Cultivate Attention and Discernment (2)

“Dark ages are times of forgetting, when the advancements of the past are underutilized. If we forget how to use our powers of deep focus, we’ll depend more on black-and-white thinking, on surface ideas, on surface relationships. That breeds a tremendous potential for tyranny and misunderstanding. The possibility of an attention-deficient future society is very sobering.”

Maggie Jackson, Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age

Reading time: 10-15 mins

Cultural Hypnosis / Consensus Trance

What are we paying attention to?

21st Century culture is a pseudo or secondary reality in which we are all deeply immersed.

Although it might seem illogical, our present social and cultural constructs are birthed from a world of inductive economic and political ideas amounting to a form of hypnosis. The behavioural dynamics of this reality exist in the mass and individual mind with no proof or experience to validate it. In order to make sure that our attention never gets out of the nose-bag of fear, sex, hunger and i-phones, it is imperative that our generational rulers keep cultural hypnosis firmly in place.

According to master hypnotist Mark Anthony, this is a:  “… catch-all term that covers the mass of influence from a wide range of people, institutions and situations that each human being is affected by from the moment of conception till death within a given, definable and limited culture matrix. Less euphemistically, cultural hypnosis is aka PROGRAMMING.” [1]  Similarly, the consensus trance that eventuates, is defined as “normal” consciousness wholly adapted to current sociocultural constructs. Or as psychologist Charles T. Tart describes it: “… when you automatically think, behave, and feel “normally,” when the internal workings of your mind automatically echo most of the values and beliefs of your culture”. [2]

Cultural hypnosis leads to the induction of a consensus trance and its perceived “normality” which leads to a consensus reality. When we interface with reality through trance-like states we are not thinking for ourselves, we are not questioning that consensus – our minds are not working consciously.

We will take a generalised look at how the social dominators use various methods of cultural induction, inculcation and conditioning to induce mass hypnosis and the resulting trance in Western civillisation and in varying degrees, global populations.


Everyone daydreams to the point of distraction at some point during the day. Many of us experience mild dissociative episodes for much of lives and can function within the social norms of society without too many problems. Lesiure pursuits from golf to cinema allow us respite from the rigours of work and other demands on our energy so that relaxation and imagination can take over. Watching TV or sitting in front of a movie screen are good examples of temporarily suspending our relationship to consensus reality. When we relax and enter into these movie states, our conscious awareness is literally absent – we are fully running, laughing, feeling and fearing all that happens in front of us, whether we intellectualise it or not. We are hypnotised by light and sound and dissociate one part of consciousness from another. It would be a form of psychosis if certain triggers were not present. But the TV is switched off, the credits roll and the lights come up. We stretch and yawn and make our way home.

The dictionary definintion for dissociation is: “an adaptive defense in response to high stress or trauma characterized by memory loss and a sense of disconnection from oneself or one’s surroundings”. It is precisely this unawareness that keeps us from realising that there are larger forces at work that keeps us locked into undiagnosed childhood adversity experiences and the physical and psychological trauma of the past.

Psychologists Marlene Steinberg and Maxine Schnall believe “Dissociative symptoms and disorders are far more prevalent in the general population than previously recognized. Why? “… a great many people don’t report their symptoms to therapists because they can’t identify them! Research has shown that these symptoms are as common as those of depression and anxiety, but the person who is unfamiliar with them may not regard them as significant. If someone doesn’t know that ‘not feeling like a real person’ or feeling ‘apart from who I am’ is a dissociative symptom that might indicate a problem, why would that person report it? The public’s unfamiliarity with dissociative symptoms and inability to identify them has caused dissociation to become the silent epidemic of our time.” [3]

“I mean, how can you care about anything if you can’t even know the truth about yourself? If you keep losing yourself?”

Client discussing dissociative symptoms in ‘Mask of Sanity’ (2001) By Martha Stout

Although many of us don’t necessarily have major trauma in our childhood, most of us have adverse stress of some kind. Defence mechanisms become dysfunctional and highly sensitised to unconscious memory triggers which can switch on that original feeling of terror, pain or rage through a person’s speech, touch, an innocent event, episode or a particular environmental association. When you dissociate, your childhood self-protection comes online and your functioning self is split – he conscious self is simply not there anymore. As psychologist Martha Stout reminds us: “The events that are problematic tend to be related in some way to the original trauma. However, human beings are exquisitely symbolic creatures, and “related” can reach unpredictable and often indecipherable levels of abstraction and metaphor.” [4]

A subconscious pattern-recognition to what has been denied can turn up in allsorts of ways, from shadows across the sidewalk to patterns in a frosted window. Similarly, one can see a face neon-lit in a cafe; smell the perfume from a passer-by or have a minor tumble on the stairs – all of these can trigger the original emotional content with symptoms ranging from mild irritation, to panic attacks. This behaviour has serious implications for how society processes and responds to important information. But when fear and stress are the primary drivers there is no way one think clearly, let alone think critically and read reality correctly concerning the larger societal issues which may effect us all. As Steinberg and Schnall state: “the tiny mass of gray matter [in the brain] called the amygdala shapes and stores traumatic memories in the limbic part of the brain, which processes emotions and sensations, but not language or speech. As a result, survivors of childhood abuse may carry implicit physiological memories of the terror, pain, and sadness generated by the abuse but may have few or no explicit factual memories to explain their flashbacks and the feelings and sensations they arouse.” [5]

Without a proper memory function or the ability to communicate what’s wrong, then carrying out our duties becomes mechanical. It gives the illusion of balanced adaptation to society – maybe even for many years – but it is maladaption to the past reinforced by cultural programming of the present. A perfect utility for the hypnotic controllers of the State.

In the final analysis, there is very little difference between the behavioural results of dissociative states, escapist fantasies and trance. They all suspend or compartmentalise parts of our consciousness in order to survive. Most of us are battling with all kinds of distractions or seeking to be distracted. And then we have a culture that encourages dissociative practices alongside displacement and endless means to distract, addict and fantasize, it isn’t any wonder that people are so easily hypnotised and manipulated into believing propaganda?

Since we live in a new technological fun house on the one hand and an emerging technocratic nightmare on the other, people’s attention is split between dissociation, unhealthy stress and symptoms of addiction to ease the pain. There is evidence that technology is not only “teaching the population as a whole to accept split or divided attentiveness as normal” but that polyphasic functioning [two or more phases] can, over time, affect a person’s sense of identity by making it harder to distinguish central concerns from peripheral ones.” [6]

And that dear reader, is the primary objective of any ruling set of tyrants seeking to “civilise” their populations. Where chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma become common place then you have a ready-made vulnerability and acceptance of more abstract patterns of largescale hypnosis. In other words, when conscious attention and memory are damaged for large numbers of people then we have a range of symptoms amenable for mass mind control.

The Crowd

Crowd psychology has been of the utmost importance to rulers since time immemorial. When one can tap into the enormous power behind the mass mind it can be directed like a tsunami of instinct and reaction rationalised by individual participants as serving the common good or upholding values and morality. Which is why it is so crucial that macrosocial engineering is carried out over long periods of time so that crowds can be managed and directed according to specific images, symbols and language designed to appeal and trigger the desired reaction. Approval and validation by the mass mind, the public consensus, allows all kinds of atrocities and large-scale transformations of society to take place without the public ever knowing that they are merely the instrument for elite aspirations. Education and popular culture must serve to enhance and reinforce these plans on a day to day and long-term basis.

For this reason, it is the unconscious and undeveloped forces of the mass mind which can unleash riots, revolutions and unbelievable horrors given the proper triggers. A cauldron of pent-up rage and disorientation of an unnaturally repressed/suppressed nature seeks any suitable outlet when uncertainty becomes unbearable. (And it now seems highly likely that we have covert technology which can influence whole populations to do just that if required).

As Gustave le Bon stated in his classic book The Crowd, Study of the Popular Mind:

The most striking peculiarity presented by a psychological crowd is the following: Whoever be the individuals that compose it, however like or unlike be their mode of life, their occupations, their character, or their intelligence, the fact that they have been transformed into a crowd puts them in possession of a sort of collective mind which makes them feel, think, and act in a manner quite different from that in which each individual of them would feel, think, and act were he in a state of isolation.” Le Bon states further: “In a crowd every sentiment and act is contagious, and contagious to such a degree that an individual readily sacrifices his personal interest to the collective interest.” [7] 

In a very real sense, when you become part of a crowd, a group wrapped around in swathes of passion and ideology, you are no longer conscious of your acts. You are dissociated and operating at the behest of an Overmind.

Our individual attention to what IS has been sacrificed by sub-set of cultural hypnosis willingly undertaken due to stresses and strains which arose from the culture itself. But the attention of the crowd is more akin to heightened anticipation and expectation aligned to specific but often highly simplistic goals. Thus groups, crowds and the mass mind become very suggestible. When there is a crises developed and managed by the psychopaths who corral societies, once a “revolution” has been initiated and everything falls apart, people realise that what they had “wasn’t so bad” and they clamour to be taken care of, to ease their pain and struggle. The State steps in and delivers on that request implanting the idea that they are the saviour and stern provider for the public, whom they cherish and look out for, rather than hold in ruthless contempt.

This is history and the nature of revolutions, famine, war and all manner of social conflict.

“… the tendency to exaggeration in crowds is only present in the case of sentiments and not at all in the matter of intelligence. It is only, then, with respect to sentiment that crowds can rise to a very high or, on the contrary, descend to a very low level.”

— Gustav le Bon, The Crowd p.26

A keen knowledge of the nature of social contagions and how they might be positively and negatively spread through tribal, ideological, ethnic and social trigger points is necessary for state controllers and their agencies. To manage populations along gradualist streams of thought and action, punctuated at certain junctures by traumatic or sensational events is to not only introduce new trajectories toward long-term plans, but to enable flexibility and adaptation to fluctuating awareness in the mass mind. A change of direction within the overall aim is possible so that domestic and geopolitical policies can be altered without the public smelling a rat. Indeed, approval through PR is the required Pavlovian response. This is a form of neurological hacking which has many applications at the individual and group level. Again, psychology, biology and technology are fusing in service to sophisticated forms of overt and covert mind control. Distraction through pleasure, trauma, fear, sensation is buttressed by periodic divisions as the means to keep our attention from focusing to closely on the source of these controls – the ruling class and deep state. Far better that the public is at war within itself and identified with numerous “-isms” than casting a critical eye over its invisible jailors.

Neuro-Hacking and Maps of Reality

French philosopher and sociocultural analyst Lucien Cerise called this programming “neuro-hacking” which acts on the “hardware” the biological genetic substrate of the brain and on the “software” the communication code that we learn from society. He summarises how this programming works:

“This code of epigenetic origin – this language, or software – comes to us from the socio-cultural bath into which we are plunged since childhood, imprinting on the brain its neuronal architecture. The study of social groups, their mode of construction and the links which structure them has allowed those who want to control crowds to act on its members, to modify their behaviour or even destroy them as individuals and groups – the ones most dependent on others. For individuals disconnected from any group, hierarchy, representation, or stereotype can only survive by developing symptoms of psychosis. By attacking the natural links, Oedipal ties of the masculine / feminine differentiation, but also of the parent / child hierarchy, by abolishing the notion of limits, whose overcoming in psychology is called perversion, it is society as a whole that is attacked. Destructured and made malleable – one can speak of a ‘liquid society’ – it will then be the plaything of a small oligarchy which will have nothing more to fear from the people whose souls it has appropriated.” [8]

When you are not conscious, you are “asleep” and in a state of automatism. This sleep is like a computer without a firewall and anti-malware. Your mind is open psycho-pathogenic viruses and remote capture. We become “neuro-slaves.” The most useful trance is one in which the person is wholly unaware that s/he is being used and discarded.

“This is what we have operating today in the individual and mass mind. Your mind is literally no longer your own – if it ever was. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

— Edward Bernays, “Propaganda”

It is not so easy to direct our attention and the hope of discernment unless we know what we are up against. We might then see how important it is to “pay in advance” so that attention invests for the future, in more ways than one. To cultivate attention means to break out of a consensus trance by knowing how and what harms you. Then you remove yourself it entirely or inoculate your mind from its effects. Once you have attention then you must direct it to qualities which expand your new field of awareness capabilities.

In order to awaken from this trance, it is necessary to create a reliable map of our internal reality so that we can interpret the map of external reality. We have to recognise what the latter actually represents in our present-day culture, namely, to divert attention toward everything that drains us of the will to live authentically beyond the programming. If we do not have an accurate map of reality we can’t accomplish anything; self-growth and/or material success will be a pipe dream and we join the ranks of the living dead who are “blissfully” unaware of the fact.

To detach and non-identify, we must develop our attention to that which endures, to beauty, to love, objective reality and behavioural dynamics which nourish and elevate our thoughts and emotions. To grow our awareness is to become attentive. The more attention we have to what matters i.e. the search for truth, the more capacity we have to expand our awareness beyond the programmed strictures passing for liberal democracy; to become something more than just reactionary identitarians and docile, compliant citizens and subjects.


“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

But we need a reminder (we can never have enough reminders) as to what Official Culture’s true function is at this time in history: distraction via consumption, addictions to superstimuli, the worship of mediocrity and the emerging social tyranny of victimhood and political correctness. All of these are forms of hypnotic trance states, socially engineered to seed and germinate and to take on a life of their own without too much interference. Given sufficient psychological knowledge, one merely imputs the data and parameters and the resultant programs tend to play out in fairly concise and predictable ways.

The ability to attend to what matters is shattered in the 21st Century. We can barely hold our attention on anything for more than a few seconds before we are changing channels on the remote, clicking the mouse, swiping the screen for the next Facebook like or emoji-strewn comment. We can always escape into fictional “literature” of 50 Shades of Grey for next cheap thrill to keep our heads above the rising tide of cultural sewage.

We humans are damaged by addictive behaviours from sets of superstimuli designed to make us all sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children are not merely mirroring our habits and behaviours as espoused by their parents and peer groups, but a cognitive infiltration that enforces trust of corrupted medicine over our God-given ability to look after own children. As their brains are still growing their neurology is easily warped by the dopamine-saturated rewards that technology instils and the overprotective, yet undisciplined nature of the fragmented family unit of today. As psychiatry comes up with more definitions for our mental illness to supply Big Pharma with fat profits we sedate ourselves with poisoned food and infinite forms of distraction to keep denial at the forefront of our psychic defence.

“…the question of what are true and false needs must be answered by the individuals themselves, but only in the last analysis; that is, if and when they are free to give their own answer. As long as they are kept incapable of being autonomous, as long as they are indoctrinated and manipulated (down to their very instincts), their answer to this question cannot be taken as their own.”

Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man (1964), pp. 3-6

Even before the mis-use of technology intruded, self-observation was a dim prospect precisely due to our mechanical-mammalian brains telling us it was all pointless, getting us to wander off on the next jaunt determined to fulfil its primary needs of sex, hunger and survival from fear. Our will is weak and made weaker by pathological power-brokers, thus our attention is constantly shifting back to the auto-habits which make all our decisions for us.

There have been people whose talents were supported and promoted by our beloved Establishment corporatocracy in order that the mass mind’s notion of attention remained fixated on the vacuous and inane, the mindless and the mediocre. Consciously or not, it was their job to ensure that we all stayed entrained and plugged in. That way, maximum amounts of digital dosh could be extracted from normalised disempowerment. This ruse ensured a minority control could exercise their Olympian delusions with impunity. Which means we only appear to live in liberal democracies. Rather, we live in managed states of unconscious thinking adapted to artificial narratives. The real source of control is directed at man’s subconscious and unconscious drives because that is what drives people’s desires and instincts. We confuse form with content, the persona with essence. The real psychic war is waged through us, not through the memetic tools we use to foster the illusion we have agency.

State mind control experiments conducted on unaware unwilling populations in war and civilian life have been going since at least the beginning of the 20th Century. From a deep state military-intelligence apparatus to the field-testing under consumer culture, psychological operations and propaganda is now so much a part of the corporate-communication network as to be inseparable. We may call out all kinds of nefarious assaults on our so-called democratic frameworks not realising that these are usually diversionary tactics to keep the real wasps in the apple from being discovered. (The ultra-hi-tec capabilities of mass mind control now available to outsourced R & D divisions within American, Israeli, British and other European nations would short-circuit the average mind for its almost magical operations. They are literally several decades in advance of anything we see in the public eye).

It’s for this reason that psychopathic power and their psychological imperialism adapts to the normal man’s innate proclivities for creative evolution by altering the very perception of what constitutes that advancement. Moreover, they introduce memetic anchors and psychic drivers to re-route otherwise natural inclinations to cooperate and pool creative energy. That is what humans do, given half the chance. They do this at the inception of new movements for change or potential technologies which might irrevocably alter societies’ trajectories for the better.

By distraction toward pathological constructs which we are all encouraged to mimic very little interference is necessary to keep the overall machine well-oiled and fuelled toward a singular outcome. And mimicry and imitation are deeply ingrained in the social/tribal mindset so that such a paradigm remains the only reality, the contituents of which re-invent themselves but stay fixed to those anchors and drivers. Nothing changes where it needs to at the very structrual core of hierarchical operations.

Alter the role model and make it attractive through image, language and symbol and you have hypnotic entrainment. And since the mass mind is increasingly moving toward technological mediators of virtual crowds and centralised forms of social interaction there is an inbuilt capacity to divert attention en masse toward pre-packaged memes of consensus via advertising, marketing, fashion, PR, pop culture, science and education.

Propaganda is perception management of the crowd. And since we are moving more and more toward groups defined by image, feeling and ideological extremism, this offers potent emotional capital to balkanise according to Hegelian determinism.

“The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free.”

— Aldous Huxley

The Consensus Reality (AKA: Official Culture, The Technosphere)

Let’s have a very brief round-up of the primary sources of our hypnosis and trance states, induced and reinforced from infant to adult. This consensus has been programmed through 4 largescale reality constructs:

Economics – globalisation, banking.

These are the primary drivers that encase and drive society and culture. If our economic infrastructure is based on an unsustainable cycle of centralised credit and debt slavery, all attention will be focused on feeding that machine. It will determine what type of life we have and its meaning and purpose. Economics is a free-for-all of artificially stimulated mass buying and selling entirely rigged and run on rumour and ripples of suggestibility. It is a legalised casino of valueless addiction deeply connected to money laundering and the Four Drivers of the Overworld. Short-term, vast sums of money are made from algorithmic speculation in the blink of an eye. Long-term, it is concerned with leveraging commercialisation, by consolidation and deregulated fiscal, tax and banking largesse so that monopolies and mergers create a fusion of centralisation and control which defines global commerce. (4C’s) We are all enmeshed in this financial architecture. All hail neo-liberal economics!

Corporatism – transnational, monoculture

The outgrowth of this economic model is the business world that feeds it. It comprises a network of globalist Fortune 500 corporations and a symbiotic relationship to western governments, regime change and the military-security complex. As a result, the largest transnationals have more power and financial leverage than a small country. Their influence is everywhere from education to medicine, agribusiness to technology, media to pharmaceuticals. Societies are characterised by these corporate predators and their increasing monopolies that decrease diversity of localised commercial interests whilst claiming all’s fair in a climate of healthy competition. We are turned into consumers rather than human beings – algorithmic data to be manipulated into further ghettos of debt slavery. This is a financial web of globalisation as a phase by phase shoo-in of global governance aka globalism or a “New World International Order”. What we have now is mainstreamed criminal enterprises and valueless consumption disguised as “capitalism” and fuelled by the Four Drivers.

Religion – Christianity, Judaism, Islam

The truth rooted in organised religions has long since been extinguished by the same preference for power and control. Christianity with all its history of horrific distortions, variable and diverse sects and cults is still the only monotheistic religion that is founded on principles of truth, goodness and love. The Catholic Church, in particular, has seen a mass exodus away from its obvious cultish evils with a neo-Marxist, postmodern nihilism filling the vacuum. The baby has been comprehensively thrown out with the dirty bathwater. Human beings need fables and myths in order to access even a residual conscience so that morality and ethical concerns can breathe and be applied. This is why religion came into being – to bind us together in communities which thrive and prosper, it is the oral tradition of moral wisdom and values learned from our ancestors’ experience. Which is why state propaganda has evolved to dismantle and destroy moral philosophy. Judaism and Islam have accumulated and accrued the very worst of authoritarianism and the instinct of fear, with numerous offshoots spreading like psychic cancer across the planet.

“…the materialist’s world is quite simple and solid, just as the madman is quite sure he is sane. The materialist is sure that history has been simply and solely a chain of causation, just as the interesting person before mentioned is quite sure that he is simply and solely a chicken. Materialists and madmen never have doubts.”

G.K. Chesterton, in The Essential Gilbert K. Chesterton, Volume 1, p. 16.

Scientific materialism

After enormous gains in addressing all manner of problems from irrational superstition to the alleviation of poor sanitation and extraordinary medical advances, science has now become a religion in its own right, corrupted by it hubris and open to profit, greed and the inevitable fraud and politicisation that comes with it. So-called science is now eating its own tail and frequently a purveyor of one-dimensional, reductive investigation which stubbornly resists the natural cross-fertilisation of a multidisciplinary approach. Science is wholly absorbed by the dictates of Official Culture and the technosphere. It is in love with its obsessive, corporate and government-led sponsorship of innovation which ultimately leads back to military applications. The emphasis on “scientific technique” has managed to brainwash the collective mind into accepting that “God is Dead” because it can’t be squashed into a laboratory test-tube for analysis.

This is perhaps the most insane pathology of them all – to believe that we come from a primordial soup and evolved into human beings in a neat linear fashion where all the ingredients for life just happened to appear and somehow achieve a homeostasis that is perfect for life. All by chance? There is clearly an “intelligent design” to life more complex and creative than we could have ever imagined. It may not signify a religious God, but it certainly points to an intelligence that, from a human perspective, we are incapable of conceptualising let alone understanding. Temporary resistance to that concept has allowed us to learn and grow. But now that pendulum has swung too far and is in danger of being replaced by a false humanism that does not provide the psycho-spiritual meaning so desperately yearned for in Western civilisation. The cycle needs to change where science and spiritual realities combine.

The State – centralised and outsourced technocratic bureaucracy

The state, government and its agencies are run by dehumanising technological bureaucracy joined at the hip with corporatism and the neo-liberal economic model. We have less and less contact with other human beings since rules and regulations of the state are enforced through the intermediary of technology. The state’s job is to ensure public and private services and utilities are operational. Yet, these very entities are increasingly profit-making tools of corporations. And since the state, banking and corporations work hand in hand, we effectively have a corporate state. Instead of self-sufficient and autonomous localities and regions which make a nation, the state turns everyone into a cog in the wheel of centralised production which manifests more powerfully through our minds than through external means. This results in the corporatisation of every aspect of society and culture. The local is dead – all roads lead to the state. It defines how, where and what we become by forcing us to live within its mandates through an array of taxes and bureaucratic rules and regulations which ultimately maintain the banking and corporate system at great cost to everyone’s ability to live a meaningful creative life, not necessarily an affluent one.

The liberal democracy of the state employs left-right political parties to offer the illusion of progress but it is an electoral model that keeps the minds and bodies of its citizens distracted from their own empowerment, self-reliance and psycho-spiritual autonomy. This is a form of theatrical, hypnotic control. Our lives are not our own. And for the global corporate-economic monolith to survive and adapt it seeks to hypnotise the mass mind through its culture.

All of this is made possible through hypnotic control based on a “voluntary” consensus trance.

The condition of Nature and the environment is the biggest indicator of this reality-hijack, but since our natural responses to that horror are from within this cultural dissociation the solutions will be subverted and re-routed back to the very source of the ecological degradation without us really knowing it. Such subversion of honourable and natural empathy in the face of environmental destruction is evil itself. Greenwashing by corporations; the design of Eco-Smart cities and Agenda 21 are part of the same grafting of globalism onto genuine desires to assist and save the earth. Yet, it repeats a familiar pattern of purposefully generated negative feedback loops that exist in all sectors of our societies.

To break this cycle we must wake up from our cultural hypnosis and consensus trance.

And to do that we must alter our attention.


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