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Lockdown Ineffective | Lockdown Impacts | COVID-19 Vaccinations: Deaths & Injuries


Half Of England’s Kids Unsure Or Unwilling To Receive Covid Jab

Is Pfizer Doing Illegal Experiments on Orphan Babies in Poland, Spain, Finland and the US? Questions to the Polish senate, the world needs answers

Dr Vernon Coleman: Shocking, Urgent News – Share Widely

In Country After Country Epidemic Exploded with Vaccination Program

High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated

Vatican to mandate vaccines for employees

Reprehensible egotist: Fauci says he will never reach a point where he resigns over Covid-19 controversies

Study finds life expectancy of US men dropped by over TWO YEARS since lockdowns were introduced – 6 month drop recorded in other Western countries

New York hospitals sack their unvaxxed employees as police state’s jaws snap shut: From ‘healthcare heroes’ to 2nd-class zeroes

Covid Scotland: Vaccine passports may ‘backfire’ and discourage vaccination, committee told

Shipping workers warn lockdowns causing ‘global transport systems COLLAPSE’

iPhones Will Diagnose Users Mental Health Issues In Future

New Zealand: Pro Basketball Player Axed For Refusing Jab

50 Per Cent Rise In Kids Going To A&E With Mental Health Issues

EU finds J&J COVID shot possibly linked to another rare clotting condition

Fauci Misled Public on Dangerous Virus Research That May Have Caused Pandemic, Investigation Reveals

San Diego School Board Mandates Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots for Students. Next Up, Taking the Mandate Statewide?

The Dangerous Myth of Health Service ‘Collapse’

India’s Covid-19 Task Force & “Experts” Exposed : Conflicts of Interest in Public Health System

Rand Paul Blasts Biden Health Secretary; “This Is An Arrogance Coupled With An Authoritarianism That Is Unseemly And Un-American”

Ministers Were Warned About the Dangers of the “Draconian” Coronavirus Act in the Same Month Wayne Couzens Abused Covid Rules To Kidnap Sarah Everard

French President Macron criticized for creating online “thought police” task force

NVIC’s 2021 Annual Report on State Vaccine Legislation

It looks like the Canadian military’s covert Covid propaganda operation has made me, an unjabbed citizen, an enemy of the state

UK Military Wants to Spy on Social Media to Detect “Change in Population Sentiment”

Italians’ electricity bills to rise by 30%, gas up 14%

“Our Species is Being Genetically Modified”: Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome

High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated

People are Dying Worldwide: “Foreign Aid” to Finance 1.8 Billion Vaccine Doses. Western Governments, Billionaires and Big Pharma Come to the “Rescue of the Poor Countries”

The Covid “Killing Spree” – And the “Robotization” of the Survivors. We Need A Nuremberg 2.0

Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

Proper Human Action in The Context of Covid Totalitarianism

People injured by COVID-19 jab share their horror stories

Moderna vaccine suspended by Sweden, Denmark for under 30’s amidst surge in reports of serious side effects

Video: Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario

VERITAS: Pfizer Scientists Admit Natural Antibodies Beat COVID-19 Vaccine, Call Company ‘Evil’

BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

New Vaccines for Next Generation COVID Virus Needed by 2022 Says BioNTech CEO

Lessons for Ethically-compromised Physicians in 2021 from the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg (1946 – 1947)

COVID Outbreak Sparked by Fully Vaccinated Patient Challenges Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity Theory

Compelling Testimonies from Covid Whistleblowers

Video: Autopsies Prove A Third Of Deaths Were From COVID Jabs

AI-powered DoD Data Analysis Program Named “Project Salus” SHATTERS Official Vaccine Narrative, Shows A.D.E. Accelerating in the Fully Vaccinated with Each Passing Week

COVID Outbreak Sparked by Fully Vaccinated Patient Challenges Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity Theory

L.A. to require COVID vaccine proof for indoor restaurants, gyms, malls in one of nation’s strictest mandates

Federal public servants, RCMP and ALL air and rail travellers must be vaccinated by month’s end, Trudeau says

Popular Media Forshadows Global Vaccine Push: ‘No Time To Die’

The Coronavirus Vaccine: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”. Vaccination as a Platform for “Digital Identity”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib caught admitting she only wears mask for the camera

German government is trying to nudge unvaccinated people to get jabbed

60% Of American Parents Haven’t Committed to Their Children Getting Vaccinated against Covid, Survey Suggests

The Great Lockdown Debate: Did the Lockdowns Cause More Harm than Good?

Immunity to COVID Is Still Present 12 Months After Infection

Over 50 million people suffered from major depressive disorders in 2020 due to Covid pandemic, new global study estimates

California’s Newsom faces criticism after admitting 12 year-old daughter not jabbed amid own push for vaccine mandate for kids

New York Times Forced to Correct Article Claiming 900,000 Children Hospitalised by Covid – Real Figure Is 63,000

Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Again, Now as Low as Minus-86% in Over-40s, Latest PHE Data Shows

Eightfold rise in number waiting more than six weeks for cancer tests

Australian cop quits after bombshell interview, claims most colleagues ‘suffering’ and don’t want to enforce tough Covid rules

A Letter to the BBC

BBC twists history to smear people as fascist dupes

The Lord of “Vaccines” and the “Health Terrorist Ideology”. Where Do You Think this Is Going? Get Off that Crazy Train

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine”

Elite’s Depopulation Agenda Is Now Irrefutable

Major storable food supplier Augason Farms ceases operations for 90 days, citing collapsing supply chain

Iceland suspends Moderna for all age groups

Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

Meet COVID-19 Early Outpatient Treatment Expert Dr. Harvey Risch

“Our Species Is Being Genetically Modified”: What Happened in 2020-21. The “Pandemic”

University of California, Irvine Director of Medical Ethics Placed on ‘Investigatory Leave’ over Challenge to Vaccine Mandate

REVEALED: Pfizer Lobbying Hits Decade High as DOZENS of High-Profile Political Appointees Become Big Pharma Reps

Think the FDA Is Looking Out for Your Health? History Tells a Different Story

‘We’re in the middle of a major biological catastrophe’: COVID expert Dr. Peter McCullough

COVID Vaccine Contents, What’s Inside the Vial? Scientific Findings Reveal Microscopy Images

Brits May Be Forced to Take COVID Tests on Camera to Prove to “Health Advisers” They’re Not Lying

Seattle Police Department braces for mass firing of officers as hundreds have yet to show proof of vaccination

PFIZER LEAKS: Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine … ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’

Global food prices hit fresh decade high

Rand Paul Warns Americans To “Be Afraid Of Your Government”; Says Watchlists Of Dissenters “Already Exist”

Matt Taibbi: The Cult of the Vaccine

Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary”

UCHealth Denies Kidney Transplant To Unvaccinated Woman & Donor

The War Against Ivermectin Intensifies

SouthWest Airlines cancels over 1,800 flights in 2 days amid rumors of employee ‘sickout’ due to Covid-19 vaccine mandate

Some Ontario towns won’t let couples get a marriage license without a vaccine passport

Firefighters Say They’re Seeing ‘Large Numbers’ of Vaccine Complications

A Message To Fauci: You Are In No Position To Dictate The “Greater Good”

“Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril” – Merck’s COVID ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn

Dear Parents… Tired of watching your child walk? Then why not let them join the 1,149 people left paralysed by the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Why Shortages Are Permanent: Global Supply Shortages Make Fantastic Financial Sense

My suspicions about the flu jab and ‘Plan B’

SAGE models need a reality check

Sigh, yes, the ‘COVID virus’ is real

COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

Media blackout: It’s not just Southwest Airlines – air traffic controllers in Jacksonville reportedly walked out protesting mandatory vaccinations too

Four Parasites Found in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses

Novel quantum effect discovered in naturally occurring graphene

The data is in: We are now worse off than before the experimental jabs

Ivermectin: Truth & totalitarianism – Calling out the lie

Two New Studies Test Quercetin And COVID Outcomes

“Proceed with caution at your own peril’ Merck’s COVID ‘super drug’ poses serious health risks, scientists warn

The many ways in which COVID vaccines may harm your health

Viruses Exist and The Earth is Not Flat

Dr. Pierre Kory US Senate hearing – Ivermectin is 100% cure for COVID-19

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Clear evidence of fraud’ in Pfizer study claiming 95% efficacy

George Monbiot’s Far-Right Projection

VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required

A Possible Marburg-RiVax Final Solution

Healthcare Engineer in Dublin Warns the Next Scamdemic “Marburg”

Study finds Covid-19 Vaccines do not work after vaccinated patient sparked hospital outbreak among fully vaccinated leaving many in a critical condition whilst the unvaccinated were fine

NHS Nurses served Notice of Liability for any harm caused to children by the Covid-19 vaccine they were there to administer at UK School

Australia building Permanent Covid-19 Quarantine Camps for “Ongoing Operations”

#CovidVaxExposed PART 5 Update III: Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research, Vanessa Gelman, “Sprints Away” from Veritas Journalist

An analysis of Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness shows they simply don’t work

The WEF and the Pandemic

Quebec, like Maine, has delayed its healthcare worker (HCW) mandate for a month because it can’t function without all the unvaccinated HCWs/CBC News Oct 13

More stories about staffing problems and lawsuits over the mandates

BMJ Publishes Belated Attack on the Great Barrington Declaration, but It Doesn’t Hit the Target

Unvaccinated Chicago Teachers Can Keep Working if They Agree to Weekly COVID-19 Testing

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine”

The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

People are Dying Worldwide: “Foreign Aid” to Finance 1.8 Billion Vaccine Doses. Western Governments, Billionaires and Big Pharma Come to the “Rescue of the Poor Countries”

Confronting the Medical “Experts” Propaganda Ministry. The Italian Hippocratic Association Advocates for Treatment Instead of Profit

Airline Industry Issues Dire Warning Against Vaxx Mandates: “We have all the Control – Aircraft Will Stop Moving” with Major Effects on Economy

Billionaire Supermarket Owner Warns: Food Prices Will Go Up ‘Tremendously’

Chicago Mayor Accuses Police Union Of Trying To ‘Induce An Insurrection’ Over Vaccine Mandate

UK lawmakers use MP murder to call for social media ID verification system

Nearly 40% of California state workers are unvaccinated against COVID despite Newsom order

Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap

ESPN Reporter Allison Williams Parts Ways With Job Over Vaccine Refusal

Final Messages – How the Mandates End

NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter Unless He Takes the COVID Vaccine

Report: New WHO COVID Origin Investigation Team Includes ANOTHER Peter Daszak Minion

The Green Agenda, or How This Energy Crisis is Different From All Others

Did Japan’s Covid vaccine delay contribute to herd immunity and does it explain the sudden drop in cases?

Fauci: Vaccinated Americans can enjoy holidays with family

Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dies from ‘Covid complications’, Fox News anchor deletes Tweet questioning vaccine efficacy

Joe Rogan says Google is ‘hiding information’ about vaccine-related deaths

“COGNITIVE WARFARE: The Battle for Your Brain 

mRNA Inventor on COVID Response: “Is This Really About the Vaccine or Is It About Something Else?”

Psychosis cases soar 75% in England as lockdown hits mental health

The Covid testimony of Dr Peter McCullough

A Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggests the Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Were “the Elderly… Being Killed in Hospitals, Care Homes, and Hospices” During the Pandemic?

Freedom Prevails: Florida registers nation’s lowest COVID case numbers

Lockdown: Where Did ‘The Science’ Come From?

Study by Harvard Researcher Finds Countries with Lowest COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Have Fewer Cases of COVID than Fully Vaccinated Countries

It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us

Mass Testing in Schools Must End – President of Royal College of Paediatrics

Headlines designed to frighten women into having the jab

Did “genius” or fatal flaw guide the UK’s Prime Minister to abandon pandemic plans?

COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Killing Aviation, Healthcare, Other Critical Services. Is It Intentional?

The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

There Has Been No Mandatory Vaccination Executive Order

2 Navy SEALS, 4 Marines, Air Force Major All Sue Biden

Video: Nurse Refuses Injection. Compares Vaccine Passports to Yellow Star

Why Are Legislatures Now Imposing “Vaccine Mandates”? It Started in 2019!

Global Supply Chain Crisis? Pandemonium Looms as ‘Everything Shortage’ Meets ‘Dark Winter’

Are we following the Science, or just a few corrupt Scientists?

Louisiana Parish Offers to Wipe Criminal Records as a Covid-19 Vaccine Incentive

Ireland: Probable Cause of Death in Nursing Homes – Covid injections

Was COVID vaccine fetal tissue obtained by the murder of an infant?

Florida Governor DeSantis promises legal action to BAN private sector Covid-19 vaccine mandates

Leaked audio reveals DOJ official questioning sincerity of Americans’ religious exemptions to COVID vaccine

National School Board Group Communicated with White House while Crafting Letter Likening Parents to Terrorists

Victoria’s Dan Andrews: Those without vaccine passports will be excluded from economic and social activities

“David’s Law”: How the Amess attack will be used to control the internet

Hundreds of Greek doctors stage 24-hour strike to protest compulsory Covid vaccination and staff shortages


Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn Discuss Vaccine ID Passports and Global Control

Viral Tweet Opposing ‘Herd Immunity’ Gets Pretty Much Everything Wrong

Letter regarding COVID-19 vaccine injuries – Dr Patricia Lee