not patient since this is the kind of gradualism which has spanned many generations. It is why most of the drip-down technological know-how and hijacked belief systems have been put to work to create their particular brand of Orwellian/Huxleyian globalisation, the iconic emblems of which are SMART growth and Sustainable Development – the blueprint for a future infrastructure where control will, they hope, seal in the creative energy of normal humanity forever. 

122169-400x305© unknown

One in two Americans believe that their government is taking the country in the wrong direction, half of whom think that this will require armed revolution. Nationwide protests, hunger strikes and demonstrations are now common place in the US with more than 4 out of 5 people facing poverty and unemployment according to a October 19, 2013 Associated Press data survey. The Posse Comitatus law states that the US military cannot be used on domestic soil against American civilians under any circumstances. Yet, the militarisation of law enforcement is all but complete, where police and the US Army work hand in hand accelerating the clear devolution into Police State strictures. The Police uniforms and weapons are being standardized across all American states with SWAT teams exceeding the remit on their manufactured drug wars, to be used in tactical operations against the public, from poker games to off grid businesses and peaceful demonstrations. With literally hundreds of unconstitutional raids on private property, an epidemic of shootings and police brutality and the NDAA law which permits indefinite detention of US citizens without trial – the stage is set for major civil conflict.

Operation Jade Helm is one large scale military drill preparing for eventual martial law.


The Obama administration is pushing ahead to cut back on the US military in order to strengthen and transform the police and related federal agencies into a domestic army. This is, of course, to protect the elite power structures and curtail normal people’s freedoms but will be sold as something quite different to the clueless. However, many Americans from across the political spectrum are beginning to wake up. Order is the principle that must be established by the authorities, and conformity to AUTHORITY is hard-wired into the majority of the population. To that end, revolution and social unrest is ideal as it plays straight into the hands of the Establishment which require violence and mayhem to justify their clamp-down and give back their brand of World State order. After all, when the republic has been comprehensively trashed, its infrastructure down, no fuel, no food, mass causalities and martial law – even civil war – there will come a time when the public will clamour for normality. And the authorities will give it to them.The only problem is it will anything but normal and that will be the trap that finishes American for good.

#That is, assuming that the Powers that Be remain in control…

Meantime, it has reached the stage whereby a large section of the public will not go willingly to the next stage of technocracy and it is probable that a false flag event on the scale of 9/11 may well be initiated should the level of resistance prove immovable. Alternatively, martial law will arrive care of some geo-engineering on domestic soil. Natural disasters could also serve as a surprise element for opportunism. Whatever the timeline of lock-down, you can be sure it is coming.

For example, over the past few years US federal agencies have been stockpiling large amounts of ammunition and emergency hardware:

  • In 20012, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, and 2700 armoured personnel carriers. (This the FBI’s order for 100 million rounds of hollow-point bullets which are ordinarily illegal in warfare due to the unpleasant fact they expand to more than 3 times their original size on impact).
  • $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals and 22 million pouches of emergency water, to be delivered to Region III by October 1st. An additional order of $13.6 million worth of MRE’s and heater meals will be delivered to Austin by October 1st.
  • In 2012, Social Security Administration requested a quote for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.” [Request for Quote for ammunition Solicitation Number: SSA-RFQ-12-1851,
  • The Obama administration is also training 386,000 foreign troops in FEMA Region 3. (Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia).

 policeSafe in their hands?

riot_police-620x4121Welcome to the “Ministry of Truth”

The IRS and the National Weather Service has also acquired millions of rounds of ammunition and the frequency of military, DHS, NORTHCOM and FEMA drills have exponentially increased over the last five years. This includes Blackhawk helicopters flying across many major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. [Source:

It may all be a reasonable dispersal of ammunition for Federal Authorities when you look at allocation records. Buying in bulk also means you save money. Yet the DHS order amounts to about five cartridges for every person in the United States. As the Belfast Chronicle mentioned in their report of January 2011, at the the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month which gives you some idea of the level of expenditure.

That’s investment on the scale of a domestic war inside America.

While these may at least be considered indicative of America’s gun culture – like it or loathe it – there seems to be a remarkable naivety on the part of apologists who seem to forget: context is everything.

In fact, the introduction of foreign and UN troops into America has been an ongoing process of acclimatisation for two decades. The release of State Department Publication 7277: ‘Freedom From War – The United States Program, for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World’ is a blueprint for the “harmonisation” of US, Russian forces and European forces under a United Nations umbrella. Security exchange programs have also been active in the US with emphasis on quelling civil unrest. This includes US and Canadian authorities who signed a 2008 agreement that gives the green light for using each others armies in the event of an “emergency.” Foreign troops from Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were involved in the National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) July 27 – July 31, 2009 which focussed on: “terrorism prevention and protection.”

Investigative journalists Ben Swann and Joshua Cook recently reported on the curious training exercise of IRS agents in their September 2013 article entitled : “IRS Needs AR-15′s For ‘Standoff Capabilities’?” IRS agents are receiving tactical training in the use of AR-15 military rifles with 30 round magazines for “standoff capability.” The IRS were decidedly unhelpful in answering questions regarding reasons for their envisaged warfare. Similarly, why has the Department of Education also got in on the act and purchased “27 Remington Brand Model 870 police 12-gauge shotguns”? A new zero tolerance on student behaviour perhaps?

This begs the obvious question: when is all this fire power going to be used and against whom? The terrorists? It seems the U.S. public is now the designated terrorist, which means the threat is not from an Al-Qaeda/ISIL cell (unless its a fabricated one, care of the FBI) but largely from the US government and its federal agencies.

2013-04-01 18.14.12

Refurbished Stone dwelling in Western Scotland | © Infrakshun

Time to get out of dodge? The next step could be to join off-grid communities and supportive networks of like-minded people.

“Most preppers are just regular folks with a self-reliant mindset.”

– Daisy Luther, Natural Blaze

Seeing the Writing on the Wall…

American preppers have seen the writing on the wall for some time. While you might not agree with all of their political views, they cannot be criticised for being complacent. Indeed, rather than hunkering down and waiting for the FBI to come knocking at your to check if you “have your papers pleeze…” you might consider joining an increasing number of Americans who have renounced their citizenship to seek a new life in Latin America or Europe.

It matters little whether it comes from the economy, from demented religious and military factions and or earth changes of considerable variety, it is a foregone conclusion that a mix of socio-economic and environmental disaster is looming for America.

How you meet these events will depend on how you perceive reality and thus what you do now.

If you can’t move away from what used to be the USA, best get your house in order and establish networks with groups of friends that you trust implicitly. Parallel to that, there are a huge number of resources available to build your knowledge base concerning the philosophy and practice of living “off-grid” and/or coping in an urban environment under infrastructure breakdown. *

The reader might find some of the following information by the American Preppers Network useful. You don’t have to join these communities and meet ups, but it may give you the skills and confidence to begin to start your own communities more aligned to your personal life philosophy/religion.

Either way, time to get educated!

preppersAmerican Preppers Network

Path-of-the-Prepper3The 5 Phase Path of the Prepper – 2009 American Preppers Network

Phase 1:

We recognize a new area that we have not previously explored and seek out those who are experienced in this area and are willing to share and Mentor.

Phase 2: 

We study, along with other learners, what the Mentor presents.  Then we practice these new skills along with others through online exchange via blogs, forums, podcasts and videos.

Phase 3:

We begin adapting our lives to accommodate our new found skill through acquiring new items, changing our surroundings or by stocking up.  We begin sharing this information with others who are on this journey with us.

Phase 4:

Through this process we are able to master an area and begin to consider ourselves an expert in this area.

Phase 5: 

We become mentors to others who are now learning this skill, while deferring to our Mentors and continuing to learn.  We continue to repeat the cycle by continuing to learn new skills.

The Path of the Prepper defines our steps while the Five Principles of Preparedness defines our goals.
We all walk the Path of the Prepper and in doing so are able to increase our own knowledge and expertise while sharing our expertise with others.

dean clifford

(Click on image for youtube video) | “Free man” and Canadian Law Movement educator Dean Clifford describes how crucial it is to be knowledgeable about the law and our civil rights in relation to law enforcement and the judicial system | “You can’t lose the fear until you get more confident in what you’re doing.” – Dean Clifford

“Any attempt to reconnect to the land in the rich world should be celebrated, but we must not overlook the struggles faced by poor rural communities trying to carve out a land-based living at the edges of industrialised capitalism. For the rich to go back to the land is important. Equally important is to enable the poor to stay on the land and make a decent living.”

Steffen Böhm, Times Higher Education review of ‘Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community,’ by Karen T. Litfin.

Of course, you might say that many of these eco-village projects and urban survival communities are just rich, upper middle class people who can afford to opt out and indulge their utopian whims. Apart from the fact that this doesn’t seem to be true in the vast majority of cases, (at least, from my own exeperience) it would also entirely miss the point of what lies ahead for ALL our futures.

The above quote concerning less industrialised countries with rural communities attempting to survive in often harsh environments is accurate. But what we are talking about here are events of such magnitude which will see the demise of the dominant economic architecture which created and sustained the reality of those very same poverty-stricken communities. These changes are going to effect everyone regardless of class, race and economic status. Some will fair better than others and for some it will be terminal. We have already seen huge environmental and socio-political upheavals these past few years and if you live in Iraq or Syria it must feel like the hounds of hell have been let lose. The bourgeois “democratic” comfort of the West isn’t going to be any protection either I’m afraid.

But those with knowledge of what is to come – not just in terms of geopolitics but environmental changes – will be in a strategic position to help themselves and thus help others. Race and class prejudice so dominant in our Official Culture will likely fade in the face of these disasters. Shock has a way of stripping away petty concerns and cultural programming as well as bringing out the best as well as the worst of humanity. This should not automatically mean that any genuine initiative, project or template for viable alternatives should be discarded due to politically correct hand wringing. After all, the “struggles faced by poor rural communities trying to carve out a land-based living at the edges of industrialised capitalism” may temporarily become the norm in our so-called developed nations of the West.

The cynical dismissal of eco-villages and off-grid communities is a product of the same Establishment propaganda which does not want to see anybody opt out of the present system and the plans they have for us after these destructive changes. With populations seeking to be truly sovereign and armed with a psycho-spiritual defence – the dominance of psychopaths and their control system would be at an end. That does not mean we fall for the myriad dead-end scenarios as discussed in previous posts on SMART society and Sustainable Development; we extract the ancient truths which lie within these hijacked principles and take back a slice our world.

With new creative support systems in place it may be just enough to stave off the lowest human instincts of exclusive self-preservation in favour of the more logical approach toward group cooperation and adaptation. The last thing that communities need is to come together due to fear and an exclusively survivalist mind-set, which may seem like a contradiction. While surviving IS a factor, inherent in the anticipation of breakdown is the promise of a renaissance in the very notion of community, economics and society.

No one knows how this is going to play out but we can sure as hell welcome that which promotes pragmatic cohesion and support in the face of massive change.

So, a choice opens up for all of us, one of which is to leave the city and try to form or join small communities which will be psychologically and practically prepared for the changes that will arrive. The time is now to gain the knowledge base required to contribute something useful when you do find yourself in that situation. And if you are in America it is 99.9% certain that you will be dramatically effected in one way or another. Again, there is much more at stake than making sure you have a pantry full of canned meat or ten barrels of fuel for your generator.

If you are running on fear and anticipation then it is far more likely that the reality that you will experience will be exactly that.

There’s room to be of service to others during this time, by sharing information, being on hand to support each other whilst taking a pragmatic approach to the question of re-location and personal responsibility. You’ll find that the energy disbursed from such activities will come back to you three-fold. If it is true that who you are and what you see will determine how we interact with reality, then it also means that we may be able to mitigate the negative effects which will arrive at all of our doorsteps. Granted, it’s certainly going to be a balancing act with many unexpected variables. But if we get caught up in an undue focus on strictly material concerns, then the effects of a strictly material focus is what we will receive.

Reality is funny like that.

In summary, I’d like to finish this post by including the author of The Art of Urban Survival Stefan Verstappen, and his superb Paradise Stolen” video series which gives us a concise evaluation of what we have already lost from the psychopath’s imposition of their reality and what we might gain from establishing sustainable and creative communities. In combination with Verstappen’s information concerning defence against predatory behaviour and his video Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version) and his other insights on community and survival, he offers a realistic formula to face the future with confidence.

You might also want to visit who also feature Verstappen’s work along with a host of other contributors to what is a  truly multidisciplinary approach to psychopathy, metaphysics, cosmology, science and geopolitics.

Paradise Stolen 1- DON’T SHOW YOUR CHILDREN | Paradise Stolen 2 – The Myth of Efficiency | Paradise Stolen 3 – The Myth of Overpopulation | Paradise Stolen: 4 The Myth of Terrorism | SOTT Radio – Historical Cycles | SOTT Talk Radio: Surviving the Psy-pocalypse – Interview with Stefan Verstappen

* = Here’s a selection of recommended links which includes preppers, survivalists, eco-villages/off-grid communities, food preparation and urban survival: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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