The Hissy Fit Generation and the Loss of Free Speech VII: The Subversion of Social Justice (2)

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“Since the 1990s, there’s been a change. The most scared thing at a university is the victim. Not in all departments and not in the sciences, but in the social sciences, especially in the humanities, the victim is the most sacred thing”

“The net effect [of safe spaces] is that the very people you are trying to help are rendered weaker and they become morally dependent.”

— Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist

In the last post we explored the landscape of social justice and the influence of the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) mindset expressed in particular through activism in universities and through rules and laws in education. We’ll be doing more of the same in this post with particular emphasis on racism and sexism in schools and universities.

In the Alice in Wonderland worldview of the SJW, racism, sexism and the accusation that anyone who is a straight, white and male and happens to disagree is immediately on the wrong side of the SJW contingent and opening themselves up to an array of derogatory labels. We become right wing provocateurs; “privileged” and misogynist; white supremacists and “——-phobic” (fill in the blank).  Critics must feel terminally guilty and contrite for being borne into a racial demographic that in the past presided over genocide and institutional racism, pre-civil rights era. Not withstanding the irony that comes from the inherent privilege of students and academics, there is no evidence it exists now on the scale touted by these terminally offended young minds.

True racism is someone who expresses distaste or hatred for someone, simply due to their race. This form of ignorance is still around, but hurling abuse at anyone who is conservative, white, not a member of a minority or whose sexual orientation happens to be heterosexual (how passé) is displaying the exact same sexism/racism in reverse. This is the same contradiction that claims intolerance by enforcing tolerance.

In fact, SJW ideology is predicated on the most hackneyed contradictions sourced from its postmodern philosophical roots and which are sometimes so obvious it’s almost comical. Almost.

When feelings are facts, sexism, mis-gendering – whatever suits the hysterical SJW’s purpose – then literally anything can be twisted into an excuse to virtue-signal for a standardized “equality” > conformity. Unfortunately, this unhealthy mix of unthinking ideology and emotional histrionics (which is even more apparent with young women who appear to make up the majority of the SJW camp) results in a deepening of inequality, and empowering only the vampiric nature of victimhood identity. It creates new tears in the fabric of an already traumatised and infantilised society by accentuating social divisions and intense resentment.

This radicalism has not only emerged through left-liberal progressivism but thrives on the emotional drama of “us and them” and the subsequent promotion of violence and vindictiveness. Despite the default enemy of the alt. and ultra right, even moderate liberals and conservatives (in fact anyone who doesn’t agree) become the demonised “other” simply because they represent an alternative view. One only has to look at Facebook rants and Twitter storms to how this righteous indignation can go viral in a very short space of time.

For all those young activists who are actually prepared to make the effort to read, research, contemplate and to observe themselves in relation to the world, this hijacking of peaceful civil disobedience is a most dangerous dynamic to be unleashed. It is dangerous because it is sourced not from the love of Truth but the love of conflict as a salve to a troubled self. This phenomenon neuters the creative power of conscience in the young; their hope, their ideals and their potential to provide solutions and by subverting it into nothing more than a tool for the maladjusted it therefore proves useful as another tool for the Establishment. When protest feeds on fear and toxic emotions it can be maneuvered to where it can be of best use, in much the same way coloured revolutions can be fomented for regime change in any given country.

(Expect the SJW to be triggered by the term “coloured” revolutions. This is not a joke – that’s the level this craziness has reached).

Thanks to SJWs and their enablers, the United States and parts of Europe must now cope with a culture war designed to irrevocably confuse millennials about their sexuality, ethics, morals and values, which results in greater ethnic and political divides and turns us away from Establishment culpability. Most importantly, it ensures that young minds identify with extremes of mob rule or suffer from being sandwiched between two poles of  pathological hypocrisy.

The reason for this very rapid change on campus is that SJW programming from some teachers and campus staff are brainwashing students to think in ways which are text-book cognitive distortions as warned about in the field of cognitive therapy.  It is not mere coincidence that the culture of microaggressions and tantrums are only occurring in universities (Yale, Berkley, Brown etc.) which are deemed the most liberal, progressive and egalitarian (i.e. postmodernist left) and for which administrative bodies issue punishments against this “transgressions” from whom they consider ideological opponents. This then triggers the same in the minority right wing belief. And around we go again…

These generations have been primed by the very societal deformations talked about in much of this blog. The new fragility in student culture where no one can say anything “offensive” or counter to the left consensus is a deeply ironic development because this hyper-fragility is an indicator that there really is NO capacity within to withstand reality. That is a dissociative and traumatised mind by any definition. Such minds may indeed perceive reality – let alone truth – as a threat which means they will be locked into fight-or-flight mode at the merest hint of a breach their fantasies. (See: Official Culture Reprise V: Moving Away From The Psychopath’s Dream)

In other words, we are back to the epidemic of narcissism again from whatever angle you come at it, be that the collective fears of the 1970s, regressive parenting of the 1980s or the rapid onset of social media. Narcissists mixed with authoritarian followers, en masse, leads to the kind of “equality” that no one wants because it isn’t based on anything but a self-serving fantasy holding onto a mask of social justice. An equality of outcome steamrollers differences and diversity while SJWs claim to champion the same. By demanding that we must all conform to wishful thinking and a philosophy of equality rather than pragmatism, they align themselves to fascism. By metastasizing victimhood into a means to manipulate something out of your perceived “oppressor” the victim becomes the monster that eats the head of its detractor regardless of his right to dissent and deaf to the words  issuing from his mouth. It transforms the honourable quest for justice into something cheap and artificial by amplifying inequality where it cannot exist and in service to group conformity at any cost. Running in horror from that which threatens to show the world as it is, the end result is further dependence on all the wrong things to achieve an outcome that will be a perfect reflection of pathology as opposed to equity and balance.

To question the exercise of power through victimhood is akin to running foul of SJW blasphemy laws that demands complete adherence to group-think. It is exactly like a religion and fanatical one at that. And any religion that thrives on dogma, violence and fantasy is infantile. To even point out that generations – to put it bluntly – need to grow the fuck up is to fuel the fire of egos already reinforced with core programming that will only tighten the idea of fighting the good fight against heretics. It doesn’t matter if you sincerely wish to offer constructive criticism –  any criticism is seen as an attack.

And the more facts you bring to your argument the more their minds will contract away from the light.

Never before has George Orwell’s warning been so applicable to SJWs. And in fact, Orwell was talking about the very same mindset he could see in the British Establishment even then, as well as the cold war spectre of Maoism and Stalinism. For the SJW: tolerance is intolerance, equality is inequality, justice is injustice, free speech is threat and ignorance is most definitely blissful strength achieved through the group-think hissy fit.

Critical of Islam? You’re Islamophobic.

Critical of LBGTQ tactics? You’re homophobic and/or transphobic.

Critical of feminism? You’re sexist and a misogynist.

Critical of anti-racism? You’re a racist, privileged white supremacist. (If a person of colour – a traitor to your race).

When you point out the fallacies and straw man arguments you may as well be shooting arrows. Logic and truth make no difference.There is no nuance or middle ground. You are the de facto enemy.

It means that the struggle for status and group identity above all else is never-ending since it can never be reconciled. This goes to the heart of why this psychological pathogen is so toxic. Once it gets on to campus, where dividing people into groups who are good or bad is actually taught by faculty, as Jonathan Haidt observes: “students are learning a Manichaean view of the world – good vs evil. This means that there is eternal conflict and grievance; there can never be peace in a victimhood culture because that was the struggle for status is all about.” (See video) What follows is a moral dependency where everything has trigger warnings and special treatment, with universities acting as enablers for such fragility by providing resources and support.

And of course, if you are critical of Israel – the nation that has perfected the art of victimhood via the holocaust industry and their lobbyists in America,  you are anti-Semitic regardless of the facts. This is very much a tactic that has deep roots in the predominantly Jewish creation of cultural Marxism birthed at the Frankfurt School. Israel knows it very well indeed and has been using this as a cultural firewall to cover its own actions in the world for a long time. So, whether it is Israel routinely justifying the systematic abuse of Palestinians or radical feminists justifying the institutionalized cover up of the abuse of men – power through victimhood runs through them all.

The equality of outcome that they seek, first and foremost means you have to be guilty for something you didn’t do in order to protect their feelings in the future. And that is the primary driver  – internal survival. Social justice is the least of their concerns. Internal protection against objective reality which triggers their essential lack and the pain within is of paramount importance. By projecting one’s fears and issues out there using whatever cause fits the bill you create a focus of chaos that you can feed off so that you do not need to take responsibility for your own shortcomings. Blame and the emotional high of domination is possible because everyone else is walking on eggshells and afraid of being targeted. And this self-protection against reality becomes so pathological that safe spaces and trigger warnings are required on campus (the safest places in the world) in order to insulate students against anything that threatens to pierce that veil. But since the foundation of that mind is so fragile based on past trauma and/or narcissistic inculcation, there is very little to build on without the mind-body structure falling apart.

And this is the great terror.

Sometimes to heal and to honour truth – we must face a positive disintegration of the fake personality we have created. Suffering does that for us and such a leap into the unknown is indeed terrifying when facing depression or breakdown as a result. Suffering and adversity cannot be avoided and is a central part of the human condition. It is unfortunately, how we learn. We do not learn from finding a safe space within then forcing its manifestation in the external world. If you get in the way of that wishful thinking; if you don’t submit to this manipulation or dare to take issue with their attempts to tyrannize they will take this as a highly personal attack (since everything is viewed from a subjective, narcissistic mirror) and pick up their pitch forks and ride those witch-hunt broomsticks until you do. Which is why it is imperative that one never, ever backs down from SJW attempts to dominate. Allowing them to do so is like allowing one’s child to rule the roost until it becomes a spoiled, objectionable little tyrant. (See The Hissy Fit Generation and the Loss of Free Speech IV: The Narcissism Factor 1 )

And this is indeed the emerging quality of SJW activism: social tyranny.

Can you imagine how appealing these young people are going to be to an employer when they are used to existing in a bubble of entitlement care of their university?  Who would be interested in anyone who is effectively a mini-tyrant with a huge chip on his or her shoulder that expects something for nothing? This is a common thread in the millennial generation by degree but super-charged in the minority (one would hope) SJW grouping.

Again, this is not only about the oppressed becoming the oppressor, SJWs embody the very principles and philosophy of authoritarianism channelled through the State collectivism of the past i.e. Maoism, Stalinism and Bolshevism. Meanwhile, in our very educational establishments, already trying to shoe-horn a system that doesn’t work, teachers and campus staff are now deeply afraid of offending the most sensitive students which are happily amassing together to nest in their safe spaces. This is the perfect storm for free speech where curricula is being scrubbed clean of all causes to offend and along with this – any notion of true learning.

Not wishing to belabour the point but this is a text book example of macro-social ponerisation, exactly the kind of pathological disease which Andrew Lobaczewski warned us about. Such dynamics are indicative of an emerging pathocracy which always attacks higher education establishments before going on to infect society as a whole. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this is to be seen on social media, in particular Facebook. I see well-meaning and kind-hearted people being sucked into these authoritarian memes that have spread like wild-fire without understanding the history or background to these influences. Liberalism has been hijacked by the left, which has in turn been co-opted and ponerised by the radical left.

As I’ve mentioned continually throughout this series and in other posts: this is why any vertical collectivism that arises within society that is birthed from a hystericisation of feeling atop an increasingly unstable and fracturing socio-economic foundation is far worse than overt fascism because at its inception it is invisible, its effects spreading undetected until they burst forth with the ferocity of a psychic tsunami.

After all, how can you counter such pathology when it shouts louder than you; uses conditioned modes of emotional manipulation and is inextricably bound up with the banner of social justice?

Welcome to the dysfunctional world of the SJWs.

If You Are White You’re Racist and Privileged

What appears to escape the attention of postmodern academics and SJWs is the inherent racism of focusing on ANY race to elicit a sense of guilt, inferiority or submission to an ideology. However justified it feels, it is still undeniably racist. Now, like accusations of sexism and sexual impropriety, literally anything can be conflated with rape or tarred with the brush of bigotry whether man, woman, vegetable or mineral if it provides fuel to maintain the mask. It’s a dangerous swing from moderation to extremism in every day life. Having reached the stage where even disliking “smelly food” is down to a “cultural intolerance” we shouldn’t be surprised that such hysteria has now fully infected every facet of our society.

It has even come to the point that this reverse racism and sexism has now been addressed by SJW commentators suggesting that targeting people because they are white or male is okay because the oppression of blacks is so bad that it’s justified. Why? Because we are all partaking in racism by virtue of being white. Notwithstanding the debate around the actual lack of evidence of institutionalised racism, this is the definition of racism: hatred of, intolerance and contempt for someone based on their gender and the colour of their skin.

How obvious does it have to be?

Yet, such people turn themselves into intellectual knots to try and justify the targeting of others to extract some twisted form of emotional and sometimes financial reparation by holding whole generations to account. This is the true meaning of their brand of “justice”. The idea of white privilege is an effective way to silence anyone who is not of colour and not part of a minority group.To resist such a tag is a de facto admittance of guilt and therefore a postmodernist trap that you cannot dig yourself out of. Yet, when you delve much deeper you discover that there are an enormous amount of myths associated with notions of racism as a whole. Rather than focusing on members of the WASP Establishment who the epitome of power-hungry white males the SJW mind has managed to increase the Estsablishment safe space zone by attacking ordinary people and those who believe in knowledge as liberator; those who happen to value free speech and the diversity of belief.

It is apparently a preference for whiteness that is the cause of racial victimisation and that those with white privilege garner institutional benefits from this allegiance to race; an unconscious, ingrained obsessions that governs our every thought.

And if I argue that this is not the case, then I simply can’t understand what it’s like to be black, a women, part of minority and terminally oppressed. Which is why such whining victim-hood doesn’t come close to understanding stoic integrity and the spiritual wisdom of self-knowledge and adversity; where having a band-aid the colour of a white skin tone; cultural appropriation of dress style and all forms of law enforcement as “harrassment” are automatically racist at root, and therefore more important that anything else us male, privileged bigots could ever imagine.

Since Western civilisation is founded on racism and colonialism (true) then it stands to reason it has continued right?


Capitalism in the 21st Century is a form of cartelism infected by top-down psychopathy that pretty much affects everyone negatively, albeit in different ways. You have the diversity of difference? Then when pathology surfaces this too will be expressed from a range of factors that will manifest in actions subject to influences rooted in class, ethnic background, genetics and the social milieu in which the groups and individuals find themselves. But it’s all the same visceral, unconscious response to that which is imposed and unnatural. That economic system does not pick and choose who to exploit – it exploits everyone through the route of least resistance: our instincts and our lack of internal integrity; by ensuring that we fight amongst ourselves and miss the big picture. Putting it all down to systemic racism is like saying climate change is down to the use of plastic floating in our seas – it is ignores non-linear complexity and unpredictability in favour of a reductive and narrow viewpoint. It is a short cut to an emotionally invested and predetermined outcome that shuns efforts to understand through multidisciplinary analysis.

The sub-prime crisis didn’t discriminate between black or white when papers were signed; the presence of affirmative action in law and social programs such as the federal equal opportunities commissions; the hyper-vigilant university and business policies that prohibit the tiniest indicators of racism do not indicate institutionalised racism – quite the opposite. Everyone is falling over themselves to appear to “do the right thing.” But as Walter E. Williams eloquently states in the video below, the rise of government interference and social welfare has certainly reduced the capacity for self-responsibility and community ties. This has led to minorities (and the majority alike) to become reliant on government for support akin to the drug pusher and its user which can only offer diminishing returns.

It is conveniently left aside that after the successes of the civil rights movement 77% of black births are to single mothers – nearly double all other ethnicities. Is this due to inherent racism? What about the high proportion of blacks killing blacks and whites killing whites, which, when you look at the data, is actually pretty much equal. But when you factor in murder rates by race black on black murder is overwhelming.

Black Lives Matter? Then how about looking at why this is so instead of suggesting that this is a white on black issue? Why should people of colour be singled out for special treatment based on the past when the problem of violence, murder and social dislocation occurs across the board? Special treatment of affirmative action in social policy or in parenting simply doesn’t work as our children are telling us. There is no evidence that the SJW narrative of rampant sexism and racism is institutionalised to the degree the left-liberal consensus believes.  But there is evidence that such a claim is more SJW ideology than fact; a symptom of a society struggling from decades of influence from a psychopathic Establishment.

Affirmative action and a fixation on victimhood is rife in higher education. But is this the answer? Denise Borelli, Jennifer Gatz and Walter E. Williams are those who think not. “You act like a victim you become a victim.” The famous black slave turned politician Fredrick Douglas is an example to all. Would he class himself as victim or a trailblazer for change by taking responsibility for his own life and being an example. And what about the Economics of race? Watch the video and find out some surprising answers. (Video time:9:42 – Year: 2013)

All this is not a result of institutionalised racism of “white privilege” but a symptom of the very same inculcation of pathology which has is expressed in different ways in white, Hispanic, black, Asian and every other ethnic grouping. As a result, a large proportion of people are exhibiting mental illness, apathy, depression, rage, trauma and a lack of response-ability which is being misunderstood as institutionalised racism and endemic sexism, a conflation and cross-conceptualisation of highly complex issues borne from the ponerization taking place in society. And that ponerisation – the inculcation of pathological traits – is the only institutional malaise that we should ALL be talking about. It is the police brutality against ALL races that is the problem and the stresses and strains of economic disparity affecting ALL races. People of colour and minority groups have been seduced by the ideology of the left which bares no resemblance to its roots. Now, it is feelings that dictate policy and activism. It is statistical disparity that is automatically assumed to be racism or sexism when it is nothing of the kind.  But like most utterly invested in a cause that becomes part of their identity rather than the truth, you might as well be flogging a dead horse. It doesn’t matter how you argue it – victimhood wins and then clamours for more since decent people are made to access their own misplaced guilt and conscience to service a juvenile worldview.

This is equally true for notions of institutionalised sexism. Are the trends in career choices due to fundamental biological differences or sexism? For instance, when women and men are questioned about interest in science as a possible career the data is indistinguishable. This leads to women electing different science-based careers. Is this sexism or free choice? American Women are the majority when it comes to PhD studies and Masters or Bachelor degrees. Girls are doing extremely well at school while men and boys attendance and achievements are declining substantially – including the employment of teachers. They are the new minority in fact. [1] [2]   As social scientist Jonathan Haidt observes: “At what point do you say that until women are 50 percent of everything it is sexism?. Disparate outcomes do not imply disparate treatment.” [3] 

Once again, correlation does not imply causation in a sea of infinite variables. For the SJW however, correlation is vital to their subjective worldview since it fits in with a victim-fixated ideology that covets disempowerment as means to empowerment by emotional manipulation; where due diligence and science barely get a look in. It’s why you can never use reason or logic with the SJW mindset – it’s like holding up the cross to a vampire.

That is not to say that privilege and power is not accompanied by sexual abuse of every kind. It goes with the territory and the Official Culture under which we live. But instead of tracking the true roots of this societal malaise and the reasons for its manifestations, the feminist SJWs prefer to suggest that all males are responsible and to equate acts of impropriety with pathological abuse which serves to camouflage and dilute real abuse, especially when it occurs in Elite circles.

SJW feminists get hysterical about a guy who touched someone’s knee (even though she may have been wearing a dress that could pass for a bikini) and so the individual is lumped in with sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and demands spread like wild-fire over social media to have the individual removed. This opens the door to false accusations as a product of a non-existent “rape culture,” a myth that is kept alive by virtue signalling and bullying, inflicting great damage to genuine social justice and the rule of law. Yet large-scale paedophile networks and Deep State human trafficking barely get a mention.

See also: The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors

You will be Identified and Diversified

Feeding into this coddling are the numerous Diversity initiatives cropping up all over campuses as an emotional reflex rather than a well thought out set of policies. Brown University for example, has recently allowed students to “self-identify” as persons of colour should they wish to do so. Yet, the policy has not been clarified nor guidelines given as to how it would work in practice, or as The College Fix recently asked:  “How the option to ‘self-identify’ as a minority differs from the standard ethnicity queries on other college applications.” Even worse, the spectre of affirmative action rears its head with a financial bite: “Other universities allow students to ‘identify’ a certain way in order to qualify for admissions or receive various benefits. The University of California, Davis, awards financial grants to students who identify as LGBT or as an illegal immigrant.” [4] 

Princeton University is also getting in on the act by offering financial incentives to self-identify and navel-gaze through a program called Campus Conversations on Identity (CCI). Students are offered $10,000 to run “conversation” events on topics of “identity and difference.” The promotional flyer includes the usual indoctrination buzzwords such as “concepts of identity,” “intersectionality,” “difference,” “social constructs,” “inclusion,” “solidarity,” “dialogical pedagogy,” and “allyship.”  [5] 

Want to self-identify as a cactus and claim cactus rights? Go ahead. Want to identify as royalty and claim your pronoun as “Your Majesty”? No problem. Such policies open the door to an idiocracy of entitlement which is warping campus rules. Another example among many which hit the headlines for its breath-taking stupidity when University College London had to apologise for calling snow … white. No, this is not an objection to the fairy-tale character of Snow-White (although these “racial stereotypes” have also been targeted) Can you be offended by the fact that snow is white? Apparently.

The tweet had been intended to let students know the campus was still open as some parts of Britain remained covered by 13 inches of snow. (Snowflake sensibilities are amusingly apt here…). One twitter user replied: ‘”You know who else dreamt of a white campus? Hitler, that’s who. Disgusting.’ Kumail Jaffer, a PPE student at Warwick University urged UCL to ‘retract and apologize.’ He added that if anyone does not understand why the comment is offensive, they should “look into the history of the oppression of the PoC [People of Color].”

When staff apologised terrified by the SJW thought police (“chose our words very poorly … We’re sorry and we’ll choose out words more carefully in the future,”) this created backlash from those with a modicum of common sense: “Jennie Powell wrote on Twitter: ‘You really are absurd … how can anyone be offended by the fact that snow is white? Nobody can change that, get a grip.’ Stefan Roy added: ‘Seriously why are you pandering to such nonsense? They’re clearly trying to find offense when there’s none there … And you apologizing just makes it worse.’  [6]

And if university administration is not apologising thus enabling, then it is allowing their teachers to propagandize their classes. Even mathematics can be racist it seems.

“Rochelle Gutierrez, a math education professor at the University of Illinois, published an anthology ‘Building Support for Scholarly Practices in Mathematics Methods,’  which explains why mathematics coursework is racist. “She argues that the a disproportionate number of math educators are white, while the study itself teaches mostly Greek and European-established methods.” This led Gutierrez to suggest that teaching maths as a whole ‘operates as whiteness.’ And we see here where postmodern/ SJW influences lies behind her gripe. She wrote.”Minorities ‘have experienced microaggressions from participating in math classrooms… [where people are] judged by whether they can reason abstractly.”  [7]

And if some people – including those who hail from minorities – can’t reason abstractly? Everyone is different, everyone has different skills based on right/left brain preferences…But no. It’s white privilege. But when such people are called out on their hypocrisy and reverse racism then it’s always easy to move the goal posts and to keep victimhood firmly in the spotlight.

In 2015, Bahar Mustafa, who a welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths Students’ Union requested white people do not turn up to an event for black and ethnic minority students. In the face of a predictable backlash at such racism she claimed that not only was there no such thing as “reverse racism” she also stated: “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describes structures of privilege based on race and gender. And therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist because we do not stand to benefit from such a system.” [8]

In other words, because the system is institutionally racist and sexist then it gives her the right to embody the same. No double standards there.

The fact that Mustafa possessed a Twitter hash tag #KillAllWhiteMen and also accused a student union representative Tom Harris of being “white trash”  doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that this is teacher of anything much more than the usual SJW ideology. Her defence of such a hashtag: “…it is something that a lot of people in the feminist community use to express frustration” merely reinforces the moral emptiness of her position. [9] It is precisely these kinds of role models that increase the probability of student hissy fits at the slightest whiff of differing viewpoints and away from constructive dialogue, even to the point of giving “no platform” for those who do not toe the SJW line.

Over in the US At Vermont’s Middlebury College guest speaker and social scientist Charles Murray of The Bell Curve fame, was shouted down by protestors who didn’t like his research. According to Associated Press: “Afterward, protesters surrounded Murray and professor Allison Stanger, with a protester pulling Stanger’s hair, police said. The protesters also climbed onto the car carrying Stanger and Murray and rocked it. Stanger, who was treated for a neck injury and a concussion, said she feared for her life.” [10]

Scary stuff from those who believe in “social justice” with a university jack-boot.  As we shall see, hissy fit violence is becoming a hallmark of this radical minority.

Michael Shermer writing in Scientific American on the influence of postmodernist philosophy offers the example of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., where in May 2017: “…biologist and self-identified ‘deeply progressive’ professor Bret Weinstein refused to participate in a ‘Day of Absence”‘ in which ‘white students, staff and faculty will be invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities.’ Weinstein objected, writing in an e-mail: ‘on a college campus, one’s right to speak-or to be-must never be based on skin color.’ In response, an angry mob of 50 students disrupted his biology class, surrounded him, called him a racist and insisted that he resign. He claims that campus police informed him that the college president told them to stand down, but he has been forced to stay off campus for his safety’s sake.” [11]

Again, this is offering an outlet to mental illness and normalising its channels through social dominators dressed up as progressive protest. What a twist on the idea of activism, let alone truth.

“Under Bank Street’s ‘Racial Justice and Advocacy’ curriculum, parents say, teachers push white kids to grapple with America’s history of racism. Then they indoctrinate them into thinking ‘systemic racism’ still exists, and that they’re part of the problem and must hold themselves accountable even for acts of racism committed by others.

Paul Sperry, New York Post

No Platform

While conservative speakers such as Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro and the provocateur trickster persona of Milo Yiannopoulos have all been prevented from speaking on college campuses the hysteria has also extended to black feminists. It seems having the temerity to be a genuine progressive i.e one who believes in true tolerance and truth will get you assaulted or your honorary degree cancelled.

This was something that SJW student ire managed to do in 2014, for Somali-born Dutch-American activist, author, and former Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Since she is critical of the more unsavoury elements in Islamic culture this naturally means for the ideologues at Brandeis Liberal Arts University, Boston, that she is ‘Islamophobic.’ While acknowledging her work in human rights for women and girls (Female Genital Mutilation) they issued a statement in where it was claimed they could not “overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values,” whilst following up with a logically inconsistent platitude: “Ali is welcome to join us on campus in the future to engage in a dialogue about these important issues.” [12]

This is disingenuous in the extreme. Moreover, how likely is it that she will feel “welcome” when students hound and assault speakers with differing views, the vast majority from liberal arts universities and colleges like Brandeis?

To add icing to the fat layer of hypocrisy on show, just one year later the university had the audacity to whine about the fact that “only five women and four people of color have been awarded honorary degrees in the last five years, out of 26 degrees handed out during the same time frame.” [13]

Back in the UK, the No Platform policies in some universities and student unions has been given a welcome short thrift from the government. The newly created Office for Students has been given powers to fine, suspend or register universities which do not uphold “freedom of speech” on campus. This is designed to clamp down on “safe spaces” and No Platform policies which has to be very welcome news for anyone who values freedom of speech. Of course, this will trigger a collective macroaggression for the SJW collective and another reason to shadow-box still further. Despite this, SJW encroachments at UK universities continue apace.

The following quotes from students are fairly representative of the feelings-over-facts SJW mindset – all of whom are millennials:

“No platforming is not a threat to free speech, it is only a threat to hate speech. No trans person feels free to speak against a celebrity transphobe. No Muslim student feels free to speak at an event led by someone whose only claim to fame comes from Islamophobia. Free speech is not under threat in our universities – our students are.”– Lucas North studies at the University of York

“A society with laws against defamation and discrimination should know certain kinds of speech are harmful and intolerable. There is no intellectual gain in platforming and rewarding speakers for bigotry that is already debunked. And why should the principle of free speech trump the rights of oppressed groups?” – Guo Sheng Liu studies Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Oxford

“Enforcing this ephemeral idea of “free speech” through legislation, against the will of students, is exactly the kind of government intervention that free speech activists should seek to prevent. The furore around this topic largely comes from white, male, well-off public figures who would have been students themselves at a time when most students also fit this description. The university landscape has changed since then; movements such as no platforming largely come from LGBT+, working class, disabled and BME students asking to be treated with respect, and I suspect that those in power feel uncomfortable seeing that students from marginalised backgrounds can actually have power.” – Clare Patterson studies English literature at the University of Glasgow [14]

This is a stark reminder how much progress postmodernist ideology has made as each student conflates free speech with hate speech; where expressing divergent views are threats to fragile identities through the self or aligned groups.

The above opinions are learned and parroted from standard neo-Marxist programming with absolutely no evidence of openness to alternative views at all. All the usual tropes are there: Islamophobia, trans rights, working class socialism, oppression, hate speech as free speech etc. Once again, there is no awareness of the horrible irony of their statements; they are unyielding and confident in their virtue signalling. What is worse, notwithstanding the logical fallacies of these opinions, the frightful pong of moral certitude and superiority is overpowering. And its this brittle projection that is both irritating and tragic at the same time.

The fact that no platform has banned largely conservative speakers and even those on the left who are traitors to the SJW cause, is disturbing. If universities accepted Islamic Jihadists or Ultra-Right wing Nazis then there may be a case for enacting hate speech crimes. But not one of these academics or commentators are remotely connected to any form of radicalism, yet they are seen as supporters, enablers or the personification of extremism and immediately labelled according to SJW doctrine for the simple reason that they offer an alternative view.

The young lady in the above quote has the temerity to suggest advocates of free speech resist this government intervention because it goes against the will of the students rather than support a centuries old tenet of a functioning democracy. The concept of free speech is passé, an ephemeral footnote on the road to SJW conquest of their oppressors – which is everyone. I suspect that she and so many of her comrades’ visions ultimately boil down to the “ends justify the means.” This is a phrase that occurs over and over throughout this blog and is generally associated with both the Leninist-Marxist roots of US Neo-Conservatism and the gradualism of the Fabian socialists.

According to the Foundation For Individual Rights In Education, since the beginning of 2016, nearly 30 campus speeches have been severely disrupted or cancelled amid controversy. [15] It doesn’t matter whether you are an avowed progressive, hail from a ethnic minority or the epitome of sainthood, SJWs will attack you if you are not part of their group-think and threatening to their pack identity.

One can certainly say they’re consistent on that at least.

A young SJW offering her own brand of “protest” at the impending guest lecture by conservative provocteur Milo Yiannopoulos

Target Them Young

Such ponerisation doesn’t stop at universities. Schools in both the United Kingdom and the United States in particular are also the latest guinea pigs for neo-Marxist nonsense, as touched on in this post.

A practice that is increasingly common and which has the potential to do great harm to children and young adults is the idea that we are all born racist. If children are “colour blind” highlighting differences at such a young age merely creates conflict and a sense of division in their minds, most especially on top of the parenting that requires children to be “special” unique snowflakes.

One of several New York schools pushing the same ideology, Bank Street School in Manhatten,  “…is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from ‘white privilege,’ while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.” As part of yet another initiative to fight alleged systemic discrimination which many parents – which are a mix of liberal and conservative – are unhappy about. The report goes on: “The program, these parents say, deliberately instills in white children a strong sense of guilt about their race. Some kids come home in tears, saying, ‘I’m a bad person.’ They say white kids are being brainwashed into thinking any success they achieve is unearned. Indeed, a young white girl is seen confessing on a Bank Street video: ‘I feel guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.’ ” [16]

A slide from the Bank School shows the different goals for white children (right) and “kids of color” (left).

And children (whatever race they are) naturally do not think in such adult ways. When they are forced to do so, it causes great harm to their emotional development since they are gently coerced into a reductive and divisional appraisal of the consciousness of their fellow pupils and thus the world at large.  It is here that the normalisation of tribalism, limbic brain fear and division of the “other” is normalised and eased into an unnatural order by thrusting a demarcation along racial lines into the emerging consciousness of the child. The arrogance of those impressing adult beliefs and internal issues onto children is a form of emotional abuse. The tragedy of the often well-intentioned once again makes things far FAR worse allowing generational pathology to be not only perpetuated but expanded. In conjunction with other socio-cultural influences previously discussed in this series, we now see the result of this vast ideological experiment foisted on the millennial and Z generations.

 “If marginalized people have had to suffer, then white people can shut the f— up … If you’re not black don’t dress up like you are. If you’re not Latino, don’t dress up like you are. And if you are not Chinese, don’t dress up like you are.”

A Toronto SJW quoted in  video: What’s the Deal? With David Menzies

Ignorance Is Bliss And Feelings are Foremost

Rather than focus on the real issues, notions of racism and sexism have much greater mileage for emotional conflict from which SJWs extract much of their energy. Activism and rudderless emotion can be cast adrift into an ocean of infinite gripes, rants and hysterics without end. And all this offers emotional highs which flood the mind and body with happy chemicals, which buffer and numb an essential lack within. Therefore, the more of normal culture one can pathologise the more one can dominate according to your own internal reality. Hence the increasingly whacky scope for “offence.”

Perhaps you have heard that those with weight problems have now been taken on by the SJWs as worthy capital for their cause. If you dare to suggest that being fat is not healthy or that being obese is not something to which children should aspire then you are  ‘weightist’ and worthy of social justice ire. (We should of course celebrate obesity). And let’s not forget the bright idea of banning war veterans from campuses? Such people know the real meaning of trauma I suspect and would very likely be shocked and dismayed at the disgusting spectacle of safe spaces.

There are endless examples of this cognitive and ideological disease so it seems only fitting to list a few more examples of our current obsession with racism so that you are in no doubt that we are living under a veritable idiocracy; a comprehensive hijacking of true social conscience:

City officials commit to removing ‘racist’ trees from golf course in Palm Springs

Credit reports and scores reflect existing racial inequities in our credit system and economy 

Milk, a symbol of neo-Nazi hate 

Leftist Student-Activist: Science Is Racist and Should Be ‘Decolonized’

Racism in America: It’s so pervasive that white people pay less for car insurance

Why Calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ Is Racist, Explained 

The Disney Movies You Grew Up with Are Incredibly Racist 

Dr Seuss racism row escalates over illustration of Chinese man 

Miami University Students Try to Ban Lucky Charms 

Public University’s ‘Diversity Training’: Expecting People To Show Up On Time Is Racist

‘Your DNA is an Abomination’ University under fire for publishing anti-white article

Your baby is s little bit racist science says

Social Justice Warriors Regulate Halloween Costume Rules for White Children

Let’s a have a closer look at these last two in the list above. These are more examples of adult ideology destroying childhood innocence, this time through the nonsense of feminist “cultural appropriation” and from an article in Cosmopolitan no less. Hardly the most glowing example of emancipation when female liberation equals the latest fellatio techniques and how to achieve multiple orgasms everyday of the week.
We read:  “The Cosmopolitan piece pointed to an article in written by a white mother named Sachi Feris as a springboard to advance these ridiculous notions. In her piece, Feris shared the difficult struggle she had with her daughter in preparation for this year’s Halloween. Her five-year-old daughter was one of those racially insensitive white girls against whom the Cosmopolitan article warns, apparently, because she dared to want to be either Moana or Elsa for Halloween this year.”  Rave Claborough writes: “…these SJWs actually believe that taking these types of stances is showing respect to other cultures, when in reality it is depriving people of the opportunity to celebrate anyone from another culture.”

But it goes further back than just young girls it seems.

Yes, that’s right, even babies are now being programmed with guilt ready to be further indoctrinated once they reach kindergarten and primary school. The studies show that there is a natural and normal affinity to racial characteristics which infants recognise from imprinting and obviously not through any negative experience associated ethnicity. The article nonetheless manages to twist a natural predisposition to be with one’s own ethnic tribe into “a lack of experience with people of other races” and that the studies show that parents “can help prevent destructive racial biases by exposing their children to a more diverse group of people.” This is once again, nonsense. There is no evidence whatsoever that a natural imprinting to the familiar immediately equates to “destructive racial biases”. Infants attune to children regardless of whether they are red-haired, black, Caucasian or otherwise.

The rejection of science is part of the SJW ideology and if it can’t be rejected then it is filtered through gender equality, feminist, LBGTQ beliefs. Presumably this is why religious ritual and notions of the sacred are so incomprehensible to the SJW mind. All must be torn down through black and white thinking. – including the belief in Jesus, it seems.

On Christmas Day (a phrase that is also part of the banned lexicon in the SJW rule book viewed as sexist and misogynist to all women)  a member of the radical feminist group FEMEN who feel they best represent women’s emancipation by running around topless, decided to target a Nativity scene at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City in an attempt to kidnap a hapless baby Jesus. What an ironic metaphor. Not that I have any love at all for the utterly corrupt Catholic overseers that preside over there fiefdom but this really takes the biscuit for deranged “activism”. It says everything about FEMEN and very little, if anything to what it is they are trying to draw our attention. Apparently, this is striking a blow against  “all forms of violence against women committed everywhere, from the Film Industry to The Vatican.” For good measure, they included illegal abortion, homophobia and pedophilia as other issues worthy of their topless protest. [17]

© FEMEN / Facebook

We’ll be exploring the #metoo movement later in the series as it fuses with SJW hysteria at men in general. Why wouldn’t it? It’s all grist for the mill.

While FEMEN activists display their boobs at nativity plays and seek to kidnap an unsuspecting baby Jesus, a stream of other inconsequential remarks and actions stream forth from some educators under a veneer of academia to bolster their case.

One of these is Jennifer Coates an emeritus professor of English language and linguistics at the University of Roehampton, whose SJW ideology meant that “she had been surprised by the different titles given to male and female teachers” which of course, in the good professor’s mind translates as “depressing” and “sexist”against women. While most teachers appeared to see “miss” as a sign of respect Prof. Coates saw it as evidence of more insidious patriarchy rearing its head in secondary schools stating: “Sir is a knight… but Miss is ridiculous – it doesn’t match Sir at all”. [18] 

Such dastardly inequality! It is the same attempt to contour minds to the default setting of feminine victimhood and part of a wider reaction from SJW beliefs infiltrating education as much as the politicization of sexual assault and campus counsellors.

I’ll leave you with a word from Canadian teacher and writer Irene Ogrizek and encourage you to read the full article on rape, victimhood and feminism:

“…the narrative extolled by university trained feminists that implies assault victims are victims for life and have been irreparably damaged. It’s a pernicious double-whammy, a child, metaphorically speaking, of over-zealous Neighbourhood Watchers and feminist victimology. That’s because installing the idea of permanent victimhood into the minds of those freshly victimized is powerful: despite the face of kindness that comes with this support, it can be as chauvinistic and as disempowering as the most boorish, sexist man. It’s one thing to help a young woman use her anger as a source of strength; it’s quite another to allow a group to use it to advance an ideology. We’ve institutionalized the latter to the detriment of far too many women.” [19] 

And by extension, far too many men.

It seems ultimately we are ALL affected by the SJW’s ideology – men, women and children. Once free speech is slowly chipped away by stealth it may be a pillar of a functioning democracy that will be far more difficult to rebuild than it was to destroy.


[1] ‘The Disappearing College Male’ By Forbes, May 4th, 2015.
[2] ‘Men in higher education: the numbers don’t look good, guys’ By David Matthews, Times Higher Education, March 6th, 2014.
[3] ‘Blind pursuit of Equal OUTCOME leads to an “Abomination of Justice” – Jonathan Haidt:
[4] ‘Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color’

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  1. The SJW movement is a psyop to mock and discredit Liberalism. Its headquarters is the SJW Conference Center at the University of Illinois, and its propaganda rag is Equinox Publishing.


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