Cultivate Attention and Discernment (3)

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“There is no consistent, integrated conception of the world which serves as the foundation on which our edifice of belief rests. And therefore… we are more naive than those of the Middle Ages, and more frightened, for we can be made to believe almost anything.”

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (1985)

Reading time: 20-25 mins

Fear, Superstimuli, Indoctrination

Fear is a wake-up call to pay attention and see truth. But this instinct can be easily subverted to an irrational and automatic body-mind reaction for survival and self-protection against a perceived threat. The father of propaganda Edward Bernays, the Rockefeller dynasty and their social science directives; Freud and psychoanalysis; Alfred Kinsey and his sexual revolution and the ever-present mainstreaming of occult directives have flowed through the mass mind and shaped Western societies toward a highly narrow conception of reality.

Education, mainstream media, entertainment, art, fashion, advertising, marketing, public relations – even our family unit, peer groups and working life – all reflect the above directors of an Official Culture. All are defined by consumption, commodity, image, sensation and artifice. The original source of these traditions and pursuits have lost their psycho-spiritual meaning and now float in a sea of narcissistic irrelevancy.

Instead of bringing out the true meaning of human existence – to love, learn, bond, create and commune –  our current reality is a constellation of subverted constructs which are pathological due to a predominance of psychopathic and sub-deviant human beings who have taken control of societies. They have continually re-interpreted and subverted the best of human ingenuity and innovation toward their own conscienceless, machine-like perception. This continuing psycho-materialist paradigm has been translated and mediated into so-called normative social, political and cultural structures. They continue to exist purely due to a consensus trance reinforced by cultural hypnosis, of which most people are entirely unaware.

“Never have so many been manipulated so much by so few.”

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited (1958), Chapter 3, p. 19

The overriding and long-term objective behind this inculcation is toward complete control of the mass mind. The Three Establishment Model via their corporate oligarchs and power-brokers are the aforementioned 4C’s alongside economic, political and sociocultural warfare using three main prongs of attack:

Fear – Surveillance state; authority via bureaucratic rules/regulations; crime, left-right divisions; state-sponsored terrorism, propaganda = This Includes CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, and the FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Operations) to allow the infiltration of movements, groups and NGOs in order to subvert awareness away from potential game-changers and back to the technosphere. Controlled opposition is but one tool (creating fronts, hangouts and fake institutions to play ideologies against each and foment division and confusion). Primary results: Subconscious stress and the survival reflex; the emergence of authoritarian followers and unconscious conformity and dependence. Then there is always the spectre of climate change…

Superstimuli – Gambling, porn, media, entertainment = creates a distracted populace with little energy or will left to think about anything but their own needs. These superstimuli generally replace religious or folklore traditions and elevate fake or purely secular activities. A loss of meaning and purpose or sense of rootlessness is encouraged leading to disorientation and negative detachment or nihilism. A primary source for hypnotic openers for trauma reactivation and alteration of brainwaves; the instigation of required memes and beliefs. Primary result: addiction; atrophying of brain regions, physiological/somatic markers (heightened nervous system strain) leading to resignation, inevitability, lethargy, docility, stress, dissociation and other neuroses.

  • Entrainment – a sub-set of the above. Video games, Television, music and movies = The two primary means of covertly moulding public consciousness – in particular, children/adolescents – is through overt hypnosis or auto-suggestion using brainwave entrainment, a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using a pulsing sound, light, or electromagnetic field. Beta, Theta and Alpha waves are used for various and specific programs. The subconscious and unconscious can be contoured toward specific beliefs, political ideologies and socio-cultural constructs. Television and movies are instilling symbols and memetic ideas which are carriers of a singular ideology and philosophy tied to the above. You will notice three overriding themes which are being rammed into the collective unconscious. These are:

1. The celebration of the anti-hero. Auto-suggestion = The inversion of Heroism and its related qualities.

2. Archetypes of evil are given primary, voyeuristic and seductive status. Auto-suggestion = The inversion of positive archetypes toward their negative counterparts.

3. Christianity is abused and lampooned. Auto-suggestion = The dismantling of not just organised religion but the moral principles and the truths therein.

4. Disintegration and decimation of the family. Auto-suggestion = traditional nuclear family should die.

5. Feminisation, emasculation and ritualistic murder of the male and masculinity replaced with the feminine hero come psychopath/assassin, with various softer reinforcement inbetween. Auto-suggestion = The male/masculinity is weak and worthless, the female is heroic, the new destroyer, a modern Kali. These are total inversions toward exclusively dark archetypes.

5. All forms of evil triumph. Auto suggestion  = Truth, goodness and beauty are illusions, the power of darkness is everlasting. Abandon all hope and embrace nihilism, materialism, atheism and the occult.

6. Normalising and mainstreaming of black magick, white magick, sex magick and the occult in general.

Thrillers and horror films are the main staple of younger audiences whose emotional centres of gravity are particularly open to suggestions of all kinds. Even narratives of a beginning middle and climatic ending have been inverted. Instead of evil being vanquished as an exercise in heroic and cathartic exorcism and purification, it has become the exact reverse. Evil is pushed to the final battle and the downtrodden hero or heroes – young children, women, fathers, mothers, friends etc. – are all picked off one by one until only evil is left standing and the darkness reigns more powerful. The occult “dark arts” is the ancient template that lies at the heart of all programming. Much of the music industry repeats the same programming.

Reading a book is now becoming passe in our culture. First, it was television providing a one-way brain entrainment. As author and surgeon Leonard Shlain points out: “When you read a book, you generate beta waves irrespective of the book’s content. But if you look up from it, and start watching TV – it doesn’t matter what the content of the program is – the beta waves disappear and you start processing alpha and theta waves. These are the same waves that you generate during meditation. Reading is primarily left hemisphere and watching television is primarily right hemisphere. Now how could that not have a major effect on our culture?”

The habituation to television and now the internet is analagous to the counting down into hypnosis to deep state trance.



Schooling and universities now consist of the disinformation and denigration of proper history leading to erroneous beliefs about our individual, national and species identity. Education, from school to university has a scientific materialism as foundation and an increasing encroachment of an odd partnering of neo-Marxist, postmodern ideologies which are causing havoc on top of highly biased curricula. The Divide between rich and poor is worse than ever when you compare curricula of state and private schools in the U.K. and Europe. The former is a disaster the latter slightly less, reaffirming age-old traditions of elite advatange. The object of state schools is to quosh all divergent thinking and creative endeavour in favour of a production line produces standardised, uniformed children ready for the market and open to cultural hypnosis and consensus trance.

Such a practice hasn’t changed since the beginning of the 20th Century when industrialists got together with educators and shared their ideas for business. It was found that dumbing down the populace provided the raw energy for industry while at the same time making sure people remained unthinking drones which were good for the top-tier psychopath’s dynastic hold on power. And with any kleptocracy come pathocracy, the key to holding on to power is to make certain you hypnotise the populace through the educational systems – from kindergarten right through to higher education. When children of the Elite have access to more advanced forms of schooling where self-reliance and thinking is emphasised they can be funnelled into the usual Oxford, Eton and Cambridge universities to continue Daddy psychopath’s well-trodden exploits.

Mainstream Media

Despite what the slick, corporate-dominated media would have you believe, truth and fantasy are routinely mixed to produce “news.” The mass media is the main artery through which Establishment propaganda flows, via its intelligence agencies reinforced by hypnotic repetition and linguistic triggers. Be it the CIA, MI5/6 or Mossad, manufacturing the public’s attitudes and opinions means the monopolisation of all forms of communication. (Indeed, it’s likely that a large majority of journalists are indirectly or directly paid operatives for intel agencies around the globe tasked with pushing certain memes and narratives useful to Establishment designs). And if you can have a cosy relationship with intelligence spooks to make sure the required narratives are relentlessly pushed – all the better. The technosphere and its circuits must have the electricity of men’s minds running through it and the voltage set to exactly the right level for maximum adaption between passion and outrage, apathy and pride. It is for that reason that French philosopher Jacques Ellul stated: “Journalistic content is a technical complex expressly intended to adapt man to the machine.” [1]

From the BBC to CNN, mainstream media is wholly compromised. The point of press is not to challenge assumptions of our Elite financiers, corporatists and government hacks but to make sure they remain cast-iron and unassailable. Objective analysis and scepticism is now so walled off from what is really happening in the world that criticism only takes within the details of accepted “conspiracies” – an echo-chamber that actually helps to strengthen the overall acceptance of these Grand Narratives. The illusion of unbiased reporting is thereby supported by sins of omission. And if that doesn’t work then barefaced lies are floated. And they are generally accepted unquestioningly.

About five corporations dominate all media outlets which in turn, are steered by media oligarchs and their positions within the Three Establishment Model dedicated to controlling information in the same way they control data. The internet is the last bastion of free speech and free-thinking, though it is rapidly coming under exactly the same propaganda incursions as the television and radio. In summary, the MSM’s job is to pound the ideology of the Marxist-Corporatist hybrid into our minds so that when (and if) it becomes structurally possible through an Eco-SMART infrastructure and technocratic mainframe people will accept it as a natural consequence of Western liberal democracy. We now have a media that is predicated on lies and sins of omission that it offers a near seamless blanket of opposition to freedom. So normalised are we to this slick game show of “news” that we don’t even know it is there.  Ellul described mass media as: “…the essential link between the individual and the demands of the technological society.” When our demands and desires become fused with the efficiency and ease from technology which appeals to both the body and the mind, then we are one with the overseeing pathocracy and lost to our individuality. *

“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally known to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”

— Edward Bernays, “Propaganda”

The above 3 domains are all configured from a further triad of supporting thought streams:

  • Dissolution through consumption/consumerism and extreme materialism, where the health of the mind and body is slowly poisoned.
  • The neutralisation of anger through controlled opposition or a sociocultural CoIntelpro, Eco-Intelpro and psycho-spiritual distractions and distortions within the New Age or Human Potential Movements. On the political/activist front the subversion of the right and left toward radicalism – political correctness being the most obvious tool for control. Revolution is always designed to further globalist outcomes.
  • The inculcation of guilt – In case the above two show signs of failure, Lucien Cerise explains, the mass mind controller has one more trump card up his sleeve:

“…to morally delegitimise the revolt is to guilt the slaves to revolt. This stratagem consists in reversing the place of the executioner and the victim, of the dominant and the dominated, and discouraging the slave from rattling his chains by persuading him that it is he who commits an injustice against the master. In fact, when your master manages to inculcate you with tears in his voice, that he is the victim and you the perpetrator, and threatens to drag you to court if you dare to say otherwise, the mental conditions of the Revolt retract and shrink away. When the master succeeds in making you swallow the idea that it is you, the “bastard” – anti-Semite, racist, homophobe, reactionary, sexist, speciste, etc. – and if you complain of his abuses of power, a leaden silence and self-censorship falls on your mind and inhibits your capacity for action and reaction. And then you only have to turn your anger and aggressiveness upon yourself which has you self-destruct like Laborit’s mice.* Such is the function of political correctness, this tool of social engineering which appeared in the eighties on the American campuses to intimidate any criticism of active minorities who hold the power in the Occident. [2]

The elevation of instinct is the driver and the termination or decrease of higher intellectual and emotional faculties. This “tenderises” the mass mind to accept implanted ideologies of extremes (ultra-right, radical left, Soros funded “progressive” movements, gender fluid and androgeny/hermaphroditism etc.) designed to discombobulate and disorientate so that defence mechanisms like splitting and other personality fractures begin to emerge or become significantly enhanced. When no one knows what normal is anymore the abnormal becomes pedestrian and limits are defined only by instinct guided by our controllers in any direction they choose.

The initiation of more draconian controls proceeds through gradualism or “soft” totalitarianism. When major crises occur and social chaos reigns much the same way as post-World War I and II, and post 9/11, all kinds of structural “solutions” can be implemented. When society yearns for “normality” they will deliver, except the new normative constraints will be anything but. What was a gradual erosion of freedoms can then be speeded up under the guise of social betterment and civic emancipation.

“If you want Daddy State to save you then you must accept compromise…” In true Hegelian style, the waiting social directives can begin to promote structural and sociocultural standardisation and homogenisation prepared by indoctrination, fear, superstimuli and entrainment, all of which results in conformity, dependence; a permanent inability to think critically. When we cannot recognise the markers of manipulations we are utterly vulnerable to being led by our own subjective and faulty “opinions” thus re-directed to the engineered instincts of mass mind reactions…

… and the eradiction of elevated ATTENTION.

“It is sometimes argued that advertising really does little harm because no one believes it any more anyway. We consider this view to be erroneous. The greatest damage done by advertising is precisely that it incessantly demonstrates the prostitution of men and women who lend their intellects, their voices, their artistic skills to purposes in which they themselves do not believe, and that it teaches [in the words of Leo Marx] ‘the essential meaninglessness of all creations of the mind: words, images, and ideas.’ The real danger from advertising is that it helps to shatter and ultimately destroy our most precious non-material possessions: the confidence in the existence of meaningful purposes of human activity and respect for the integrity of man.”

— Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy, 1964

Selling the Soul – Advertising and Public Relations

The arch black Magickal tool of our times is the adman and the pearly white smile of the PR mediator. Without advertising our sleep would not be so deep and addictions so complete. Without PR the lies would be transparent. From corporate sponsorship in education to the routine corruption and cover up of rigged elections; putting lipstick on the pig of innumerable psychopaths has become an ugly artform and the depth of which the ordinary citizen is still manifestly ignorant.


Definition: Ad: 1. the business of trying to persuade people to buy products or services

  1. an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Sponsors of advertising are often businesses wishing to promote their products or services.

Definition MKt: 1. The Study and Management of exchange relationships

  1. Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying  customers in order to sell products. Marketing is one of the premier components of business management.

What does advertising really do?

  • Symbols and iconography are divorced from ritual and religious signifiance and recontextualised toward commodity and utility. This inversion is akin to “possession” whereby ancient symbology is inverted into a materialist “spell” separated from it’s original purpose. Icons become hypnotic gateways which deliver subliminal programming through ceaseless repetition and habituation.
  • Advertising alter brain chemistry and physiological responses by using light/imagery and sound.
  • The neuroplastic brain is reshaped and “re-wired” toward a attention-capturing reliance on the reward centres.
  • Genuine needs are replaced by entrained desires. Thus objective reality is displaced by addictive wants sold to us as necessity for otherwise unattainable meaning, purpose and happiness.
  • The main tool of the advertiser, marketer and salesman is weaponised language directed toward the unconscious to “irritate” primary and secondary instincts thereby triggering emotional reaction responses in order to sell their goods.
  • Repetition habituates and reconfigures neural pathways along a series of “hot button” commands acting as Pavolian drivers.
  • They sell biochemical sensation at the cost of inner equillibrium and the onset of addiction.
  • A new interface between reality and the self is set up where the adman mediates between necessity and desires gradually eroding sense of self and replacing it with insecurity and image entrainment.
  • There is no room for any other perception or an alterative way of being which might offer a window into creative potential and the decentralisation of selfish desire.
  • “The management of exchange relationships” seeks to subvert true exchange with ever-present extraction process in order to convert energy into one-way consumption for the commerical sphere. Unsustainable profit and material acquisition is elevated over meaning and purpose.
  • The adman is a consumer pimp whose job it is to make every generation hooked on possession and goods.
  • Advertising products become cultural artefacts and modern-day talismans that define personality and emotional focus. Hopes, fears,  frustrations and insecurities are stimulated and enhanced to ensure supply and demand in terms of products and the energy extraction therein.  (There’s more than one way to measure the values of society than GDP).
  • Negative emotion and instinct become the adman’s real estate of the mind. Insecurity and poor self-esteem are lucrative. For the admen and marketing men it literally pays to promote and entrain populations toward a poor sense of self.
  • Culture becomes a vast whorehouse of diverse prostitution wearing masks of civillised propriety and social ettiquette.
  • Creating relationships with “consumers” involves the implantation of ideas so that “satisfaction” and self-gratification equates to the train of biases and prejudices that come with it. These are internalised by association.
  • Fashion and glamour determine what is attractive. Beauty is redefined as chic and stylish and ultimately dictated by the market. Internal Truth and goodness becomes sucked into synthetic, relative constructs prey to deeper extremes thus further away from the real.
  • Shock, sensation and vulgarity become saleable and thus “fashionable” in the hands of the advertiser. The sacred becomes the profane and the profane, the sacred.
  • Subliminal and overt sexual symbolism further stimulates the instincts and reward centres. Sex always sells.
  • Men and women become objectified to such an extent that normal relationships are predicated on image and sensory appeal as opposed to the quality of their thoughts, actions and consciousness.
  • Advertising sells unreality and worships fantasy through BRANDING – the soul as commodity.
    Popular culture has become exchange of identity through corporate-led branding from activism to social media tweens. Education, art and info-tainment are all about selling the brand that traps the attention.


Apart from that, advertising is harmless.

The capitalisation of the paragraph above…Did that alter your mood and/or perception for a moment?  Right. And that was just a tweak from lower case to higher case…Factor in all manner of technological feats of daring-do from the use of light, sound, image and sensation and there is literally no limit to what you can make people do, either in the market place or on the battlefield. And there is increasingly very little difference between the two.

As the late great Bill Hicks said: “If you’re in advertising or marketing – kill yourself.” (It’s a joke…)

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

— Joseph Goebbels

“Propaganda … comes in many forms: big lies and small; half-truths, whispers, and rumors…”

— Edward Curtin

Public Relations

Definition: 1. The activity of keeping good relationships between an organization and the general public.

Definition 2. the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public.

What does Public Relations really do?

‘Public Relations’ is a euphemism for various levels of propaganda and perception management. Truth is a commodity, as pliable and relative (and valueless) as any opinion. To be more precise, we might say that public relations elevates lying to an art form so that an individual, group or organisation gets out of trouble in the quickest possible time, thereby maintaining the illusion of social responsibility, ethical contraints moral rectitude etc. Companies specialise in Intel/military, government, charities, NGOs, corporate law, entertainment and anyone who is on the sharp end of public opinion. Negative opinion from the crowd can have serious consequences for stock options. PR makes its money from doctoring the truth or providing a beneficial spin on corruption, hence the moniker of “spin doctors.”

One only has to look at the use of propaganda information for thousands of years of wars and conflict to understand that history itself is written by the victors and is one long unbroken tract of management by public relations staff, be it from quills on parchment or fingers on keyboards. A fat profit in their deep, dark pockets comes from taking on clients from Kings or Queens, Monsanto to Mephistopheles. Be it geopolitical false flags media fabrications to barefaced corporate lies, propaganda coups define our perceptions of reality.

How does the PR industry see itself? The Public Relations Society of America define the management of public relations as:

“Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, attitudes and issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of the organization.”

Translation: Gathering all manner of vertical and horizontal information streams in order to prevent anything nasty impacting the organisation. Data modelling is king. Truth is there to be reinterpreted and re-framed so that everything comes out squeaky clean for the client. Or even better increases its kudos, status or image.

“Counseling management at all levels in the organization with regard to policy decisions, courses of action and communication, taking into account their public ramifications and the organization’s social or citizenship responsibilities.”

Translation: Damage limitation and prevention. “Counselling” is euphemism for making damn sure that the collective perception is on the same page and everyone is singing from the exact same hymn book. Everyone got their story straight?

“Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of an organization’s aims. These may include marketing; financial; fund raising; employee, community or government relations; and other programs.”

Translation: Making sure the public’s perception matches the designated reality creation by throwing vast amounts of money towards advertisers and marketers who sell the new image to the public. If there happens to be some truth in there – that’s a bonus.

“Planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public policy. Setting objectives, planning, budgeting, recruiting and training staff, developing facilities — in short, managing the resources needed to perform all of the above.”

Translation: Setting guidelines and objectives to ensure that INFLUENCES CHANGE PUBLIC POLICY. Since power-brokers dominate, who do you think the beneficiaries of these implementations are going to be? The public or the client? Bingo! That’s the whole point the services of PR agencies are sought after. The organisation, government or group can no longer maintain a suitably fake image to be believable. These “changes” can seek to bring out what is inherently false so that it can be transfigured into something inherently true, but only insofar as the image and impression of truth imprint the collective mind. And it must be believable across the entire demographic divide. And if it’s artful and creative in its deception, no reversion back to its corrupt state will be noticed.

Our attention is as weak as our memory. Official Culture is all about keeping our attention fixed on the future so that our minds naturally re-evaluate the past according to how the Powers that Be want us to see it. We learn to see not through our own eyes but through the eyes of those who manufacture an array of spectacles which are prescribed for narrow band of reality. And if they make sure that this band has only a small spectrum of choices (and facts) then we must naturally choose those ones which are provided. The skill of the PR man is to keep our attention fixed to those choices and make us believe there are no others available. Thus we believe we have come to a decision or conclusion of our own. Opinions are always malleable than the truth, which is why impressions, shifting and transient as they are, determine the type of perception most suitable to transform mere opinion into fact.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

— George Orwell, “1984”

“Creepy” Joe Biden running for President in 2020. The PR men will have their job cut out for this one.

Make no mistake. PR firms do not assist in creating a more amenable image and view for the public. Its job is to program you into believing sugar-coated lies. In brutal terms, public relations is, at its worst, a mind rape so that you inhabit a normalised dissociation from the facts. So normalised in fact, that you begin to doubt your own gut instincts that something is amiss. It’s in this way that our critical thinking makes way for latent prejudice and resentment projected onto our fellow man; through this deformation of our character, we begin to do the propagandists’ work by deceiving ourselves. As Niccolo Machiavelli declares in The Prince: “…he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.”

Language itself is inverted toward euphemisms, logical falllicies, non-sequiteurs, strawman arguments, paramoralistic and paralogical discourse, thinly layered in civilised tones and erudite delivery. Yet, this think-tank verbiage is in exact alignment with Orwellian “Newspeak.” As Orwell wrote in 1984 the whole aim of linguistic control was to “narrow the range of thought … In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” When you control language you control thought. When you control thought then we cannot access our mental faculties designed for critical thinking alongside our recognition (intuition). They begin to atrophy so that we cannot see the inversions which have turned traditional, common sense precepts inside out and upside down. With technology used in service to propaganda facts become relevant only insofar as they support the Party line. Otherwise, they can be erased through media manipulation, fear-based historical revisionism and ultimately, self-censorship. Which is why governments and their agencies have whole departments of very sophisticated propaganda technology available to them. They are called the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, MI5 etc. And which is also why so much of the mass mind’s reality orientation is wrecked. Hence the consensus.

The main formula for propaganda is to Deceive/Con peopleWait for the realisationAllow anger and indignation to subside. Rinse and repeat. This is merely a re-working (and subversion) of George Hegel’s Hegelian dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) and more popularly known as “problem/reaction/solution” formula. This in turn is an offshoot of the State’s dialectical, economic and scientific Materialism – the priority of matter over mind, a pillar of Marxist theory. This version of dialectical hypnosis has unfortunately proved to be eminently practical for those without conscience.

The most frightening thing about this formula in a Huxleyian context is that it takes a very short time for this con-trick to pass into memory, since the collective mind has been over-stimulated and distracted for so long. Attention and memory are deeply connected and if one fails, so does the other. Apathy, stress, denial and man’s inherent ability to fantasize reality away permits this loop to continue. Once you see how this plays out in domestic and international politics it becomes easy to discern the signs. As Machiavelli warned us: “The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.” That’s about as close to defining the practice of PR as you’ll get. Decipher the roots of the “promise” and you’ll understand the meaning of whose “necessity” you are being manipulated to accept.

We are all programmable

In this new hypersensitive psychic landscape, individualism is seen as selfish and group consciousness is the way forward. And indeed, ultra-individualism of “greed is good” is as unhealthy as the collectivism of the hive mind. It all depends on which role models and beliefs are operating. The key point for the minority controllers is to make sure there is never a partial equilibrium between the two.

The lies we accept about Western democracies and the manipulations we are subjected by others are far less important than the habit of lying to ourselves about virtually everything. If we pay attention to the latter we will naturally build a centre within that alerts us to external lies. If we are to break the log-jam of historical fables and fairy-tales about our past and the relentless mind control of the present, then we must cultivate our attention to what IS. And that means aligning ourselves to our highest good.

Remember, this isn’t about a personality-led political allegiance, those are just ideologies used to camouflage the extensive force of pathological power bases. Politics today – as the discerning reader knows by now – is a game show. We have to step out of the juvenile reality of the Telegraph or The Guardian and detach from the idea that any one political system has the answer. When we address our own hypnosis/trance we might actually be able to affect change in our local environment rather than give energy to institutionalised lies. That’s about all that’s possible at this point in time.

Our new attention will allow us to employ this removal from the game in order to use that energy to observe our own internal programs and defence mechanisms, thus to self-regulate. Instead of attempting to change the iniquities of this manufactured consent, we ignore it. To ignore does not mean to turn away from compassion and assistance. One ignores the lies and state-managed propaganda designed to hijack your attention. By choosing to detach from it you retain energy and become one less person who feeds its entropic maw. That is the beginning of true individuation. You leave the crowd of reaction machines and become a gatekeeper of your own consciousness – you make real choices instead of unconscious ones.

If we can’t see just how psycho-spiritually broken we all our, utterly exhausted from denying our abilities to break free from our inner oppression, then we are quite simply choosing not to see. And at this time in history, every voice counts. And we draw a line in the stand by taking responsibility for our own decisions. We PAY ATTENTION to the signs embedded in myth, archetype, dreams and objective reality.

You might ask: If it’s so dark, that what we perceive is illusion upon illusion – why bother to see any signs? Is it not better to embrace the bliss of ignorance? Everything is beyond our ability to know anyway so why not just enjoy the ride and forget about the rest?

It depends how you “render truth unto yourself” and if responsibility for its embodiment resides with you or someone else? The 17th Century Portuguese philospher Franciso Sanches put it this way: …“Just because nothing can be known in an ultimate sense, we should not abandon all attempts at knowledge but should try to gain what knowledge we can, namely, limited, imperfect knowledge of some of those things which we become acquainted with through observation, experience, and judgement.” And that means gaining the most objective, up-to-date information on who and what might stop our ability to experience knowledge in its purest form.

Nowadays, ‘Public Relations’, is the euphemism for brainwashing and one of the many tools in the psychological operations box used by the Liberal, Conservative and Zionist Establishment across the globe. It rightly has a very bad rap sheet. Think Iraq and selling the idea that Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs); Putin as an evil dictator intent on invading the West or 9/11 carried out by a rag-tag group of young Muslims who managed to fly two jet airliners into the most heavily defended financial centre in the world. Think too, of huge PR departments keeping the corruption of the world’s banks and agrichemical companies under the radar.

The overriding principle of propaganda is that the attitudes can always be adjusted. You just need to find the right program, then load it.

And there is a program for everyone.

“Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense.”

— George Orwell, “1984”

Our attention has been fixated and fetishized in order to keep us from seeing the emperor has no clothes. Common sense is grown through casting an objective lens over our experiences to do. It is a sensibility to what works and what doesn’t. It is this shared common wisdom that controllers wish to delete so that the crowd mentality dominates with no means to evaluate what has been injected into that mass consciousness. Yet, when we are born into such a state of affairs, it is almost impossible to see it for what it is. Do not most of us have a roof over our heads? Do we not have money in the bank? Food in our stomachs? Are we not free to travel our nation or even the globe if we so wish?

The kind of hypnosis we are talking about here goes to the heart of the human condition and goes beyond the material into the spiritual, for this is ultimately where all of our destinies converge. Even the urge to find a social utopia is neither possible nor desired (if our experiments along that line are anything to go by) and it is the eternal yearning to be free of a psycho-spiritual dystopia of which we are subconsciously aware yet strenuously deny which drives us deeper into the arms of Morpheus when we should be waking each other up.

Until we understand that it is not form, nor quantity, feelings, instinct, satisfaction or wants that define our reality but the connection to the eternal, creative power that lies at the heart of our existence, we will be voluntarily bound to those that wish to subvert that heritage for their own ends. The two “I”s within us have their constant archetypal expression in the world at large: entropy or creativity, psychopath or normal conscience; forced choices or the free-will choices of an unshackled mind. That choice to permit lies and propaganda to define our existence has consequences, which, although we may not always be able to taste, touch, see or hear them, are corrosive to the soul and may determine which reality you find yourself inhabiting, beyond death as much as beyond life.

If at this stage, If you are still scratching your head and wondering what’s so bad about good ‘ole Auntie Beeb and our friends at Sky News then you haven’t been paying attention – you’ve been giving it away every day. Without your critical faculties turned against the seemingly benign institutions you’ve been forced to cherish you are not a free-thinking individual. We must all become citizen journalists and make truth the overriding principle once again.

So choose very wisely what you give your full attention to because every choice to truly SEE no matter how disturbing, is a choice to see for all.

If we continue to sit under the comforting heat-lamp of sensation and seduction, drinking the free Kool-Aid and passing the buck, this is the unseen clause in a universe of free-will: to partake in the treasures of evil and celebrate their successes, no matter how benign and constructive they may appear, is to give tacit consent for our souls to be harvested by a God of Entropy.

Do you consider yourself separate from that trance? If so, ask yourself why and if so to what degree? How can you simplify, economise and thereby limit the extraction of the resources you need to transform?

Don’t be a neural slave or give away your energy. Pay attention.

There is nothing more precious than the kernel of who you really are.


* = For more on the media machine go here and read Propaganda By Edward Bernays (1928); The Technological Society (1954) By Jacques Ellul; Manufacturing Consent (1995) By Noam Chomsky; Propaganda Blitz (2018) By David Cromwell Edwards and The Noble Liar (2018) by Robin Aitken. And don’t forget to watch the powerful documentary Century of The Self By Adam Curtis.


[1] p. 96; Ellul, Jacques; The Technological Society (1954)
[2] p.11 Cerise, Lucien; Neuro-Hackers: Reflections on Social Engineering (Neuro-Pirates Reflexions Sur L’Ingenierie Sociale) published in 2016 by Kontre Kulture

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