Trump Hysteria, Left Hypocrisy and the Four Drivers of the Deep-State Part III

By M.K. Styllinski


© infrakshun

Setting aside the possibility that Trump was “allowed in” at the eleventh hour once Killary was found to be a liability and hot on the heels of DNC vote rigging, [1]  there can be no doubt that he had a substantial platform of ordinary support. [2 ]Regardless of the complexities of the path Trump must now follow, in order to understand why so many voted for the man we have to a) understand the international and domestic background to his popularity b) whether or not he is going to be a significant impediment to the shadow government.

The intense dissatisfaction with government in both the United States and Europe was sourced from a decades long bubbling resentment against the Powers that Be and their corrupt, criminal enterprise we call the White House, Congress, its federal agencies and the European Union’s endless unelected bodies of Eurocratic corruption. Both perpetuate a neo-liberal economic monster the likes of which culminated in the sub prime housing crisis in the states encouraging a form of financial warfare between banks and corporations all due to a huge popping of a financial bubble the shock waves of which had serious repercussions in Europe. Hello austerity measures. Thanks very much said the banking cartels. It was to result in the further consolidation and centralisation of this economic model and a return to business as usual on a higher and more risky turn of socio-economic resource extraction (people being the ultimate resource).

This led to a massive financial bonanza for the rich whilst the poor and middle classes shouldered the cost producing a sharp rise in mental illness, poverty and hardship. Americans, who were already reeling from the Bush-Cheney era, unnecessary foreign wars and the commensurate rise of the police state bore the brunt of this cynical exercise in propping up a dying banking system. Most importantly, such obvious criminality gave rise to complete disillusionment, anger and fury against the Establishment and politics.  A large proportion of the American public saw through the veil and responded to Trump as a relative outsider who appeared to speak their language, appealed to traditional right wing America as well as Libertarians and those in between.

In one sense, the reasons why Trump found himself as president is not the point. Trumphobia is a side show and a distraction. What the new president elect is up against – indeed everyone who truly has a conscience set afire by our brother and sister’s suffering – are the engines or drivers of psychopathic infection which create our present Official Culture, its pathological enculturation and adjustment to a false normality. Moreover, these drivers encourage us to fuel our institutions, governments, military, and socio-economic infrastructures largely by default and with an alien perception of the psychopath and narcissist, spreading like a psycho-virus from the trusted but entirely broken model of statism – a belief in the state as both provider/enforcer and from which all our ills are created.

This misdirected human energy is sucked into an entropic, centralised framework of sometimes subtle, habituated levers of control which keep certain dynamics in place characterised by both a hierarchical and networked system of “agreed upon” socio-cultural channels. These can be the sanctity of welfare, having your money in the bank, environmental regulations (or lack thereof) and selective rules of law. Through these “civilised” ways of society our latent and powerful creativity is directed through pathways which are familiar and mediocre, repetitive, conformist and entirely limited to ONE vision of consumption and mediocrity; a consensus trance that brooks no deviation from the norm and which infects every societal domain. This translates to survival, servitude, female distortion and male emasculation; a suppression of creative potential that begins to love its normality and the Masters who enforce it with sweet sounding words.

It is THIS that must occupy our minds: the drivers of stagnation for the 99.9% and the 00.01% “light-eaters” of the Elite who are never satiated by these centuries old drivers of exploitation which have served them so well.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: riding the Deep State Bandwagon

36 Examples of Hillary’s “Progressive” Career

The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President by Brandon Turbeville (on Scribd)

So, we need to understand what keeps driving us all apart and into convenient groups, factions and tribal units which are encouraged to fight against each other on non-issues and irrelevancies. We need to go to the core of what keeps us all so miserable and on the defensive; to discover what drives the shadows that are presently casting such a pall over the minds of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Cultivating awareness of these dark forces is potentially our common bond, the suffering of which is asking to be understood in order to usher in the hope of freedom from this cage on our consciousness.

It is the Four Drivers of the Deep State and Overworld that merits protest and demonstrations and the seeking out of proper alternatives to the age-old sham that is State government. Not peripheral issues from those who, did they but know it, are cogent examples of the very thing they believe themselves to be against: the suppression of free speech and the propagation of Orwellian controls through self-censorship and inverted dissent.

Hillary Clinton was not left out in the cold by the electorate because the DNC was corrupt and tried to fiddle the campaign, although they did precisely that. Trump won – or was allowed to win – by a population sick of lies and manipulation. Killary should never have been allowed to enter politics, let alone stand for president, being the criminal psychopath that she is. Conversely, the fact that someone like Donald Trump ended up in the White House is also an indictment of the political system we feel obliged to support.

The simple truth is that we will only obtain the candidates we deserve when a population merits such a change. We will only obtain true community, a new breed of local representatives and politicians of principle and character when the core system itself is overhauled and transformed.

That means networks of individuals must change themselves so that the whole is transformed. Commensurate with this realisation is the practical application of knowledge borne from collectively SEEING what drives the engines of pathology currently gripping our socio-political and cultural “norms.” Moreover, it necessarily offers the onerous task of acknowledging our role -however insignificant – in allowing these drivers to gain power through the subversion of OUR power. In other words, we may have to adjust or radically change our own core system of beliefs in order to transform the outer reality of which they are a part. In so doing, bringing those beliefs into the light of objective reality, we destroy them. It is this crucial process, combined with the receptivity to alternative solutions that creates the space for awareness, knowledge and thus light to grow, thereby offering the chance for true transformation to begin.

If we are to give credence to some concepts of our quantum reality, it does not mean the whole global population must change – should that even be possible – but only several thousand conscious people whose personal driver is Truth; just enough to tip the balance and provide the example to which others will naturally follow. Elite reactions and environmental crises may provide the needed shocks to kick-start our collective “re-wiring” in order to begin to SEE. And imagine the enormous amount of energy that would be freed to focus on the REAL issues: thousands of bright minds gaining objective awareness of reality and networking in numbers never seen before.  Before all this can occur however, four dark dynamics must be fully acknowledged and their covert roles understood in order that they be dissolved.

The Four Drivers Of The Deep State and Overworld

The Establishment psychopath knows how to adapt to change because s/he cannot contemplate or conceive of failure. The same can now be said for much of the American and European populations, though from a different perspective: we have been under numerous spells that make us believe that we cannot challenge authority, this minority of evil men and women. We have had our spirit crushed so that we lack access to the creative power to cooperate and forge a new way far from their poisonous influences. We embrace the failure to be all we can be because we have been taught to function and have our being within a very confined and narrow frame of reference. The massive rise in mental illness is testament to this fact, the warning signs of a culture at war with itself by accepting the propagation of endless lies and deceit.

In this Grand Psychological Casino for our minds, it can be so very difficult to discern truth form lies, friends from foes, but progress is being made. Compassion, love and the ideal of human unity is not enough. It must be complemented by cold-blooded examination of the sources of evil/psychopathy on the ground so that the new organic development of a true counter-culture that co-creates with our biosphere can be realised. If we comprehend the nature of the main drivers of Establishment greed and shine a constant light on the many connections that lead to its manifestation, we will break those connections and eventually deprive it of energy.

The four drivers and enablers of these predatory instincts are:


These are the ONLY conduits through which destructive exploitation is exercised in our world. ALL economic activity in our western cultures ultimately exists to fund and extend these lines of force, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty, hunger, wars and state-driven “solutions”.

These comprise the engines of exploitation and destruction brokered by a scattering of insiders at key nodes of influence, the directives of which have been essentially unchanged for a very long time. Such dynamics have always existed in the ancient and modern world wherever psychopaths found opportunities to carve out channels for their instincts, into communities, states or nations who were otherwise attempting to build cooperation and  sustainable solutions. For instance, since the inception of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the ideas of resource extraction had already been sown with its predecessor the Nazi influenced Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which was tailored to such CIA fascist ideology care of key psychopaths such as the Dulles brothers. [3]   Obviously, such drivers intersect and overlap since they operate within a complex set of symbiotic relationships. One naturally begets the other. If you wish to have access to or construct an oil pipeline and retain strategic energy control over a region and all the benefits that come with it, the US-NATO machinery of regime change is directed sometimes over years. A CIA asset is installed, false flag terrorism carried out, the country demonised through PR firms and the MSM; oil rights are sold off, assets stolen, money laundered and justified under the mobilisation of the “Shock Doctrine.”[4]  Corporate exploitation rapidly flourishes, industries sprout almost overnight catering to a huge variety of no-bid, corporate-security and military contracts all of which need servicing for the 4C’s of commercialistion, consolidation, centralisation, and control to begin.

With many unaware of their roles in such business and to whom they are beholden up and down the chain of command, the arms trade, narcotics trade and sex trafficking is organised and managed parallel to the “structural adjustment” of the targeted nation or region. This occurs through suitable humanitarian fronts or “cut-outs”who unconsciously assist in the micro-financing (or loan-sharking) of factories offering employment to broken families. Mothers and daughters are forced into prostitution, the civilians dispossessed and brutalised by engineered civil wars to become the fodder for these neo-colonial outposts. Factories become cover for prostitution rings and child sex trafficking to supply the recent encroachments of industry. Which takes us back to the role of outsourced private armies and security firms such as Xe, G4s and Dyncorp International who provide the required muscle and plausible deniability to enforce such actions and keep the “business” ticking over.  

As I have long stated in this blog, child trafficking is a rich resource for blackmail (or sexpionage) which is a standard operating procedure to keep politicians and officials in line. Pederasty and paedophilia – especially underage homosexual sex contoured toward military expedience  -is a useful tool for making sure everyone is on the same page in relation to the Four Drivers. After all, it is a deep-seated cultural taboo and thus effective. The CIA and/or Mossad need a constant supply of children who are collected from the carnage. Whether it’s Latin America or Africa, sex trafficking nations provide transit and destination supply lines which offer an endless resource for power-brokers who then supply sex rings and carefully tailored parties dotted across Europe and the United States that provide Establishment blackmail centres to maintain the wider arc of governmental and geopolitical leverage. If young enough and with the correct profile, those that aren’t dispensed with, undergo a process of psychological fracturing to break mind and spirit followed by carefully selective training so that they may be used as military intelligence assets for global black operations and/or assassinations. [5]

This is the background to Bill and Hilary Clinton’s Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) which appears to be a another primary CIA cut out operation adopting a clever funding mechanism by which money is funnelled through multiple channels – including donations – from regime changes and coloured revolutions across the world. This is much the same process as the CIA drugs trade that routinely transports narcotics under a variety of seemingly benign covers to fund black operations. (Gary Webb’s ground-breaking book Dark Alliance blew the lid on this covert industry). In the same way, it is highly probable that Hillary Clinton was head-hunted by the CIA for this very reason since it’s unlikely she could have reached this level of power without considerable help. Back in 2010, Haiti was the testing ground for tools of exploitation under cover of philanthropy that would attract psychopaths like bees to honey. [6]  Rogue military officials such as General Petraeus and Zio-Con agents of change like (“Fuck the EU) Victoria Nuland specialise in the toppling of regimes, both of whom are closely connected to the Clintons. These intermediaries make sure the targeted region is suitably tenderised so that these channels can be established.

The recent death and probable murder of Monica Petersen in Haiti, 0n November 13th, 2016 may be very much connected. An assistant director at the Human Trafficking Center (HTC) she was busy with some on the ground research regarding serious discrepancies in relation to the Clinton Foundation, its possible links to a child sex ring and its presence in Haiti. [7] Much research is taking place regarding Petersen’s death which will no doubt uncover more “circumstantial” associations and clues providing support for the reality of not only the Clintons’ long time complicity but a host of other puppets and players who are both blackmailed into silence whilst also benefiting from the various compartments of this global crime syndicate. The Four Drivers above are the core interest and directly implicate the Clintons presently inside the Deep State and Overworld dynamics. [8] (More on this tangled web in later articles).

The Clinton Foundation has been under serious scrutiny of late, most especially surrounding the death of Monica Petersen who was investigating the connections between the Clinton Foundation, child sex rings and sex trafficking in Haiti. Petersen’s body has not been recovered. The cause of death has not been stated. An autopsy was not performed nor has her family been notified as to the cause or circumstances of her death. The body has yet to be returned. (For more see Researcher George Webb's Youtube channel and start at video 53).

The Clinton Foundation has been under serious scrutiny of late, most especially after the death of Monica Petersen who was investigating the connections between the Clinton Foundation, child sex rings and sex trafficking in Haiti. Petersen’s body has not been recovered. The cause of death has not been stated. An autopsy was not performed nor has her family been notified as to the cause or circumstances of her death. The body has yet to be returned. (For more on the evidence see researcher George Webb’s Youtube channel and start at video 53 and consider joining the community of other researchers contributing to George’s work). Update: George is a self-admitted Mossad agent (the “old traditional Mossad” as he likes to say)  masquerading as a “citizen Journalist”. So, while the Intel is top quality he is yet another person with an agenda, to say the least.  This man wants us to believe that there is a good Mossad and a bad Mossad just like the CIA. And obviously he’s part of the good guys. It’s utter nonsense of course, as there is no such dichotomy. Anyone, doing Mossad’s work – at whatever level – needs to remember he has an agenda and is therefore tasked with reducing or omitting entirely Israels’ particiption in the global crimes he is highlighting and to keep that at the forefront of their minds. See more here.

If we can gain knowledge of the Deep State drivers and their relation to politics and global finance we can understand why Hillary Clinton and her handlers were salivating at the prospect of unfettered access. The Clinton Foundation was the perfect foil masking a criminal enterprise. We then see why we have presidential candidates who have long since sold their souls for these industries with neo-liberal economic policy and its bankers at the heart of it all. All that is required for the maintenance of such a duplicitous system is linguistic camouflage, blackmail, Intel compartmentalisation and the reliance on the media, institutions and organisations that have long since been ponerologically corrupted. It is here that the banking industry and its legions of think-tanks, PR firms and corporate shills seduce senators, lobbyists and presidential candidates and dish out the doe in preparation for election time.

Thus, the fake alternative being offered was from career criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton who incidentally, still has her finger in all four of the above drivers. Read her twitter account and you’d think she was everyone’s favourite Grandma ready to ruffle little Jimmy’s hair and bake carrot cake for the world’s poor. The evidence is actually overwhelming that both Bill and his personal Lilith have been knee-deep in crime since their governor days in Arkansas [9] 

If you have a hard time contemplating just how loathsome this lady truly is, then I suggest you look long and hard at the Wikileak’s Podesta emails scandal and what is revealed; where you’ll see Killary hatching and plotting as she’s always done. Once we are a little clearer on these realities then we will see that we had an extremely lucky escape… For now.

Light the Blue Touch Paper

As I’ve repeatedly stressed, this “respite” does not mean that the Establishment has gone off to lick its wounds. Quite the reverse: it appears to be adapting fairly quickly to the upset of Trump. Firstly, it’s still business as usual insofar as a president never has the true power – new tactics can be employed with or without his consent. Secondly, Establishment factions (Conservative, Liberal and Zionist) are battling for supremacy and judging from those in Trump’s administration it looks like the military-corporate complex with it’s Neo-Nazi ideology has been turbo-charged. Trump is a capitalist nationalist, authoritarian and hard line, therefore, if he becomes the tool that he is being maneuvered to be, he may well ratchet up Police State Amerika, further expand the likelihood for civil war between Trumpers and the left in society; between Conservative and Liberal Establishments within the Deep State, and whilst Zionist insiders straddle both, true to their long-term tactic of choice. Similarly, as Matt Agorist reminds us: “Do not think for one minute that the mainstream media has all of the sudden found their conscience and began to question war. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The actions of Trump are now being used to stoke divide in the United States so people are too busy arguing to notice they are being fleeced to kill more brown people for profit.” [10]

Since Trump sees the world strictly through a corporatist’s eyes then it’s likely he will deliver what corporations want, to the detriment of social values and infrastructure. Moreover, no amount of promised affluence can help a population unconsciously victimised by mass mind control, crushed by decades of dumbed down education, socially engineered gender politics and materialism, rampant debt and economic inequality of biblical proportions. You can’t expect a nation which has been governed by a select cabal of psychopaths for decades to suddenly find a political “Jesus” – or anyone with the quality of character needed to be president – to enter the Oval Office and for everything to smoothly transition to a nation governed by morality and cooperative values.  We live in an Official Culture that has been corrosive to the mind and spirit for a very long time. We are still beginning the slow exorcism of some very dark archetypes of the unconscious which operate as both destroyers and revealers.

While an argument could be made that Trump can be seen as a manifestation of a collective shadow on some levels, he has a very different remit to that of past puppets and players such as Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And this particular “shadow” may bring with him noxious elements domestically but slightly more progressive elements on the international scene. While an alternative, Trump is not the antidote, although he probably has genuine intentions. His persona and unyielding policies have the potential to cleave as well as to include, which in the end could foster yet more tribalism, the beginnings of which are obvious. This is something the Establishment as a Pathocracy, is keen to engender so that it may serve as a protection against the rising awareness of their existence. The divide and rule ruse will continue to be effective unless we become wise to identity politics and more aware of Deep State machinations in relation to the Four Drivers above, otherwise we will remain chained to the emotional fallout that tribalism produces.

What this man surely is, in part, is the reflection of the public’s ire and the genuine wish to have someone that does not represent yet another repeat of what has gone before, namely the Deep State-Overworld machine of war, weapons, drugs and sex trafficking as multi-billion dollar trade which defines our globalised world. THAT is the reality of past presidents (and wannabees like Killary) who have been little more than figureheads groomed for the role as spellbinder and public narcotic. It is this that makes all the sanctimonious, self-righteous whining from those who should have long since grown up so hard to stomach. It is the abdication of social responsibility and the maturity to see the Big Picture view of our world that sticks in the maw. Socialism and left-liberal beliefs have been completely co-opted in way that would make Stalin proud because, alongside the corporate media, it is currently the Establishment’s only tool to turn public sentiment against a candidate who was never meant to go all the way to the White House.


Similarly, the key instigator of identity politics and tribalism is the MSM who represent nothing more than Deep State whores. Do we honestly believe that the media has suddenly changed sides because Trump is a misogynist? Or that he flies in the face of political correctness? That the media tells us he hates Muslims and Mexicans? They do so because the corporate media has traditionally towed the line for the Establishment who is now, if not worried, much less complacent. Yet, there are undoubtedly those within the Establishment factions who feel their grand plans for domestic and geo-strategic maneuvering is slipping away. Remember the proxy army of Al-Qaeda and ISIS – a creation of Anglo-American-Zionist interests, the House of Saud and their Arabic supporters?  Putin will quietly tell you, this has not worked. You didn’t sort out your self-created terror-tool that is Al-Qaeda and ISIS so I did it for you. Check-mate. Thus a new maneuver is needed. 

Nevertheless, in this complex scenario everything is in a state of flux. To believe that Trump will make America great again is to mistake the archetype of change that he is. Perhaps he will bring change but it is likely be the type of change that will neither be under the Deep State’s control nor his own. In the words of Storm Clouds Gathering’s latest video offering the key ignition point for that control may come through socio-economic warfare firstly via the Federal Reserve, an entity entirely beyond Trumps’ influence, though a worrying echo of his ex-Goldmanite advisors:  ” …Word is, the Fed is leaning towards increasing interest rates aggressively in 2017 and may engage in anti-inflationary measures to offset Trump’s infrastructure plans… that means the flow of money and credit is about to be tightened…”

Then we have Trump’s highly unwelcome continuance of hawkish war-drumming against Iran and deference to Israel, this time through a coterie of persistent Neo-Conservative vultures encircling the President’s every move. But that’s not all. The duo of Kissinger and Brezezinski’s “good cop, bad cop” routine seeks to push through a Eurasia game-plan regardless, fitting snugly into Trump’s anti-Iranian bias. With the recent appointment of Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Michael Flynn, now National Security Adviser, it does not sit well with the president’s promise to scale back US military colonialism and coloured revolutions. [11]   There is a very real danger he is being manipulated to do what Hillary Clinton would have done without any coaxing at all: to do the Zionist Establishment bidding by sparking war with a Iran – covert or otherwise – as part of the vision of a Greater Israel.

The results of all this may light the blue touch paper that brings the whole system crashing down about our heads; a manipulation that was always on the cards since it was only an issue of Elite timing, a sine wave of the best in probability outcomes weighted in their favour. It is then that Trump will become the scapegoat that sets in motion forces which may prove way too potent for anyone to handle, let alone prepare for. After all, the Pathocracy will happily burn their bridges and ignite the whole globe if they have to, rather than see a new paradigm of balance emerge. And that is indeed an integral part of the psychopathic-occult vision – to constantly re-make the world so that new templates of Official Culture re-emerge after soul-smashing destruction.

Chaos is coming. The key will be whether or not we can take advantage of the coming changes in order to resist and restrict the New World Order of psycho-spiritual conquest so that it is defined by conscience and balance.  Trump may be that catalyst – albeit unconscious – for a deeper transformation to take place.



Harvard Analyst Accuses The Clintons of ‘Largest Charity Fraud in History.’

“An investigation into The Clinton Foundation by a financial analyst from Harvard University has revealed fraud on a “monumental scale”, according to reports. Charles Ortel claims to have evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history. Ortel, one of the world’s leading financial experts, claims that the Clintons are also part of a global fraud networks that have acquired billions in fraudulent profits.”

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

Clinton Foundation uses hidden transactions for influence peddling

Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Testify: “It Operated As An Unregistered Foreign Agent”

DOJ And Clinton Lawyers Struck Secret Deal To Block FBI Access To Clinton Foundation Emails: Strzok


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One comment

  1. I think this post pretty well captures and synthesizes our current state of affairs.Trump, true to his namesake, is the wild card that can be anything useful depending on what the balance of the hand is made up of. No doubt Trump is different, which explains his triumph over rivals to capture the Republican nomination, but there is nothing apparent that would suggest that he has any other instincts than success, whatever the endeavor. And so, it would appear that Storm Clouds Gathering observation that he is an accidental change agent, has the most credibility for my money.

    As a result of the Deep State imposed chaos, my own change (awakening) has opened me to the idea that monarchy is the ideal state and observe that it was monarchies that created all of the nation=states we have today. The forces of evil (Deep State?) then pulled these monarchies down with the sale of the idea that “freedom” is the highest personal good. But in fact as we are now learning, it is order which is the highest personal good, and order only comes about by the population getting behind a leader, as happens in business or any organization seeking to harness the strength of many. The personal “freedom” made possible by the founding of the Roman republic, very quickly was challenged by the Plebeians who were ill-treated under the new state. Tribunes were appointed which saved the Republic but not for very long. The same forces then fed upon the people who were finally saved by a new monarchy – Caesar then Augustus. The people knelt in gratitude when late in life, Augustus descended from his barge in Naples: the people had peace and prosperity. Every election the American people are hoping for a king who will set things right. Of course it never happens but then there is the politics of hope.

    I agree with Evalion that the defining change agent will come from outside of the present political spectrum, much like the Jewish longing for the coming Messiah. Some will pounce on me for making the association with our aspirations and the Jewish higher aspirations, but the reason I use that association is that our condition is so bad that change, when it comes, will seem like a Messianic change. Of course that “fly in the ointment” for this vision is the population itself. As kings were able to create nation-states with engaged populations, will our population be engaged enough to permit such an outcome or will we simply disintegrate back into tribal society?

    Thank you for this post.

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