The Hissy Fit Generation And The Loss of Free Speech VII: The Subversion of Social Justice (3)

It is this obfuscation of truth by an ideology that favours nihilism and deconstruction for its own sake that is causing serious problems to the very idea of social justice since it focuses not on the major issues of our time that could promote unity as we strive to obtain solutions, but directs enormous amounts of intellectual and emotional energy upon that which divides us. This is ironically, the centuries old principle of the Establishment classes. Further, there is no evidence at all that institutionalising microaggressions and trigger warnings assists the development of well-adjusted and resilient students – quite the reverse. Universities are becoming enablers of a generation that is manifesting a range of mental illnesses which the psychiatry Industry and its Big Pharma paymaster happily exploits and enhances.  With child abuse, neglect and the rise of infantilism and narcissistic family dynamics, one wonders how much of the SJW angstivism is actually a product of degrees of undiagnosed trauma.

It’s a widening of core imbalances in societies which can be likened to a series of psychic explosions overlapping in concentric circles – each fuelling the other as they touch. In the central core are what I call the Four Drivers of the Deep State infused by the psychopathic mind. It is this that determines the profitable yet wholly unsustainable machinery of our world. All else derives from this core imbalance. Any subjective, lazy thinking which inspires division and tribalism acts as a mask over which this darkness continues to thrive. Mental illness and trauma-based dysfunction offers a fertile base for ponerological expansion.

And rising up amongst all this in troubled America is yet another symptom of social chaos in the form of militant anti-fascism, or Antifa. Like so many on the hard left, Mark Bray (quoted above) chooses not to see that the authoritarianism of which he speaks knows no ideological boundaries. Its pathology rises up just as easily within the left radicalism he worships. Bray and others believe they are taking pre-emptive measures against neo-Nazism and choosing not to see that using the same rule book as their nemesis will feed that particular beast and indeed, magnify its reach. The more Antifa fights fire with fire the more likely it is that such direct action will be used by the very Establishment forces they claim to be against. For an academic with a focus on history Bray’s rationalisations appear to have made him blind to its lessons.

“Despite our many differences over specific policies, most Americans have traditionally supported the side of liberty, tolerance, free speech, and peaceful political change, within broad parameters. That side is in opposition to the violent, authoritarian thugs of the right and of the left. If we regain our faith in what we already have, there’s no reason to choose between rival siblings competing to rule over the ruins of everything that’s worthwhile on behalf of their illiberal family.”

Choose Sides? You Bet. But Antifa and Fascism Are the Same Side, By J.D. Tuccille

ANTIFA: Misguided Minds Or Vanguards Of Truth?

Well, okay that rhetorical question was a no-brainer for most. Most people will charitably move toward “misguided minds” since Antifa isn’t really tuning into Truth but attempting to keep the implications of what that really requires as far away from their perceptions as possible. Rather than the safe space mode of entitlement such individuals have sought out a means by which they can be part of a tribe and let loose their considerable anger; maybe even smash a window or kick someone’s head in, which is of course, just like our local football hooligan or neo-Nazi. Ah, but they claim there is a difference, namely, a long tradition of political dissent on their side. That means they can sniff out a white nationalist and stand on the shoulders of similar leaders who thought the way to dismantle fascism was through a fist or a Molotov cocktail.

Although inspired by the activism of the anti-globalisation movement of 1990s and early 2000s, and ostensibly the various shades of historical anarchism before it, Antifa actually draws its ethos from a class-war brand of anarchism and its hatred of what they see as the rise of the far right and a return to the bad old days of the Brown shirts. In the Trump era this has grown to hysterical proportions. Indeed, the movement has become another religion: those who consider themselves crusaders bring the fight to the enemy, intent on taking down the white privilege of the WASP Establishment as the Elite version of the common and garden variety of white supremacist. To that end, “Act locally think globally” might be their adapted mantra.

Anyone with two neurons firing would agree that the Anglo-American Establishment is a rather nasty stain in need of removal but the narrow form of angstivism espoused by Antifa is actually rather useful to them. Which is why our favourite person to loathe – George Soros – is busy bankrolling a host of seemingly benign left-liberal social movements and organisations under his hilariously titled Open Society Foundations (OSF). Whether anti-Trump initiatives or misguided left-leaning protests, 2016 leaks confirm regime changes and groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are directly or indirectly funded by these same organisations and fit nicely into his colour revolution directives for America and the world. If they chose to actually dissect the presence of Soros and his organisations they would find surprising connections to the Deep State apparatus. Triggering dissension and hate is Soros’ focus. And it is people like this that are using progressivism and the radical left as a means to restructure society and perpetuate globalism.

But digging into that mucky truth isn’t as sexy as vandalism and wearing black balaclavas and ski masks.

Antifa members seek tribal meaning and social change based on personality factors which are drawn to authoritarianism in the same way as the fundamentalist religious right and militant nationalists. At the heart of each pole lies truisms which have been inverted. This is where the largely female SJW cohorts blend into the largely male militancy of Antifa also characterised by an absolute identification with their cause, where pointing out certain fallacies is like sticking a pin in the most sensitive and vulnerable regions of their psyches. Like many in the feminism and LGBTQ camps, all of their issues are projected onto their chosen evils of the day: white male “privilege” capitalism, class, racism, gender inequality and corporatism – the enemies of social emancipation. Although their is enormous room for a vital critique on a range of State taxonomies, Antifa isn’t really concerned with any of those things; it’s just a vast clothes-line of belief upon which to hang their grievances since they are unwilling or unable to see the shadows in themselves.

Members appear to range from skinny college kid, fat, purple-haired feminist, rangy bespectacled “intellectual” or the stocky martial desperate to get his fist in – all of whom appear to see themselves as arch-moral experts as to who and what needs to be torn down. They are overwhelmingly white, middle class, not very bright (or too clever for their own good) and bound together by hard-core punk and monumental chips on their shoulders. They are young men and women who have appropriated military jargon to describe their objectives.  There is no doubt that in southern American states especially, genuine neo-Nazi groups are on the rise. But the causes and therefore solutions do not require the creation of their mirror-image.

The traditional Antifa principles are more of an internalised fantasy of liberation, a collective super-hero for their rigidly defined ideas of oppression rather than anything remotely connected to true peaceable anarchism. True anarchism has nothing to do with brute violence which was an infiltration of the State subversion during its popular rise, most especially in the 19th century. Attacking Official Culture head on is akin to a flea attempting to break the leg of a Rhino. Taking down instituionalised evil requires a long-term strategy based on stealth and carefully applied, networked metaphysical knowledge, to which a portion of humanity may be awakening. Yet, much of the philosophy that underpins their “activism” against the State is a tabloid understanding of anarchism, Marxism, communism, and postmodernist nihilism all mixed up with a cocktail of personality disorders which, with any form of change through force – be it Leninist or ultra-nationalist – is the driving force.

They of course, carry banners like “no more hatred” along side “kill Trump” or and are too busy being angry to see the tragi-comic irony in such contradictions. Like the hysterical SJWs, Antifa’s philosophy busies itself with pseudo-historical revisionism to justify their actions. To smash the nearest shop window, turn over an evil wheelie bin or punch someone with a different opinion is clearly preferable to shining a painful light into their murky interiors. Which means anyone who attempts to engage in dialogue regarding the reasons for their protests is invariably met with “fuck you — fascist!” Or else, if you are “lucky” enough to actually have a conversation you’ll be met with the most atrocious misreading of history. (I imagine that’s why Mark Bray worked so hard to produce his Handbook – see below).

Apart from Antifa and neo-Nazis being two sides of the same coin, it’s not a coincidence that the allure and drama of Antifa for the riled up student  means a uniform that is starkly similar to the fashions of fascists past. You might have seen members of the group with trademark black garb: balaclavas, ski masks, bandannas and sunglasses and the colours of modern day anarchism – as they see it. Unfortunately, the net result is to transmit criminality rather than inclusiveness, invective and vandalism as opposed to creative solutions. It is easier to opt for the revolutions of old as a means for change, where thuggery and group-think always takes over.

As a side note, the colours of their flags and logos are also very similar to Nazi regalia and present neo-fascist groupings which equally align to occult ritualism, most notably freemasonic Satanism. Perhaps that is just a coincidence. [1]  It’s curious nonetheless, since colours, symbolism and the occult saturate extremist movements and a tell-tale sign of their socially engineered source code. When you have unconscious forces unleashed it is alarming how these collective archetypes bubble to the surface and make themselves known.

The radical right have principles defined by overt barriers and limitations, the fear of the other and the erosion of those boundaries which denote morality and an often romantic, mythical age that never existed. They are locked into an illusory past individualism which becomes the nation and the beloved nation then becomes a fortress of perceived traditions and ethnic purity under threat. Whereas the radical left are often rooted in an ultra-permeability of barriers, where no boundaries exist, where group-think rules over individualism; atheist, postmodern, machine-like Marxism imposes conformism and a bland homogenisation where everyone must think the same. There is a grain of truth in each position which has metastasized into a monstrous caricature. Once it does so, this is potent emotional capital for the Establishment crowd controllers.

The bible of the more discerning Antifa member is ANTIFA: The Antifascist Handbook by Mark Bray an academic whose goal was to give an air of respectability and credibility to the movement. Although the book is a well-written and researched, offering principles and even anarchist wisdom upon which Bray would like us to believe drives Antifa, there is a very large elephant in the room, namely that antifascists are just as prone as fascists to be a direct reflection of their various nemeses, and no more so than in our present times.

Unsurprisingly, there is no awareness of social psychology or ponerology, nor how much the totalitarianism of the past was founded on the very politics and “activism” that was heralded as an antidote to fascism. From this perspective Bray comes across as divorced from reality and fanatical in his focus on white supremacy as the only evil in the world; the complete support of anti-fascism movements is the only answer. There is no possibility that fascism can emerge through left authoritarianism and if it did,  it would never be as evil as the far right. Sure enough, we are seeing as much if not more violence from Antifa and petty obstruction from SJW protesters than anyone else.

It seems history is there to be revised and edited according to only one belief. The philosophy and science of history is only as objective as the person who undertakes such an important analysis. If that person is fully identified with an ideology then the lens through which history is viewed may provide illumination and insights but the map used to plot such a course will nonetheless, remain distorted and narrow. The history of the past is defined by our relationship to the present. If our present is hijacked by militancy of any kind then the proffered solutions will be nothing more than scraps of cognitive meat to nourish the belief of the historian in question. This is when history becomes subtle propaganda strutting its stuff as justifications for the very same mistakes made in the bloody past – by misreading the nature of evil and its pathology. In this way, despite many good insights into the nature of corporatism and the state, the author is fully invested in the ideology of Antifa as the only way to alleviate this malaise even if there is zero evidence that it represents the social change he would like it to.

From an academic who is awash with postmodernism and its associated SJW tropes, such a selective interpretation of history is both understandable though inexcusable. Attempting to give academic credence to a revolutionary impulse which is inherently open to ponerological corruption conforms to the usual schizoidal declarations used to justify movements which are very far from inclusive or integrative. The State, in its present form is an equal investor in keeping consciousness imprisoned. But Antifa and modern-day anarchism so defined, is ironically playing right into the State’s hands. The moment peaceful protest and civil disobedience is rejected, that is the point that Antifa becomes yet another tool of controlled opposition. No amount of academic rationalisation will change that.

Similarly, “Without Rulers” does not mean ushering in chaos, destruction and the replacement of one pathology with another, yet that is precisely what such activism is asking for when we think destroying property, engaging in violence and supporting pseudo-science of gender politics and compelled speech. Which is one reason why at least a few U.S. states have gone against the entrenched postmodernist influence in universities and tried to protect free speech with the Campus Free Speech Act.” Wisconsin was one of these few and ruled that any student who engages in “violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, obscene, unreasonably loud, or other disorderly conduct that interferes with the free expression of others” to attend a disciplinary hearing. If a student attends more than one hearing suspension would be enforced or expulsion considered. Harsh? No. It is simply a protection that applies to all.

For SJWs and Antifa, “hate speech” means anyone who disagrees and who is therefore lumped into their obsession with white nationalism. They echo George Bush’s dictum that “anyone who is not with us is with the terrorists” thereby confirming the black and white thinking of the fanatic, most especially when violence is embraced as an end in itself. Like any group that sees themselves as a militia of angry truthers high on righteous indignation they bind themselves to their cherished enemies because they need them to exist. The alt-right and white supremacists have caused Antifa to organise “rapid response teams” to prevent them marching and ensure that no one suffers at their hands. However, such actions merely play right into the hands of these groups in much the same way as pouring kerosene on a fire. Back lash is inevitable.[2]

To think that resistance on the street toward those far right marches will be what ultimately claims victory for the radical left is dangerously simplistic. To think that an eye-for-an-eye is the way forward belies the basic principle of Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Disruption that mimics disruption based on misreading reality will only create the same. We might even go beyond purely material motion and align this to The Law of Karma. This deep-rooted call to learning through a simple understanding of cause and effect is expressed in the Bible as “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” And that means looking first at how easily we deceive ourselves by thinking all the shadows and nastiness is “out there” rather than having its seeds within. We are nothing if not experts at first deceiving ourselves and believing we are on side of “God”, whatever God we choose to appropriate to our identification.

More alarmingly, Antifa means to wipe white supremacists (and anyone who voted for Trump, since they are synonymous in their minds) “by any means necessary.” [3] As an adjunct to this the maxim of the “ends justify the means” it is perhaps the most applicable to any ideology, philosophy or movement that rationalizes and justifies pathological actions and thoughts, wholly unaware that the original truth and meaning of the movement in question has long since been extinguished. Such a doctrine never ends well. The rise of social justice – Antifa or otherwise – has embraced totalitarian principles and group-think violence as part of this new revolutionary impulse. Fascism comes in two guises: overt and covert, the latter wearing the mask of compassion and tolerance. We see this influence in education, government and justice systems, its true colours revealed via Antifa and other disingenuous groups.

Would you want the ideologues of Antifa in academia and on the streets to usher in their new world?

SJWs are not in any way shape or form representative of true social justice and Antifa is not remotely honouring the principles of anarchism. I  have great sympathy for the principles of the latter and know that Antifa bares no resemblance to it. True liberalism has become patently illiberal since it is  solely about spewing angst dressed up as social conscience and compassion, divorced from history and context. Which is why it is so dangerous and destabilising because there is no way to reason at all with such a runaway emotional train. It is probably why such ignorance was so easy to showcase when Antifa members found themselves cheering extracts from none other than their avowed nemesis Adolf Hitler. (see video below). Embarrassments like this will continue surface when impotency, rage and nihilistic narcissism are aloud to run riot.

When Antifa spellbinders like professor John Jay College professor Michael Isaacson (who looks about as young as the students he indoctrinates) recently called for the killing of cops and the burning of police stations, it makes one wonder about the more moderate but no less disturbing nature of such ideology that has infiltrated universities, influencing members of a generation already struggling with reality. [4] Although I am no cheer-leader for the increasing police state in the United States  such extremism is merely at the sharp end of a postmodern, Marxist belief that has grown parallel to an out-of-control corporatism. Due to the latter looming large, left authoritarianism has made very large inroads into Western societies as a whole because it has been much less easy to discern. One thing is for sure, the Trump era brought it out into the open. We can now see how many  millennials predisposed to this kind of programming have been mobilised and effectively sent on a a wild goose chase of meaning.

Although a resurgence has taken place thanks largely to the Trump era in the U.S. back in the U.K. Antifa cells were shut down in 2009,  after a serious of incidents involving the organised tracking and trashing of far right political meetings hosted by the British National Party (BNP) or  the National Front (NF). Buildings were attacked, cars vandalised; individuals were tracked in the street, public transport or followed to their homes  before or after a demonstration and often beaten senseless by the mob intent on dishing out the same medicine. [5]

Now, other variations on the anti-fascist theme like the English Defence League (EDL) are growing while ex-Antifa members have reinvented themselves care of the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) and are busy responding to the rise in far right agitation. Amid economic uncertainty, increasing immigration, the continuing mess that is European “integration” and Trump’s failure to “drain the swamp” of deep state crazies, you can be sure that the State will be laughing delightedly as the two forms of thuggery battle it out, vying with each other for the trophy of tribal ignorance and stupidity.

Once again, it is perhaps left authoritarianism that is more insidious than the rise of the ultra-right because its infections begin covertly, rising up through society via the mask of compassion and social justice. Certain key flashpoints then allow it to  erupt into the streets, or universities. Its then we have to worry because it means the influences that have ensured such violence have been incubated sufficiently by educational institutions and part of the wider public acceptance of the “struggle.” In other words, unlike overt fascism of the right which has always been fringe and easily recognised, this brand of authoritarianism has already been accepted and normalised. Antifa are merely the apex in a far more deep-rooted malaise which has been allowed to grow like weeds embedded in social systems. We can already see, moderate, reasoned discourse and free speech are all under attack from what is essentially a minority. But that’s always how totalitarianism begins – a minority of cells begin to multiply rapidly and progressively – no pun intended –  to eat the organism from the inside out.

In summary, we now have two ponerological streams in Western cultures – the radical left AND radical right each feeding the lowest instincts of the other. What is more, the Three Establishment Model is encouraging it.

The most important thing we can do during these times of change is distance ourselves from this right-left divide and take the best elements from both while recognising our inherent political dispositions. We must call out authoritarianism from whichever political ideology it hails. And then we must seek those who offer creative solutions which do not buy into these State-sponsored distortions of Truth.

A documentary sympathetic to the Antifa cause.


[1]  Red = Power, focus of will, removal of obstacles, lust, rage, accidents, bloodshed, aggressive magick. Element of Fire; the Planet Mars bringer of fiery destruction.| Black = darkness, the abyss, confusion, chaos, the hidden, conceals intent, sows discord, self-protection, endurance, the binder of negative forces, rebirth, transformation and death. Element of Earth; planet Saturn bringer of order, structure and dissolution of the same. | White = purity, energizing, protective, stimulating, inspiring. The element of Air representing thought and communication and ruled by the Moon. New beginnings, the unconscious, imagination, idealism and the emotions of blind belief.
[2] ‘Antifa has a rapid response team that targets alt-right organizers’ revealnews.orgBy Will Carless / September 5, 2017.
Cop Hating ANTIFA Professor Back At It With ‘Pig Death Stats’,

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