Why Young Lives are Losing Meaning and Purpose I

By M.K. Styllinski

“Young adults are facing more stressful conditions than older generations, such as an increasingly competitive labor market, rising costs of housing, an increase in higher education costs, and issues of self-identity and confidence driven by more widespread use of social media.”

— Morag Henderson, sociologist at University College London

Reading time: (25-30 mins)

The crisis of meaning and purpose is something many of us are grappling with today. Girls and boys and young adults in particular are not succeeding in this battle. The path which defines our lives up to middle and retirement age is for the majority, mostly a constellation of conditioned responses encouraged by Official Culture. It replaces true meaning with a role that serves the technosphere as opposed to our true calling. Not always, but all too frequently. Then we are back to that existential crisis of youth where something deep inside knows that to find true creative balance takes a life time of struggle against forces that oppose any kind of spiritual liberation. Unless that is, we have the support to explore the transformation that comes knocking at the door of consciousness at various stages of our lives. To even have the awareness to heed that call requires a very different society than we have now.

Life is extremely complicated for young people these days, whether they are in Western, Asian, African or Middle Eastern societies. The predisposition of tyranny from our hierarchical institutions and social systems means that such a danger will always be there, even when there is momentum toward autopoietic * social innovations. The imbalance inherent within state authority and the unceasing drive of so many to live outside it’s influence is growing. This is a welcome reaction against the finite and unsustainable nature of cartel capitalism and rampant state-sponsored crimes against humanity. But we haven’t yet found that crucial tension, that balance that provides a psychological inoculation against psychopathic infiltration which so often turns civilisations into crucibles of centralised control.

The corruption of hierarchical power always weakens the structure to the point of catastrophic failure. And there are always young folks who act as literal and symbolic precursors to that descent, usually by embodying those ills and thereby showing us what long term or immediate future lies ahead. Each epoch manifests that see-saw between managed chaos and mass creativity which eventually bursts forth in destructive ways, sweeping away everything that went before.  Children and young adults are the tuning fork of future generations in this regard. Nonetheless, there is has been a very wide historical berth when it comes to defining how our youth interact with the world. The older generations have a distinct challenge to make sure our younger generations are correctly tuned to that which offers hope, spiritual strength and resilience to face what is certain to be an unpredictable and challenging future.

But let’s rewind for a moment…

Take Medieval England for example. During that time the majority of medieval people were young with far fewer older people with around thirty-five to forty percent under fifteen years old. There was a distinct and recognised period where the early formative years were largely employed for utilitarian ends. If there were not distinct roles then the family didn’t survive. As a result, the Church law and common law regarded children as equal to adults in many ways. Parenting was just as important and often imbued with strict moral and community-based values inspired by the Church and folklore. Though play was a vital part of growing up and of far greater importance than today, if a child was unprepared for the realities of what was a rather brutal world, it meant that the longevity of the family would be weakened as would the life of the child. Conscientiousness in one’s work had to be learned early on as it was quite often a life and death situation. [1]

The ubiquity of young folks meant there were major social differences in every community and sphere of activity. A feudal hierarchy of industry meant clearly defined roles with a narrow band of what could constitute freedom from our perspective today. It also meant that on average, there was seventeen years’ less experience of life to draw on and very few elders and betters that children had to go to for advice. This high proportion of young people experienced a violent, feudal world which saw hand-to-hand combat; brutality passing for entertainment; state sanctioned slavery and appalling daily health hazards – including periodic visitations of the plague – as the backdrop to their lives. Medieval boys for example, had what amounts to a man’s job from the age of seven and could have his wee hand chopped off if he decided to pinch some fruit from a market stall. If he graduated to a more audacious deed like stealing a hairpin or a Lord’s hat, he could be hanged by his doubtless scrawny neck. Boys could legally marry at aged fourteen and were considered ready to fight in the King’s army. Those born into the nobleman’s life or royalty had material comforts but a different level of responsibility. For example, Prince Edward, at just sixteen years old was in command of whole battalion.

Not a lot of leeway for a “safe space” in that milieu.

Women were considered in their prime at seventeen, mature at twenty-five and past it by thirty. Marriage was organised in infancy with a girl ready at twelve for nuptials and saddled with possibly several kids by sixteen. That is, assuming she didn’t die at childbirth, which was common.  In fact, one or two of her children would likely die before preparing for a fifth child. [2]  It was all the more reason that parents laid the correct foundations for children’s emotional fortitude and resilience by providing sufficient time for story-telling, play, and a religiously moral and earthy attention to the joy of existence and the sense of the sacred. These were generally an essential part of growing up and mitigated a very tenuous and fragile thread that quivered between life and death.

Children’s Games, Bruegel, 1560

Despite the very harsh nature of life for the average Medieval child the vestiges of something sacred in the life of the Medieval family is something that the modern era has lost. Regardless of what we think about these beliefs now, the sacred was paramount and informed much of the life of Medieval families and their children. It wasn’t just about silly superstitions (although they were certainly present) there was a deep-rooted understanding of the biosphere and the environment which was considered inseparable to God. This could only have come from having close contact with nature and working the land. A vast inheritance from pre-Christian folklore and its oral tradition was sown into the very DNA of countless generations. The strict, one-sided theology of the Catholic Church with its war on the independence of the body and soul could crush, but not quite extinguish it’s light. And it is this hybrid of Church authority and ancient folklore that gave spiritual sustenance to daily survival and thus meaning and purpose. If meaning was gleaned from the path of a flock of swallows or unusual meteorological phenomena it brought into focus one’s place in the world whether you were a villein, a seamstress, a tanner or a blacksmith. The elevation of the sacred and mystery in everyday life needs to be re-enchanted in our modern times.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and I think you’ll agree, material and social progress has been made. So, we might say that young people of today – as my grandfather would have growled as he puffed on his pipe – “Don’t know how bloody lucky they are.”  While this statement, like the above Medieval comparison, might be too extreme or simplistic, it doesn’t do any harm to remind ourselves that we in the West and in many parts of the world generally live in civillised and affluent times when we cast an eye back to that period in history. Indeed, if you are still foolish enough to fill yourself with a daily diet of mainstream news you would be forgiven for thinking that the whole world is still one big medieval bloodbath. In fact, in almost every aspect, whether it is disease, hunger or war – things ARE getting better. [3]

But the devil is always in the details.

The challenges may have changed but so too the workings of evil. The latter is a master of adaptation to the slow rise of collective awareness so it has become easier to mask its crypto-geographic footprints in the quantum field. We still have millions trafficked for their bodies or bonded labour and we still have families picking over the rubbish tips full of the scraps of technological innovation that requires built-in obsolescence, destroys the environment and turns young brains to blancmange. It won’t have escaped anyone who has been paying attention that all is far from well, as much of the content of this blog will attest. Since this is a psycho-spiritual crisis, it is no coincidence that the environment and our biosphere is reflecting this imbalance to the point that some scientists believe we are entering a sixth extinction event. [4] Although there is a rising ecological awareness and many great initiatives and rediscovered ways of living lightly on our Earth, these two are frequently still in the box of the old corporate mindset with principles hijacked toward the old paradigm. If the new awareness is grafted onto similar organisational structures which gave rise to the problems in the first place then the probability is very high that these will ultimately be displaced or sidelined by the dominant hierarchical perceptions.

Many young people are being crushed between the limbo of this global transition and the deceptive pathways that ostensibly offer hope and positive change while actually delivering its opposite. Children and young adults I believe, frequently sense this, but they are surrounded by a culture that provides a confusing melange of inadequate role models and cultural dead ends.

How can children be expected to navigate stormy seas if they setting off with holes in their boats, no outboard motor and outdated maps?

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

—  Seneca

“Virtuality /synthetic vs Reality/Organic” | Photo left by Victor Rodriguez on Unsplash | Photo right © M.K. Styllinski

Millennials and Generation Z in particular, are becoming the living embodiment of past denials and dysfunctions. Yet, the primary difference here compared to eight hundred years ago is that the battle for power and control now takes place as a social seduction if you will, a covert battle that takes place through our minds rather than the material plane. Granted, the hierarchies of material deprivation and economic disparity are still a huge part of the challenges global populations face but the focus has shifted toward techno-social engineering and mass mind control – an inverted or soft totalitarianism. Economizing on tactics and strategies for control is foremost in the minds of the Establishment. How else can you maintain a eco-technocratic World State system over seven billion people?

The underlying presence of the psychopathic priesthood and the socio-economics systems we have allowed them to subvert, means that there will be profound symptoms of ponerological infection at every level society. It so happens these symptomatic patterns are being exhibited in the young across all ethnic, economic and gender differences.

Why for instance, are boys and young men losing all motivation for life? Why are girls becoming more stressed and depressed than ever before?

Not only do they lack physiological, practical and psychological resilience, they are exhibiting signs of mental illness. And if they are not, then Big Pharma is on hand to medicate and subdue any child who exhibits the slightest sign of a natural reaction to a world that is obviously not attending to their most basic psycho-spiritual needs. Pretending that so much of what we consider orthodox is normal means that more and more youngsters will be choosing to self-medicate through drug abuse, promiscuity or video games. If psychiatry and Big Pharma can make a profit from picking up the pieces of broken minds and tailoring health-care toward a highly reductionist worldview, then of course, it will. It is well-known that many prescription drugs switch off the ability to empathise. [5]  And turning people into apathetic, unfeeling zombies is the next best thing for our psychopathic elite since the last thing they want is swathes of the population activating their conscience, let alone thinking critically. It has even reached the stage that if you have the temerity to question authority or have above average creativity you have a mental illness according to the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). [6] While not ALL mental illness is in the mind, the ever-widening goal posts of what constitutes mental illness is mediated by medical/pharmacutical companies which have turned over a record $116 billion in the USA compared with $76 billion in R & D costs. An incentive to keep our kids chemically compromised with highly dubious efficacy? I think so. [7] [8]

The net gain for social dominators that preside over our institutions and the direction of our social systems is generations of conformist and compliant people ready to accept almost anything as long as you leave them alone in their virtual reality. When Jesus in Matthew 5.5. said “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” I doubt this was what he had in mind.

The United Kingdom and the USA tend to mirror each other in this respect. A recent survey of 2,000 British people from the UK’s Health Foundation [9] only confirmed a decade of similar research. More than half of the young people polled felt they lacked “the basic building blocks of life” in order to reliably navigate society. These building blocks which the foundation identified were:

  1. Emotional support in the form of parents, friends, and mentors
  2. Having the appropriate skills and education to pursue a career
  3. Personal connections and networking opportunities
  4. Financial and practical support

In other words: a healthy community which provides role models for guidance and natural growth toward meaning and purpose.

A community of wise women can guide the girl to womanhood. A community of wise men can guide the boy to manhood. Simple right? Unfortunately, the guidance that should be there generally isn’t. In it’s place are what appears to me and many others is a social science and education heavily infiltrated by ideology that is neither scientific nor educational in its truest sense. As a result of this interference, one primary missing ingredient is the absence of a proper ritual around the transition from childhood to adulthood, a crucial psycho-spiritual threshold which has disappeared from Western civilisation under the assumption that it just happens. It doesn’t. Boys need to be guided to be of service to others, as do girls in entirely different ways and based on hard-wired gender differences that compliment environmental directors.

When genuine communities are sporadic or non-existent and gender roles are blown out of the water, the great adventure of childhood is turned into a footnote for psychological survival. Very different to Medieval children to be sure, but survival, nonetheless. The result is that masculinity is now so denigrated and maligned that we have a feminised version of what a man should be. And no, we are not talking about a healthy integration of feminine traits alongside the masculine. The feminine has been distorted and subverted to the extent that it has appropriated masculine traits as a product of our economic /corporate and Fourth Way feminist impositions. This has led to a very real emotional emasculation of boys producing effeminate and spineless young male adults (or “Beta” males in men’s rights parlance) with allotted roles defined by feminist ideologues not by “conventional” wisdom. This means that young men are biologically and emotionally ill-equipped to deal with life as laid down by feminist dictates which are woefully out-of-date and erroneous in their conclusions. What it means to be a girl and a woman; what it means to honour the boy and the man will be explored at a later date. Suffice to say, that we are in danger of losing the simplicity of our gender differences. And gender really does matter.

Dissociation, disorientation (in every sense of the word) is the response to life that is indeed as harsh and unforgiving as it is beautiful. When children are so unprepared for what constitutes adulthood which has been stripped of any mythos and spiritual meaning then the stressors and traumas of childhood neurologically crystallise in the brain and body, fixing defence mechanisms that, once so useful, are no longer needed. Narcissism and  infantilism is frequently the result.  If tweens and teens are thrust into a world psychologically handicapped in the face of an often pathological world in and of itself, then they will, depending on personality types, either contract due to this neurotic fragility and favour isolation, and/or seek power through adherence to authority, or through virtual fantasy.

Conversely, they might negatively expand through an entitled and aggressive narcissism leading to ego-inflation as a barrier to shame and weakness. A rebellious and angry rejection of authority may or may not be appealing. Both are coping strategies as means to claw back identity. The latter might initially thrive when it comes to a career since they are merely joining in with the dynamics of a society already built on narcissistic values. Such people will therefore have no qualms about trampling over others to get what they want. As recent study even suggested that they are a likely to be more successful in work, love and education than those who harbour a more active conscience.[10] But let’s be clear: success, when derived from narcissism, one of the dark triad of pathologies means that the very notion of love is likely to be fake and ultimately transitory; the very notion of work is likely to be aligned to accruing power and status thus highly selfish and individualistic is perfect for the psychopathic template of the corporate world. In academic excellence many studies show opposite findings – that they overestimate their capabilities and any initial success quickly fades. So, let’s not pretend that inculcated narcissism is anything but destructive.

With a risible economic outlook young people have reason to be mistrustful. Although there are those who think we are living in a recovery period all the historical and present indicators show that this is merely the pause between an almighty crash that will make 2007-2008 look like a light-bulb “pop”.  If a vast proportion of young people cannot cope now, how on earth are they going to survive when things get really tough? All the more reason to prepare the ground now so that the children of the near future have a fighting chance.

We know that the crisis in meaning and purpose is hitting the young hard and has produced a range of fears which are symptoms of a core maladjustment to reality. For example, a lot of Milliennials are afraid about the future when it comes to earning a living or aspiring to the level of affluence that their parents may have enjoyed. Yet, poorer nations are undeniably happier and find greater meaning in life despite considerably lower standards of living compared to their American counterparts. [11] 

This is something deeper and more complex than fears of material loss.


Photo: Mohamed Nohassi | unsplash.com

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Meaning and Purpose vs Loneliness and Isolation

Isolation, lack of support, limited variety of social connections and feeling that people do not belong play a part in the rise of a number of psychological disorders including chronic anxiety, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression. Accordingly, the body will begin to reflect the mind’s distress which is why ill-health is so often associated with the above.  The results of a study published in Science Daily a few years ago was part of the deluge of new reports showing the link between our state of mind and the immune system.  Researchers found: ” that people who were more lonely showed signs of elevated latent herpes virus reactivation and produced more inflammation-related proteins in response to acute stress than did people who felt more socially connected. ” And with loneliness comes poor quality relationships and the consequent health problems leading to reduced mortality.  Similarly, social isolation and the lack of support is now known to play a major role in the onset and development of addiction rather than any overriding chemical dependency. [12]

© Cacioppo et al., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology A graphical representation of the social network of Framingham, Mass., shows lonely people clustering at the periphery of the network.

With figures on loneliness rising in the states year by year, and with a predominately aging society young people are increasingly matching older generations by declaring loneliness as a primary cause of their discontent if not their physical health issues. One report by The Lonely Society back in 2010, highlighted a link between the extreme individualism of Western capitalist/consumerist societies and a varied panopoly of mental health disorders. [13]  Though consumerism is only one spoke in the wheel of causes, data from a new Cigna study from this year offered even more startling figures. Cigna examined the behaviour driving loneliness of 20,000 Americans aged 18 and over to reveal:

  • Nearly half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling alone (46 percent) or left out (47 percent).
  • One in four Americans (27 percent) rarely or never feel as though there are people who really understand them.
  • Two in five Americans sometimes or always feel that their relationships are not meaningful (43 percent) and that they are isolated from others (43 percent).
  • One in five people report they rarely or never feel close to people (20 percent) or feel like there are people they can talk to (18 percent).
  • Americans who live with others are less likely to be lonely (average loneliness score of 43.5) compared to those who live alone (46.4). However, this does not apply to single parents/guardians (average loneliness score of 48.2) – even though they live with children, they are more likely to be lonely.
  • Only around half of Americans (53 percent) have meaningful in-person social interactions, such as having an extended conversation with a friend or spending quality time with family, on a daily basis.
  • Generation Z (adults ages 18-22) is the loneliest generation and claims to be in worse health than older generations.
  • Social media use alone is not a predictor of loneliness; respondents defined as very heavy users of social media have a loneliness score (43.5) that is not markedly different from the score of those who never use social media (41.7). [14] 

Although smart society has a powerful influence on loneliness and isolation, it seems social media per se – like the rampant backdrop of consumerism – is not the primary cause, as has been discussed previously. (I will distill the specific factors at play in the next post).

Although a complex mix of epigenetic and environmental influences are operating, there may even be “a specific genetic basis for social isolation and social interaction” according to one study which was published in Nature earlier this year. Such findings have implications in tackling not only loneliness and isolation but obesity and mental health in general. [15]  What’s more, it’s been known for over ten years that such a malaise might well be contagious as a kind of inversion of community coherence. Individuals who feel themselves trapped in this way foster distrust in others because they don’t trust their connections which leads to a block in the chain of exchange, thereby increasing the lack of skills needed for social integration on top of continuing isolation. (See graphic above). Loneliness is spread more among women than men and is more likely that such a contagion will be caught from friends rather than family. Which has implications for toxic ideologies like Western 4th Way feminism and the peer group chatter-base of social media-led friendships. [16] 

Navigating around our current cultural and environmental box may mean a person becomes progressively locked into this feeling of isolation which can be extremely difficult to break, unless we willfully change our thinking. Those prone to loneliness may have a personality that is naturally introvert, and/or intellectual; experienced hurt or been traumatised in the past with the consequent hyper-sensitivity to pain and the circular thoughts that follow. This may provide over time, a fine analysis of other people’s psychology, a skill that is an advantage when it comes to limiting possible threats but creates an ironic repulsion of the very thing that the lonely so desperately wish for in their lives: social interaction and inclusion. When you are utterly focused on not being the butt of jokes; not being ridiculed or seeking out the “perfect” social grouping this tends to narrow the field to point zero. [17]

Quality rather than quantity seems to be the key. Closeness and meaningful relations are what’s more important, in the same way that intimacy over the conveyor belt of normalised sexual conquest is the only way authenticity can begin to flower within close relationships. A sense of belonging and coherence naturally develops meaning and purpose, and vice versa. Take care of one, and you’ll likely find the other. And the involvement of interests, cooperation and giving something back to one’s community is an antidote to the dangers of introspection that can all too easily become a self-absorbed indulgence. In this climate of group identity and tribalism, the spinning wheel of an individual’s negative thoughts amounts to a “safe space” from the reality of who we really are – warts and all. Overidentification can spin out of control which is why this individual struggle is often mirrored in a desperate wish to belong, at any cost, which usually means truth and objective reality are the casualties. Combined with our natural predisposition to please authority figures, you can see how useful this is to our power brokers.

This isn’t about enforcing a rigid moralism and running back to a time when religious authoritarianism laid down the rules. But the ultra-permissive chaos characterizing our culture now seriously lacks the boundaries and limitations that promote regulation. A lot of young people have no idea who they are where they are going, but they are pulled along relentlessly into the maw of Official Culture and all it requires of them. When they understand that society offers them nothing where it counts, they will pick almost anything that numbs the pain and offers a dopamine high as they travel down the roads laid out by cultural ideologues, rather than the cues from their naturally emerging selves.

Under the tutelage of a nurturing community with clear demarcations of inner and outer dialectical exploration that precious emergence can be guided onto the right tracks for maximum potential. Without the right guidance this transition from kindergarten to tween; teen to young adult effectively means being wrenched from childhood into adulthood with none of the social and spiritual knowledge required for enriching themselves and by extension, the culture of which they are a part. By “spiritual” I refer to that which nourishes the child and young adult with MEANING promotes health and joy. And meaning can only come from a community of people who look after each other in ways that go beyond our current paradigm.

Economist and social commentator Charles Hugh-Smith describes how the application of technology; a changing workplace; nomadic lifestyles and the disruption of the family unit are some of the key components of this new culture of isolation and emptiness. Here’s what he said in a recent podcast:

Our culture is ill.

Our families have been depreciated and demoralized. A lot of people don’t get along with their families. They don’t have any family connections. Or they see their relatives once every few years or something.

Of course this is understandable in an economy where we have where people are always moving around. You have to move for your job. Or you have to move for your kids’ schools. There’s a dozen reasons why you’ve got to move far away and then lose connection to your family of origin. Distance makes it much more difficult to maintain. But, however it occurs, this loss of sense of family is a core factor plaguing our culture.

Then there’s the erosion of values and faith. Those experiences are primary in their participants’ lives. You have got to have faith or value. Something you really value and you’re willing to sacrifice for. You find other people in the same boat. You’re going to have something that’s really exciting and positive. Everyone is going to get positive feedback when they join.

A strong belief in a value system will allow you to congregate around things. Like for artists it’s about finding a cheap place to live and sharing your art with other people who are just as excited about doing their art. That’s a value system. I will sacrifice everything else to support this. Shared values are the anchors or magnets for social engagement.

And when people congregate around shared values, there are positive social roles for everyone. In other words, you could be unemployed. You could be at a low point in your family.  You could have a lot of things going wrong in your life. But when you show up for that organizational meeting, people brighten, “Hey, you’re here! We need you. Your contribution is important.”

It just makes an enormous difference in your outlook on life. Your demoralization goes away — at least, as long as you’re participating in community groups with positive social roles. [18]

Community? What’s that? 

The word is well-known and somewhat over-used. We have the “local community;” gay and Muslim communities for instance, but what does it really mean? Different things to different people. My use of the word is related to genuine self-sufficiency, autonomy and spiritual freedom that arises from people making the decision to re-enchant their lives to help their locality – economically, ecologically, socially and culturally. It is not remotely connected to a politician’s definition which is usually a skin-deep platitude designed to bolster his or her political ideology. The fact is, there is no official encouragement of community so defined, but the seeds of such a renewal are beginning to sprout in most nations. (More on this later in the series).

Community flourishes when it is not tied to a political slogan and the mechanisms of our failing social systems as we commonly understand them, nor when it is based on rigid beliefs. However, awareness of these realities needs to be understood if people with differing political and religious preferences are to work together. True vision arrives when we see how leftism and conservatism need each other – and other political preferences in between – if the community organism is to survive and thrive. Radicalism must play no part in this evolution. The success of that community – whether seven or seven-hundred – is only feasible when the individual remains autonomous within an overall set of shared values and goals. When the individual is free but willing to move in the same direction as the community it can develop organically with the flexibility of creative experimentation that allows mistakes and challenges to build knowledge and strength. In reality, this “self-sufficiency” is a shared process of bring forth a world designed around psycho-spiritual integrity and learned resilience. This is then translated into practical, functional tools and emblems of that process which characterise sustainable and self-evident progress for all.

When people feel a part of something that benefits them in practical ways and attends to their emotional and spiritual needs – however imperfect – then creative connectivity begins to build a group centre – a well-spring of energy that is both shared and sustained as a feedback loop of nourishment. And it is this centre, this heart of a community, that provides meaning and purpose -where it counts. With the individual finding meaning within an overall alignment of perennial values and principles and with real world applications, the community is enriched and enlivened. The greater the meaning and purpose the greater the ripple back of knowledge disbursement, leading to the optimal integrity of the centre.

In terms of political beliefs, we might say that the left ensures openness and change, the right offers caution and boundaries to that change. To honour these differences and to explore how they may fit into a mosaic of applications where everyone benefits is the antithesis of the State. To foster community in villages and towns is to give wings to conscience that thrives through the right social connections diverse in background but following the same values and principles. Such unrelenting faith and intention will unleash a creative power to which young people are naturally attuned.

And it is that “attunement” that we need to make sure they find once again.

To foster meaning and purpose and break the cycle of loneliness requires adaptation and flexibility. Nothing will ever be perfect since it is is the in the process of doing that one finds one’s place. The result will always be part of a greater cycle that is by nature, transitory and unpredictable. So, why look for what is an unattainable utopia? But we can do a heck of a lot better than we have now. In the same way, communitarianism will not work from institutional initiatives because it will be infected by the same agendas for social management seen for example, in the ubiquitous push for an Eco-SMART society (which I wrote about here and here). It has to emerge from an organic, grass-roots stimulus, a decentralisation that occurs away from Official Culture of the State. This is a quiet act of non-compliance. You cannot fight city hall as the saying goes, but you can ignore it as far as it is possible, and join others who choose to do the same.

The inner community of one is a personal quest which will naturally translate to an external expression. It means exploring the damaged psyche and finding the gaps in our awareness. It means understanding how far we are from our true calling and how best we can find the path of access back to balance. Rather than focusing too much on the why of the past, we can tell a new story beginning in the present and by healing the emotions locked in the body channeled in unproductive ways through the overactive mind.  Any simple activities which ground the emotions and establishes coherence and cooperation by sharing group endeavour will serve to naturally open up lost pathways to the soul, as well as repairing neurological branches within the brain which had long since been “burnt” away by hurt and pain. In time, this will lead to purpose. You can be sure that such an effort will reap dividends as the fabric of our Universe responds to effort as opposed to apathy. This is a natural law.

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Since greater purpose and meaning in life protects against the aging of the brain; reduces death from all causes; creates a happier and more fulfilled life, with greater longevity and health, it makes an awful lot of sense to make this quest a priority.[19] Loneliness can be remedied and mental illness ameliorated, or even eliminated, over time. Jumping headlong into complex issues encouraged by activism-focused university courses will not address the core issues in the same way that imposing mathematical/logical testing on preschool kids will not encourage a healthy template for their future. Regarding the former, all it does for students is to feed their entitlements and divert their creativity into ideological false promises and for the latter, interfere and impair the natural, neurological development of the child, where learning is associated with imposed stress wholly alien to the type of education these children need. When reaching young adulthood, certain personality types will opt for liberal arts courses where the coalition of SJW tribalism, media and activist-prone courses will mean minds already primed for indoctrination from institutionalised ideology, which right now, happens to be radical leftism.

There is nothing wrong with activating a social conscience in the same way there is nothing wrong with studying esoteric wisdom traditions. Both need a very careful, graduated approach so that the individual is in a position to cope with complexity and nuance when the time is right. History, in this respect, is the story of running before we can walk which only adds to noise and chaos. Perhaps young people need to start small, one step at a time and in a chronological sequence that offers clear, goal-based delineated progress. You adapt to the requirements of the time and have an active part in re-writing your own story thereby honouring the powerful potential of the unconscious to adapt to your new thinking. Matching your inner intention with sensible, simple and pragmatic outer actions will deliver change and the support to see it through. [20]

We don’t need to have grand visions of changing the world. We start the process of changing ourselves and the rest will follow, most notably those closest to us and in our immediate locale. Otherwise we are wide open to evil – either by apathy or by active participation. Evil spreads its pathogen cumulatively, through our ignorance of unconscious forces let loose into the world. Our job is to see them, reign them in and understand their presence in our psyche and how they might effect others. This is one of the most honourable (albeit ambitious) quests you can encounter. It is the true meaning of the hero or warrior myth. We must start small in a similar vein to Nature’s cycles of growth: in generally takes time, will, sacrifice and a lot of effort through a form of conscious suffering set up from a conscious choice. When applied to healing oneself and finding purpose with others reality WILL respond. The late Polish playwright, dissident and prime minister of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel phrased it this way:

“Everything starts with the smallest of things. People don’t have to invent visions of a better world. It’s enough to start behaving politely with those around them in accordance with their consciences. Not in a way that would cause that unpleasant feeling of being tainted. And it’s enough for them to do it in their own microworld.” [21]

This is why clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson emphasises “standing up straight with your shoulders back” and cleaning up your room. [22] By starting small we step by step, develop humility and the self-confidence to tackle the ABC of life therefore avoid hypocrisy and burnout when the bigger issues draw our attention. And our world is designed to seduce you from that creative potential by draining your essential energy into a variety of addictions – grand or small. The world needs people who have earned the wisdom to care because it will be the kind of social conscience that can recognise the dangerous errors of education as ideology and the patterns of psychopathy appearing in the workplace and our institutions; where the development of conscience is not a fake altrusim to feel wanted or special but has been seeded as a result of the struggle with the unknown and the will, trust and faith to see it through. It is then that we bring forth something uniquely creative and useful to community. In combination with certain catastrophic events, it may be then that the very structure of Official Culture and the technosphere will begin to see an exodus to other forms of living that will slowly restrict its human and material energy supply.

Many of us have likely been so beaten down by life that we are confronted with the realisation that enforcing reality to conform to our little preconceptions and presumptions we invite more chaos into our lives than harmony. By seeing that life may have dealt us a series of blows perhaps designed to wake us up, we retain the opportunity to see the past clearly and whatever role we played in it, thereby choosing the responsibility to carve a new future for ourselves. Acknowledging that we have regrets and some “issues” is  part and parcel of seeing ourselves as we really are with no bullshit whatsoever. Perhaps that is our primary mission above all else, if we desire to be of service to others, thus ourselves.  It is only then that we will be useful to our friends, family and colleagues because we will be actively building that integrated community of one, in order to create the potential of community in our locale.

Or we can just project our angst into the world, gain some relief but put off personal growth – the  reason for our existence.

Purpose can be anything that interests and drives you; whatever gives a sense of enjoyment and passion for life. But what gives it meaning beyond our own self-interest is the service we can provide to others. And the choice to share our skills, however humble we may perceive them to be, happens almost by default once we have genuinely begun the process of addressing the core source of our own obstacles. We discover that the deep meaning to life that arises from helping others echoes the suffering that we endured on the road to a more harmonious personality and as such, we access empathy and conscience; we learn to decentralise the self. Paradoxically, by focusing less on ourselves, we receive much more in return as a mathematical certainty.

But here’s the kicker: when you begin to access the nature of an underlying connectivity that exists between people with the intention to give without seeking to get, one’s moral compass and the axis of values which lie upon it become exponentially heightened, affecting others in ways we may not be able to immediately see as empirical proof, but nevertheless flow through the network of connections. [23] Create goodness for others create goodness in yourself. Hold on to constriction within yourself expect constriction in others.

Expansion that runs along the tracks of ethical and moral knowledge facilitates expansion in others as a ripple effect. When you feel good you want to share it. When you change your inner environment and symbolise this by constructively changing the environment in which you live this also reaches others. Life is inexhaustively symbolic and welcomes unidirectional transformation. There IS help out there. But we must learn its symbolic language. When that process is repeated and “grooved” and based on tangible results it becomes amplified through simple emotional resonance and feedback, not only to the original individual as instigator and facilitator but throughout the community as a whole.

Young men desperately need meaning and purpose to DO and to act. Young women desperately need meaning and purpose to nurture and receive. Yes, they can flip over and interchange – these are not cliches or stereotypes fixed in stone, but hard-wired, biological facts which can flexibly translate into an almost infinite diversity of applications to enrich a community.

A purely Darwinian interpretation of social groups only goes so far and may even work for a psychopathic worldview. Obviously, that is not a culture thriving on conscience but one that uses the majority to furnish a minority addiction to power for its own sake. Normal human beings are more than that; cooperation and altruism correctly applied determines whether or not we live life lightly, simply and creatively or merely survive. Trust and faith regarding that truism can only arrive by experimentation and by pushing through the fear and misery that would have you remain with what you know – even if that’s horribly bleak as you set out. The very effort to break the pattern of constriction WILL be met with a response.

Isolation and loneliness are poisonous to the individual and the promise of community and play a significant role in the misery of the young. And of course, it’s a round robin: if one is anxious or depressed then it tends to decrease motivation, impair the quality and length of sleep; increase isolation and therefore one’s sense of purpose. So, it will be equally obvious that a support network to provide simple human connections is essential. Whether it is loneliness or addictions – we all need support and CONTACT, a fact that has been proven time again in countless studies.

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

George Bernard Shaw

The suffering that comes from loneliness is the painful motivator, which is true of life in general. This is the value of suffering:  it makes us stronger – if we bite the bullet. Until that person either gets so switched off and depressed or s/he begins to get positively “angry” and release the courage to seek a way out, self-pity and victimhood mentality will keep him trapped in that pit of despair. Seeking genuine connections with others has to be one of the greatest motivators – even if it takes us a few introspective trials and dead-ends to get there.  Unless we attempt to carefully pull ourselves out of that pit, we may be subject to a serious decline in our mental and physical health. Loneliness is not just comparable to obesity as a threat to longevity in younger generations, each may be inextricably tied up with the other when it comes to toxic stress in childhood. [24]

There ARE very real material and existential threats to our peace of mind and material well-being. They are designed to stimulate our highest potential; to act as a mirror for an opposite creative ideal, should we choose to take it. Without such friction we would remain the robots or zombies responding mechanically to biochemical cues – exactly how our predator overlords like it. And this is really the point….

Do we continue to be victims of our pathological culture,  pay our taxes and elect local and national leaders that can only offer the same abject bullshit over and over again? Or do begin to carefully build something different within and help others do the same? And the funny thing is, once you begin that process a community of responses arrive through the human connections you make.

Community emerges from the development of one’s own microworld.

* =  the property of a living system (such as a bacterial cell or a multicellular organism) that allows it to maintain and renew itself by regulating its composition and conserving its boundaries” | The notion of autopoiesis is at the core of a shift in perspective about biological phenomena: it expresses that the mechanisms of self-production are the key to understand both the diversity and the uniqueness of the living. —Francisco J. Varela, in Self-Organizing Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 1981 (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).



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  1. Questions – this should bea comment in another article but here goes:

    Daniel Estulin says that Trump is backed by Rothschild VS Rockerfeller (Daniel Estulin – Rothschild’s back Trump – Rockefeller’s back Hillary) and William Engdahl says this:

    ‘Mr. Engdahl proposes The Globalist are not trying to get the President out of office as many say. He says mr Trump is doing their bidding and would never have in the White House if he was a true threat to their agenda.’

    I wonder; Since Kissinger (Bilderberg’s steering group) is very close to Trump AND George Soros is Rothschild’s tool *, it seems strange to me that Estulin says that Trump is backed by Rothschild vis-a-vis Rockerfeller, who allegedly are in infight (in fact it is the power groups above them who are duking it out according to Estulin)). If there is infight – and it’s not a huge Kabuki-truman trump show – we do not get much to know about it (but it’s not the infight described by the Alex Jonestown cult or the Q-anon PSYOP Disneyland tale, both disinfo/limited hangout/intel operatives) .[1]

    * Trump-Soros opposition is fake, as we know from many sources, Kushner who is die-hard Chabad, etc. and Soros is Rosthschild agent.
    William Engdahl: “Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group. Understandably neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public, so the tight links to his friends in the London City, in the British Foreign Ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty friends in the American Establishment would stay concealed. ”

    A rarely noted point; It was Comey who de facto hurt Killary Clinton’s chance of being elected when he announced he would reopen the server case against Clinton only 2 weeks before the election.

    The choice was rigged anyway ….the american people did’nt have a choice, the whole Trump biography is sick and rotten, and he was good friends with Clintons for many years, and was himself a democrat. My research tells me that Trump was chosen many years ago …

    Trump is in the pocket of Israel, Chabad and The Deep State. Both Trump and Putin are favouringr Israel, and The Saker increasingly is increasingly doing mental gymnastics to explain Putin’s protective relationship with Israel, etc.

    What both Engdahl and Estulin are missing on the radar (I think) are Chabadniks – but again; Mossadniks-Chabadniks and Rothschild are one (babylonian/ sabbathans IMO), and Chabadniks are very close to Putin also.

    Part of the game plan is rebuilding of the Third Temple. But while the Truman-Trump show is running the following geopolitical lines do not fly with either mainstream OR most of the alternative media: NEOM is apparently part of the prototype transhumanist blueprint for the new smart cities a la Hunger Games/Elysium/DDR 3.0 – VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO – about much much more than Bilderberg (misleading video title) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2frpU6nkb_I&t=

    Just saw this:

    Luciferic Chabad Lubavitch in the White House and in The Kremlin …

    Putin and Trump are both very close to Chabad – and at the same time an unprecedented infight in the top pyramid ? – if so, that means that the theory of the 3rd narrative (fake engineered dialectics between the US and Russia) grows more and more vis-a-vis the theory of factions, .ie.regardless of potential infight between elite mafia factions, but in that case; at what level in the pyramid? The highest as Estulin says?

    Just sharing thoughts and 2 cents.

    What’s your take?




    [1] Just like Flat Earth, a huge PSYOP, some of the Q-Anon patterns seem to be the same, but whereas Flat Earth is primarily guilt-by-association to make the truth movements look kooky, Q is a much more dangerous operation (popularized by Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi): It’s the psychological usurpation and weaponization of the truth movements against themselves, the shaping of a fabricated false awakening with limited hangout that will be used against the enemies of the deep state. Just like Trump being the ‘hero’ against the Deep State is a faux narrative. Control the minds and you control everything. The Q-anon conspiracy theory was initially promoted by Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi (HUGE dead giveaway red flag)

    Sharing thoughts again…just thinking aloud

    In an article written by professor Michel Chossudovsky called “Manufacturing Dissent” he focused on the process of “manufacturing dissent” (rather than “consent”), which plays a decisive role in serving the interests of the ruling class. Prof. Chossudovsky argues that it is in the interest of the corporate elites to accept dissent and protest as a feature of the system inasmuch as they do not threaten the established social order. The purpose is not to repress dissent, but, on the contrary, to shape and mold the protest movement, to set the outer limits of dissent. To maintain their legitimacy, the economic elites favor limited and controlled forms of opposition, with a view to preventing the development of radical forms of protest, which might shake the very foundations and institutions of global capitalism. In other words, “manufacturing dissent” acts as a “safety valve”, which protects and sustains the New World Order according to Prof. Chossudovsky.

    Trump is the mainstream executive COINTEL version of Alex Jones, along with COINTEL infiltrator pundits, Q-anons, etc. and millions of hijacked Trump-believers to shape the dissent and Divide & Conquer.

    In the same way as anomalies about 9/11 or Obama-as-Deep State-puppet were unoticed in the beginning, only because a minority were tracking these anomalies, the Trump-as-puppet narrative is still a minority view IMO, and the majority view; that he is a rebel, is one that has been carefully construed by usurpation and cognitive infiltration; Trump-as-a-rebel is part of the establishment PR weaponization against truth seekers (Alex Jones, Q-anon, etc.) and the population. This happened because awareness of the elites and conspiracies arrived at a critical mass, became a somewhat ‘conspiracy populist’ movement. Thus we now have a diluted and manipulated ‘Walmart Conspiracy’ version for the masses in which Trump functions as ‘spokesman’ in order to hijack, manipulate the masses (and how he ‘won’ the election). I view some of these rabbit holes as the ‘syllabus’ that’s lesser known on the radar of both mainstream or most of the (now partially usurped) understream, i.e. alternative media/conspiracy websites.

    Thus, many conspiracy researchers are in danger of becoming ‘conspiracy illiterate’ in terms of these lesser known connections and rabbit holes, especially the chabad-ziocon connections

    What will happen when the lights go out in the future? With worst-case scenarios like  FEMA and Continuity of Government, Martial Law, internet breakdowns, economic breakdown scenarios etc. Many of the Alex Jones/Q-die-hards – we are talking about millions – will be locked in their mental state of mind, thus still hijacked and misled by their own minds and Deep State operatives in the real world as ‘ foot soldiers’ whose minds are still captured by the Q-anon/Alex Jones limited hangout/disinfo operation, and these ‘foot soldiersø would be used  (after having been brainwashed in Jones/Q’s virtual-digital re-education camps) against the real patriots and truth movement on the ground, the real enemies of the Deep State, the original truth movements following 9/11, etc.

    BUT Q-anon is being exposed as a PSYOP big time simultaneously with many truthers and other anti-zionist competent awakened individuals calling it out as a PSYOP.  That’s one of the reasons why Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones are pulled their support for Q recently IMO cause the exposure of critical comments against Q and Corsi are too much of a blowback.

    It’s a noteworthy stunt that Alex Jones got the privilege interviewing Trump 3 times before the election on Infowars and supported Trump’s lie in the very first minute of the interview for saying it was the dancing/celebrating muslims on 9/11, even though AJ perfectly knew it were the dancing israelis!!!

    The alternative media suffer now from their own cognitive dissonance because of 4th generation psychological warfare, a Cass Sunsteins’que cognitive infiltration against the alternative media (implemented and initialized years ago). Most of the circus that takes place is smoke and mirrors, as 4th generation warfare with limited hangout ‘crumbs’, intentional COINTEL 2.0, false trails mixed with truth. The result is a designed ‘fake awakening’ posing as ‘real’, etc. – to pacify, disrupt, distract, and divide & conquer the orginal truth movements and general population. Ron Paul’s view is also that Trump is a fake rebel in the Neocon/Ziocon camp de facto, and playing the unpredictable ‘rebel’ is part of the clown script (4th generation psychological warfare) 

    It seems that large parts of the alternative media have been hi-jacked via gamification in regard to the Trump-as-rebel narrative and why the alternative media are suffering from cognitive dissonance in the same way as mainstream did when they were confronted with the alternative media criticism of Obama. Some parts of the original truth movements are now in danger of becoming conspiracy iliterate in terms of deeper rabbit holes regarding Trump because of Deep State-fabricated and fake ‘rabbit holes’

    The whole thing is cunningly clever and diabolocal….

    The media was indeed an integral part of Trump’s winning the election – the colossal, unprecedented amount of coverage (equivalent to $2 billion in free advertising) he received, regardless of whether it was positive or negative, in addition to the torrent of email leaks and scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton (many of which were seeded by Wikileaks) that were transmitted on full blast by both the alternative and ostensibly pro-Clinton mainstream media, propelled him into a position to win both the nomination and election. The ratio of negative coverage to positive Trump received was barely higher than that of any other Republican candidate’s and, contrary to what the shill altmedia says, probably lower than that of Hillary Clinton. [2] [3] Many simply dismiss a conscious media role in boosting Trump through explaining the coverage as a response to higher polling numbers. Firstly, this fails to take into account that the mainstream media began heaping legendary amounts of coverage upon Trump before he ever registered in the polls or even announced his candidacy. Secondly, statistical studies have shown that, while increased media coverage has a strong statistically significant positive effect on public support for a given candidate, increased poll numbers only exert a small (but still statistically significant) effect on media coverage, meaning media coverage is the primary driver of public support. [4]


    1. Hello CN,

      Thanks for writing. I don’t have the time to comment on all of your valuable research but as a general response, albeit inadequate, I actually don’t think Trump is either a Zionist puppet or some sort of saviour. I don’t put any credence in the Trump puppetry in so far as he is a conscious agent in the same way I don’t think Putin is doing the bidding of the Zionist Establishment. It appears that way, but it if one takes a very broad view of their characters and trajectories it doesn’t stack up for me. I think it’s a case of keeping your enemies close and operating very, very carefully indeed, for obvious reasons. Trump is well aware of Zionist influence and Deep State objectives. and aware of the nature of that control since he has dealt with them in business for many years. He is cunning and he is not stupid. But since he has a very large ego and little knowledge he is somewhat of a loose cannon. Yes, there is factional in-fighting going on but this was taking place well before he was president. He arrived in the middle of it and will no doubt be used accordingly based on that lack of awareness, where it counts. The Zio-cons are happy he’s there and looking to use him for their own ends whereas the Bush/Clinton cartels are running around attempting damage limitation.

      Unfortunately, despite what I believe are his good intentions (unlike Obama for instance who was about as obvious a puppet as you could get) his beliefs, character flaws and corporate perception are no match for this machine that’s been around for a long time. Yet, Trump is an anomaly. Parallel to other plans of the Deep State/Establishment he may well be a symptom of a pattern of glitches and unpredictable events which have not gone the Establishment’s way. Yes, there are always plans and agendas but occasionally the unpredictable nature of the universe escapes control. And Trump might be an example of that. He’s certainly in over his head and doesn’t have the knowledge or support to last. He will likely become the fall guy when things get a lot worse. Possible impeachment will be most likely I think. No president or future candidate can solve the criminality nested in American democracy but it will fall into it’s own entropic footprint at some point in the future. But I might be wrong of course, and it’s all just another “diabolical” plot. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

      I tend to think that those of us who are awake need to keep an eye on things but prepare ourselves by concentrating on psycho-spiritual survival in the face of inevitable socio-economic collapse. When that comes it will be irrelevant who’s who in the Establishment in-fighting. All that will matter is how people will survive and eventually prosper by dedicating themselves to living outside the influences of the State – as far as that will be possible.


  2. Well, I really hope you are right (as you are probably on the top 5 list among the world’s best Deep politics bloggers) Yes,of course, Obama was the archetypical shill front puppet.

    Yes, sure, the exodus meme from the matrix is in full swing in the minds of many millions (self-sufficiency and perhaps immigration from US and EU).

    My latest article: The Invisible Jesuit Order (I sued quotes from you btw):

    Not trying to be contrarian at all, just presenting other research FYI:

    1.Trump-Rothschild connection
    2. Rothschild-Trump Connection – Major Revelations

    3. The Trump / Q-Anon psyop 1 – 3, Good guy / bad guy theater on the way to a one world government:
    4. Trump controlled by Mossad 1 – 5,
    6. Hidden Agendas Part Two: Wikileaks and the Trump propaganda infrastructure
    7. Trump Dossier 2018:
    .’ https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/trump-dossier-2018/

    Trump & Infowars Deception of The Century: Martial Executive Orders – Civil War


    Previous research (snippets):

    Russia’s official spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, in front of millions of viewers 2016:

    “If you want to know what will happen in America, who do you have to talk to? You have to talk to the Jews, naturally. But of course,” …..She then told the audience that if you want to know anything , you need to talk to the residents of Brighton Beach, a New York neighborhood with a large Russian Jewish community. [ie. Brighton Beach is stronghold of Russian mafia and Chabad Lubavitch – pedophelia, crime, drugs, trafficking] ”
    – Russian spokeswoman says Jews behind Trump win, Times of Israel

    Russian FM spokeswoman makes reasonable statement, people go crazy – SOTT

    “Trump might be the mainstream COINTEL executive version of Alex Jones, both controlled opposition, both gate-keeper hangouts speaking (limited) truth. https://paradigmet.blogspot.com/2018/01/trump-is-mainstream-version-of-alex.html

    Previous unpublished research:

    The truth movements have, to a large extent, been hijacked by a huge military disinfo controlled opposition operation, primarily led, of course, by über disinfo shill Alex Jones, and other fake truthers (NB! Alex Jones was instrumentally important getting Trump elected on a ‘grassroots level support base, i,e, reigning in the dissidents in favor of Trump..

    NB! By the way; one of the secrets of the film, The Matrix, is that the ‘real world’ ‘outside’ the matrix was also a simulation, another layer created, in order to keep track of rebels escaping and uphold the power structure…providing a false awakening mistaken for a real one, just like planned.

    I suggest people fight hard to deprogram themselves from the pro-Trump’ian/Alex Jones’que false awakening/controlled oppositios/limited hangout story telling aimed at dividing truth and conquering freedom movements…..I recently made my first posts to Steemit about Q Anon, which I believe to be a Zionist psy-op. It’s a near 20K word, 4 part series bringing to light just some of the reasons why I believe Q Anon is a Zionist psy-op. I don’t get much into Q Anon posts in any of the 4 parts, because I see it as pointless to engage the psy-op. Suffice to say I have been following the Q Anon phenomenon and numerous accounts on Twitter keep me abreast with the latest developments, codes, etc. But rather than dissect all the inconsistencies and ill-thought-out arguments around the so-called ‘proofs of Q’ (almost all of which constitute indication more of an orchestrated psy-op than they support the comforting narrative spun by Q to encourage complacency, misunderstanding, and diversion.

    This is not to say that much of Q’s posts haven’t included a lot of truth. Much of it is very true. But it’s what isn’t discussed or highlighted by Q Anon, coupled with the alternative narrative being applied to influence peoples’ understanding of the events transpiring. If you actually bother to read these pieces I explain how the psy-op is functioning and develop out some theories of my own about what is really taking place. It’s pretty clear that the Cabal’s new world order agenda is unfolding despite the faux hero Trump being in office.

    The fact that submissions to the sub are required to be ‘on topic(mentioned by Q) content only’ actually serves to prove my point about the effect of the psy-op to direct focus onto certain elements of the global conspiracy, and divert it from others. This sub, by that ‘rule’, seems to be devoting itself to being an echo-chamber for the psy-op, rather than inviting critical discourse and alternative points of view.

    So I anticipate this post being deleted. But I thought I would attempt to share it here anyway in the hopes of waking people up.

    Part 1: https://steemit.com/qanon/@onewhoseeks/why-i-believe-q-anon-is-a-psychological-operation-part-1

    Part 2: https://steemit.com/qanon/@onewhoseeks/why-i-believe-q-anon-is-a-psychological-operation-part-2

    Part 3: https://steemit.com/qanon/@onewhoseeks/why-i-believe-q-anon-is-a-psychological-operation-part-3

    Part 4: https://steemit.com/qanon/@onewhoseeks/why-i-believe-q-anon-is-a-psychological-operation-part-4-final

    EDIT: Also, consider this – https://www.henrymakow.com/Kushner-Belongs-to-Fanatical-Jewish-Doomsday-Cult.html


    I noticed the immediate rationalization by a q-anon follower in the comment section:

    “So what if Q is a LARP. The amount of real research and knowledge spawned from Q’s actions still make it a great thing. If Q was a psyop, what purpose would it serve evil actors to have everyone suddenly digging for the truth and exposing hidden agendas, secret alliances of power and countless rabbit holes of corruption everywhere? Q doesn’t give us answers. Q just asks the right questions and steers us to do our own research. It really matters not who Q is. The gained knowledge we have all acquired by our own doing has lead to this great awakening and huge increase in numbers. THAT is the real treasure and that is what’s important. Whether this administration actually drains the swamp or not, there are now exponentially more of us than a few years ago, and we have even greater understanding. This does not serve to benefit anyone wanting to pacify and lure us into enslavement, but quiet the contrary.”

    The commentator’s got it all wrong while being half right. It’s the other way around; it’s AFTER the fact. A limited hangout operation is exactly done and damage control because the truth was ALREADY out, the awakening was ALREADY exponentially happening, and that’s why the very original definition of a limited hangout is this:

    A “limited hangout” is spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their wall of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting – sometimes even volunteering – some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case’
    – Victor Marchetti

    it seems that there is a highly elaborate labyrinthic kabuki game going on, i.e. Q-anon and other PSYOPS where copy-cat’ing truths and inserting vague limited hangouts interjected with lies, using social science management and gamification. is the rule. I always remember Cass Sunstein who explicitly recommended cognitive infiltration techniques aimed a the ‘conspiracy theorists’ ( truth movements) in 2008.

    NB! Because of this, the original and continued ‘syllabus’ of the first post-9/11 generation has been diluted, disrupted, cognitively infiltrated and polluted with false spook-fabricated false conspiracy theories, lies mixed with truths…and deeper truths buried.

    Which means that many of the newer generation since ca. 2008 is a artificially socially engineered flock of ‘conspiracy theorists’ (Flat Earth being the worst crude example fx), a false awakening posing as real.Walmart Conspiracy done by THOUSANDS of PSYOP specialists (admitted by hired ex-Flat Earthers fx)
    * Q is Pro-trump: The war between good and evil – the noble maverick crusader Trump and his insider rebel military intelligence patriots and white hats VS the dark Deep State cabal waging war on Trump is the central scenery of the story.

    * Q-anon plays on the most fervent and holy aspirations of awakened individuals and a huge chunk of the truth movements – fueling the hopes of tearing down the system that has created the most veiled and dark tyranny the world has ever seeen, the end of untold suffering inflicted on humanity. With this in mind, in so far that it’s not only a grand LARP (Live-Action-Role-Play) but a real LARP + diabolical PSYOP, it’s likewise – reversely and proportionally – a most unholy and cruel mind control and grand perception management scheme on the minds of millions (and using MK-Ultra’sque (Q is using classic MK-Ultra like symbols also) and Sunstein’sque cognitive infiltration of the truth movements and something like Cambridge Analytica or Palantir in its gamifaction and social science PSYOP).

    Of course the 9/11/Kennedy murderers would do it, it had to happen cause the first generation was too dangerous for the powers that be, and still is, but accordingly we now got a bastardized generation of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists (by social engineered Sunsteins’que design) who believe in the ‘integrity’ of their PSYOPS and damage control through their limited hangout and disinfo entities like Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, Amy Goodman, Alex Jones (100% traitor), Glenn Greenwald (who now says Assad did the chemical attack – proof that he is a tool), Sibel Edmonds (outed recently by Corbett who himself got infiltrated by her through many years of collaboration), Robert Baer, etc. They have an army of dupes and controlled opposition agents emulating real awakenings…when in fact it is false limited hangout awakening by design…..

    James Corbett: “Now, a decade on from Sunstein’s proposal, we know that military psyops agents, political lobbyists, corporate shills and government propagandists are spending vast sums of money and employing entire armies of keyboard warriors, leaving comments and shaping conversations to change the public’s opinions, influence their behaviour, and even alter their mood. And they are helped along in this quest by the very same technology that allows the public to connect on a scale never before possible.” (footnote 1)

    NB! It’s important to notice, that the very first time that Wikileaks, got establishment promotion as ‘opposition’, it was by none other than …drumroll….Cass Sunstein!

    Webster Tarpley: ‘Interestingly, the first big publicity breakthrough for Wikileaks in the mainstream US media was provided by an infamous totalitarian liberal today ensconced in the Obama White House – none other than Cass Sunstein. In Sunstein’s op-ed published in the Washington Post of February 24, 2007 under the title “Brave new Wikiworld,” we read: “Wikileaks.org, founded by dissidents in China and other nations, plans to post secret government documents and to protect them from censorship with coded software.” How interesting that Sunstein was present at the creation of the new Wikileaks psywar operation!’

    My 2 Cents: Really dangerous dissidents – as a thumb rule – don’t get flashy promotions and productions by the mainstream, but tend to exist as scrappy footnotes in the corners outside ‘The Matrix’. If such footnotes (like the original 9/11 truth movement fx) go viral, they are either ignored or virulently character assassinated by establishment media (besides getting infiltrated and often physically assassinated).

    Conversely; when they are promoted by the mainstream media – as ‘opposition’, it’s the usual red flag that they are controlled opposition (like Wikileaks).

    “Soros and Trump administration are coordinating their efforts to fund anti-government Nicaraguan groups in the public sector, labor unions, student groups, religious organizations, and media. The same scenario is being enacted by Soros and Trump in Venezuela, where the political opposition, flush with money from NED and Soros-funded groups, have all but paralyzed Venezuela’s political system and economy. Trump, who has lied about his opposition to George W. Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq, appears prepared to conduct his own invasion of Venezuela. According to a July 4, 2018 Associated Press report out of Bogota, Colombia, in August 2017, Trump, in an Oval Office discussion with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser Lt. General H. R. McMaster about increasing sanctions on Venezuela, asked the two advisers why the United States just couldn’t invade Venezuela and overthrow its president, Nicolas Maduro. Trump told both officials, who warned against an invasion, that it worked for Ronald Reagan in Grenada in 1983 and George H. W. Bush in Panama in 1989.”

    1. “In 2014, an internal document was leaked from GCHQ, the British equivalent of the NSA. The document, never intended for public release, was entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations” and bluntly stated that “We want to build Cyber Magicians.” It then goes on to outline the “magic” techniques that must be employed in influence and information operations online, including deception and manipulation techniques like “anchoring,” “priming” and “branding” propaganda narratives. After presenting a map of social networking technologies that are targeted by these operations, the document then instructs the “magicians” how to deceive the public through “attention management” and behavioural manipulation.

    That governments would turn to these strategies is hardly a shocking development. In fact, the use of government shills to propagate government talking points and disrupt online dissent has been openly advocated on the record by high-ranking government officials for the past decade.

    In 2008, Cass Sunstein, a law professor who would go on to become Obama’s information “czar,” co-authored a paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” in which he wrote that the “best response” to online “conspiracy theories” is what he calls “cognitive infiltration” of groups spreading these ideas (one variant of cognitive infiltration that Sunstein suggested was that the government agencies would FABRICATE THEIR OWN CONSPIRACIES IN ORDER TO UNDERMINE THE TRUTH MOVEMENTS)

    “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action. In one variant, government agents would openly proclaim, or at least make no effort to conceal, their institutional affiliations. […] In another variant, government officials would participate anonymously or even with false identities.”

    It is perhaps particularly ironic that the idea that government agents are actually and admittedly spreading propaganda online under false identities is, to the less-informed members of the population, itself a “conspiracy theory” rather than an established conspiracy fact.”
    – The Weaponization of Social Media • 03/03/2018

    Nothing new as it is a continuation of COINTELPRO but with SEVERELY boosted addition of digital AI and refined disinformation techniques in the 21st Century….

    It’s noteworthy that the only ‘mainstream’ publication to treat the QAnon phenomenon seriously and sympathetically is Tablet Mag, a Jewish pro-Israel publication. On June 19 Tablet published an article by Hollywood screenwriter Tedd Mann, whose bio lists him as having worked on NYPD Blue, Deadwood, Hatfield McCoy and more recently, Homeland. The last screenwriting credit stands out, because the producers of Homeland and actors led by star Claire Daines (who played the infamously paranoid psychiatric patient agent Carrie Matheson) haven’t been shy about their public dialogue with the CIA, sometimes conducted via social media. We know that Trump has closeted as well as overt supporters in Hollywood like Twin Peaks director David Lynch, so is it too far outside the bounds of possibility that motion picture industry players are working with ex-spooks on QAnon as a guerilla/viral marketing production?:

    Tedd Mann in Tablet Mag:

    ‘Do you know about predictive modelling in computers?… Large technology companies and government intelligence agencies do predictive modeling using the machine learning language R with ‘caret’ (CLassification and REgression Training.) In the same way autistic people easily spot connections that normal people miss, machine learning sees causality that even autistic people are not able to process. Q and his colleagues appear to have used these techniques to model contingencies and to guide the development of their plan, while providing their followers with tactical guidance and updated predictions with data continually updated from reality.

    To build such a machine, Q needed services unavailable on the market at any price. He needed a few hundred intelligent, autistically-inclined people of disparate talents to network together. Try hiring those, and if you have 20 million you’re prepared to spend, how are you going to manage them? [AND millions of followers, many autistic geniuses]

    I believe that Q had this figured out, too. You can’t bully an autist, and they are not primarily motivated by money. The same way an autist can’t stand something like magazines left in disorder on a coffee table, they can’t stand living with obvious contradictions and lies. So, they are highly motivated truth-seekers. I think most of us are, to the degree that we have time; but where do you find it? The truth is a needle and out there are a thousand haystacks. Q knew that if he could convince the autists he was who he claimed, they would work night and day for him. When the president made his trip to Singapore, Q had a special present for the autists. It was a photograph taken from the window of a plane, below clouds, with a bit of a mountain poking through. So what? Autistic photo analysts geo-located the photograph in an hour. It was taken on ascent out of Pyongyang airport, and suggested Air Force One had made and unscheduled stop. The president met the little rocket man and closed the deal, last November….. Q says they have done the same deal with Iran. That there is going to be peace there too. Peace throughout the Mideast. So let’s wait and see.’
    – “The Story of Q” june 2018

    * The Q conspiracy theory was initially promoted and boosted big time by Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi (red flag)

    (Corsi presented himself once as a “creator of the B’nai B’rith Mutual Fund in Israel…https://hiddentaxonhumanity.com/hidden-tax-on-humanity/chapter-5-the-poland-connection/ Corsi was also the first person I heard use the phrase “preparing the minds” to describe what I had been profiling, including their use of cinema to manipulate the national consciousness.” Corsi is a Mossad operative: 22:45: Jerome Corsi, while speaking to a QAnon related group, mentions that he helped organize along with an Israeli group with “intelligence above Mossad” a meeting between then candidate Donald Trump and Henry Kssinger, and that Kissinger is pretty much the mastermind of the Trump Administration’s middle east policy.: https://youtu.be/6s4Yq_y2BFY?t=1365 and his background and book titles says it all: “Why Israel Can’t Wait: The Coming War Between Israel and Iran” by Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D. on Amazon.com, etc…..)

    2. ‘It should be clear that Assange and Wikileaks are precisely the practical realization of Sunstein’s program for “cognitive infiltration” shock troops to counteract and overwhelm any real mass understanding of oligarchical domination in the modern world,
    – Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein, Webster Tarpley, 2011

    “The Wikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job …The New York Times even assigned one of its top people, David E. Sanger, to control the release of the Wikileaks material. Sanger is no establishment outsider. He sits as a member of the elite Council on Foreign Relations …Indeed a strange choice of media for a person who claims to be anti-establishment. But then Assange also says he believes the US Government version of 9/11 and calls the Bilderberg Group a normal meeting of people, a very establishment view.”
    – Wikileaks: a big dangerous US Government CON JOB, William Engdahl

    Who is Behind Wikileaks?
    “The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel are directly involved in the editing and selection of leaked documents. The London Economist (Rotshschild) has also played an important role. While the project and its editor Julian Assange reveal a commitment and concern for truth in media, the recent Wikileaks releases of embassy cables have been carefully “redacted” by the mainstream media in liaison with the US government….how can this battle against media disinformation be waged with the participation and collaboration of the corporate architects of media disinformation?
    Wikileaks has enlisted the architects of media disinformation to fight media disinformation: An incongruous and self-defeating procedure.”
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    The Puppetworld Post has uncovered many links between Wikileaks and the international Rothschild network:
    –a sister-in-law and second cousin of the Rothschilds posted bail for Julian Assange (Puppetworld Post exclusive)
    –The Economist (a Rothschild magazine) gave Assange its New Media Award in 2008
    –Wikileaks used the law firm Fox Rothschild to overturn a judge’s ruling to order a web host to shut down the Wikileaks site
    – The Guardian and The New York Times, two of Assange’s media partners, are linked to the Rothschilds (PwP exclusive)
    –the owner of the mansion where Assange was eventually put under house arrest has links to Rothschilds
    –Assange’s lawyer is also Rothschilds’ lawyer
    –US Senator Joe Lieberman who was ultimately responsible for making Assange the largest media personality of the decade, is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations (a Rothschild organization)

    NB! Wikileaks had the role as ‘genuine opposition’ in the US election, which makes perfect sense


  3. By the way; this isn’t me: “I recently made my first posts to Steemit about Q Anon, which I believe to be a Zionist psy-op.”. A quotation was missing. I better stop spamming your comment section with this barrage of info overload.

    Good luck and Godspeed with everything.


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    1. Yes,I agree, Q Anon is most certainly a psyop. The Rothschild connections is a complex one since they have their interests directly or indirectly in virtually every pie.

      Well, I guess we will know to what degree and how consciously Trump is controlled by Mossad over the next few years. One thing is for certain, until the serpent that is ensconced within Anglo-American politics eats its own tail, no candidate will ever have the wherewithal or support to confront the system. So, we can lay a safe bet until that happens every candidate will be compromised or co-opted whether they are initially sincere or a conscious puppet.

      The only constructive aspect to this is the esoteric one. I think as we go forward Establishment designs – right to the top of the global occult hierarchy – will begin go awry more and more often as their techno-sorcery meets Divine Law. This is characterised by unpredictability and the Law of Exception, something the occult Elite can never strategize against.


  4. A monumental article below, complex and nuanced, with 440 footnotes – yet I still think that the Clinton-Trump opposition is a kabuki theatre to distract from the fact that Trump was chosen. They have been friends many years. I think the missing factor is freemasons and lodges.

    Extract from the article/link below – the end summarized sort of conclusion

    “It’s incontrovertible that the American conservative national security axis, Israeli Likudniks (and their quislings in the US) and Russian mobster-oligarchs all have a plethora of substantial ties to Trump and the Trump team. While it’s pretty easy to explain each group’s involvement with Trump individually, it’s much more difficult to determine if there’s any reciprocity between said groups and, if there is reciprocity, what its nature is.

    The conservative national security axis’s motivation for orbiting and in many cases explicitly bolstering Trump is very clear — 1) he’s a manipulable strongman, something the right-wing can’t seem to get enough of; 2) he espouses the kind of militaristic, unilateralist views they absolutely love; and 3) he’s been adjoined to their tight-knit clique for decades through people like Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Rupert Murdoch, Adnan Khashoggi and apparently even his father, who was an ardent Goldwater supporter and backer. (He’s also had plenty of relations with liberal internationalists like Henry Kissinger through New York high society.) Sure, the more predictable Ted Cruz, who also has national security ties, may have been their first choice. Indeed, this appears to be the case — James Woolsey and Frank Gaffney, two pillars of this faction, were behind Cruz before they were behind Trump. But Trump will certainly do for them, and has. What’s most significant about this is that it shows Trump was not a political outsider in the United States before being elected. That Trump was an “outsider” is literally a blatantly false canard reiterated by both the alternative and mainstream that doesn’t hold up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

    The hard-right Zionist Likudniks, who by the way have been completely and utterly in bed with the hard-right and Jewish neocons in America since at least the days of James Jesus Angleton, support Trump because of his unyielding pro-Israel stance. This stance comes from his past and recent collaboration with Likud-allied national security circles (the Israel lobby think tank network) in the US and him and his family’s long-standing connections to Israel and international Jewry, most eminently today through Jared Kushner, who is the main Trump backchannel with Israel. Remember — Kushner and Flynn, at the request of the Likudniks, attempted to undermine US policy regarding Israeli settlements before Trump was even sworn in and now the administration is even making secret agreements with Israel and its Saudi-Emirati goons about attacking Iran, Lebanon and Qatar.

    Russia is by far the most complex issue to analyze. It’s pretty apparent at this point that there has been an on-and-off Kremlin intelligence cultivation and support operation targeting Trump that probably originated in the late ’80s, survived the “collapse” of the Soviet empire and was aggressively revamped somewhere around 2013 at around the time of the 2013 Miss Universe pageant when talks about the development of a Trump Tower in Moscow (to be financed by KGB/FSB-front VTB Bank, according to Felix Sater) were resurrected. But to be clear, Trump is not a Russian puppet, at least not a knowing one. If he were, there would be no need for the multi-faceted frantic race to establish a backchannel of communication between the Trump camp and the Kremlin in 2015 and 2016. Sure, Russia obviously supported Trump’s campaign, the campaign was aware of this and it probably had direct communications with it at some point, but that’s a far cry from being a literal puppet. It’s more likely that they targeted him because his extreme ultranationalist unilateralist views (probably transmitted through Roy Cohn) would destabilize the US-led liberal international order, which is exactly what’s happened recently with NATO, the EU and the UN.

    A huge component of this is all of the business deals with and financial ties to the Russian-Jewish mob and Russian-Jewish oligarchs, both of which are usually indistinguishable. It is well known that the oligarchs and Russian mob are often surrogates for Russian intelligence. Now, the oligarchs’ ultimate end is mixing business, politics, crime and espionage for their own benefit, not necessarily acting as agents for the Kremlin, but wherever there are ties to the oligarchs with Trump there is deep involvement with the Russian mob. More specifically, the Semion Mogilevich-led Solntsevskaya bratva, which is by far the most sophisticated deniable wing of Russian intelligence.

    Almost all of the Russian oligarchs and most of the Russian mobsters are Jewish, often hold Israeli citizenship and have political connections in Israel, almost invariably to the Likud. Russia and Israel have long had a semi-covert relationship historically mainly through oligarchs and now increasingly directly. We know that George Papadopoulos, who was trying desperately to arrange meetings between Trump and the Kremlin, at one point acted as an agent of influence for Israel. Many of the most important characters and Russian backchannelers in the Trump saga such as Michael Cohen and Felix Sater interface through Chabad Lubavitch, which itself was cultivated by Vladimir Putin and basically appears to be a Russian-Jewish intelligence network. So, almost everywhere where there are Russian connections there are Jewish and Israeli ones as well, which makes it really quite difficult to tell whether the Russian-Jewish oligarchs and mobsters were acting on behalf of Kremlin, Israel, international Jewry or all three. It’s very likely a combination of the three motivated by having policies favorable to Israel in place in the United States and facilitating Eurasian integration, something Russia and apparently Israel now are both keen on promoting.

    The Likudniks are connected to the American hard-right foreign policy consortium, the Kremlin and the international Russian-Jewish-Eurasian criminal syndicate. But in order to close the loop there needs to be a direct Russian connection to the wider American hard-right. So far, there isn’t a well developed pattern of particularly strong ties between the two. Mike Flynn is by far the most convincing thread — he may very well have been targeted by a parallel cultivation operation alongside the Trump operation having sat next to Putin at the 2015 RT gala. Sean Hannity was for a time Russian backchanneler Michael Cohen’s client. Roger Stone had some communication with Russian intelligence cut-out Guccifer 2.0 and GOP operative Peter W. Smith solicited hacked Clinton emails from what he suspected were Russian intelligence operatives. James Woolsey had some kind of rapport with Russian-Israeli oligarch and crime syndicate operative Michael Cherney through Cherney’s Intelligence Summit, but that ended in 2006. A circuitous connection between the Mercer-Bannon duo and Russia runs through Cambridge Analytica. It’s all rather shallow and spotty.

    Another approach is to look for commonalities between all three groups in terms of their incentives and motivations. The two most compelling ones are defeating Hillary Clinton and taking down Iran. The US hard-right foreign policy crowd (other than a few largely powerless media pundits), Likudniks and Moscow are all anti-Clinton because she’s a liberal multilateralist. American national security and Israel are fanatically anti-Iran and Iran appears to be the most important agenda item for the Trump administration. However, what complicates this is the that Iran has been an ally of Moscow’s, although it is known that Erik Prince was making overtures to Putin confidantes attempting to convince the Kremlin to back off of its association with Tehran.

    Honestly, it doesn’t appear as if there was explicit collusion between American national security, Russia and Israel. It certainly appears that there may have been reciprocity and common interests between Likudniks and Russians and between Likudniks and American ultranationalists, but it really makes no sense for American ultranationalists as a faction to be knowingly and willingly involved in any Russian effort. It makes no sense for them, even though they’re unilateralists, to bolster someone who is seemingly so intent on destabilizing NATO (potentially even paving the way for the development of a European nuclear deterrent, which is being discussed in some circles), unless there is a truly unprecedented ultra-high level geopolitical shift being facilitated, which is certainly possible, but not likely. Or perhaps American national security was willing to risk destabilizing NATO for a short period of time in order to take Iran out of the equation.

    At this point it gets highly speculative, but what can be said for sure is that recent developments have been endlessly fascinating as an exercise in exploring deep political machinations and more is sure to come.”

    More simplified assumptions here:

    Caitlin Johnstons’s recent piece (often on Ron Paul websites): You don’t have to get into any deep conspiratorial rabbit hole to consider the possibility that all this drama and conflict is staged from top to bottom. …Would a billionaire WWE Hall of Famer and United States President understand the theater of staged conflict for the advancement of plutocratic interests, and willingly participate in it? I’m going to say probably.”
    View at Medium.com

    Brandon Smith: “Look at his cabinet. It is filled with ghouls from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Rothschild banking syndicate, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. The same people he spent his entire campaign criticizing as “swamp creatures”. They control Trump, and the White House. Trump is following their script exactly – Increasing tensions with Iran, Syria, Russia and keeping North Korea on a back burner, while also initiating a trade war while America is at its weakest economically. This trade war rather conveniently is hiding the detrimental activities of the Federal Reserve, which is pulling the plug on stimulus support and creating crash conditions that will eventually be blamed on conservatives. I’m not even mentioning all the surveillance state policies that Trump has signed off on. There is no “game” between the parties. Trump is pushing the ball forward for the globalists just like every other president for the past century. He is only different in rhetoric. If the democrats scare you more than the globalists, it is only because you do not grasp the true amount of control the globalists have over both sides of the political paradigm”

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