in·frac·tion ( n-fr k sh n). n. The act or an instance of infringing; a violation.


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Are we not living in times where infringements and violations are endemic?  It appears so, hence the reasons for the blog’s name. (Or perhaps I just liked the phonetics…)

However, I think there is an upside: gaining knowledge and aligning to Truth as best we can, offers opportunities to ignite a fire of genuine change within ourselves. But to strive for authenticity is a tough road to tread in a world that thrives on the exact opposite.

As I’ve discovered for most of my life, such a thing is designed to be arduous and seemingly hopeless. For how can we change within without the friction needed to create those sparks of awareness? We can’t. Suffering is inevitable until we learn how to navigate with higher purpose. You might say that we are led to cultivate an Aikido of the soul, where unconscious reaction is slowly transformed into an awareness of reality as it is, not as we would like it to be.

At least, that’s how I see it right now.

What is true from my perspective and increasingly many others, is that we are living under social systems which have been corrupted in ways so deep and for so long that we no longer realise it. We have been conditioned to accept it as normal. What is normal? Well, anything that has at least the kernel of conscience within it, something that is an anathema to most of the movers and shakers who create the societies in which we live.

What also appears to be true is that any attempt to alter this world without addressing the shadows within ourselves will be doomed to failure. They must go hand in hand otherwise we merely add to the confusion and deluge of lies which characterise the mainstream media and the mediocrity that passes for much of our present culture.

Individually and collectively we can be so much more.

Deep inside many of us know this, but we have allowed this creative and cooperative nature to be padlocked away by trauma, wishful thinking, apathy and willful ignorance. I unreservedly included myself in this category. Hopefully, I’m now moving toward a state of Being somewhat more aligned to truth. This blog is an attempt to maintain that alignment.

It seems it is only when we truly experience a “Dark Night of the Soul” are we able to begin to grasp the enormity of Life and our place in it. Paradoxically, this is when true freedom of the mind seems to offer itself as potential. Yet, we cannot be aware of that which we are unaware. Nothing can be forced. It has to come from within after a sufficient amount of suffering has destroyed our false Self used as a buffer against the uncertainties and horrors of the world. A measure of harmony can then be maintained at a point of creative tension.

It seems we are entering an historical period where certain collective shocks will define our reality for us so that we may be given a choice to SEE ourselves and our world as it truly is.  If we do not, then our denials will manifest externally as projections of our own unresolved chaos which will inevitably encroach upon our daily lives until we are forced to make a choice anyway. In the same vein, if humanity does not rise up and wrest back control of its spiritual destiny then it seems the cosmos will do it for us.

Perhaps all we can do is be willing to take the steps to grow in order to achieve some measure of “response-ability,” or, as Mahatma Gandhi mentioned: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world,’ step by step and at one’s own pace.

With that in mind, this blog is a place to write my thoughts on a variety of subjects from social science to the occult; 9/11 to technocracy; Zionism, ponerology, Anglo-American geostrategy to self-development. The article series date from scattered notes circa 2004 to the present.

“M.K. Styllinski” is a pseudonym which I use due to the nature of the subject matter. Since there are some pretty odd people out there, the last thing I want is for my family and friends to suffer any aggravation (or worse) from my digging into subjects deemed taboo. This way, it keeps it safer for all and limits breaches in privacy – at least as much as we able in this day and age.

While I don’t claim to have all the answers by any means, I do eschew dogma and blind belief with a passion. So, I generally don’t respond to those who exhibit those tendencies. But those with an open, serious and playful mind – are warmly welcome.

M. K.

For a fuller introduction to the concepts and themes explored on this blog please visit:  An introduction to this blog.

Feel free to drop me a line by filling out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



  1. Really liked your “about,” M.K.

    “… knowledge and truth are opportunities…” Narcissism is the natural enemy of knowledge and truth, and you’ve written about the rise in narcissism in our societies. Thus, to achieve what you seek to accomplish, one must understand and then counteract narcissism at the social level.

    I am guardedly confident I have found the explanation to this.

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  2. M K….LOVE your articles – why don’t you have a contact email address ?…I’m the one to receive and release the very FIRST photos of Johnny Gosch seen since he was kidnapped in Des Moines in 1982 back on August 26,2006 which I sent to several contacts of mine and to Noreen Gosch as well – just one week after I entered Canada in order to STAY ALIVE after several radio interviews I did in June 2006 when I was still living in Denver Colorado about what REALLY happened on 9/11 with the use of remote controlled aircraft and thousands of planted linear shaped charges as well as dozens of micro-nuclear demolition weapons….


    Tim White,Viet Nam Veteran(USAF)
    Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

    now a Dual U.S. Canadian Citizen – Vancouver British Columbia


    1. Awesome reports..Im spreading the word..If we all do this..we can take back our country from the ZOG..who control EVERYTHING today.

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  3. Could you please give me a suggested reading list? I appreciate your blog, it’s meaningful and well thought out. Do you have a mailing list?

    Thank you.



    1. Hello Adam,

      A few that come to mind:

      Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes By Andrew Lobaczewski

      Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil By Paul Levy

      The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive By Laura Knight-Jadczyk

      Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection (Secret History Book 2) by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk

      Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience: An Owner’s Manual by Red Hawk


      UPDATE: New page: Recommended Books


  4. Hello M.K.

    Your articles are really great! I am a researcher into the occult transhumanist agenda and your views about this comes very close to my own findings. I wrote a doctoral thesis about European Union environmental policy that opened my eyes for the things going on in our world. http://jacobnordangard.se/b%C3%B6cker.html


    1. Hi Jacob and thanks for the message. I’m pleased you found the articles useful.

      It always amazes me how diverse are the backgrounds from which people gradually wake up to the engineering of our reality. I think some of the worst social engineering occurs within our education and university systems. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to sort through what is true and what is merely programming. You clearly have considerable will and courage to take on academia in that regard – Good for you!

      Thanks again for commenting, and I’ll be looking further at your blogs (armed with google translate! 😉


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      1. Well I lost my job at the university after I had uncovered the forces behind the climate threat and questioned the dogma. The president of the Club of Rome tried to intervene and stop my thesis from being approved (he did though fail in that attempt). My career were though in danger. An opinion article in Swedens most influential newspaper Dagens Nyheter and a book about the networks and the agenda behind the climate threat finally sealed my fate. The university isn’t a place for independent searchers of truth. http://www.dn.se/debatt/domedagsindustrin-har-blivit-en-sjalvgaende-maskin/


        1. That’s a very good article Jacob, and asks some solid questions about the real reasons behind much of green politics and eco-social engineering: a global union or World State.

          Whilst I very much consider myself a protector of our precious Earth I am afraid climate change science and environmentalism in general has many pathological types within it who are poisoning the central message with bad science and authoritarian thought. So, I am not surprised you have been treated so poorly.

          In case you were not aware of it, I have looked into the idea of a modern eco-fascism in my “Dark Green” series which might be of interest to you.


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  5. MK,

    I’m enjoying your writing immensely . Thank You! A few books I wanted to recommend to you which you may find interesting. 1. 2020 Our Common Destiny by Niki Raapana. ( http://nord.twu.net/acl/2020.html) Her blog while she was writing it is good too. Most everything is archived. Rosa Koire used quite a bit of Niki’s research in her own book but did not give Niki credit. I think there was a bit of a flame war there for a while. Niki’s stance was that Rosa did not want to examine Zionism as a factor in the amorphous Communitarian movement (and Niki did ) so Rosa swept Niki under the rug. 2. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyte. Its available as a free download at AmericanDeception.com.
    Charlotte is the grande dame of education research. Her book is vital reference material. 3. Credentialed to Destroy: How Education became a weapon by Robin Eubanks. Her blog is excellent as well. invisibleserfscollar.com.



  6. Further to your accurate notes on the (Right wing Anglophone, WASP/White Anglo Saxon Protestant ) ‘Triangle Of Industry’.

    Historically created in 4-centuries by the humanity exploiting and profiteering five eyes phoney-Anglophone/UK/US/CA/OZ/NZ on 5-continents where they don’t belong.

    History’s worst hypocrites, cowards, mass killers, liars, denyers, self-justifyers. Always for private profit by mass deception. and always deviously masked as so called ‘Public Protection’.

    Intially via their post-Reformation media Bible, plus Bullshit, Bombs, Bullets and always more Bullshit. Now via their multi-media mass mind rapists.

    Began in 1640s Ireland where they mass murdered 1/2 million Catholics including tens of thousands innocent children in their own land!




  7. Hello M. K.

    I happened on your blog a few days ago, and I have to say that your articles are about the finest I’ve ever seen on this topical matter. I am really enjoying what you have obviously put a substantial amount of time and thought into sharing here. Very comprehensive, excellent insights — and great writing style to boot. Just fantastic, sir. Really appreciative of your efforts.



  8. Hi I would like to draw readers attention to two blogs which work to highlight the harms caused by prescription drugs and the refusal of drug companies to publish data ie David Healy Blog and Rxisk Blog There is a desperate need for research to find the cause of often irreversible harms

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  9. I just found this website.
    I have only scratched the surface so far, but I can tell this website is a blessing.

    It is rich with ideas and supporting documentation and is well crafted. Lots of keen insights as well.
    I am learning alot.

    Thanks be to “M.K. Styllinski”.
    Thanks for putting this site together and sharing it.

    What is that old saying?, ‘when the student is ready, the master appears’.

    That is what this website is like to me right now.

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