Reality Change II: “Hope for the best, Prepare for the Worst.”

“Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.”

– ‘Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies’


“Don’t trust the banks. Most are bankrupt. Don’t put your gold and silver coins in the safe deposit box. Keep them at home and keep them secret. Don’t keep more cash in the bank than is necessary to cover about a month’s worth of bills. This is a flashing red alert. Many tens of thousands of people who have their trust in the government system (U.S. currency) are headed dead ahead into impoverishment.”

– Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty Digest

Not a pretty picture.

The above nebulous language introduced in recently amended regulations in the US code of military operations on domestic soil conveniently skipped over what these “activities” would be in order to quell civil disturbances. What it does do is give the US military carte blanche to do as they please in such a scenario which won’t exactly reassure American citizens that they are safe. Indeed, it suggests that the only “unexpected” thing here is just what the US military has planned in the face of the inevitable break down in social “order.” And when we factor in all kinds of natural disasters on the horizon you can understand why so many folks are leaving cities with high density populations and even leaving the country completely.

Not all of the disaster events in the last post will occur but since the main points on this list was first compiled in 2011, we are already seeing some of these scenarios playing out. And who knows? They may all arrive within a year… It really is a case of “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” as some bright spark once said …

Returning to our Machiavellian friend and insider Zbigniew Brzezinski, this man has had his finger on the pulse between pathocrat and the global public for several decades. Driven by an irrational and all-consuming hatred of Russia, Brzezinski is a master tactician and highly astute at deciphering the many possible futures currently jostling for supremacy.  If he is worried about the scope and depth of changes taking place, then you can be fairly certain he’ll telegraph his concerns to the pathocratic faithful so that contingencies can be updated.

In recent years, he has let his concerns be heard above and beyond the usual Boys Clubs, participating in television, radio and public forums for maximum exposure. One of his worries that Brzezinski revealed during a speech in Poland in 2008 was that it had become: “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the: “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples.” (The latter of which he  presumably belongs).

In other words, the alternative media and its internet platform is proving to be a problem for continuing mass propaganda.

Indeed, the public dismissal of an obvious PSYOPS operation to accuse Syria’s President Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people was a PR disaster. Although much of the public may not have seen how blatant this manipulation surely was, their appetite for war was unequivocal – and they let their elected MPs and Congressman know it in unprecedented numbers. If politicians wanted to remain in power they had to vote accordingly offering a very rare glimpse of democracy in action.

Similar examples of a “global political awakening” is not something that the Elite would like to see. To some degree there is a lack of confidence in sectors of insider control that they can pull off the Grand Plan of managing the global population as they would like. To say that they are all worried would perhaps be overstating the issue. But there is a lot of friction between the factions, so to say, which is compounded by the increasing pressure coming at them from all sides.

It’s tough at the top of psychopathic pile …

During a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, Brzezinski stated that:

“the major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people…”

This may be interpreted as a warning to the Establishment to “Get your act together and stay on course or you will lose the game.” They must do what needs to be done without shirking their responsibilities to the visions of World Order – whatever that takes. And the stakes are about to get considerably higher.

If there is indeed a breakaway part of a global government that means to remain at the top of the pile when the list of changes begin to arrive, most wholly manipulated to occur, others entirely out of their control, then it stands to reason that they have certain provisions and preparations already in place. Whilst this is an apotheosis of an old occult plan for dominance shining brightly at the capstone of their distorted visions, at the lower tiers it is simply a push to protect what they consider is theirs. The billionaire banksters obviously want to hold on to their lion’s share if privy to serious economic or even cataclysmic predictions and they’ll do anything to keep the gravy-train membership hermetically sealed.

The imminent collapse of the economic structure is inevitable and this alone is sufficient reason for the Establishment to get their houses in order far in advance. Creaming off the last few billions from a bankrupt financial system and ransacking vulnerable nations for resources continues, meantime. Government officials, dynastic families and all members of the 0.0001% are happily expecting to emerge from their hi-tec bunkers in order to pick up where they left off. This formula isn’t new. Bankers and weapons manufacturers made enormous amounts of money from stimulating World War I and II. The pivotal year of 1947 saw the genesis of all the major institutions of today which radiated from the inspirational hub of the United Nations, an institution and its affiliated organisations and which characterise the present neo-liberal cartelism which has wrought havoc across the globe.

While the long sought after inversion of the Golden Age is seen as a definite prize, this minority is nothing if not patient since this is the kind of gradualism which has spanned many generations. It is why most of the drip-down technological know-how and hijacked belief systems have been put to work to create their particular brand of Orwellian/Huxleyian globalisation, the iconic emblems of which are SMART growth and Sustainable Development – the blueprint for a future infrastructure where control will, they hope, seal in the creative energy of normal humanity forever. 

122169-400x305© unknown

One in two Americans believe that their government is taking the country in the wrong direction, half of whom think that this will require armed revolution. Nationwide protests, hunger strikes and demonstrations are now common place in the US with more than 4 out of 5 people facing poverty and unemployment according to a October 19, 2013 Associated Press data survey. The Posse Comitatus law states that the US military cannot be used on domestic soil against American civilians under any circumstances. Yet, the militarisation of law enforcement is all but complete, where police and the US Army work hand in hand accelerating the clear devolution into Police State strictures. The Police uniforms and weapons are being standardized across all American states with SWAT teams exceeding the remit on their manufactured drug wars, to be used in tactical operations against the public, from poker games to off grid businesses and peaceful demonstrations. With literally hundreds of unconstitutional raids on private property, an epidemic of shootings and police brutality and the NDAA law which permits indefinite detention of US citizens without trial – the stage is set for major civil conflict.

Operation Jade Helm is one large scale military drill preparing for eventual martial law.


The Obama administration is pushing ahead to cut back on the US military in order to strengthen and transform the police and related federal agencies into a domestic army. This is, of course, to protect the elite power structures and curtail normal people’s freedoms but will be sold as something quite different to the clueless. However, many Americans from across the political spectrum are beginning to wake up. Order is the principle that must be established by the authorities, and conformity to AUTHORITY is hard-wired into the majority of the population. To that end, revolution and social unrest is ideal as it plays straight into the hands of the Establishment which require violence and mayhem to justify their clamp-down and give back their brand of World State order. After all, when the republic has been comprehensively trashed, its infrastructure down, no fuel, no food, mass causalities and martial law – even civil war – there will come a time when the public will clamour for normality. And the authorities will give it to them.The only problem is it will anything but normal and that will be the trap that finishes American for good.

That is, assuming that the Powers that Be remain in control…

Meantime, it has reached the stage whereby a large section of the public will not go willingly to the next stage of technocracy and it is probable that a false flag event on the scale of 9/11 may well be initiated should the level of resistance prove immovable. Alternatively, martial law will arrive care of some geo-engineering on domestic soil. Natural disasters could also serve as a surprise element for opportunism. Whatever the timeline of lock-down, you can be sure it is coming.

For example, over the past few years US federal agencies have been stockpiling large amounts of ammunition and emergency hardware:

  • In 20012, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, and 2700 armoured personnel carriers. (This the FBI’s order for 100 million rounds of hollow-point bullets which are ordinarily illegal in warfare due to the unpleasant fact they expand to more than 3 times their original size on impact).
  • $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals and 22 million pouches of emergency water, to be delivered to Region III by October 1st. An additional order of $13.6 million worth of MRE’s and heater meals will be delivered to Austin by October 1st.
  • In 2012, Social Security Administration requested a quote for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.” [Request for Quote for ammunition Solicitation Number: SSA-RFQ-12-1851,
  • The Obama administration is also training 386,000 foreign troops in FEMA Region 3. (Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia).

 policeSafe in their hands?

riot_police-620x4121Welcome to the “Ministry of Truth”

The IRS and the National Weather Service has also acquired millions of rounds of ammunition and the frequency of military, DHS, NORTHCOM and FEMA drills have exponentially increased over the last five years. This includes Blackhawk helicopters flying across many major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. [Source:

It may all be a reasonable dispersal of ammunition for Federal Authorities when you look at allocation records. Buying in bulk also means you save money. Yet the DHS order amounts to about five cartridges for every person in the United States. As the Belfast Chronicle mentioned in their report of January 2011, at the the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month which gives you some idea of the level of expenditure.

That’s investment on the scale of a domestic war inside America.

While these may at least be considered indicative of America’s gun culture – like it or loathe it – there seems to be a remarkable naivety on the part of apologists who seem to forget: context is everything.

In fact, the introduction of foreign and UN troops into America has been an ongoing process of acclimatisation for two decades. The release of State Department Publication 7277: ‘Freedom From War – The United States Program, for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World’ is a blueprint for the “harmonisation” of US, Russian forces and European forces under a United Nations umbrella. Security exchange programs have also been active in the US with emphasis on quelling civil unrest. This includes US and Canadian authorities who signed a 2008 agreement that gives the green light for using each others armies in the event of an “emergency.” Foreign troops from Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were involved in the National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) July 27 – July 31, 2009 which focussed on: “terrorism prevention and protection.”

Investigative journalists Ben Swann and Joshua Cook recently reported on the curious training exercise of IRS agents in their September 2013 article entitled : “IRS Needs AR-15′s For ‘Standoff Capabilities’?” IRS agents are receiving tactical training in the use of AR-15 military rifles with 30 round magazines for “standoff capability.” The IRS were decidedly unhelpful in answering questions regarding reasons for their envisaged warfare. Similarly, why has the Department of Education also got in on the act and purchased “27 Remington Brand Model 870 police 12-gauge shotguns”? A new zero tolerance on student behaviour perhaps?

This begs the obvious question: when is all this fire power going to be used and against whom? The terrorists? It seems the U.S. public is now the designated terrorist, which means the threat is not from an Al-Qaeda/ISIL cell (unless its a fabricated one, care of the FBI) but largely from the US government and its federal agencies.

2013-04-01 18.14.12

Refurbished Stone dwelling in Western Scotland | © Infrakshun

Time to get out of dodge? The next step could be to join off-grid communities and supportive networks of like-minded people.

“Most preppers are just regular folks with a self-reliant mindset.”

– Daisy Luther, Natural Blaze

Seeing the Writing on the Wall…

American preppers have seen the writing on the wall for some time. While you might not agree with all of their political views, they cannot be criticised for being complacent. Indeed, rather than hunkering down and waiting for the FBI to come knocking at your door to check if you “have your papers pleeze…” you might consider joining an increasing number of Americans who have renounced their citizenship to seek a new life in Latin America or Europe.

It matters little whether it comes from the economy, from demented religious and military factions and or earth changes of considerable variety, it is a foregone conclusion that a mix of socio-economic and environmental disaster is looming for America.

How you meet these events will depend on how you perceive reality and thus what you do now.

If you can’t move away from what used to be the USA, best get your house in order and establish networks with groups of friends that you trust implicitly. Parallel to that, there are a huge number of resources available to build your knowledge base concerning the philosophy and practice of living “off-grid” and/or coping in an urban environment under infrastructure breakdown. *

The reader might find some of the following information by the American Preppers Network useful. You don’t have to join these communities and meet ups, but it may give you the skills and confidence to begin to start your own communities more aligned to your personal life philosophy/religion.

Either way, time to get educated!

preppersAmerican Preppers Network

Path-of-the-Prepper3The 5 Phase Path of the Prepper – 2009 American Preppers Network

Phase 1:

We recognize a new area that we have not previously explored and seek out those who are experienced in this area and are willing to share and Mentor.

Phase 2: 

We study, along with other learners, what the Mentor presents.  Then we practice these new skills along with others through online exchange via blogs, forums, podcasts and videos.

Phase 3:

We begin adapting our lives to accommodate our new found skill through acquiring new items, changing our surroundings or by stocking up.  We begin sharing this information with others who are on this journey with us.

Phase 4:

Through this process we are able to master an area and begin to consider ourselves an expert in this area.

Phase 5: 

We become mentors to others who are now learning this skill, while deferring to our Mentors and continuing to learn.  We continue to repeat the cycle by continuing to learn new skills.

The Path of the Prepper defines our steps while the Five Principles of Preparedness defines our goals.
We all walk the Path of the Prepper and in doing so are able to increase our own knowledge and expertise while sharing our expertise with others.

“Any attempt to reconnect to the land in the rich world should be celebrated, but we must not overlook the struggles faced by poor rural communities trying to carve out a land-based living at the edges of industrialised capitalism. For the rich to go back to the land is important. Equally important is to enable the poor to stay on the land and make a decent living.”

Steffen Böhm, Times Higher Education review of ‘Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community,’ by Karen T. Litfin.

Of course, you might say that many of these eco-village projects and urban survival communities are just rich, upper middle class people who can afford to opt out and indulge their utopian whims. Apart from the fact that this doesn’t seem to be true in the vast majority of cases, (at least, from my own exeperience) it would also entirely miss the point of what lies ahead for ALL our futures.

The above quote concerning less industrialised countries with rural communities attempting to survive in often harsh environments is accurate. But what we are talking about here are events of such magnitude which will see the demise of the dominant economic architecture which created and sustained the reality of those very same poverty-stricken communities. These changes are going to effect everyone regardless of class, race and economic status. Some will fair better than others and for some it will be terminal. We have already seen huge environmental and socio-political upheavals these past few years and if you live in Iraq or Syria it must feel like the hounds of hell have been let lose. The bourgeois “democratic” comfort of the West isn’t going to be any protection either I’m afraid.

But those with knowledge of what is to come – not just in terms of geopolitics but environmental changes – will be in a strategic position to help themselves and thus help others. Race and class prejudice so dominant in our Official Culture will likely fade in the face of these disasters. Shock has a way of stripping away petty concerns and cultural programming as well as bringing out the best as well as the worst of humanity. This should not automatically mean that any genuine initiative, project or template for viable alternatives should be discarded due to politically correct hand wringing. After all, the “struggles faced by poor rural communities trying to carve out a land-based living at the edges of industrialised capitalism” may temporarily become the norm in our so-called developed nations of the West.

The cynical dismissal of eco-villages and off-grid communities is a product of the same Establishment propaganda which does not want to see anybody opt out of the present system and the plans they have for us after these destructive changes. With populations seeking to be truly sovereign and armed with a psycho-spiritual defence – the dominance of psychopaths and their control system would be at an end. That does not mean we fall for the myriad dead-end scenarios as discussed in previous posts on SMART society and Sustainable Development; we extract the ancient truths which lie within these hijacked principles and take back a slice our world.

With new creative support systems in place it may be just enough to stave off the lowest human instincts of exclusive self-preservation in favour of the more logical approach toward group cooperation and adaptation. The last thing that communities need is to come together due to fear and an exclusively survivalist mind-set, which may seem like a contradiction. While surviving IS a factor, inherent in the anticipation of breakdown is the promise of a renaissance in the very notion of community, economics and society.

No one knows how this is going to play out but we can sure as hell welcome that which promotes pragmatic cohesion and support in the face of massive change.

So, a choice opens up for all of us, one of which is to leave the city and try to form or join small communities which will be psychologically and practically prepared for the changes that will arrive. The time is now to gain the knowledge base required to contribute something useful when you do find yourself in that situation. And if you are in America it is 99.9% certain that you will be dramatically effected in one way or another. Again, there is much more at stake than making sure you have a pantry full of canned meat or ten barrels of fuel for your generator.

If you are running on fear and anticipation then it is far more likely that the reality that you will experience will be exactly that.

There’s room to be of service to others during this time, by sharing information, being on hand to support each other whilst taking a pragmatic approach to the question of re-location and personal responsibility. You’ll find that the energy disbursed from such activities will come back to you three-fold. If it is true that who you are and what you see will determine how we interact with reality, then it also means that we may be able to mitigate the negative effects which will arrive at all of our doorsteps. Granted, it’s certainly going to be a balancing act with many unexpected variables. But if we get caught up in an undue focus on strictly material concerns, then the effects of a strictly material focus is what we will receive.

Reality is funny like that.

In summary, I’d like to finish this post by including the author of The Art of Urban Survival Stefan Verstappen, and his superb Paradise Stolen” video series which gives us a concise evaluation of what we have already lost from the psychopath’s imposition of their reality and what we might gain from establishing sustainable and creative communities. In combination with Verstappen’s information concerning defence against predatory behaviour and his video Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version) and his other insights on community and survival, he offers a realistic formula to face the future with confidence.

You might also want to visit who also feature Verstappen’s work along with a host of other contributors to what is a  truly multidisciplinary approach to psychopathy, metaphysics, cosmology, science and geopolitics.

Paradise Stolen 1- DON’T SHOW YOUR CHILDREN | Paradise Stolen 2 – The Myth of Efficiency | Paradise Stolen 3 – The Myth of Overpopulation | Paradise Stolen: 4 The Myth of Terrorism | SOTT Radio – Historical Cycles | SOTT Talk Radio: Surviving the Psy-pocalypse – Interview with Stefan Verstappen

* = Here’s a selection of recommended links which includes preppers, survivalists, eco-villages/off-grid communities, food preparation and urban survival: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

See also: Medieval Spanish ghost town becomes self-sufficient ecovillage | Living in the Future – Tinkers Bubble

See also: The US Government Has Recently Issued 2 Alarming Warnings to Prep…But Is Anybody Listening?



  1. Once again, another piece with profound insight, and intelligent writing. Although I unequivocally and wholeheartedly agree with everything you say, not just in this particular essay, but in your entire blog or other writings, there’s an unknown voice within (a doubt, a skepticism) that keeps saying in whispering tones: “but this simply *CANNOT* be true.” Now, I certainly do not consider myself to be under mind control, and would say that I’m reasonably informed. However, this grand plan, this sort of ‘New Babylon’ that is about to be ushered in, is so monumental is scope, and its narrative so perfect in terms of the whole corresponding to the sum of its parts, that it’s difficult to conceive that it *is* real. Yet it is; yet the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

    To elaborate on the “narrative”: the planners of the ‘new world order’ have mounted their assault with almost perfect synchrony and concordance on multiple fronts. As you have already alluded to and explained in depth, the multi-pronged attack has consisted of destroying the Logos or the Center, simultaneously dumbing down, concurrently hyper-sexualizing and destroying the family unit, synchronously controlling the mind via the pharmaceutical route ie vaccines, aspartame, fluoride, etc, and correspondingly employing the most subtle and sophisticated forms of propaganda, among other parallel strategies. It almost seems too perfect and flawless.

    I say all this to indicate that perhaps it’s ingrained deep within our psyche to always anticipate a cosmic-type of catastrophe, only to see it not transpire. For thousands of years, our species has predicted and anticipated a massive “species extinguishing” deluge, and yet here we are. Just recently, there was all the nonsense with Mayan calendar, and Y2K, and comet Haley in the 80’s, and on and on. It seems we jump from one possible anticipated catastrophe to the next. So, the skeptical voice wants to chalk all this in the same category of Y2K. Yet … Yet, the evidence of what’s about to transpire shortly, though to a certain extent circumstantial, cannot be ignored, and is overwhelming. (As an aside, I mean “circumstantial” because we don’t have a genuine document from the CIA chief advising his minions to create ISIS, which they did, or a secret tape of David Rockefeller outlining the grand plans of the high cabal, etc. Most of the conclusions are derived by sound reasoning and logic, but ‘smoking gun’ proofs are not there … another example would be having a picture or clear proof of someone planting thermite in a WTC tower column; we know they were demolished but don’t know 100% how).


    1. Firstly, thank you for your kind comments.

      Secondly, you make some hugely important points which go straight to the heart of the matter. You state: “… there’s an unknown voice within (a doubt, a skepticism) that keeps saying in whispering tones: ‘but this simply *CANNOT* be true.'”

      As you know, there is so much disinformation and CoIntelpro out there, so this skepticism, or bullshit-o-meter is essential I’d say. Keeps our feet on the ground.

      “… this grand plan, this sort of ‘New Babylon’ that is about to be ushered in, is so monumental is scope, and its narrative so perfect in terms of the whole corresponding to the sum of its parts, that it’s difficult to conceive that it *is* real. Yet it is; yet the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.”

      Yes. But perhaps your difficulty in conceiving that it is real is just as correct as the appraisal of circumstantial evidence? By that I mean, is it not logical and sensible that it cannot be real in historical, logistical and sheer scope? Therefore, where does that take us?

      Well, popping back to your previous point before I try to answer that (at least for myself) I think it IS indeed too perfect and flawless a plan, and right there is the Achilles heel. The Universe appears to be based around an order which operates through a sort of tension between the opposites including dissipative structures which serve patterns of chaos and which nevertheless, have strange attractors of symmetry. But it is the Creative and unpredictable nature of life which they cannot control although they persistently try to do so. But has such a trajectory been purely of their own making?

      Coming back to the idea of a pan-historical conspiracy so vast and convoluted as to be supra-normal, what do we need to do in order to embrace the possibility that this is not simply a “nuts and bolts” phenomenon? Because you are right – I do think that such a comprehensive spider’s web could not have possibly stayed the course unless there was considerable “assistance.” I guess we need to open our minds outside of the familiar and stray into areas I would preferred to have kept at a distance. This brings us back to the points we made on the difficulty for most to accept 9/11 as an occult ritual. So, we can see even there that there are psycho-spiritual processes at play which are based equally on belief and a form of techno-sorcery. Now, this same spider’s web is woven from that ancient occultism which in turn has its roots in still more anomalous and truly esoteric material which must eventually be tackled again.

      I suppose you could also say that this blog is a primer before things get conceptually even more difficult to digest…


  2. Ha! Talk about a rather bizarre instance of “synchro-mysticism” because as I thought about my comment earlier in the day, I said to myself “By Heavens! Given the intricate and almost “sublime” symmetry in this demonic plan, there *has* to be some type of assistance from another realm. Regrettably, we can’t “prove” that empirically, but there has to be something to all this esoteric knowledge and rituals that allows its practitioners to conjure other-worldly forces in order to accomplish their Will.”

    And behold, you imply something similar, if I understood you correctly. One’s head goes into a spin the more one ponders on these eternal questions. (In a rather strange sense, we may have difficulty “proving” the presence of Almighty Providence, but given the Saturnian cult’s relative success, one can confidently assert that Heaven’s “adversary”, Ha-Satan, certainly *does* exist.) There is, however, a practical and pragmatic reason to take such matters seriously: we are at a pinnacle moment in human history, and at least individually, how we grasp and understand such concepts will soon determine if we will become raving lunatics as calamity strikes, or preserve a modicum of dignity in the melée.

    Once again, bravo on a fine and brilliant blog, though it can be characterized in some sense as “tragic.” Tragic not necessarily for subject matter but because, woefully, very few out there are capable of appreciating the depth of knowledge and wisdom that you’re conveying. I suppose, however, that in the grand scheme of the incomprehensible mysteries and workings of the Universe, individuals like yourself offer a poignant counter-point to Evil, even if it seems that you’re on your own, holding on to a small bark of Reason that is insecurely and tenuously floating on a vast ocean of insanity.

    I’m looking forward to reading the many other pieces here, and will be (annoyingly) commenting on the various topics.


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