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August 1, 2021 (scroll down for latest)

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Lockdown Ineffective | Lockdown Impacts | COVID-19 Vaccinations: Deaths & Injuries


Obrador takes a stand: Mexico won’t be ‘hostage’ to Big Pharma, internet predicts trouble after he rejects Covid jabs for kids

Pizza for shots: UK targets young with vaccine incentives

‘Vaccination must remain a personal choice’: Bavaria’s minister defends rights of citizens for refusing the injections

Slavoj Zizek: The ‘remedies’ that Gates and Soros use to try to offset evils they’ve caused don’t cure the disease, but prolong it

Australia’s MILITARY enforcing lockdown, helicopters soar overheard blaring warnings, gov’t wants to inject 80% of population before border block lifted

Study cited by CDC to justify new mask guidance rejected by peer review, based on vaccine not used in US

New evidence suggests COVID vaccine may SPREAD the virus: NBC news report deleted from USA today article

Disturbing whilstleblower footage: Forced COVID vaccination in nursing homes, ‘We’re dealing with homicide, maybe even murder’

One in seven shops now vacant across the UK

Germany: Vaccinated “Will Have More Freedom” as Unvaxxed Banned From Cinemas, Restaurants

Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths

The mRNA COVID Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine

Video: The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis. “The Worst Crisis in Modern History”

10-Year-Old Girl Died From Plague In Colorado, Officials Confirm


New Normal Newspeak #3: “Progressive”

Iceland’s Chief Epidemiologist Suggests COVID-19 Restrictions Could Last For Up to 15 Years

Video: Graphene Oxide, A Toxic Substance in the Vaccine Jabs: Karen Kingston, Former Consultant to Pfizer, with Stew Peters

The WHO Recommends Genetic Manipulation and Gene Editing of Humans “To Promote Public Health”

Don’t Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on “Killer Vaccine” that Needs to be Watched by Everyone

Dr. Peter McCullough – URGENT WARNING About Poisonous Jabs – “An Agonizing Situation”

Is the Surge in Covid-19 Cases Among the Vaccinated Attributable to the Virus or to the Vaccine?

Veteran Australian broadcaster Alan Jones loses weekly column following anti-lockdown stance

Israel to Start Covid Booster Shots on Sunday; Pfizer Ups 2021 Revenue Expectation From $26B to $33.5B

Israel and Covid: Is the drug deadlier than the disease?

Prepare Now! Global Supply Chains at Risk

Similarities Of Medical Abuse In 1930’s Germany With Todays Covid19 Policies

The Department Of Justice Just (Illegally) Gave Green Light For Employer-Forced Vaccinations

Millions Protest Vaccine Passports Across Europe

Vaccine Passports and Medical Martial Law

WaPo’s big CDC scoop on Delta variant in the vaccinated is unintelligible. Was it meant to be?

The real pandemic is everyone doing as they are told

And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?

J’accuse! Banned GP’s damning letter to the NHS chief

CDC Insanity: Fully Vaccinated Spreading Delta Variant – So Everyone Needs to Get Vaccinated & Mask Up

The CDC’s Hysterical Flip-Flopping Might Be Its Final Undoing

Video: COVID Prison in British Columbia?

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the “Spike Protein”