Reality Change III: Comets, Cataclysms, Plagues and Pathocracies

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

– George Santayana

An historical social science which includes a synthesis of shared data from all academic fields is essential if we are to have any chance of true progress where it matters. Prediction may then possible and applied with scientific rigour so that safeguards can be established for maintaining its long-term integrity. Needless to say, ponerology must feature as an adjunct to ALL disciplines if we are to make any sense of the human condition. We are writing the history of the future with the choices we make in the present.

A professor of ecology and mathematics at the University of Connecticut, USA and author of War and Peace and War: The Life-Cycles of Imperial Nations (Pi Press, 2006) Peter Tirchin is convinced that history can not only be about focusing on the minutiae but as a science that can “develop unifying theories and test them with data generated by history, archaeology and specialized disciplines.” The professor calls this new branch of science: ‘cliodynamics’, from Clio, the muse of history, and dynamics, the study of temporally varying processes and the search for causal mechanisms.” In his July 2008 article for science journal Nature titled: ‘Transforming history into science: Arise ‘cliodynamics’’ He proposes the collection of quantitative data and the creation of explanations which can be empirically tested from the gathered data: “… rather than on instances carefully selected to prove our pet narratives.” Tirchin reiterates the point: “To truly learn from history, we must transform it into a science.”

Turchin dismisses those who believe that unifying theories cannot be found due to the complexity and unpredictability of human societies, stating if that were the case: “… there would be no empirical regularities. Any relationships between important variables would be contingent on time, space and culture.” The professor makes the observation that certain streams of collective violence occur within states across various time periods and cultures yet follow similar pathways. In modern times he reminds us that deaths from asymmetric warfare or terrorism, civil wars and genocides far exceed those between nations. So, what is the common causative factor?


Understanding the pathogenic quality of essential psychopathy is the key if these unifying theories are to be found. The cycles of population growth followed by increased instability which Turchin mentions may also indicate a rise in the dissemination of genes of psychopathy commensurate with certain decreases in ethical and moral safeguards which would otherwise have limited psychological infection. He then proceeds to scratch his head as to what some of these “fundamental principles” could be:

Population growth beyond the means of subsistence leads to declining levels of consumption and popular discontent, but this is not enough to destabilize agrarian societies. Peasant uprisings have little chance of success when the governing élites are unified and the state is strong.

The connection between population dynamics and instability is indirect, mediated by the long-term effects of population growth on social structures. One effect is the increasing number of aspirants for élite positions, resulting in rivalry and factionalism. Another consequence is persistent inflation, which causes a decline in real revenues and a developing fiscal crisis of the state. As these trends intensify, they result in state bankruptcy and a loss of military control; conflict among élite factions; and a combination of élite-mobilized and popular uprisings, leading to the breakdown of central authority. [Emphasis mine]

If psychopaths have honed their predatory skills through millennia it is logical to assume that population growth, instability and economic decline – while they can be explained as purely sociological effects – could also be a product of careful manipulation based on an knowledge embargo. Many historical figures have been cited as the initial sparks for revolution and the emergence of mass movements. They take the blame for all kinds of iniquities. But given the nature of elite control it is more than probable that such secrecy and advanced knowledge was used to not only to predict social instability but actively create the parameters by which they would remain in power in the long-term. They have done this by installing suitably primed leading figures to take action on their behalf, who are often unaware they are being used for a much broader and long-term objective.

The fundamental principles that govern massive upheavals in societies across the world must include the tracking of psychopathy within our societies and the refusal to dilute and dumb down the implications of these discoveries. Current historical studies and related disciplines are far from shedding these obstacles to its development for the very reasons that those responsible for such age-old dynamics do not want to be revealed. Official Culture takes care of that without too much direct interference.

After years developing his cliodynamical model, Turchin is certain that a major collapse is imminent, all based on mathematics. Even if Tirchin has not included ponerology as the major elephant in the room, measuring data on income inequality, the minimum wage, and health he has discovered a repeating pattern throughout our history. It can best be described by a inequality curve where the gap between the rich and poor is increasing leading to unhappiness and discontent which in turn, simmers and boils causing social unrest or revolution. As the super-rich continue to monopolise jobs and specialised work and take advantage of inherited wealth they actually utilise their inherent advantages in ever more ruthless ways. It’s not rocket science but it is probably the first time that it has been shown through mathematics and and the bird’s eye view of history as the template. If we take Turchin’s science on board, along with the Historical Cycles referred to by Verstappen, the hysteroidal cycle posited by Łobaczewski, plus a raft of other commentators saying the same thing from different fields of economics, political science, social science, spirituality and religion, the evidence is now overwhelming that Western culture – in particular the United States – is precariously close to a total meltdown with a global economic crisis but one spoke of a Grand Wheel that is buckling.

While Turchin misses the crucial ingredient of psychopaths who act as chaotic strange attractors causing negative – but perhaps ultimately positive – bifurcations within any local or global systems, there is another final piece in the puzzle may lie in the knowledge of cyclical, catastrophic change that has proven to be at the forefront of ancient mythology and religious instruction. It is here perhaps, that the Pathocrats may have overestimated their omnipotence and the unpredictable nature of cosmological interference. Indeed, humanity has gone so far down the road of acquiescence to entropy (lies and deceit) it seems to me that the only way we can return to a more harmonious state of affairs is through a substantial collective shock. As discussed in the previous post ultimately, this may not come from a new 9/11 or US-NATO induced World War III but from a return of a mix of cosmological, meteorological and large-scale cyclic environmental catastrophes,  the evidence of which is all too clear to see. [1]


Screen shot from the Animal Planet miniseries, “Animal Armageddon”. Animation by Radical 3D

The arrival of comets have heralded plagues, famines, earth changes and cyclic cataclysm all of which may have an intriguing connection to the rise of psychopaths within civilisations. Author Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s extraordinary social and historical detective work has explained how a diverse set of factors have allowed the rise in psychopathic genes. She explains how much of the most destructive periods in history may have been directly or indirectly caused by comet and meteor impacts and not only mythologised, but whole religions and beliefs created around them, in order to distract and confuse the populace. Concerning the nature of these epic harbingers of planetary change, she asks: “What was it that so successfully stopped people asking why there is a traditional and deeply ingrained fear of comets in the psyche of humanity? … there are people outside of mainstream academia who ask these questions. But why against all common sense is this subject so widely and systematically ignored, marginalized and ridiculed?” [2]

Why indeed?

Not only could earth changes and the following cometary bombardment have caused great Empires to fall it may explain the 1000 year-old inactivity of the Dark Ages and subsequent famines and plagues. These phenomena correlate exactly with multiple impacts by comet debris and the consequent widespread social upheaval. Earthquakes, floods, fireballs, and anomalous electrical discharges have caused chemicals to be released by high-energy explosions in the atmosphere. There may also be a strong case for the release of comet-borne disease pathogens which would alter the whole nature of man’s place in the cycle of disease and societal decay. 

Similarly, Knight-Jadczyk cites evidence from the publications of eminent scientists Victor Clube and Bill Napier who wrote: “Within the last few years, it has been found that there is a great swarm of cosmic debris circulating in a potentially dangerous orbit, exactly intersecting the Earth’s orbit in June (and November) every few thousand years. More surprisingly perhaps, it has been found that the evidence for these facts was in the past deliberately concealed.” From this data, which is mounting year by year, there appear to be two opposing camps: the American school of asteroid impacts which happen at intervals of millions-of-years with a minimal threat and the British school of science which posits that bombardment of much smaller objects occurs with much greater frequency alongside those million-year intervals. The historical record bears out the latter theory most convincingly.

Rather than one huge meteor or asteroid impact drastically altering the Earth’s environment leading to the demise of the dinosaurs, according to Clube, Napier and others, the evidence appears to show that the radical change was due to an episode of cometary bombardment or “swarms” numbering in their thousands which introduced massive amounts of meteorite dust into the earth’s atmosphere. This created “rains of fire” which, in combination with other earth changes such as earthquakes and super-volcanoes precipitated by such impacts  – led to enormous climate change and the subsequent extinction event.

The “swarm theory” may have appeared many times over our history and literally carved out catastrophic periods of change which have since been misinterpreted and/or covered up. There is a vast amount of hard, scientific evidence that ties up many loose ends and to which we must familiarise ourselves if we wish to extract the implications and build our awareness. Needless to say, I cannot possibly do it justice here. Starting with Clube and Napier’s The Cosmic Winter and The Cosmic Serpent this should be followed up with Knight-Jadczyk’s: The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes (2012) in order to place this in its psycho-social context. It is only when one truly studies the subject care of the above trail-blazers does one realise just how much information on comet bombardments, meteorite strikes and anomalous earth changes have been concealed, distorted and ignored by the authorities.


Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, Folio 28, c. 1552

Quoting from the book, regarding the nature of such colossal planetary change it seems the question of survival depends on what to look for and how to prepare:

“… We aren’t talking about a giant asteroid here that is going to create a global wave of firestorm destruction like the movies depict. It’s not ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru.’ It’s not necessarily the ‘End of the World.’ However, it might be somewhat like the Black Death with the loss of half the population of one or more continents, or the great Chicago Fire or Tunguska, or even all of these rolled into one; but all of those events were survivable had the victims been informed and prepared. […]

The very fact that Bill Gates and others have invested in [a] seed bank, in an observatory, suggest strongly to us that they (the rich and powerful) too have this sort of future in mind. The very fact that the weather has become increasingly chaotic, that fireball sightings have increased so dramatically, and even frequent impacts are recorded around the globe, are clues that we are moving into a cosmic dust stream as Clube describes and that such a stream very likely includes some bigger objects – swarms of them – and those ‘in the know’ have taken note and are making preparations to survive. Shouldn’t that knowledge be available to everyone? We think so. … We only have to deal with the science in front of us.” [3]


Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch, Folio 52 (erschrocklicher Comet, 1300)

And tracking proper science in this field as opposed to the fraudulent is a never-ending task.

The reader may not realise just how frequent and ubiquitous is the historical record of global celestial impact effects from the Bronze Age to Ancient Egypt to the Dark Ages right up through Reformation England and the First World War and the present decade. Comets and their effects may have much more to do with the problem of psychopaths than we presently understand. What is beyond dispute (and thoroughly explored in this blog) is that when we place our trust in pathological authorities we follow a path that is not our own and we are seldom cognizant of this fact until it is too late. Knight-Jadczyk believes it is not a coincidence that large-scale ponerisation of the global population and the rise in earth changes, meteorological and cosmological fluctuations all have a mysterious link.

She poses the question:

“Is there an evolutionary process at work here? Clearly, staggeringly large numbers of people die repeatedly when they place their trust in lies and liars. And nearly as often do the liars in power find themselves in difficult situations as a result of their over-reaching and ignoring facts. Obviously, if evolution is at work here, those individuals – and their offspring who believe lies – are ultimately eliminated from the gene pool. What happens to those who … try to comprehend, understand and the face facts of our reality, remains to be seen. … this comprehension must not deny the outrageous nor attempt to deduce the unprecedented from the precedent.

You see, evolutionarily speaking, psychopaths should not exist. Throughout history it can be seen that human beings have needed to cooperate and care about one another in order to survive and produce a new generation that will carry on the processes of society. Most human dynamics are based on people trying to work out their problems and come to resolutions agreeable to the greatest number or, at the very least, in the interactions between two people. The issue of trust is paramount. Someone who betrays your trust is someone you cannot live or work with. Therefore, psychopaths, who are untrustworthy should have long ago become extinct. But that isn’t the way things are. It appears, if fact, as if psychopathy has increased.

As we can observe throughout history right down to the present day, being the only psychopath in a group of trusting people can be a very good thing for a psychopath. As groups get larger, they can accommodate more psychopaths. It seems that when the number of people carrying the ‘psychopathy gene’ is small enough, those few who carry it can achieve phenomenal breeding success.” [4]

Quoting Glenn Whitman from his article: “Psychopaths as Hawk Strategists,” she puts our present social and geo-political hamster wheel in context:

“If there are few enough psychopaths in the population, then being a psychopath makes sense because you’ll mostly have winning confrontations with nice people. But if there are too many psychopaths, then the gains from taking advantage of nice people will be swamped by the losses from confronting other psychopaths. In equilibrium, you’ll get both psychos and nice folks, with each strategy generating approximately equal returns, and with the precise balance determined by the relative payoffs of different interactions.” [5]

Psychopathy was not always dominant. The suppression and degradation of the Goddess and a male-female gender balance was replaced in favour of a violent God – the God of the psychopath and a male-female infection of psychopathy and narcissism has been allowed to flourish as a direct result of periodic, myth-making effects of cosmic catastrophe visited upon the Earth. What does this mean for modern society? Paraphrasing Clube, Knight-Jadczyk offers this chilling glimpse into the true nature of this “…vast, monolithic conspiracy”:

“Are the elite powers creating a War on Terror as an immediate and constant pressure on the public to get the needed support for stock-piling of nuclear weapons so they will have them to use on asteroids? You know, a benevolent lie with a million plus Iraqis being sacrificed to sustain it.” Or, the more likely scenario: “Are the powers that be using the threat of asteroids on lawmakers to get them to agree to backing the phony War on Terror in order to obtain and retain the support of the masses when what they are really doing is just planning a fascist takeover of the world?” [6]

It may be a combination of both.


Our paleolithic ancestors were designed for Ice Age environment. We may yet be returning to their climate…as social, environmental and psycho-spiritual destinies collide …

Whatever the truth, the implications of periodic psychopathy appearing at the juncture prior to and after possible extinction events has a special place in catastrophism and the recording of history. What also appears to be the case as we have discovered in various guises throughout this series, is that the re-writing and revision of history takes place rather like a copy and paste technique to maintain the status quo of control. Constant revision is ongoing and in ways that boggle the mind. That is after all, the Establishments raison d’etre: to keep the mass mind cut off from true knowledge and thus true freedom and creativity – which means the demise of their power.

Logician and sociologist Alexander Zinoviev and Mathematician Anatoly Formenko have both written extensively on the falsification of history due to cataclysmic disruption and an acute awareness of these periods of upheaval that were known by certain elites of different eras. With such vital knowledge withheld by a continuum of pathocratic perception desiring complete control, how would this manifest down through the generations? Although missing the inclusion of periods of social decay and stasis due to ponerology and cataclysmic change in their conclusions, they remain shocking nonetheless. Zinoviev writes in the preface to Formenko’s History: Fiction or Science:

“… what A.T. Formenko and his colleagues had learn[ed] over the course of their research was the fact that the entire history of humanity up until the XVII century is a forgery of global proportions … a falsification as deliberate as it is universal. … The first global falsification of history as discovered and brilliantly related by Formenko was based on an erroneous temporal and spatial coordinate system of chronological events …” [7]

Rather than any problem with the accuracy of data in the fields of archaeology, geology and paleontology, it is what official culture “scribes” omit in their studies and how it is re-framed and merged into a seemingly coherent ideological framework that serves to wholly distort the history of humankind. Zinoviev explains that their strength lies in: “the ability to misrepresent historical events while giving correct temporal and spatial coordinates and representing individual facts veraciously and in full detail. The actual falsification is achieved via the selection of facts, their combination and interpretation, as well as the context of ideological conceptions, propagandist texts that they are immersed into …” [8]

Zinoviev also believes that distorted versions of history serve to legitimise authority and cement generational control as each new social upheaval takes place. These fractures in the socio-cultural milieu of the time are linked to major depopulation events where the falsification of history which Formenko identified “occurred at the end of 300 years of disaster piled on disaster beginning with the decimation of the population of Europe by the Black Death.” [9]

 Bosnian Pyramid |“Evidence Found Across the Globe of Highly Evolved Human Species from before the Ice Age, Demand Scientific Recognition of our Past that Depicts Societies of Advanced Technology and CultureHouston anthropologist reveals irrefutable proof that recorded history is wrong.
How much more of our history has been padlocked away as part of Official Culture? See also: The Hidden History of the Human Race: The Condensed Edition of “Forbidden Archeology”

Knight-Jadczyk came to the same conclusions as Zinoviev and Formenko who each dealt with different periods of history. She thought it was “just an accumulation of innocent errors” before she began to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, dove-tailing perfectly into her work on the widespread presence of counter-Intelligence operations – a form of cosmic CoIntelpro – and bringing to light the science of Łobaczewski’s ponerology. We can see that this CoIntelpro is exactly what is taking place in the modern world just as it has been doing in centuries past. It is a cloaking of history itself with bogus organisations and highly sophisticated propaganda techniques used to maintain control of the mass mind.

She states in relation to Formenko’s work:

“… the temporal and spatial parameters of much later times were imposed on the stories of the more distant past, but that does not entirely invalidate those stories; it just means that things were re-established, and what was familiar to the ‘trained specialists’ was utilized to give the new view of the past a more realistic ‘feel’.” One can’t help recalling George Orwell’s 1984 in this context and the importance of memory control in the population at large: “All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. ‘Reality control,’ they called it … ‘double-think,…” [10]

Such a falsification of the catastrophic nature of our past and the role that psychopaths play within in this historical drama cannot be understated. It is a cover up of vast proportions that continues to this day resulting in a global population that is unaware of both periodic cycles of catastrophism and the psychopathic threat that takes advantage of psycho-social weaknesses to impose tight controls on conscience and consciousness. As author Carlos Ruiz Zafon said in a recent interview, building on Santayana’s observation at the top of this page: “We are what we remember and the less we remember, the less we are. The past is being erased from modern conscience. If we don’t know where we are coming from, it’s hard to know where we are going.” [11]

And it is precisely those forms of paramoral, paralogical and conversive discourse which makes up the diet of media propaganda; a pervasive double-think which is employed by our Establishment puppets, their strings pulled by essential psychopaths, in turn driven by ancient occult beliefs and a psycho-biological deviancy. It is nothing less than the erasure of conscience in normal humanity so that ponerogenesis may proceed accordingly.

This not only brings us full circle to the introduction and the explication of the National Security State by Richard M. Dolan, but forces us to conceive more questions regarding the roots of cataclysm and military-occult mind control.  Do so-called “fringe” subjects such as ufology, hyper-dimensional physics and ultra-terrestrial influence also play a part?  Does the true history of the human race display a spider’s web of manipulation so vast that we are forced to confront the seeming impossibility of such an ancient cover that spans centuries?

Indeed, if we look deep enough into this abyss we may come away with the disturbing realisation that this powerful minority is not necessarily at the top of the energic food chain. There’s a thought.  But maybe that’s for another time …

Alongside these cataclysmic upheavals is the origin of how psychopathic genes multiply and achieve dominance. Synthesising a raft of scientific literature on the subject Knight-Jadczyk makes the case for the clash of the advanced culture of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man having a lot to do with our present mess. It seems that Cro-Magnon man could be the ancient ancestors of ordinary human beings whilst Neanderthal man are very likely the prehistoric equivalent and genesis of the modern psychopath. There is no single authoritarian or “psychopath gene,” but a wide range of diversified Anti-Social Personality disorders which may merge given the right set of environmental, social and genetic circumstances.

Speculation as to what may have happened all those thousands of years ago and cross referenced with other advances in social science offers a compelling theory. What is important in terms of science and especially the doctrine of evolution and the materialism today, is that while there is a case for being descended from the apes – it may not be true for everyone. Yet, if it is true and there were many mutations occurring due to cometary impacts and interbreeding between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man then this would set the seal for the emergence of psychopathic genes in modern societies given the correct environmental circumstances.

I urge the reader to delve further into these subjects to evaluate the science and scholarship of the authors above and discover the rich details of possibilities within their pages.



[1] See Professor Bill Napier’s article: ‘Was a Giant Comet Responsible for a North American Catastrophe in 11,000 BC?’ For further reading see The Cosmic Serpent (1982) By Victor Clube; The Cosmic Winter (1990) By Victor Clube and Bill Napier, The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture (2006) By Richard Firestone, Allen West, Simon Warwick-Smith and The Secret History of the World (2005) and By Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
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  1. Thanks for the following book recommendations:
    The Cosmic Winter
    The Cosmic Serpent
    The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes (2012)

    Earlier you recommended a book about the meaning of the serpent/dragon/naga in esoteric societies, though I can’t find that particular comment. Would you be able to recommend it here again?

    I would also like to thank you for recommending “Dark Intrustions”. I am nearly done reading it, and it has been enlightening.

    May I suggest that it would be helpful to the readers if you were to create a “Recommended reading” page on the website? Books could be listed in the order that would be most appropriate for breaking someone out of the matrix of Official Culture.

    For instance, the first section of books would be concerned with psychopathy and geopolitics, including Political Ponerology, the works of Anthony Sutton, The Grand Chessboard, etc.

    The second section could perhaps reveal the existence and influence of occult groups throughout history. This could include works by Onstott, Blavatsky

    Further on, books that bring home the big picture could be presented, assuming the reader is ready for them: Darkness over Tibet, Dark Intrusions, The Spirits’ Book, etc.

    Just an idea.

    Also, feel free to shoot me an email at the one connected with this wordpress alias if you ever feel like bouncing ideas off each other or discussing these issues.

    All the best


    1. On book recommendations: it was something I thought about last year but I just haven’t been able to find the time. But now that you have reminded me of it again I will try to do it this month. I know how useful it is myself to come across new books…So, thank you for the suggestion. I’d also like to do a video page….We’ll see.

      I think the book I mentioned was the one you listed: The Cosmic Serpent By Jeremy Narby in relation to serpent mythology. But in case I’m mistaken I can recommend two authors purely on serpent mythology (NOT their philosophy on Egyptology) who are John Anthony West and Schwaller de Lubicz whom West adores. Lubicz had a lot of knowledge but he was essentially fascistic in thought. Anyhow, you might get considerable material on serpent mythology from these guys but I personally bin much of their philosophical conclusions on ancient Egypt.

      Another which is interesting: “Flying Serpents and Dragons” (1990) by R.A. Boulay. It’s a bit “out there” in some respects and I don’t go along with the 11th planet Nibiru nonsense but otherwise it provides a lot of food for thought.

      I’d like to finally mention a book not specifically related to serpent mythology which is “The Missing Link: Powerful Evidence of an Advanced “Golden Age” Culture in Prehistoric Antiquity” By Richard Cassaro which I enjoyed.

      Very glad you enjoyed “Dark Intrusions“.

      All the best.



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