Strive For Simplicity, Economise on Energy (5)

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‘In order to make gold, you need to have gold.’

— Medieval alchemist

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Energy Matrix

Eastern philosophy and medicine has been well in advance of the West when it comes to recognising the energy of the body and mind. For thousands of years Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and Indian practitioners had knowledge of the channels or meridians which carried two kinds of force, yin and yang, which flow along a network of energy pathways which map the entire body.

It is now accepted that our bodies are electromagnetic in nature with these energy pathways acting as electricity conductors, a fact of which acupuncturists take full advantage in order to regulate and “unblock” certain imbalances in the energy field. Knowledge of the energy network of meridians forms the diagnostic methodology behind Shiatsu/Acupressure, Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga. Indeed, science seems to be catching up with what the ancients have already known for thousands of years.

As no anatomical foundation was perceived to exist for the meridian network in our current Darwinian-saturated science establishment the concept had been discarded and ignored as the Newtonian/Cartesian mindset held sway. However, a flurry of new experiments emerged in 2013 which produced a new anatomical foundation called the ‘Primo Vascular System’. Researchers at the Seoul National University in South Korea describe the PVS as “… a previously unknown system that integrates the features of the cardiovascular, nervous, immune, and hormonal systems. It also provides a physical substrate for the acupuncture points and meridians.” They propose “…a new vision of the anatomical basis for the PVS and the vital energy—called “Qi”—as an electromagnetic wave that is involved very closely with the DNA in the PVS.”

What is most fascinating is the duplication of the PVS by the vascular and the nervous systems during the very early stage of body development. Consequently: “… the PVS combines the features of the vascular, nervous, immune, and hormonal systems. The PVS in all its aspects is understood as a system that covers the entire body, and regulates and coordinates all biological life processes.” [1]

This was followed in 2016 with discoveries on the microstructure of the PVS via the use of a patented microscopy system by Professor Vitaly Vodyanoy of Auburn University in Alabama. He revealed for the first time “the microstructure of the miniscule, translucent system of vessels, subvessels and stem cell-filled nodes—together making up the primo-vascular system…” which appears in and on blood vessels, organ tissue and the lymphatic system. As for less complex biological of rats, it too features in the human system. [2]

Instead of a simplistic version of meridians lying on the surface of the skin, classical Chinese texts have always indicated the three-dimensional nature of energy pathways which carry liquid Chi to the internal organs. This liquid is made of stem-cells packed with DNA. And we know the enormous healing and regeneration properties of stem-cells and the mysterious nature of DNA as one factor in the interface of consciousness with knowledge and reality.

Now, keep in mind the importance of liquid in our bodies and its role in carrying protective and nourishing information.

“Coitus Conservatus”

Sexual activity can be healing for the body and mind. It can give you a shot of happy hormones and neuropeptides which boost the immune system; act as an analgesic, serve as a form of preventative medicine and even make you look younger and live longer. It’s also a great form of exercise.  Plenty of studies out there that confirm all those positives. Pleasure is a great healer, of that there is no doubt. But there are certain limitations and  governing the use of sexual energy and of course, the context is all important in this age of distortion and deception.

The right use of sex as an adjunct to love has been horribly confused. Sex as a mechanical act divorced from emotional connection can be pleasurable, though fixed purely on bodily sensation. Sexual relations with someone for whom you have an emotional tie or better still, a partner whom you love will transform sex into an exchange which is creative because it is nourishing and sustaining, reaffirming love as the only way to express such a connection in this material state. Such an exchange can transform both participants.

While the healing nature of sex is a given, retaining energy is only given importance in Eastern philosophies and was barely mentioned in the West. Now, that’s thankfully changing. The importance of the creative essence of semen and ovum are part of the key principles in Ancient Tantric and Taoist teachings. They are the seeds of Heaven and Earth respectively; The Creative Sun, yang: positive/active/male principle and The Receptive Moon, yin: negative/passive/female principle. We can understand why men’s semen is symbolically associated with gold and sulphur in alchemical literature since it is is a powerhouse of transformation in liquid form. It is the nectar that nourishes and literally gives life.

Derived from the Latin semen, “seed of plants,” from serere `to sow,’ The Latin goes back to the Indo-European root *se-, source of seed, disseminate, season, seminar, and seminal. The word seminary is sourced from semen which originally meant ‘seedbed.’ That the semen is the “source of all virtue” is rooted in the word “seminal,” derived from the Latin “semen,” and which is defined as “highly original and influencing the development of future events: a seminal artist; seminal ideas.”

In the esoteric tradition of pure sexuality, the word semen refers to the sexual energy of the organism, whether male or female. This is because male and female both carry the “seed” within: in order to create, the two “seeds” must be combined. “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” – 1 John 3:9

Scientists have discovered that the creation of sperm in the body is much more energy-intensive than first realised and demands a level of resource that might explain why women tend to live longer than men. This is because semen is a high-protein substance which, according to Taoists, can revitalise the body and mind.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism this precious energy must be cultivated, conserved and circulated. Ejaculatory fluids are necessary for procreation but to lose them without impregnation is akin to prostituting one’s energy for nothing more than an orgasm, a powerful sensation and “hit” that is over very quickly only to be replaced with exhaustion and a mood change – and sometimes melancholy for the male.

To offset this biological and highly addictive urge grooved over many thousands of years, the Taoists developed different techniques to cultivate control and to conserve one’s seed. However, many of these methods are designed to be used within a system of self-development and not in isolation. For one thing, the western culture and occidental mind has a different way of looking at the world. Taoism, though applicable to many was still designed for the Eastern body and mindset. Many of these Taoist alchemical systems are therefore used out of context and/or in isolation to the philosophical esoteric glue that underpinned their practice.

However, there are ways we can still take the principles of economy and conservation to inaugurate health and balance. Ayurvedic practitioner Caroline Roberts shares some interesting information in her article: The Sexual Energy Elixir:

“In Taoism it is considered to be a superfood rich in easily absorbable nutrients and energy that can revitalise body and mind. Western science agrees as semen has proven to be a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, irons, enzymes and other vital nutritional substances including calcium, albumin, lecithin, phosphorus and nucleoproteins. Interestingly these are similar constituents to brain and nerve tissue, areas which Plato, Pythagoras and eastern rishis believed were nourished by retained semen. […]

Its estimated that the average American man spills roughly 15 litres of his seed in a lifetime- a reservoir that if redirected would amount to a vast store of energy according to Taoists and Tantrics. All species tend to depletion after expelling reproductive fluids. Male silkworm moths emerge from their cocoon only to mate after which they die. And plants have greater longevity if they are kept from going to seed. This energy loss explains why many athletes including Mohammed Ali abstained from coitus before competing, so they’d have reserve strength to draw on. Then there are those who find a pre-performance release relieves tension and relaxes them for a better result.

However Taoists masters caution that if a man continues to squander his semen he can get very sick. All Taoist works claim excessive semen loss causes premature aging, damage to the nervous system, muscular weakness, poor digestion, loss of eyesight and energy. Peng-Tze, an advisor to the Yellow Emperor explained, “after ejaculation, a man is tired, his ears buzz, his eyes are heavy, and he longs for sleep. He is thirsty and his limbs feel weak and stiff. In ejaculating he enjoys a brief moment of sensation but then suffers long hours of exhaustion.

Rather than advocating suppressive celibacy as the solution, Taoism and Tantric masters advise sexual expression with awareness and expertise. Using special techniques one can retrain the downward and outward explosive ejaculation to become an imploding inward and upward intrajaculation. Not easy to say or do! But as Healing Tao master Mantak Chia explains “Real sexual fulfilment lies not in feeling the life going out of you but in increasing the awareness of the vital current that flows through the loins.” This conserved force that would normally form new life is then channelled within to renew the whole body. Specific areas that benefit are said to be the nerves, endocrine glands, bone marrow, brain and immune system. [3]

Now let’s bring this back to the ideas of nourishment, our mind-body vessel and The Well of the Eternal Spring. Several connections become apparent.

We have the importance of establishing nourishment by re-directing our desires so that what comes to us via our emotions, intellect and physical habits augments the mind-body, rather than gums up and depeletes it. Women have their procreative organs seated inside and do not seed energy external to their system, therefore they have an energy advantage – at least in this area. Men must focus on retaining as much energy as they can in order to live a healthier life. If adopting a path of self-development then this takes on crucial importance. The vessel of alchemical ingredients cannot be formulated and “cooked” if there is constant “leakage” and a lack of “heat.” The Cauldron contains and transforms.

Our internal mind-body matrix of energy confluence is adapted to feed Official Culture and The Technosphere Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Remember too that information and knowledge – therefore the capacity for awareness as well as health – is carried in the liquid of the body and transported to all regions. The Pythagorean belief of the brain and the nervous system obtaining nourishment from this retention of semen has validity since the constituents of semen are similar in the brain and tissue areas, as the above writer described. When you deplete the reserves of such a “sacred” fluid of vital energy which contains concentrated carriers of information – stem cells and DNA, the very building blocks of knowledge – it may be at a subtle energy level we are reducing your capacity to accrue the light of awareness and to extricate ourselves from a purely self-serving, dissociative existence.

How can a constellation of pressures, of conscious will and suffering create a new magnetic centre within, when Official Culture’s hose-pipe of influence reaches into our very essence and pumps out our potential? If there is not only not enough fuel available to allow proper functioning of the centres how can we take responsibility for ourselves to take on more ambitious attempts at self-growth; to have the creative “heat” and friction needed to slowly liquify the conditioned lead of our being into gold? The seed of man contains sperm, but as with all material substances and structures, they have a multi-dimensional purpose which is guided by intent.

Think of it this way: one of the many ingenious capabilities built into the intelligent design of semen is a protein that can trigger ovulation in women when exposed to it. Contact with semen sets up a direct pathway to influence the trio of organs within the female called hypothalamo–pituitary–gonadal axis which forms the backbone of the endocrine system and the regulation of a complex set of hormones, neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. From a psycho-spiritual perspective, on what else does this precious liquid have a “seminal” influence other than the stupendous ability to seed life? [4]

If we cannot supply enough sexual energy to re-calibrate and balance the centres we cannot expect to save a surplus of energy to begin to develop the higher centres of the intellect and emotions. Which means we will foster stagnation in any one centre as a consequence of sexual energy depletion and overemphasis on instinctual desire. The Well can house a specific quality of consciousness, an eternal spring of energy that can be disbursed to all. But if the tiles which make up the tunnel stretching the length of the spine is in need of repair, with the base and sacral chakras blocked with unconscious debris, then any loss of sexual energy is a reiteration of that state, preventing the flow of pure spring water.

When you in a committed relationship and enjoy making love with your partner the yin-yang exchange of sexual fluids goes a long way in modifying and mitigating ejaculatory energy loss on the part of the male. The emotional connection and whole or partial alignment of the centres between two lovers delivers a mutual vivification of mind and body and re-affirms love as the bonding chemicals are released. However, even here, if orgasm is the overriding the goal and inadequate attention has been given to emotional bonds, love-making becomes something different over time, and might play a big part in why so many couples don’t remain in loving relationships – the “fire” fades to mere embers – or goes out entirely. The physical expression of that life and an insufficient emotional foundation fans the flames of passion too vigorously instead of a slow burn over time. In the end, everything is consumed by it – even the initial attraction. If children are the product of this union and the biological imperative completed, a gradual decline of nourishing energies can lead to the opposite of love in ways which are often shocking.

But no amount of reasoning makes a jot of difference once a primal attraction has reached certain thresholds toward union. Only suffering can re-route our lives to the realisation of certain truths. But as long as biochemical mechanics and sleeping consciousness remain attractive by the exclusion of alternatives for humanity, the longer our societal slavery will continue. As Woody Allen said, “Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it’s a pretty good one.” And that’s still a major challenge. (More on this in the next post).

Image by photochur from Pixabay

“In masturbation there is nothing but loss.”

— D. H. Lawrence

“Self-serving” Social Engineers

As well as a convenient de-stress valve, pumping one’s male member on a regular basis can apparently ward off prostate cancer as well as anger and stress. And for the ladies, a bit of zìkuài down under (“private pleasure” in Chinese) offers a host of taboo-shattering benefits including everything from a similar tension-busting, mood elevation to sexual confidence; an increase in libido; a cardiac workout; delaying menopause; multiple orgasms and better cognition. After all that, it’s probably no surprise that one has a better quality sleep. Though many of these conclusions are peppered with “may”, “could” and “might”, it seems probable that there are indeed health benefits when it comes to stimulating sexual energy via the gonads.

After all, animals do it all the time and we’re also animals, right? That being so, how much do we defer to the animal in us?  What’s good for a gerbil or a duck might not be as energizing in the long-term for your average human.

Although we are still fielding a stigma to masturbation, especially it seems, the temerity of women taking a crafty break to service themselves when they wish – it does seem to be the case, as usual, that we go from one repressive extreme to another ex-pressive extreme screaming from the roof-tops that masturbation is the route to optimum health, despite the fact that scientists still don’t know. Women are absorbing a residue of 60s counter-culture belief, psychiatry and Kinseyian sexology all of which positively screams: It’s natural! It’s healthy Goddamit! What’s wrong with you! Power up your vibrators before breakfast and set it to ‘maximum’! If you aren’t fumbling around down there and having quadruple orgasms then the message is that you clearly you should be.

Indeed, the Rockefeller-funded social deformations thanks to Kinsey and Freud have a lot to answer for. They both projected their sexual pathology onto society as a whole and succeeded in screwing with the sexual psyche of millions of people in the process. Society went from sexual repression to supranormal stimululation almost overnight. This has reached such a point of clear pathology that even to suggest that we have normalised compulsive sexual behaviour is to equate it with sexual repression. From the point of view of those who ensure global populations remain disempowered and lost, this is a potent advantage. The Sexual Revolution that Kinsey spearheaded had its benefits but the downside of all that super-stimulus was broken families, single-parents, increasing sexual pathology and generations of children cut off from bonding behaviours which could have saved them from a host of maladaptive consequences. Medical conditions are now deemed “lifestyle choices”.

But the rot had aleady started to set thousands of years ago. When we moved from hunter-gatherer to agrarian lifestyles the slow loss of our tribal cohesions was inevitable. Insular families, migration into cities, the loss of extended families, the disappearence of oral traditions, mythology and folklore – all this fragmented social and bonding connections so that we became more and more fragmented. The net result was a gradual push to consumption, self-medication and self-stimulation in an attempt to fill this existential emptiness. And there was no shortage of stimulants to cater for the new addictions.

The Church naturally tried to stem the tide of harmful habits by moralising about the evils of masturbation and sexual relief in general. Though largely well-intentioned it only served to increase shame and guilt, while social engineers pushed the sexual cues deeper into the dopamine-saturated brain. Natural bonding behaviours and the calming endorphins which arose from such intimacy had both the Church and State agencies making sure they never surfaced as one vital key to the door of human liberation.

By the time a natural deprivation of bonding had been seeded in families and children, fears about masturbation – the only way to gain sexual relief and a semblance of sanity – was pummelled into the mass consciousness of the 19th and 20th Centuries. As sex therapist Marnia Robinson states: “Generations of lonely, displaced children were raised to view the search for relief from sexual urges via masturbation as a moral failing, rather than as a natural activity that merits foresighted management. Unfortunately, if they later found partners, the link between sexual desire and ‘vice’ didn’t always magically vanish. One unhealthy outcome was fear of sex itself, which … can make sexual stimuli abnormally compelling.”  [5] And like most bio-social dynamics which are co-opted by those who wish to control populations, this dichotomoy of super-stimulation clashed with suppression and repression to produce waves of mass movements aligned to ideologies resulting in confusion and ignorance.

Masturbation, 1911, copper engraving by Mihály Zichy

Beating the Bishop

Young men have so much overstimulation from visual imagery in advertising and porn; social media peer group pressure and the instinctual, narcissistic undercurrent to almost every info-tainment outlet, it’s little wonder the beleaguered male is suffering from a lack of sleep and a burned out nervous system. With loneliness a huge problem [6] and 95% of men masturbating as though their lives depended on it, there may be more to lose than a decrease in stress and an empty kleenex box.

There is a reason why fatigue and sometimes sadness accompanies this release, beyond mere “evolutionary” reasons. The fact that so many young adults and men are habituated to seeking self-therapy through the orgasm means that anger, tension and frustration are the underlying causes, not just a simple need for the chemical hit. We don’t have to go down to many psychological roads to arrive the fact that sexual violence and sexual pathology in general, is a mixture of shame, self-esteem/confidence issues and thwarted lack of meaning and purpose. This is also why sexual fantasies from young men frequently feature elements of domination, even rape, as an undercurrent since it is sexual, masculine energy flowing through the negative half of moving and emotional centres and opening the doors to the unconscious and their shadows – minus the healing and processing.

Many people neither have the interest nor the desire to get into the vagaries of how sexual energy might work within the system. “Who cares?” they say. “We owe it to ourselves to get pleasure whenever we can!” You can understand that, given that we live in a society that offers precious little when it comes to true meaning and long-lasting contentment.

Despite health practitioners and endless internet magazines telling today’s young men and women ad nauseum that it is “entirely safe” they are coming from a one-dimensional stance with zero awareness of subtle realities. The downsides to this habit may be much more deleterious than we realise, and certainly in terms of The Work or basic self-development. The question is this: how do you want to use your sexual energy? To re-affirm our animal nature to be released into the stream of organic life and gathered up by the great vampire in the sky, or to make it work for you?

Though women may not lose a specific procreative substance as men do, energy is also released thus a fluid counterpart, to a greater or lesser degree. For women, it is less a case of physical depletion but one of mental and emotional fantasy which is also using sexual energy incorrectly in terms of self-growth. Since young men indulge earlier, more frequently and in greater numbers, than girls and women [7] it also stands to reason there may be a greater energy deficit when it comes to gender. The longer a teen and young adult can re-direct that energy away from release the more likely it is that he will have a surplus of creative energy to meet the craziness of the world with vitality and courage.

When you are a single male, unhappy, surrounded by an array of social stimulates with your i-phone, movies and internet porn a mouse-click away, the temptation to release tension and get into bad habits that feed each other is inevitable. This another reason why young men and boys are in crisis and drowning in fantasy to escape and running on empty in more ways than one as a result. ◊

Samael Aun Weor, a renowned author and researcher of Gnostic anthropology had a rather dim view of what is essentially an habitual reinforcement to matter and reiterates the idea of how sexual energy is being frittered away at a younger and younger age. When this happens, he writes: “… The energetic cellar of the sexual center is … plundered by the various psychological aggregates. From an early age, the child begins with the vice of masturbation, thus losing fundamental elements for his development, such as lecithin, cholesterin and phosphates. Here begins the via crucis (road of the cross) of the human being. The profound ignorance in which the humanity is living makes this centre the most prejudiced one of all.” [8]

The question is whether we are erecting (no pun intended) our own cross of sacrifice for eventual redemption, or through the ignorance of our sexual power. If the latter we might then become another stuffed “animal” nailed to the cross of our own narcissistic habits, serving up Divine energy to the Overlord of Matter and the nourishment of entropy… After all, the urge to reach the biological grail of orgasm parallels the loss of energy when we mentally or emotionally “get off” on the sound of our voice, literary pretension, insincere artistry and a legion of power ploys. We exploit our energy for useless acts and trivial pursuits all the time, inflating our self-importance whilst neglecting the simple and the true.

From an esoteric perspective, what is this desire to pleasure ourselves other than a belief that our whole lives should mirror that same brief ecstasy?

Such an explosion of strictly physical pleasure is, in fact, a realisation that a contractile, heightened focus on Self takes us away from a spiritual state that may transcend sensation altogether. From that perspective, our cultural life is one long insatiable drive to “cum”; a means to lose ourselves without even discovering if that loss is worth it. Is it enough? The state of psycho-spiritual life suggests it is not. The key point here in relation to sex is that it replays and instinct to possess something, be it desire or transposed to an individual who can provide it. When selfish desire – however noble and harmless it may appear to be – is running the show then we cannot give, which is aligned to service to others – a quality of the soul. Without this difference “self-possession” becomes something other than confidence but to be possessed by selfish desire. So, is the orgasm the sensory god of illusion and fantasy thus the ultimate enslaver, the destroyer of true individuality?

Or like anything else, does it have a higher counterpart that liberates?

At the same time, we can’t just suddenly give up our desires. The task is to reevaulate and redirect those desires toward that which serves a higher ideal rather than our own perpetual will to possess. Similarly, anyone who has been suffering from sexual repression and made to feel that sex – and more importantly, intimacy – is somehow dirty and degrading then self-pleasuring is one way of getting in touch with that side of yourself and refusing to feel any kind of guilt. In the right context, the erotic and sensual is part of nature, joyous and beautiful and not something to which we should attach feelings of shame or embarrassment.

This series is for those who wish to grow and develop. It isn’t for those who aren’t at that point yet. Managing sexual energy requires a different focus for adaptation to Official Culture rather than away from it.

So, this isn’t about condemning anyone to fiery hell for wishing to indulge in a little auto-eroticism. It’s about taking a process of development step by step. It’s about making a choice based on your highest conception of yourself and taking the route of moderation as a starting point.

If we are to actualise that highest self-concept for ourselves and others, anything that leads away from that aim is a negative drain on your resources. We all have to weigh up the credit and debt of what we can do with and without based on that will to truth. That was never meant to be easy but it doesn’t have to be torture either. (We’ll find out why in the next post).

Meantime, this brings us to the “root” of our sexuality and creativity – the sex centre.

Photo by Daniil Lebedev on Unsplash

The Sex Centre

Let’s remind ourselves about the chakras or centres in man. We know that the average person has five centres: the thinking, the emotional, the moving, the instinctive, and the sexual. The development of any one centre at the expense of the others produces neuroses and rigidity of a kind where further development is nigh on impossible. But if we seek to encompass all five centres under his will and motivation to harmonise – at some point – then this is a path toward soul growth. Our objective is to simplify and economize under the overall aim of self-development, or, in alchemical terms, to move towards transmutation, the coarse into a refined “gold”.  That’s the final aim, not necessarily something we will achieve in this lifetime, but we can begin.

Therefore, according to George Gurdjieff, sexual abstinence is beneficial for some of us, though certainly not easy to maintain. This depends on life experience and our individual psycho-genetic and spiritual “blueprint”. Once this abstinence has taken place – sometimes for many years – then it’s no longer necessary. For others, this process of inner change can take place within a normal sex life, especially if the partner is following a path of self-development then there is a mutual intent and alignment of aim. Gurdjieff mentions a third type whereby: “transmutation takes the whole of sexual energy and puts an end to normal sexual life or the outward expenditure of sex energy.” [9]

What type are you? A person that thrives on instinct, movement? Is your centre of gravity thinking, feeling or moving? Are you an athlete, entertainer or book-keeper? These might all be clues to how your sex life might operate. But more importantly, rather than a mechanical act of sex, is there intimacy in your life?

It’s not a good idea for young adults to artificially suppress and repress sexual activity from approximately aged 18 – 30 years-old, since a great deal of learning and experimentation is necessary to understand your “machine” before observing abstinence or celibacy. Getting all that excess sexual energy out of your system prior to such work may be necessary. That doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind and going on a meat-market free-for-all. Discernment and doing no harm should still be the personal mantras. But we live in the culture we live in and it is better to discover and experience with your moral compass properly set and a strong, open heart.

A hungry desire to wield the sword of truth via sex as a “free spirit” is a convenient combo of service to self which seldom ends well. But there are no hard and fast rules – bar one:  Only that seeking to feed the beast of unbridled sexual satisfaction, though not a problem in itself, will have consequences for those attempting consciously grow as it will tend to embolden and vitalise the very centres you’re trying to regulate.

It may be that the more powerful and demanding your sex drive the more potential there is to redirect it toward creative avenues.

Similarly, it isn’t much good if you have taken the decision not to engage in sex for a period of time but continue to feed your fantasies with dissociative thinking and guilty trips to view porn or other activities which dilute your intent. This amounts to trying to have your cake and eat it, thereby suffering indigestion of conflation and accomplishing nothing but greater stasis.

So, abstinence can be useful if you know what to do with the energy you’ve saved. But if you come from a place of arrogance or ignorance and attempt to run before you can walk, believe me, all kinds of havoc can be induced.

Celibacy may be ideal for some men and women but may be extremely difficult to achieve without careful preparation which is usually missing for younger folks. The social and cultural constraints are constantly stimulating young minds to feed the system and abandon any discipline or will when it comes to sex. And as esoteric philosopher Richard Rose dryly reminds us: “To the celibate or virgin man, the most energy-consuming woman will look the most beautiful.” [9]

Welcome to the Matrix

“Everything that a person is, including the three spheres of thought, feeling and willpower, is nothing other than the precise result of the different modifications of the sexual energy.”

Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony: Why Sex and Religion are Inseparable (1950)

            Andy Gilmore

Sometimes, simplifying your life means creating order and routine; making yourself presentable, exercising restraint and being externally considerate. Being a better person employs simple understandings. Yes, self-development initiates friction and conscious suffering, but it should not bring the fires of hell down on your being by going to extremes. Then you’ll be useful to no one. Go slow.

If you attempt this kind of self-development before healing the emotions and possible sexual practices you previously deemed “healthy” which are anything but, then this is also likely to into trouble – even to the point of inflating maladjustments to the point of pathology.

Ouspensky explains it this way quoting Gurdjieff:

“… while a man does not know it is better for him not to attempt anything. Until he has new and exact knowledge it will be quite enough if his life is guided by the usual rules and principles. If a man begins to theorize and invent in this sphere, it will lead to nothing except psychopathy. But it must again be remembered that only a person who is completely normal as regards sex has any chance in the work. Any kind of ‘originality,’ strange tastes, strange desires, or, on the other hand, fears, constantly working ‘buffers,’ must be destroyed from the very beginning.

Modern education and modern life create an enormous number of sexual psychopaths. They have no chance at all in the’ work. “Speaking in general, there are only two correct ways of expending sexual energy— normal sexual life and transmutation. All inventions in this sphere are very dangerous. “People have tried abstinence from times beyond memory. Sometimes, very rarely, it has led to something but in most cases what is called abstinence is simply exchanging normal sensations for abnormal, because the abnormal are more easily hidden. But it is not about this that I wish to speak. You must understand where lies the chief evil and what makes for slavery. It is not in sex itself but in the abuse of sex.”

But what the abuse of sex means is again misunderstood. People usually take this to be either excess or perversion. But these are comparatively innocent forms of abuse of sex. And it is necessary to know the human machine very well in order to grasp what abuse of sex in the real meaning of these words is. It means the wrong work of centers in relation to sex, that is, the action of the sex center through other centers, and the action of other centers through the sex center; or, to be still more precise, the functioning of the sex center with energy borrowed from other centers and the functioning of other centers with energy borrowed from the sex center.”

“Can sex be regarded as an independent center?” asked one of those present. “It can,” said G. “At the same time if all the lower story is taken as one whole, then sex can be regarded as the neutralizing part of the moving center.” [11]

We must recognise to simplify and economise is to divorce ourselves from the feeding mechanism of Official culture. And one of the primary methods of entrapment is sex and sexual habits in order to limit the expansion of consciousness and its creativity. It stands to reason therefore, that this is a method of attack against a natural part of the human condition – a healthy, nourishing and potential spiritual expression of life. It won’t be at all easy to disengage from that, especially if you are young.

So, when the centres are out of kilter as a mirror of the same collective dysfunction which has normalised it, then any stimulation of the sex centre results in accessing what might be considered an i-cloud of dark sexual energy that is wholly negative and animalistic. The emotional centre and/or the instinctive centre will react against this and reflect the abnormality of certain practices through unpleasant sensations and feelings. Once the imagination gets fired up and the chemicals start to flow then you are on the path of addiction with a cultural confirmation and justification that this is all to the good. Sex is neutral energy which can be channelled creatively or entropically. If it is used to flood any one centre it turns this energy into rocket fuel that warps and deforms one or all aspects of our mind-body complex leading to disease.

Gurdjieff states further:

Sex, in fact, governs all other centers. The only thing in ordinary circumstances, that is, when man has neither consciousness nor will, that holds the sex center in submission is ‘buffers.’ ‘Buffers’ can entirely bring it to nought, that is, they can stop its normal manifestation. But they cannot destroy its energy. The energy remains and passes over to other centers, finding expression for itself through them; in other words, the other centers rob the sex center of the energy which it does not use itself.

The energy of the sex center in the work of the thinking, emotional, and moving centers can be recognized by a particular ‘taste,’ by a particulr fervor, by a vehemence which the nature of the affair concerned does not call for. The thinking center writes books, but in making use of the energy of the sex center it does not simply occupy itself with philosophy, science, or politics—it is always fighting something, disputing, criticizing, creating new subjective theories. The emotional center preaches Christianity, abstinence, asceticism, or the fear and horror of sin, hell, the torment of sinners, eternal fire, all this with the energy of the sex center. … Or on the other hand it works up revolutions, robs, bums, kills, again with the same energy. The moving center occupies itself with sport, creates various records, climbs mountains, jumps, fences, wrestles, fights, and so on. In all these instances, that is, in the work of the thinking center as well as in the work of the emotional and the moving centers, when they work with the energy of the sex center, there is always one general characteristic and this is a certain particular vehemence and, together with it, the uselessness of the work in question. Neither the thinking nor the emotional nor the moving centers can ever create anything useful with the energy of the sex center. This is an example of the ‘abuse of sex.’

Another aspect consists in the fact that, when the energy of the sex center is plundered by the other centers and spent on useless work, it has nothing left for itself and has to steal the energy of other centers which is much lower and coarser than its own. And yet the sex center is very .important for the general activity, and particularly for the inner growth of the organism … it can receive a very fine food of impressions, impressions, such as none of the ordinary centers can receive. … But when the sex center works with energy that is not its own, … its impressions become much coarser and it ceases to play the role in the organism which it could play. At the same time union with, and the use of its energy by, the thinking center creates far too great an imagination on the subject of sex, and in addition a tendency to be satisfied with this imagination. Union with the emotional center creates sentimentality or, on the contrary, jealousy, cruelty. This is again a picture of the ‘abuse of sex.'” [12]

In other words, the abuse of sex is overidentification, obsession and militancy which is rising every day in our culture. The more we prostitute sexual energy to feed the instincts the less we have left to do any significant work upon ourselves. And if we have no energy in the bank, then we cannot help ourselves nor help others in any meaningful way. Which is why it’s necessary to know your machine and your personality very well before embarking on a journey of self-growth otherwise instead of perpetrating less abuse of the sex centre you’ll increase it through ignorance and errors filtered through the results of your personality deformations.

Sex energy is mechanical and naturally present. But without due attention to being present, letting go and not being caught up in our desires we are prey to the monkey mind of the ego that tries to use sex as a means to enforce its will.

As Psychiatrist William Page states:

When the mind tries to use sex energy, it becomes obsessed; it can’t stop thinking about a person or a subject. When the body tries to utilize sex energy, it becomes tense and overwrought or it runs around in a panic for no reason. And when negative emotions become connected to sex, you end up with emotional dysfunction, impotency, irrational fears, and almost any other psychology problems that can be imagined. Abnormality, or perversion, in relation to sex is probably best understood as connecting pain, anger, violence, fear, or anything that is negative or repulsive to sex. One of the most important things to understand about sex is that it should have no negative side. Either there are pleasurable and joyful sensations, or there are no sensations at all. Any negativity connected to sex means that the energy from the sex function is being robbed by the lower centers.” [13]

The last sentence speaks volumes since negativity saturates our very conception of sex and sexuality.

So, simplify and start slow. We are less likely to run headlong into obstacles whilst fostering humility when we are unable to avoid them. That way there’s a chance to build a “permanent centre of gravity” within ourselves. And the glowing embers of that magnetic centre is nourished from the objective reality that we are mechanical, our emotional centres are “asleep” and prey to forces outside conscience:

“The role of the sex center in creating a general equilibrium and a permanent center of gravity can be very big. According to its energy, that is to say, if it uses its own energy, the sex center stands on a level with the higher emotional center. And all the other centers are subordinate to it. Therefore it would be a great thing if it worked with its own energy. This alone would indicate a comparatively very high level of being. And in this case, that is, if the sex center worked with its own energy and in its own place, all other centers could work correctly in their places and with their own energies.” [14]

The big challenge for those with an altruistic and empathic personality is an active emotional centre that is more developed but insufficiently grounded in the critical faculty of the intellect. The way of salvation is through the “heart” of a higher fusion of both. But not until the higher centres are integrated and the sex centre functioning properly.  While we refuse the negative or shadow side to everything and immerse ourselves in idealized views of reality we are actively encouraging the usurpation of sexual energy which feeds intellectual “fantasies” of the world according to our personal beliefs and defence mechanisms. The emotional centre is perpetually dreaming up and attracting ideological illusions to believe in based on dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Boris Mouravieff saw the sex centre as a manifestation of the soul/higher centers that correspond to the physical moving/instinctive centre. It seems again that the “abuse of sex” is directly related to the acceptance of illusion i.e. worship of subjectivity and fantasy at great cost to the sex centre. The net result is depletion thus no connection or growth toward conscience/soul potential – and love! In the end, this is all about how much knowledge = light = love one can contain in the vessel of one’s Being.

So, again, as discussed in Choose Constructive Emotions, we should not run away from negative emotions – they are trying to tell us something about reality and we should pay attention to them. As Mouravieff reminds us: “If the awakened and pure emotional center were deprived of its negative part, the affective life would be impoverished and disoriented. This situation could be compared to one in which we would be able to feel heat without being able to feel cold, or see light without being able to distinguish shadows. When it is awake and functioning normally, the negative part of the emotional center is an organ in the psychological structure of the Personality which is just as indispensable as the postive part.” [15]

And when sexual energy is constantly passed through the lower moving/instinctive centres en route to the intellect and emotions, it will drag unconscious psychic debris with it. This must be understood, healed and integrated (see here and here)

ALL emotions are drawn from the sexual centre and when activated toward its highest expression it is Love!

When the sex centre functions normally it acts under the impulse of love. When its energy is “stolen” by the intellectual and moving centre via the emotional center it fuels negative thoughts and negative actions. In its highest form, sexual energy generates Love. But in order to reach its full state of creative potential and to limit this energy becoming “food for the moon,” for other people and organic life we must take responsibility for our own inner economy and direct this precious energy accordingly.

In the next post we’ll explore how that economy might be applied in ways that are healthier, spiritually nourishing and actually more enjoyable.


* When you combine this with the new age and the western mind of wanting everything yesterday, experimentation with Kundalini or Dragon energy for example, is a recipe for making things a whole lot worse. Kundalini energy does not elevate you to higher states of consciousness just because you employ techniques to push energy up the spine to the crown chakra. Such “serpent energy” is neutral and dependent on the state of the centres themselves and the quality of your consciousness. Gurdjieff had this to say about the Kundalini energy:

From P.D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous [ch. 11, p. 227 of pdf]

“In so-called ‘occult’ literature you have probably met with the expression ‘Kundalini,’ ‘the fire of Kundalini,’ or the ‘serpent of Kundalini.’ This expression is often used to designate some kind of strange force which is present in man and which can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the right explanation of the force of Kundalini.
“Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is, with the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. This latter is entirely wrong because Kundalini can be in anything. And above all, Kundalini is not anything desirable or useful for man’s development. It is very curious how these occultists have got hold of the word from somewhere but have completely altered its meaning and from a very dangerous and terrible thing have made something to be hoped for and to be awaited as some blessing.
“In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams take the place of reality, when a man imagines himself to be an eagle, a lion, or a magician, it is the force of Kundalini acting in him. Kundalini can act in all centers and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real. A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of Kundalini.
“Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. If men could really see their true position and could understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are even for one second. They would begin to seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in a hypnotic state. ‘To awaken’ for man means to be ‘dehypnotized.’ In this lies the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no organic reason for sleep and man can awaken.”

Can you be sure your local Kundalini Yoga practitioner is aware of all these complexities? I doubt it. The mixing, matching and layers of additions and distortions over sometimes thousands of years means that some of these ancient arts are a pale reflection of their origins. Therefore, great caution is needed when we start messing around with serpent energy – it is called “serpent” for a reason.

As a starting point guys, you might want to visit


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