Neuro-Hacking the Mass Mind (I)

By M.K. Styllinski

“…brain-hacking through social engineering and other processes is already a reality, and hackers are our brains. This ‘neuro-hacking’ can involve acting on the hardware, that is to say on the biological and genetic substrate of the brain, but it can also involve acting on the software, that is to say, on the communication code that we learn from society.” – Lucien Cerise

One of the breakthroughs in understanding the level of influence of the Deep State and Overworld dynamics has been through the recent revelations from Wikileaks’ Podesta emails. A veritable Pandora’s Box of connections has led to Pizzagate – now Pedogate – blackmail, corruption, child pornography, sex trafficking, black magick rituals and a plethora of other sordid revelations fanning out from the quest for regime change and the battle for resources in the Middle East. After researchers from all political persuasions and beliefs had been highlighting these horrors for years, these leaked emails, now being sat on by the FBI, are the closest yet to offering proof of the mechanisms which are passed from one Establishment/Deep State generation to the next like a dark baton slippery with blood.

Slowly but surely the why, who and how of our Official Culture and the drivers which ensure that humanity remains under the yoke of  World State cartels is being revealed in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Oil/Gas, weapons, drugs, and sex/organ trafficking lie at the top of multi-tiered resource pyramid. The financial architecture that perpetuates these unimaginably toxic channels is achieved through a long tradition of social engineering by Elite factions, the puppets & players of which follow a revolving door of power, irrespective of a President and his administration. This is the facade, the entrenched and inevitable outgrowth of the State that permits a shadow government to remain forever at the control panel of perpetual war and social disruption. As top-level power brokers between the CIA, the NSA and FBI jostle for supremacy let’s not forget that overall, these agencies are primarily engaged in a war for our minds as their primary reason for being.

However, let’s not imagine that the Wikileaks organisation and their poster-child Edward Snowden are somehow working for the greater good, although many in their staff may think so. I suspect that this period of permitted leaks is very probably nothing more than a psychological operation, a limited hangout of the CIA and thus an attempt to acclimatize populations to the ubiquity of surveillance and intelligence that is literally inside your home, phone, T.V. and anything else connected to the internet and the emerging SMART society.  This is one facet of the same social engineering project that we’ll discuss below.

It’s a risky game managing the flow of “leaks.” Allow too much information to seep into public consciousness and a momentum begins to emerge, not enough information and they can’t pursue their time-table of phased objectives. Which is why the hacking of lap-tops, smart phones and T.V.’s merely mirrors the hacking of our minds and beliefs – a potentially far more dangerous state of affairs then data mining. For example, the core roots of progressivism and the left have now been infected by ponerological streams of political correctness and narcissism, working in concert with CoIntelpro agents in much the same way as the New Age or Human potential movement as a whole. Thus, social movements such as LGBT, Black Lives Matter and Soros-led “social justice” organisations such as tune into a genuine desire for social equity and “rights” but are created or hijacked early on, driven by Deep State directives that desire the chaos of tribalism as a default setting for society. The younger generation of Millennials – who should be the hope of the world – appear incapable of exploring this dichotomy because they have already been programmed to embody and act out these inverted social-cultural beliefs, ethics and activism. The rise in an epidemic of narcissism in this demographic further encourages feel-good sensation, and a technology-driven buffer to the acknowledgement of nuance, complexity and attention to objective reality. The ability to think outside the box against ingrained conditioning becomes severely limited because it is perceived as an attack against the collective ego mask of self-entitlement.

Thus, Millennials and older generations of the well-intentioned (and not so well-intentioned) are already falling into the many traps, the escape from which will be extremely difficult since the these info-tainment led emotional hooks of manipulation offer benign moral imperatives to seduce a collective projection of unresolved shadows out into the world, thus turning ideology and justice on its head. Controlled opposition has therefore been easy to manufacture, backed up as it is by fake news of the corporate media. Those that are paying attention can see this formula everywhere you look: whether it is the BBC or CNN that promote the Establishment’s agenda of anti-Russian rhetoric to University Campuses engaging in an Orwellian re-branding of vocabulary in an tragi-comic and painfully ironic stand against racsim and bigotry.  Such tactics focus away from what really matters and into the realm of skin-deep analysis of feeling and sensation. This bio-chemical template that is burned into the young brains of new generations is the neural pathway upon which social engineering functions and thrives. Indeed, it seems much of the left, new age/green and “socially aware” are now the unconscious cultural foot-soldiers of the Deep State. This is why social engineering has been adopted with such pin-pointed skill and precision over the years and why it needs to be confronted and thoroughly explored.

The awakening to the nature of the MSM as a monolithic exercise in propaganda and thought control is gaining ground, thanks largely to the internet. It is becoming less easy to monopolise information and applied knowledge in this age of independent news feeds, FOI requests, forum research, whistle-blowers and leaked documents, despite the signs of psyops constantly filtering the truth. There is a real chance for moderates from the left and right (and many shades inbetween) to turn down the volume of their beliefs and collaborate against a common foe – that of institutionalised psychopathy. Which is why the war is being fought through the inner shadows and unresolved issues that we all have. These weaknesses can be exploited and used by the Elite through suitably prolonged exposure to new forms of social engineering. It is for this reason that lines between awareness, knowledge and apathy and ignorance are being drawn.

And so to neuro-hacking…

(left) Author Lucien Cerise and Neuro-Hackers: Reflections on Social Engineering (Neuro-Pirates Reflexions Sur L’Ingenierie Sociale) published in 2016 by Kontre Kulture.

One man who has explored the many-headed hydra of mass mind control is French author Lucien Cerise his essays of which have appeared predominantly on Alan Soral’s Égalité & Réconciliation website which offers a fusion of left-right politics and activism. (Remember Dieudonne M’bala M’bala?) These essays have been collated, updated and arranged by Cerise into a book Neuro-Hackers: Reflections on Social Engineering (2016) (Neuro-Pirates Reflexions Sur L’Ingenierie Sociale) published by Kontre Kulture.  He notes that “it is not really a collection, but rather a book written over four years [between 2012 and 2015] and in successive layers”. Obviously much of the book draws from a French perspective and how social engineering operates in the French culture. The author provides rich and detailed insights, both philosophical and dialectical, into the causes and effects of our mass mind paralysis in the face of a predominantly Western-backed “soft” totalitarianism.  Thus whether you are an American or a European, the revealed dynamics apply across all cultures. In this book you will read about the widespread and systemic use of cognitive infiltration or more appropriately, “neuro-hacking” which describes the institutionalised colonisation of our minds by pathological constructs designed to engineer conformity and compliance to social, cultural and geo-political directives.

I have translated key passages from the foreword  so that readers can gain an introductory flavour of his work.  It might be as well to start with the back cover which provides a synopsis of the contents:

“The first question that runs through this collection of texts is: ‘How to hack a brain?’ The second, essential question then immediately follows: “How to protect it?” This is because brain-hacking through social engineering and other processes is already a reality, and hackers are our brains. This ‘neuro-hacking’ can involve acting on the hardware, that is to say, on the biological and genetic substrate of the brain, but it can also involve acting on the software, that is to say, on the communication code that we learn from society. This code of epigenetic origin – this language, or software – comes to us from the socio-cultural bath into which we are plunged since childhood, imprinting on the brain its neuronal architecture. The study of social groups, their mode of construction and the links which structure them has allowed those who want to control crowds to act on its members, to modify their behaviour or even destroy them as individuals and groups – the ones most dependent on others. For individuals disconnected from any group, hierarchy, representation, or stereotype can only survive by developing symptoms of psychosis. By attacking the natural links, Oedipal ties of the masculine / feminine differentiation, but also of the parent / child hierarchy, by abolishing the notion of limits, whose overcoming in psychology is called perversion, it is society as a whole that is attacked. Destructured and made malleable – one can speak of a ‘liquid society’ – it will then be the plaything of a small oligarchy which will have nothing more to fear from the people whose souls it has appropriated.”

The author takes his inspiration from Neuro-Slaves, by Palo Cioni and Marco Della Luna, a work of cognitive science and social psychology which reviews the various methods of reducing a population to slavery by targeting the brain and bypassing its defence mechanisms.  From a macro-social perspective, one of the most importance principles he believes will counter the present directives of social engineering is the maintenance of a healthy, balanced national self-interest since a national health cannot be secured if we are at the behest of globalist visions, their economic warfare and all that comes with it. In fact, any individual, business or grouping that wishes to maintain a healthy psycho immunological system and to keep alive its spiritual and cultural traditions needs to develop true autonomy, sovereignty and self-determination before it can reach out and engage in the ideal of an “international altruism,” and indeed to allow an emergence of true community at home. In effect, without this independence of mind and natural political pragmatism we are prey to a continual hacking of our neurology, a psycho-virus that seeks to subvert, disinform and hijack constructive forms of perception which would otherwise, quite naturally lead to activities that would denote a rise in public awareness and critical thinking.

As one part of an antidote to globalism and the mental conditioning of authoritarian power structures Cerise believes we must create a “firewall” of the mind to protect against the neural hacking of our brains from toxic memes and implanted beliefs.  Without this learned defence, this “consciousness-hacking” will continue to keep us slaves via the usual “back door” of “progressive” revolutions using techniques of stealth, gradualism and innumerable addictions to consumerism. Cerise reminds us that our “authoritarian masters” hope to maintain our servitude by destroying our very instinct for survival. It is in this sense, when you strip away all the propaganda and euphemistic verbiage, that Western power structures have become totalitarian and genocidal in their scope due to the core desire of the Elite mind-set “to put an end to the human species”.  We could also add to this proposition that they wish to eradicate not only those who are blissfully unaware and happy to follow state authority and its diktats  thus acting as virtual energic food for the Deep State machinery, but more importantly, those with a functioning conscience who are resistant to psycho-pathogenic forces impinging on our consciousness.

Lucien Cerise’s association with Alain Soral and his online hub Egalite & Reconciliation appears to represent a natural meeting of minds, although quite different in approach. This is not merely due to the potential to reach a wider audience in France but as a welcome addition to the continuing attempt to limit tribalism and extremism in both the left and right whilst attempting to illuminate the Elite’s role in the disruption of a natural critical thinking and exploration of political taboos. Cerise is part of a rich philosophical compliment to Soral’s mission of freedom of the mind, politics and class. Yet, (and perhaps all the more fascinating for it) the latter is a volatile example of a pendulum swing between his experiences of the extreme left (communism) and what is seen as the extreme right (National Front) thereby giving credence to the idea that his own personal dialectic on these issues has offered an integration of the best of each political movement underpinned by rigorous objective inquiry. Whether there is a more alt. right bias and tendency for infiltration from these extreme elements is always the danger in such a reactionary interplay. Soral is clearly no stranger to explosive outbursts and instability. However, although it can never be a fail-safe, a pioneering source of rich socio-cultural discourse and political philosophy is one way to mitigate further intrusions and establish a platform for something better than we have now.

For understandable reasons, given Cerise’s “Gaullo-communist” background, establishing closer intellectual and philosophical ties to Alain Soral caused some initial caution when faced with such a controversial figure, as he explains:

Why accept an association with such a sulphurous character? Because for me, Soral is part of the furniture, as they say. His work – a kind of missing link between the academic world and that of the mass media – presents an atypical and unclassifiable character that I began to follow in 1985 when, whilst rummaging in a family library, I found a pocket edition of his first book, The Movements in Fashion Explained to Parents (Les Mouvements des modes explique des parents). I was young but I was immediately fascinated by this opus which I have re-read several times from all angles and from its methodological approach which the human and social sciences call semiotics. What is it about? To summarize: when semiotics is applied to social phenomena, it is the deciphering of the profound meaning of the stories they tell and which remain mostly semi-conscious and subliminal. [1]

He further explains in the foreword why he chose to extend this association and the intellectual environment that inspired his imagination:

After a first purely bookish contact with Alain Soral in the mid-eighties, I crossed paths with him two or three times during the years beginning 2000, at a time when I enjoyed a worldly picnic of social evenings in Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, amongst which were Houellebecq, Beigbeder and those from the journal Bordel by Stephanie Million. During all this time I followed his various publications and interventions with a greedy and even growing pleasure as he became more and more provocative and intolerable for a media more and more politically correct and distant from real life. His criticism of communal organizations always seemed to me salutary. The “communities” form states within the state, introduce fifth foreign columns into the national body and work consciously or unconsciously to dislocate it. * The most fortunate of these communities, irritated to be highlighted, came to pronounce against Soral and his acolyte Dieudonne with a kind of Talmudic fatwa, typical of puritanical dehumanizing centres of power across all eras, whose political correctness is only an avatar, and that always seek to forbid the “propre de l’Homme”[proper to the man;  part of man – “Because to laugh is proper to the man.”] that is to say, humour. The hatred against laughter reveals the concentrational dimension of the project of a nourished society that the slaves deride a little by mocking their masters. For my part, not having a turn of mind concerning the observance of dogma, I have never succeeded in taking this verdict seriously, not that I have the taste for provocation but simply because the facts and the real, – the only authorities I respect – stand above all religious tribunals.

I admit to being unsettled by Soral and Dieudonne’s approach toward the National Front, but I have since more easily understood the reasons at the time of the 2005 referendum on the European constitution project. I was in the camp of the “nonistes” of the left under the banner of Jose Bove, Olivier Besancenot and Etienne Chourd, which did not prevent me from quickly observing that if our “No” won, it was thanks to the famous “coagulation” with the NF and the sovereignist right in general. This made me think of our commonalities, perhaps more important than those that separated us – and at least one can say that the continuation of events, not only in Greece but everywhere in Europe, gave us good reason. On this basis, it was quite natural for me to go and see what was going on at Egalite & Reconcialition.


The French right has been heavily pro-American and Atlanticist for decades, so it has its share of responsibility in the current catastrophic situation, but times have changed. Today the coalition and the mutual cross-fertilisation of the l’Action francaise (French Action party) and the Communist Party is the royal and popular way to restructure what the liberal left and the neo-liberal right have since destructured; the reason why the Power and its opponents do everything to prevent the meeting. This political synthesis possesses its founding myths, its currents and its slogans: Cercle, Proudhon, national-Bolshevism, revolutionary nationalism, CNR, Third Way, solidarism, “coagulation”, “Neither Right nor Left: French” or better still, “left of work, right of values”. [2]

For Cerise, in order to understand why we continually move away from a more balanced and cooperative political and social contract means that we must pose semiotic questions on the nature of the psychological, subconscious games people play when they follow a particular fashion or movement. He states: “What personal fable are they telling themselves and how do they want to be perceived? To what personal narcissistic myth are they adhering?” It is an approach that “demythologizes and demystifies social movements” and which, in his view, offers the best entry into social engineering. He believes that while sociological semiotics can be descriptive, it can also be prospective in much the same way that marketing and fashion seek to anticipate trends and seize opportunities in order to amplify and exploit, thus allowing control of their development and orientation.  The author likens this activity to the “detection of early signs” in criminology as well as the probabilities in the quantum field:

Here, the field of study is not the real, but the probability of the real in process of materialisation. Such a method could be a kind of “quantum sociology”, sociology of potential, or events which have not yet arrived in action and exist only at a more or less high probability rate. A fascinating field of research, all in chiaroscuro, that takes place at the dawn of the real, at the junction between night and day, at the boundary between what already exists and what may exist. Social engineering most often consists of identifying these emerging tendencies and shaping them, at least, to modify the course which they would have followed spontaneously, or even to create them ex nihilo by combining, according to an unedited synthesis, between them. This is a kind of cultural filling that meets the memetic on numerous points. [3]

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (2007) by Andrew M. Lobaczewski and Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The only way to navigate through that “chiaroscuro” of quantum sociology is to strive for authenticity and objective reasoning while we are being assailed by waves of subjective, fake news and science.  Those familiar with Andrew Lobaczewski’s insights into macro-social psychopathy or ponerology will see that Cerise’s theories of neuro-hacking naturally aligns with the psychologist’s work. They both highlight the same methods of viral contamination that re-wires our brain circuitry into pathogenic pathways, distorting our psycho-social and ultimately spiritual destiny into a strictly pathological perception and application of reality. Whilst national self-interest with certain provisos, is essential in fostering a natural emergence of local, regional and finally international altruism, to prevent the neural-hacking of our brains and to protect our mental immune system an awareness of social engineering methods and their access points offers the necessary inoculation against such psycho-pathogenic viruses.

In these times of tribalism and Hegelian obfuscation, we would do well to ponder on these ever-present social engineers who work best when we are emotionally reactive and asleep to our unconscious desires and beliefs. The deeper our sleep, the more we open our minds to the neuro-hackers without any realisation that such a violation has incrementally taken place. Hence the importance of a individual and collective firewall of awareness:

In terms of social engineering, these elements of code constitute the antivirus, even to the point of defending our system against viruses without borders, but without excessive restriction imposed upon the network. In order not to become neuro-slaves, let us protect ourselves from neuro-hackers, but without cutting ourselves off from the global environment where we are de facto, immersed. The task is difficult and assumes the avoidance of two pitfalls. While the Power seeks to expose us to unfiltered transnational migratory flows, it is vital to reformulate our nationalist firewall but without losing sight of the horizon of international cooperation into which we are forced during this period of Globalization in action. The ancestral adage “charité bien ordonne commence par soi-même” (“Charity Begins at Home”) will serve as a guideline because it makes it possible to articulate the ego and the Other while respecting the hierarchy of priorities. Against the negative social engineering of Power and its work of systematic inversion of all values, it is therefore urgent to put things in the right place and to affirm loud and clear that … National self-interest is the condition for international altruism. [4]

The French are waking up. Many others within Europe, from different belief and ideologies are also beginning to see how the mass mind is being hacked and implanted with memetic viruses of belief that represent psychological time-bombs. Socially engineered extremism has always been the tactic of choice for the Establishment which is why it is crucial that we learn how to guard against such pathology on both the right and the left. The danger is that we may fall into a Huxleyian vision of the future, whilst a more overtly Orwellian effect may take hold from a reactionary fear of the other; hijacking a positive and pragmatic transformation into a cul-de-sac of true intolerance and bigotry. Obviously, both forms of totalitarianism interpenetrate and the onus is on all of us not to get caught up in any form of dogma and evangelism on either side. Most importantly, we have to cultivate a keen sense of the history of State-sponsored terrorism and its relationship to current sociopolitical dynamics; to be fully aware that WE the people are its enemy.

This is where our commonality lies: to breathe life back into the realisation that we are all in the same prison of the mind/body at various levels of awareness.  This is how we must work together against those that would divide us. The Neuro-Hackers are at work as I write, finding new ways to set the different tribes of our rich cultures against it each other.  We must become experts in erecting firewalls in our own minds, permitting entry to only authentic and constructive information streams so that we may have a healthier immunity to future “malware.” Perhaps then we can protect Truth within ourselves and the hope of expressing it with others in the outer world.

*  =  To avoid confusion, it is well to mention that “communitarianism” to which Cerise refers in the French and European context concerns the formation and extension  of tribalism e.g. the Jewish community, the black community, LGBT community, Gay community etc. and their unconscious role in their fragmentation of the social fabric under an Official Culture. In other words, any new grouping or minority can be singled out and hystericised, politicised and used as a tool to control the majority by virtue of their “rights.” A communitariansm that emerges naturally and is a decentralised economic social organisation related to ecology and sustainability obviously has quite a different focus and meaning, albeit also prone to subversion by the State and its pathologies.



1 p.16; Cerise, Lucien; Neuro-Pirates Reflexions Sur L’Ingenierie Sociale(2016) |
2 Ibid. pp.18-20
3 Ibid. p.17
4 Ibid. p.20


  1. I suspect that this period of permitted leaks is very probably nothing more than a psychological operation, a limited hangout of the CIA and ”

    You suspect correct however real backgrounds are of the occult kind, exchange of real “what should happen”.
    2013 Snowden and recent Vault7 hide real leaks of the world – instead of what should happen they play PSYOP-Snowden and PSYOP-Vault7.

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  2. The word Orwellian word, Communitarianism, with all of its various meanings, depending upon who is using the term and the intended audience, seems to me to be a quintessential example of the soft totalitarianism/neuro hacking currently seeking to ensnare us all.


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