Neuro-Hacking the Mass Mind (II)

Conférence Neuro-Pirates, Neuro-Esclaves partie 1 : Intervention de Lucien Cerise (Neuro-Hackers Conference – Neuro-Slaves Part I: A Talk by Lucien Cerise)

Continuing our exploration of Lucien Cerise’s collection of essays entitled Neuro-Hackers: Reflections on Social Engineering (2016) (Neuro-Pirates Reflexions Sur L’Ingenierie Sociale) published by Kontre Kulture.

Neuro-Hackers provides an overview of a neurological “hacking” that has been taking place in the modern age and imposed upon global populations. It seeks a “maximum efficacy” in the elimination of the seeds of revolt and if such a revolutions manifest they are to be of the Establishment’s choosing – not ours. More alarmingly, since we are no more than cattle or sheep for these self-elected Masters, it is of the utmost importance to their objectives that the collective herd does not awaken to its own power. It seems at the end of every route to true freedom they have prepared for it, anticipated it and created avenues by which we will be “entertained.”

As Cerise states:

In our age of increasing labour automation the master no longer depends on his slave for production and can therefore begin to physically suppress him. But in order not to provoke a reaction, he must do so stealthily, without striking it him thus, by stages plunging him into a globally anxiogenic, pathogenic, depressing and morbid environment where everything is polluted and toxic to the body and mind, from ambient chemical molecules to the ideas and representations disseminated in public opinion. Thus it is that a whole population is murdered by a small fire without being aware of it, as in the manner of the “boiled frog.” * [1]

In other words, the real battle is not external but through our very minds and the plasticity of our brain and epigenetic inheritance. Hence, the Elite seek to extinguish the very spark of a mental condition that might give rise to a genuine individual and collective awakening. The author mentions the role of the neuro-hackers is to induce a collective suicide and the suppression of creativity through such mental illness so that tribalism is invoked and maintained as camouflage for globalist authorities. Further, he has reminded us of a strata of three social engineering applications currently at play in Western societies in particular, each of which emboldens the other. As an illustration to this idea, we might liken this to the stages required for the erection of a prison for the mind: the ground work or foundation is laid, the building blocks or façade erected and finally the roof under which societies are housed is fixed in place, a container for the mind to which we are all subject.

The three applications employed by the neuro-hackers are as follows:

Dissolution through consumption/consumerism and extreme materialism, where the health of the mind and body is slowly poisoned.

In the first place, one can try to prevent the birth of the feeling of revolt by means of what Zbigniew Brzezinski called tittytainment, namely, dissolution through consumption. It was the role of consumer society to produce a satisfied and uncritical type of human. Consumerism and gentrification turn Man into a domestic animal, weak, obese, docile, atrophied, degenerate. When suffering manifests itself, it is then “naturalized”: it is said to come on its own, no political decision has its origin; the only one responsible is the individual and his personal make-up (psychological and /or physical). This method has its limits because growth and consumption for all have their limitations. Now, the more or less voluntary decay and the critique of consumption engender a psychological rearrangement which represents a real danger to Power. The cattle become nervous, jittery and difficult to manage. How to keep his nascent anger on track? [2]

The neutralisation of anger through controlled opposition or a socio-cultural COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Operation) accompanied by the subversion of the left – political correctness being the most obvious tool for control.

If despite the consumerist dissolution, germs of revolt appear, it is still possible for such Power to guide them into a stalemate. It was the role of “the society of the spectacle” – the realm of trickery – to produce a controlled opposition to contain the disappointments of consumption in a false alternative channelled by the media. Against consumption, the dramatic critique of consumption. In other words, the pseudo-subversion of the New Left, a counter pop-culture – anti-authority, feminist, lazy, formless and safe – was launched in the United States in the sixties by the COINTELPRO … in order to seduce young people and divert it away from the serious, trained and disciplined Marxist left; those possessing a good ability to work and aligned with entryism and networking.

The spontaneity myth, according to which the best criticism of the System would be to leave it on a whim, was popularized in those years. When the master is a technocrat in an office – because that is what power is today – the response must also be technocratic and bureaucratic. The structural revolt will be to infiltrate the system in the long term, to study, to invest in the great schools and to create networks of influence and internal co-optation in the major public and private bodies, ministries, NGOs, multinationals, etc; to become a paper-pusher in suit and tie and do what the communist networks did in the fifties in the United States. Certainly, when one is twenty years old and experience legitimate instincts of insurrection, one dreams of expressing such anger at the best of the barricades, at the worst of rock concerts; sometimes on a desert island or in a cabin in the depths of the woods. These are only false leads and ways of derivation, designed so that any revolutionary veil is quickly dispersed just as it is at the end of a demo. No spontaneous insurrection has ever succeeded because the barricades are always framed at the highest level. The potential for political subversion of mass artistic events is nil and has only the function of a narcotic for social control. As for the voluntary withdrawal of affairs from the world, it amounts to letting the enemy advance. Isolation, isolates – period.

When anger manages to emerge, in spite of consumerist apathy and the tight traps set by the Spectacle to reduce it to impotence, there is still a third barrier to overcome: the guilt-tripping of anger. Since the advent of behavioural sciences in the twentieth century, the master observes his slave as a laboratory rat and invents innumerable parades to divert the danger he might one day represent. As we have seen, the first two consist in putting the slave to sleep before his television and, if he wakes up, to repeat the message to him on the television, at the cinema, on the radio, in magazine editorials – that the real, one Revolt is outside the System. [3]

The inculcation of guilt.

Number three may be seen as the fail-safe – the bars on the windows of the collective prison; the reinforcement of guilt and acquiescence to the Master. It is both a trap for normal people to serve the dictates of State obligations as well as a call to arms for personalities who harbour authoritarian tendencies. Neuro-hacking the brain of those predisposed to be authoritarian followers – whatever political ideology the individual happens to hold dear – is the way by which the virus spreads and draws out extremism. This time, such pathology is largely expressed through the Orwellian inversion of language and what used to be known as a left-leaning, progressive outlook:

In case these two methods fail, the master still has one last trump up his sleeve: to morally delegitimise the revolt is to guilt the slaves to revolt. This stratagem consists in reversing the place of the executioner and the victim, of the dominant and the dominated, and discouraging the slave from rattling his chains by persuading him that it is he who commits an injustice against the master. In fact, when your master manages to inculcate you with tears in his voice, that he is the victim and you the perpetrator, and threatens to drag you to court if you dare to say otherwise, the mental conditions of the Revolt retract and shrink away. When the master succeeds in making you swallow the idea that it is you, the “bastard” – anti-Semite, racist, homophobe, reactionary, sexist, speciste, etc. – and if you complain of his abuses of power, a leaden silence and self-censorship falls on your mind and inhibits your capacity for action and reaction. And then you only have to turn your anger and aggressiveness upon yourself which has you self-destruct like Laborit’s mice.* Such is the function of political correctness, this tool of social engineering which appeared in the eighties on the American campuses to intimidate any criticism of active minorities who hold the power in the Occident. [4]

We can see this engineering of progressivism to the point that much of its activism against the Trump administration (whether you are for or against) is actually fascistic in action and mind-set. The fusion of minority rights has been inverted into a political tool of oppression of the majority – a veritable dictatorship of positive discrimination used as a powerful leverage by the Deep State. The reason why this ideological inversion appears to be mobilised so quickly is due to its incubation since the 1960’s parallel to the use of CoIntelpro alongside the invention of cultural studies, the subjective evaluations of the latter often acting as a buffer to a much needed historical evaluation rooted in epistemological objectivity – at least, the necessity to strive toward that ideal. What we have now is a “cultural war” born from a “contamination of the intellectual world” and a “new intellectual terrorism [which] allows a disqualification, prior to debate, of any speech coming from the ‘majority’ – accused of being necessarily authoritarian and dominating – and to positively discourage speech sourced from ‘minorities’ – presented as strongly dominated and now deserving to occupy everywhere as an act of forced, progressive reparation.” [5]

In other words, the minority activists are having their energies used against them as well as the wider population at large in a cynical exercise of political expediency. They still focus on tribal rights, often mixed in with a narcissistic or histrionic need for attention whilst wholly ignorant of the invisible hand that guides them. With a lack of knowledge and discernment such baying can only bring to the fore those for whom the action – any action – is more important than objective truth. This has implications for much bigger issues that we must tackle, notably global terrorism, a nation’s sovereignty and the right to self-determination away from the supranational entities such as the European Union and Anglo-American interference in the Middle East. When Deep State pathology begins to infect society in order that it may continue and extend its ratlines of disorder across the globe then measures need to be taken that are neither right nor left but in the national and thereby international interest:

“In an attempt to lock in their psychological and political control over the dominant majority, the dominant minorities are now playing the moral guilt card, especially what they call ‘national self-interest’. It must be said at once: National self-interest is good for health, especially for the less affluent because it makes it possible to stabilise their living environment by keeping it relatively strong and homeostatic. National self-interest and “national closure” – that is, the national firewall – are the most effective antivirus against power-diffused viruses, which constantly seek to open us up to the point where we can be dissolved more easily. Social engineering is the method by which one penetrates a system without intrusion, without violence, but through a breach of trust, to take control of it by stealth; one thus opens the system freely, lulling its mistrust – the moment of phishing – then infiltrating it without resistance and destroying it from inside by amplifying its latent internal contradictions to fragment it – the moment of triangular conflict.

Immigration is one of the main vectors of this methodology.  Immigration has always killed both in the countries of destination and in the countries of departure, by plundering each other after having opened them up under various moral pretexts, thrown like hooks. For the “French System” what was the date of this injunction to initiation, the prelude to an applied dissolution? It is possible this was made to surface precisely on May ‘68, an historical event characterised by a huge operation of collective phishing introducing individualistic fragmentation and the war of all against all that has unfolded before our eyes since the seventies. In the context of the psychological warfare that surrounds us, individualism has a motivating function that breaks the feeling of belonging to a vast and powerful organization. Deconstructing the viral heritage of May ‘68 is therefore, simply to reconstruct the security of the French System and the immune defence of the French. After the famous “Deconstruction” of the intellectuals of sixty-eight, it is up to us to deconstruct the deconstruction, that is to say, to reconstruct everything that has been destroyed for decades.” [6]

To be sure, it is heresy for a socialist/liberal to be against mass immigration or for there to be certain limitations to a constant inflow of groups into a nation – which we can liken to an organism – and expect an already overloaded system to cope at all societal domains. This is not racism but pragmatism. The fact that immigration has been purposely encouraged and engineered by certain nations is also important. It is a product of the very same rapacious desire for resource control and monopolisation of capital flows. Similarly, people are no more than digits on a spreadsheet to be used to re-order and/or blackmail a nation who decides not to play ball. The present immigration crisis is a direct result of regime change and the Deep State/ Overworld drivers; the catastrophic consequences of destroying towns, villages and national infrastructure at the behest of an economic system that uses people as bargaining chips and the literal demographics of capital outlay and income. So, we have genuine migrants seeking refuge in European countries, the governments of which, under the auspices of U.S.-NATO directives are responsible for the very rape and pillage from which they flee. To impose limitations and filters on such immigration flows is natural and necessary not racist or bigoted. It is only logical that Islamic extremists in the pay of Western Intel or Jihadi loose cannons will use such immigration to their advantage. to claim otherwise is simply naive. To ignore the history of false flag terrorism and social engineering is chosen ignorance. Yet, this is the “progressivism” that cherry-picks its evils and refuses to see the bigger picture once the horse has bolted. We cannot pretend that social engineering doesn’t exist nor that it has been very effective in tuning in and tuning out minds like the dial on a radio. Nonetheless, a revisioning and rebuilding of our world must take place, a new revitalising spirit which must grow organically outside our present encouraged tribalism.

This means:

“…to leave the euro, the European Union, NATO, push back NAFTA and reorder borders, boundaries and identities at all levels of existence. To do this, it is imperative to stem the influence of elitist pressure groups that are the main disseminators of contemporary viruses: left-liberalism, cosmopolitanism, Alanticism, Zionism – from which flows mass immigration,  this crime against humanity – as well as transhumanism with its LGBT component, knowing that they all finally recognize one worship, that of Mammon.

The geopolitical translation of our reconstruction will mean preventing the cost of the global government of Jacques Attali, the Warburgs and their various corollaries: the elimination of cash, electronic subcutaneous implants, the traceability of human cattle, the dictatorship of banks, etc. We must maintain at all costs an exteriority to the Western unipolar system and its Wahhbite vassals. How? By preserving, without conditions the sovereignty of the power of the Eurasian continent, Russia, China, Iran and India, guaranteeing the freedom of other peoples on the planet and then liberating the enslaved nations, beginning with ours. As long as there is an exteriority to the unipolar globalist project – multi-polarity and life continue. Globalism advances on the pretext of terrorism. Let us never cease to repeat: the only significant terrorism is that of the State, by means of psychological operations, false flag attacks or an intentional “laissez-faire” which directs things from a distance.” [7]

It is perhaps more apropos to reiterate an even more important psycho-immunity that is more subtle than a nation’s immune system of social health, though intimately linked. It is the awareness of a long emergence of psychopaths in positions of power who have taken over the country from within. What if in expending enormous amounts of intellectual and political energy in prevention and shoring up our national walls that the enemy was already inside? We must focus on this issue at least parallel to any considerations of organic revolutions whereby seemingly intractable problems may yet fall into place. Without such a widespread education on an age-old esoteric secret that is effectively a different, conscience-less species nested in humanity, ALL such socio-political resistance will be doomed to failure.

In this sense, the project of revision Cerise notes as “immense” may have already underestimated the challenge if factoring in the presence of pathogenic nodes of evil remains an ephemeral foot note. Nonetheless, the only way to return to any semblance of autonomy away from authoritarian control and cartel capitalism is to rebuild everything, including our conceptions that everyone is essentially the same in terms of conscience, for they are not. And it is this that must remain at the forefront of our quest to improve the world alongside our own self-improvement.

The author does underscore an important secondary element that continually keeps the lid on a future hope for socio-economic freedom for all: the State and its agencies of so-called “anti-terrorism.” As a product of a psychopathic world-view, State centralisation and power-broking is now out-of-control and wholly corrupted by Deep State pathology whose only function is to implement, maintain and extend “a prison management of society” kept in place through optimum levels of fear and ignorance.  It is a prison that will come into being by breaking the spirit of populations so that they willingly accept it. This is the objective of neural-hacking of the mass mind: to trick it into servitude, or as Cerise describes, after breaking that spirit within the prison:

… to abolish the difference between those deprived of liberty using a new hybrid status: semi-liberty for all. Since people cannot be kept inside the prison walls indefinitely, the opposite is achieved, the walls of the prison are opened indefinitely, the prisoners are released, they are monitored a little but not too much, then electronic surveillance is extended to the whole population. Both comprise the other, this gives the penal reform of Taubira * combined with the Great East’s law of intelligence. And in order to facilitate the surveillance of social groups, communitarisation is maximized, on the model of prisons all over the world – whose matrix is the American jail – where detainees are grouped together by ethnic and cultural identity, each with its own prefabricated mythology: Muslims – takfiris / salafists, blacks – gangsta rap, whites – neo-Nazis and White Power in the United States, or regionalist independentists here, etc. [8]

Until we see that the State and promotion of tribalism as pervasive social engineering is the problem against us ALL – not any one tribe, cultural identity or ideology – the “Project Freedom” to which Lucien Cerise alludes will remain a pipe dream subject to new twists and turns due to our refusal to see the part we play in its genesis.


Lucien Cerise touches on a host of subjects related to social engineering to which I have not been able to do justice since this is merely the briefest of introductions. There is great depth to his work on neuro-hacking and most importantly, compliments the ground-breaking work of Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s Political Ponerology. (Cerise’s exploration of transhumanism in this context is also covered in Neuro-Hackers and something to re-visit in the future -See video below).

I highly recommend those of you who understand French as well as native French speakers to pick up a copy from the links below and visit an interesting example of political left and right finding common ground at Égalité & Réconciliation.  I hope this will encourage you to seek out more independent online bookshops such as Kontre Kulture and Pilule Rouge for example, and to also visit websites offering similar food for thought and networking opportunities to raise our collective awareness.  (The reader may also want to visit selected post series of mine as a contextual primer (see links at end of article).

Argumenter contre le transhumanisme – Conférence de Lucien Cerise en Normandie (1/2) (Arguing Against Transhumanism – a Conference with Lucien Cerise)

= The boiling frog is an anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of threats that arise gradually.  (Wikipedia)

**  = a French surgeon, writer and philosopher. In 1952, Laborit was instrumental in the development of the drug chlorpromazine, published his findings, and convinced three psychiatrists to test it on a patient, resulting in great success. Laborit was recognized for his work, but as a surgeon searching for an anesthetic, he wound up at odds with psychiatrists who made their own discoveries and competing claims. (Wikipedia)



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