Trumping the Future

By M.K. Styllinski


It’s not often our repellent Establishment Elite receives a public punch squarely on the jaw and flies across the saloon bar of their sordid reality, gambling cards scattering everywhere. That’s what they’re usually quite good at: behaving like Kings and Queens while gambling with billions of lives and maintaining the poker face of Official Culture; applying just enough pressure to make an outcome seem “democratic” or a regime change appear to be a “humanitarian intervention” whilst bestowing an Anglo-American”freedom” upon whichever nation has the most resources to plunder.

Yet, away from the nonsense of the polls and the disgusting excuse for journalism, most Americans didn’t buy it. Perhaps for some, the sobering lesson of golfing impresario Obama and his lamentable “hope and change” tagline was finally enough to catch a glimpse of this revolving door of hapless puppets where the ideology of right and left mean nothing anymore.  The full tank of gullibility had finally run dry – at least for a large portion of the U.S. public. This, in itself is cause to be hopeful.

So, the aces in the pack dropped out of the Elite’s dark sleeves and in a similar result to Brexit the whole show went spectacularly awry. Even with a bit of DNC vote rigging and no doubt some electronic manipulation on the side, the Liberal/Conservative Establishment’s Zio-Con war hawk Killary fell flat on her face. (Quite literally at one point). Poor Hillary. She so wanted to be President just like her lecherous husband Bill. But even the Grand PR Machine of the Pathocrats couldn’t quite pull it off, since there wasn’t even any charisma or charm in evidence, only the likely onset of dementia, the trademark cackling laugh and a hypocritical mendacity which left a very nasty taste in most people’s mouths. If she wasn’t a lying sociopath with a trail of corpses lining her gaudy political carriage thus far I might have felt a twinge of sympathy.

Since that isn’t the case then we can allow a brief period to gloat.

If Trump was somehow allowed to go as far as he did in order to offer a comparison to the public – a woman, statesman and leader of experience compared to a mini dictator in waiting – then it seems the sheer groundswell of aversion toward Hillary to what she truly represented was enough to to propel Trump into office. It appears even this buffoon was a better bet than the prospect of four years of Clinton’s brand of “socialism” which of course, was a disguised version of the Zio-Conservative doctrine of perpetual war, the shadow of which was still present in her team of advisors, most notably Robert Kagan.

Of course, since Donald Trump is an authoritarian, it remains to be seen if he will preside over America’s continuing decline or actually turn things around in moderate ways. I suspect the latter is highly unlikely since the economic spiral of debt is now so severe that no leader will be able to save what is an inevitable bursting of an extremely large bubble. Rather like the complexity of climate change, no matter what one does, there will still be some forces which have accumulated an unstoppable momentum from which only a total collapse can result. The upside is that this will offer genuine opportunities for individual and collective transformation, the trajectory of which is undeniably washing away the centuries old dominance of Establishment power.

Yet, even if Trump trashes the social typography of the USA and further empowers the police state, he may yet roll back the dangerous war mongering and propaganda against Russia and Vladimir Putin the likes of which have reached truly hysterical proportions. For that alone we can breathe a sigh of relief, because on Hillary Clinton’s watch you can bet your bottom dollar that the anti-Russian rhetoric would have continued to the point of asymmetric nuclear war which would have embroiled the whole globe and provided an excuse to remake society on the anvil of their delusional desires.

What is more disturbing however, is the reaction of those who consider themselves left-liberal and “progressive.” The snowflake generation is gearing up to pour fuel on the social fire. Anyone who has been able to cultivate some level of objective analysis over the state of social and geopolitical realities will agree, never has the left-liberal demographic been so out of touch and therefore so dangerous in their blindness. It appears to confirm that the more immediate threat comes not from overt, right wing fascism but the more covert and normalised pathology of those with good intentions already inside our educational institutions, our governments, think tanks, social networks and mainstream media outlets.

The popular left-liberal mindset has been comprehensively ponerised by wilful blindness and a narcissistic, petulant aggression that is both contradictory and hypocritical.

In true Fabian style, the hybrid nature of progressivism, new ageism and socialist/Marxist ideology has now merged with CoIntelpro operations within ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and our narcissistic “Selfie” culture to produce a sense of politicised entitlement – a cognitive servitude that is bread and butter for an emerging Pathocracy. What is striking is the lack of perspicacity in favour of wilful ignorance as to the political and psychological realities which exist in our societies today. The knowledge of how institutionalised psychopathy has produced counterfeit ideologies with a veneer of authenticity remains a tough hill to scale when so many are literally drowning in a sea of mediocrity and conditioned behaviour. This means those who are least able to think critically and are most suggestive are customised institutionalised psychopathy.

‘Safe spaces’ abound for students in ’emotional crisis’ over Trump

“Colleges and universities nationwide are establishing “safe spaces” for students troubled by the results of the 2016 presidential election, offering everything from counseling hours to painting activities.”

Rioting Snowflakes: Hillary Fanatics Burn Flag, Threaten To Kill

What kind of youth culture are we creating in the 21st which promotes a highly subjective, cosseted reality that needs “safe spaces” for people of colour, feminists, and transgender individuals and now for those who violently throw their toys out of their prams when an election doesn’t go their way?


Professor explains the increase of ‘precious snowflakes’ – cites narcissism, over-nurturing

“‘People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying’…the oversensitivity of individuals today, including political correctness and microaggressions, all stem from this idea that people operating under the notion of the pristine self view you as evil because you are showing them something other than love.”

Indeed, the hysterical outrage and double standards screeching from the roof-tops of the media left is truly breath-taking, whipping up thugish ignoramuses and precious snowflakes alike. They honestly believe that rioting and attacking people who voted for Trump is evidence of their social conscience and proof that we are all right wing fascists which is about as juvenile a rendering of our present reality as you can get. They believe that creating petitions and demonstrating to overturn probably the most democratic election for fifty years is not a contradiction in terms. Indeed, it seems that there may be more to these anti-Trump riots, namely the Machiavellian shadow player George Soros who is still sore at losing millions and desperate to see a colour revolution in downtown USA. Not that a genuine revolution isn’t required and focused where it counts, but to call for a revolution because they don’t like the President chosen by the vast majority of people as resistance to the Establishment is to blatantly trash any idea of a democracy – however tenuous – and to align themselves with the very forces they claim to be against.

In their Alice in Wonderland world, Hillary Clinton was the preferred candidate and while the MSM whitewashed her appalling history of corruption, murder, war-mongering and cronyism it seems as if a widespread, narcissistic sense of entitlement quashed any understanding of the national and global picture. There’s far more at stake here than “safe spaces” and ideological point-scoring to maintain a state of victimhood. In the same way that an individual will refuse to contemplate that 9/11 was a criminal act of state-sponsored terror enacted by their own leaders, so too will such a person prefer to believe that Hillary Clinton is a democrat and social progressive rather than a conscienceless social predator interested only in power.

The Clinton duo’s criminal rise has been facilitated by the Liberal Establishment in the same way the Bush clan have had their wheels greased by the Conservative arm of the elite. Both have been willing to do anything at all to achieve their aims and both are presently feeling the pressure of the law of unpredictability. Institutionalised psychopathy cannot conceive of failure and thrives on brute force, manipulation and deceit, hence the confusion and bewilderment which ensues from such puppets and players when things don’t go quite as planned. Jeb Bush was given short shrift in his electoral ambitions; the shock of Brexit; Putin blockading western elite designs and now Trump appear to be major flies in the pathocrats’ ointment.

Trump’s arrival on the electoral scene is indeed a genuine anomaly. Perhaps this was one example where a longstanding accumulation of resentment towards a morally bankrupt elite was channelled into a enormously corrupt political system but somehow managed to override the firewalls. The actual number of voters was very probably much higher than the reported percentiles suggest.  The fact that a caricature corporatist and T.V. celebrity has beat the Clintons to it is a testament to the sheer power of the people (at last) and to the vast majority of voters who were not supporting racism, xenophobia and bigoted politics but merely giving voice to their deep disillusionment and even greater anger at being taken for a ride by the Establishment.

This clearly wasn’t just a reactionary protest vote from a right-wing demographic (although that’s certainly a big part of it) rather, this was a very large clarion call from the poor and disenfranchised (including ethnic minorities) those who have seen their livelihood stripped from them and their values trampled in the fake momentum of “progressive” politics.

Now, while there are many Trump supporters who have resonated with his juvenile message of Islamophobia, his crude personality traits and authoritarian pronouncements there are many more for whom Trump was a vote of resistance to the Establishment and their reign of anti-human agendas. For this reason he has become a rough-around-the-edges symbol of the people’s rejection of globalism and globalisation – even if that isn’t what he really represents.  This was the only way to send a message that we will not accept a further erosion of fundamental human values. It seems the left-liberal fraternity cannot get past the microcosm of Trump’s personality and cultivate a more bird’s-eye and truly progressive view of our world.

One could take the view that President Trump is a veritable Frankenstein created by the terrible denials of the left-liberal voters on the one hand, and the more unsavoury elements of the right on the other for whom uncertainty and fear are like a match to their equally fragile but flammable worldview. Although Clinton represents this creation more than Trump, he may nonetheless, be a product of what happens when a populace refuse to diagnose objectively their social and political systems and to let their culture fall into habitual patterns of entropic decay. While there are some good signs that foreign policy could be moderated there are some equally worrying signs that authoritarianism will seep further into U.S. culture with some indications that the war on terror and Islamophobia will further ratchet up police state tactics. After all, we would be foolish to believe that Trump will oust the shadow government and the neo-liberal economic hawks who are presently surrounding his presidency. Unless that is, he is playing a very clever game in personality theatrics…

Trump is potentially a Molotov cocktail thrown into the Deep State and it is by no means certain what, how and if such a fire will burn the present political system. One thing is for certain, the National Security State and its corporate-security complex is beyond repair so it is likely that – whether he realises it or not – this ex-celebrity businessman will hasten it’s draconian policies thereby increasing a feedback loop of social unrest between which he will find himself sandwiched.

Once again, all we can be relieved about is that the fact we have been spared Killary’s presidency which would have hugely increased the propensity for a global conflagration. But we must not assume that America is some how in the clear under Trump – far from it. He has a formidable task on his hands and in all probability could end up as the perfect fall guy for the Elite to crash the economy and cash in their cards. They’ll turn it to their advantage by making sure he has no hope of addressing this iniquitous system in any meaningful way. And when things reach a social breaking point you can be sure Trump will carry the can. In other words:

“We warned you! Look who you voted in! You should have listened to us and embraced our Hillary..Now, listen to Daddy State and we’ll clear this mess up for you… (at a great social and moral cost)…Sign here…”

You know how the Hegelian formula works…

Nonetheless, while the Drumpf will certainly have a great many surprises during his presidency we can only hope that he retains some of his independence, his more distasteful social commentary is stripped away and more importantly, he follows through on his foreign policy pledges regarding the re-establishment of peaceful relations with Russia and manages to modify his approach at home. If he is truly independent then he will have to walk a very, very cautious and cunning road so that he avoids the many pot-holes the shadow government have in store for him.

Let’s hope there’s much more to Trump than what we have seen so far. But I wouldn’t hold your breath. The swamp is overun with alligators.

“Once a tipping point has been reached, and it has, it is impossible to reform a corrupt system from within. Anyone who tries is co-opted, corrupted, curtailed or killed.”Cognitive Dissonance, Zero hedge.









  1. “In fact, after having abolished the monarchy, the best of all governments, [the French Revolution] had transferred all the public power to the people — the people… ever easy to deceive and to lead into every excess”
    ~Pope Pius VI, Pourquoi Notre Voix

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  2. Many experts think Trump is a narcissist, at least one thinks he’s a psychopath.

    He seems to me to be a bullying or ‘macho’ psychopath (Hare, ‘Snakes in Suits’) with N tendencies. He has a huge number of the P traits as set out in the PCL-R – chronic boredom, lack of empathy, impulsivity, grandiosity, lying, emotionally shallow, poor behavioural controls, lack of remorse, always blaming others, criminal versatility (the white collar version) etc. I’m guessing he’s extremely close to the cutoff of 30 (USA) and well over the cut off of 25 (UK).


  3. Trump is a manufactured leader using all the usual principles of psychological engineering practiced throughout the last hundred years. His election will be largely meaningless, the media world is stage managed. As long as we persist in the illusion that individuals such as Trump or Obama, yes I see a continuity, have any significance other than enforcing the neoliberal-feudal regression policy of the elite aristocrats, the longer we shall sleep. So, a punch in the face for the elite? no; a molotov cocktail? no; a psychopath, come on, Trump is small fry in a diet of fish and chips soaked in vinegar.


    1. I agree with all that, to an extent. But perhaps you’re missing the underlying picture.

      It was Hillary Clinton they wanted not Trump; it was a further domination of the Middle East and not having to deal with Putin; (which was entirely unexpected) it was a game theory adjustment of Britain’s membership of the EU, not Brexit. Things are not going quite as planned for our psychopathic elite since they cannot conceive the unpredictability of the forces they’ve set in motion nor can they escape the pressure they are feeling as their entropic dynamics come home to roost.

      That doesn’t mean it’s suddenly all going to be rosy. Very probably it’ll be hell on earth for a while… When a spoiled brat doesn’t get its toys it throws a tantrum. But the cycle IS turning in my view. OF course, I appreciate all the above points can be heavily debated but that’s where my conclusions lie at the moment. Thanks for the comments.


      1. It was Hilary Clinton ‘they’ wanted, because the MSM promoted her? Did you miss the clues throughout the last year: every significant public figure commenting on Trump including the British parliament, all state leaders, and even the pope? All PR is good PR, as Trump himself professes. Hilary’s collapse on 9-11, the email scandal, were clear psychological messages. Even the death of Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and the coded messages of Obama handing over the ‘purple rein’ to the Queen, would have determined the preferred candidate.

        The polarization of the electorate, building on the alternative conspiracy movement, aka Alex Jones since 911, was focussed. The election of Trump serves to legitimize the political system. We have to believe there is a difference between news and fantasy or everyone would switch off and just as sooner believe in the Wizard of Oz and Batman, which many do. This would be against the charters of corporate law, to which we all bow. Bernie Sanders split the Democratic movement, Trump focussed on economy and immigration, and consequently mopped up the ‘undecided’ voters from across the spectrum.

        I would argue for worsening conditions: mass immigration, deregulation, media manipulation, war, and speculation economies. All the while, the alternative media movement has been assimilated and pacified; largely its raison d’être seeing as it was devised as a tool of cointelpro to cover geopolitics. The key to geopolitics is to learn historical dialectics and symptomatology. There are as many good stories in the twentieth century as Hollywood films, and just as many film stars that we thought were politicians: ‘black star Obama becomes white star Trump’.

        Putin like Stalin, and further the Russian economy post 1989, has been built up using Western finance, washing the money through the city of London. A similar economic ‘job’ to the one carried out in the cold war is being done in China. The Paris agreement on climate change December 2015 should be ample cause for concern and clear testimony that there is little disarray in the elite camp. Lest we forget, the run up to this election was a century of plunder, intrigue, psychological control and deception. Invasions in the Middle East, the War on Terror, and financial hyper-capitalism.

        That the elite can conceive of the unpredictability, that’s exactly what they do well, and plan for such eventualities, is how the historical status quo is maintained. As fits the long term view, Germany has been singled out, will be the focus and bridgehead of Anglo-American ambitions in Europe, and serve as a model for vassal-rule of the global community. The German model of hidden subordination to the US can be implemented with other ‘aspiring’ nations. Russia will be empowered in the coming decades to promote a stand off with Germany and the EU, better the UK that can view events from the wings.

        Trump’s trademark quote ‘Are you not entertained?’ Quite frankly, the answer is yes we are. For when one lives in a totalitarian state, the illusion of democracy is hard to bear; we would all far rather turn on the news and marvel at the Donald for good or bad. Our Trump, Nigel Farage, is a similar creature. I loved his rants in the EU until I realized he is a pressure valve, and his rhetoric is a carefully crafted product. We think this stuff is new, but reminiscent of Putin, Roosevelt was marketed using the same techniques of folksy manipulation. Are we going to so quickly forget the trillions of bank bailouts from 2008, or ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, or ‘shock and awe’ on the weak.

        In the twenty first century, the control of the mind, desires, and reality, is the applied knowledge of the Soviet experiment.


        1. There’s nothing in your reply that I disagree with except for the fact that the Establishment as a whole is factional with differing beliefs on how to achieve this Grand Plan of control. That is becoming more pronounced in this period of transformation. They feel that pressure and the stakes are high. You might liken it to the recent turf war with the CIA and NSA – psychopaths at the top with similar end goals but with a variety of methodologies and historical preferences in achieving those goals.

          So, it’s quite possible to have two mid-level tier PR shows clashing with the same goals. i.e. Those that seek a Clinton presidency and those that seek a Trump presidency. You can’t reveal the Wizard behind “democracy” nor the sham of the electoral process completely if you want to keep that framework in place. That’s where the unpredictability can lead to errors in the planning due to a persistent and unbridled confidence with increasingly erratic teams of followers. This is where the skill lies in managing the “cattle.”

          It’s one thing to “conceive of unpredictability” and plan for it historically with great success, but it is quite another thing to have the hubris to imagine that such a global reach will continue without an implosion that will lead back directly to their door, and thus their own progress. Empires always fall. I think the key question is will global populations be able to at least gain a level playing field of autonomy when catastrophic change comes?


        2. @Richard
          ‘Even the death of Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and the coded messages of Obama handing over the ‘purple rein’ to the Queen, would have determined the preferred candidate.

          At some point conspiracy theories become so ludicrous that they can’t be parodied. Some of what you say here seems sound e.g. ‘Lest we forget, the run up to this election was a century of plunder, intrigue, psychological control and deception. Invasions in the Middle East, the War on Terror, and financial hyper-capitalism.’

          ‘Trump’s trademark quote ‘Are you not entertained?’ ‘

          Ummm… actually, it’s a Saturday Night Live parody of Trump, but why spoil a good conspiracy theory?


  4. Order out of chaos; not conspiracy but grand design, the great architect, gnostic enlightenment, the venerable tradition. There is more in heaven and earth….the externalization of the hierarchy, the crossing of the threshold, the questions of evil; what do these things mean to the uninitiated? Without a spiritual perspective history cannot be understood, the catastrophic change you speak of occurs when the individual turns away from this world of the senses to see things from the supersensible.

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  5. Well indeed. My only problem with your comment above is the “externalisation of the hierarchy” which wreaks of Alice Bailey’s influence which – having spent quite a few years studying under its auspices – seems to me to be just another form of spiritual control, albeit a seductive one.


    1. My citation of this the Externalization of the Hierarchy, should have been capitalised – it is not an endorsement, rather a statement of the need to be aware of its ‘manifesto’: conscious of its ‘influence’. Sergei Prokofiev ‘The East in the Light of the West’ Parts 1-3 Temple Lodge 2009 provides perhaps the most thorough occult exposition.

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  6. I just discovered your blog and this particular post hit home with me. It is a very cogent analysis of this past election. While many things about Trump make me uncomfortable, the reaction of the establishment “left” horrified me even more. The hysteria, the wilful blindness to Hilary’s obvious sociopathy…..I see the left making the same mistakes as the left did in Weimar Germany which I fear will lead to an authoritarianism far worse than Trump’s most sordid dreams.

    BTW, I agree with you that Trump is not a sociopath. If he were I believe he would be better at hiding his narcissism.

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    1. Trump could very well be a low-functioning ‘bullying psychopath’ (Babiak and Hare, ‘Snakes in Suits’). Such psychopaths don’t have the social skills to hide well. For what it’s worth Trump apparently had the ability to charm people in his younger days …

      ‘Not all psychopaths are smooth operators, though. Some do not have enough social or communicative skill or education to interact successfully with others, relying instead on threats, coercion, intimidation, and violence to dominate others and to get what they want. Typically, such individuals are manifestly aggressive and rather nasty, and unlikely to charm victims into submission, relying on their bullying approach instead….

      The real problem for others is when narcissistic features, especially a sense of entitlement and a lack of empathy, shade into antisocial and destructive behaviors. When this happens, the pattern might be described as aggressive or malignant narcissism, which is difficult to distinguish from psychopathy……’ (Babiak and Hare)

      Hilary might well be sociopathic, in the sense of learnt amoral behavior that fits in with her surroundings. My money is on Bill Clinton being a high-functioning ‘charismatic psychopath’ OR a ‘covert narcissist’. Both personality disorders destroy their partners – it’s called ‘devaluation’ or from the partner’s point of view, ‘Going down the rabbit hole’. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hilary is suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Disorder, brought on by decades of ’emotional abuse.’


      1. In terms of the Clintons, I think it’s the reverse. Hillary wears the trousers in this criminal partnership and seems to be a major psychopath in my view. All the evidence points to neither a vestigial conscience nor the capacity for any empathy whatsoever.

        Bill Clinton seems to the classic sociopath in this case if we trace his upbringing and elite grooming. Hillary however, seems to delight in suffering and is an arch manipulator desperate for power.

        As to Trump…Well, you may be right but my gut says no. Trump is brash, crude, narcissistic and big on popular theatrics which telegraphs one thing to the public and another to insiders. He’s also intensely comical – even ridiculous – in appearance which doesn’t remotely help his case. But he is not stupid, despite his outbursts. Narcissistic yes, psychopathic, no. Either way, he’s out of his depth and surrounded by neo-con war hawks.

        We may have a monumental clusterf***k passing for foreign policy but I have no doubt it would have been even worse with Killary. Trump will likely be the perfect fall-guy for the Deep State factions who will blame all the coming ills on him and make darn sure their next candidate will be one of their own.


        1. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have had a series of bad illnesses, computer problems, cyberstalkers, and other misfortunes.

          I have to agree with you, Mr. Stylinski. Hillary’s inappropriate laughter at Khadafy’s horrific death was the most chilling, evil not to mention unprofessional act I’ve ever seen by a public official (with the possible exception of Roy Cohn). My gut feeling is that Bill is an oppurtunistic hedonist with little concern for anything outside his pants while Hillary is the brains. But who knows.

          Btw, are you really Polish, or is Styllinski your nom de plume? I ask that because. I’m half Polish, from Chicago, and I’ve never heard that name before. Feel free to not answer if you feel it may compromise your safety. Thanks to both you and Robert for your gracious replies.

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