Trump Hysteria, Left Hypocrisy and the Four Drivers of the Deep State Part I

By M.K. Styllinski

“I’m a bit of a P. T. Barnum.” Trump, 1991

Indeed he is – and so the show goes on.

Whether you like or loathe Donald Trump he appears to have been the first in a long time to have been democratically elected offering a platform of nationalist capitalism. It remains to be seen if this trajectory will oppose the hybrid blend of cultural Marxism and cartel capitalism which has been destroying the socio-cultural fabric of America for decades. Although Trump, with help from the media is perceived as a sexist, racist and bigoted demagogue (all, or some of which may be true) he is getting down to business and attempting change, despite the media-led hysteria and propaganda. What I want to do in these series of articles is not just explore whether Donald Trump is the caricature of the ivory tower rich but to question the hysteria and focus of the the left in light of their rude awakening to such a presidency. Moreover, how this cognitive dissonance is actually feeding into the Establishment’s wishes.

It’s proving a very tough call indeed for many who consider themselves “progressive” and “left-liberal” to see the wood for the trees. Indeed, it seems the very notion of “wood” or “trees” simply doesn’t register. Gee, we gotta have the first female president already…That’s all that matters right? The fact that Hillary Clinton is one of the most repellent criminals ever to stain politics seems to be of secondary importance. And it was the same PR/marketing brand of an Establishment candidate that propelled Barack Obama and his “Hope and Change” into office. “Wouldn’t it be neat to have the first black president and then the first female president? Keewwwwl.”  And when that didn’t work out the encroachment of reality meant collective fingers were thrust into ears and screaming tantrums exploded into protests; calls for a democratic re-vote were screamed from behind balaclavas contradicting the whole basis of democracy in the first place: Whaaaaaaaaaaa! – cue toys thrown out of pram.

If that wasn’t enough, then the predominantly twenty-something middle class voters accuse “fascist pig Trump” of exactly the same style of group-think fascism in calling for his assassination and abusing anyone who has the temerity to think differently. So much for free speech. It appears as if inclusiveness and cooperation, tolerance and humanitarianism is only for those in your own tribe. Otherwise, you can apparently “Go fuck yourself.”

The videos here here, and here  pretty much sum up the petulance and hypocrisy on display to the point where self-entitled snowflakes hurl abuse at all and everyone and self-proclaimed “anarchists” decide to trash property and commit violence on Trump supporters. Now, despite having a few issues with Conservative and Libertarian views, when Barack Obama was elected there was no such reaction from this sector of belief nor did they have very public and attention-seeking meltdowns of the kind we are getting from the left in tandem with usual MSM editorials. I resonate to anarchism in its original meaning, the origins of which these spoiled young narcissists appear to have no clue at all, preferring to vomit their unresolved issues everybody else. Be the change you’d like to see in the world? If that’s the case then America’s fallen into the path of Non-being…

A very interesting  compilation of those protesting against Trump but unfortunately exhibiting nothing more than their own  psychological issues and aggressive idiocy. Left-Liberal? Really?

There are those out there who are not so unreasonable and have an understandable aversion to Donald Trump the man and everything he stands for. Yet, the powers of influence bubbling up all around us are not reasonable nor are the deeper influences at play suitably comprehended by most. This is just an unfortunate fact since those with “issues” have yet again, hijacked the opportunity for reasonable discourse where pathology rules the day, the likes of which the media gleefully encourages. The only recourse it seems was for the clueless left hoards to follow the corporate media axe-grinding and paint Donald Trump as Satan himself, as if he were torturing little kittens, nutting old grandmothers and generally pissing on all that’s sacred and holy in the Munchkinesque land of left-liberal reality. And let’s be quite clear: there is nothing intrinsically noble about a purely right wing version of reality either. But the very idea that Republican or Democrat parties have anything at all to offer in terms of radical change is a persistent illusion, partly because there is very little difference between them when it comes to the actual system into which they are embedded. The primary difference in the current state of affairs however, is that the left is providing a technicolor example of the most abject hypocrisy and ignorance of history that is just bewildering to behold for anyone who has been thinking critically about this whole election spectacle.

The Trump Has Landed

So, here we have Trump who looks like a fat, banker-corporate-hound dog with flaccid, scowling face and bizarre hair; an accessory wife Melania who looks as if she stepped from a clothes catalogue, starry eyed and vacant; the family entourage looking equally dazed and confused in their new role as Trump accessories in a new reality T.V. show, this time at the Oval Office and with somehwat higher stakes involved.  Trump doesn’t have a winning smile (although his bleached teeth stand out) and is the antithesis of every earnest, left-wing hand-wringer and lobbyist because he says what’s on his mind, even if that makes us wince. While an odd spectacle it’s also  refreshing. For instance, when has there ever been a President who directly engages the public through his Twitter account? When was the last president who didn’t speak like a pre-scripted droid waiting for the next auto-cue? Trump is nothing if not direct and honest and many folks like that because they are desperate for someone who speaks up for them.

That said,  I’ll be the first to say that it’s extremely hard to warm to Trump’s personality let alone certain aspects of his worldview. Whilst Libertarians and various hues of right-wing ideologues think that he can do no wrong viewing his presidency as the true salvation for traditional American values, he’s a living caricature of corporatist America writ large; a crude sometimes ignorant narcissist with authoritarian tendencies, topped off with a primed celebrity delusion of his own self-importance. He also appears to have  a tendency to act first think later which doesn’t exactly build confidence as a leader of the most powerful nation on earth – albeit in decline. As a successful businessman deep inside an Official Culture from which he thrived, he therefore intends to run the U.S. like a corporation. If his business model is essentially about human beings as resources to exploit; as numbers and values on a spreadsheet to crunch, and GDP as the overriding arbitor of economic growth, then he’s going to have to re-think his strategy fairly quickly – assuming he has the luxury of choice. America’s problems are far deeper than simply economic disparity and Elite exploitation – of which he is a part, let’s not forget. Although he may roll back some of Obama’s disasters, it is highly unlikely that he will make a dent on the U.S. economic system as a whole. But we will see.

We also have to acknowledge that Trump has been around for a long time and accrued his billions by a combination of gifted business acumen, the usual back-scratchings, kick-backs and double dealing that the Establishment and 0.001% elite know very well. After all, he knows almost all of the usual suspects which comprise the Deep State * and Overworld ** including some very sinister characters who have recently been forced into the media spotlight, much to the chagrin of the Clinton and Bush families. Persons such as paedophile and child procurer Jeffrey Epstein,  long time buddy of Bill Clinton, [1] as well as drug and gambling cartel connections mostly through his property acquisitions. Jewish mafia don Meyer Lansky’s business partner Louis Lesser became chummy with Trump after the deal to purchase Taj Mahal Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, while Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi linked to the Iran-Contra affair also found his way into Trump’s little black book of useful business partners. [2]  The CIA necessarily lurks behind much of Trumps associations because they are the tentacles of the Deep state and thus associated with anyone who moves in those circles. But does that mean he is part of those circles by default? Not necessarily. At the same time, it would be naive to imagine that Trump is somehow immune from all this and indeed, may have accumulated his wealth because of these ties rather than despite them.


Judging by his much publicised attacks on the CIA describing intelligence officials to “Nazi Germany” [3] (spot on) and as a long time opponent of the Iraq war, Trump has recently (and unsuccessfully) attempted to build bridges with the agency – at least to give the impression. This has fallen on deaf ears due to the fact that neither have really changed their positions. For Trump he is still smarting from the intense propaganda campaign against him, amateurishly attempting to kill two birds with one stone and paint him as a Kremlin stooge. This has built deep distrust of the intelligence agencies second only to media hacks allowing him to see through much of the equally erroneous Russian hysteria, the utterly unfounded claim that Putin’s minions hacked the U.S. election thereby giving Trump a clear road to the White House. This nonsense has no shred of credibility and was the “fake news” par excellence as a last ditch attempt to topple Trump. [4]  Thus, for the CIA he is still a threat and he knows it. From Russia as the New Cold War evil to Trump as the new American Fascist. Now, the problem is whether Putin or Trump has the honour of the Little Hitler tache… (Can they share?). Since the anti-Russia stance is part of Anglo-American Establishment policy, for this alone, Donald Trump will continue to be a fly in the ointment of CIA and FBI directives unless he moves away from his willingness to re-establish relation with Russia. Enter China as the focus of attention. (More on this later).

What is harder to dismiss is Trump’s apparent wish to go back to rendition or “black sites” and the accompanying torture believing it to be effective against all the evidence: “torture works, water boarding will be back; it will be soft in the light of other interrogation enhancement tactics – we will do much worse — water boarding is fine, but it is not really tough enough.”[5] Talking tough for intel and Republican appeasement or a genuine belief? True to that delusion, the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo has a penchant for waterboarding and is hoping to reinstate this and other forms of torture as part of the American Way. [6] Since Pompeo is part of the authoritarian religious right and has fallen for the Christian Dominionist and Chabad Lubavitch beliefs of a war between Islam and Christianity, this aspect of CIA alignment doesn’t bode well. Unless of course, the showman Trump is being wily….Like so many of his policies, we will have to wait and see how that one plays out.

Trump maybe be many things but he is not stupid. As a multi-billionaire and corporate realist he is well aware that the CIA is effectively a powerful cult which has been behind much of the false flag atrocities around the world, with its dirty fingers all over the drug-sex trafficking trade. [7]  Thus, his recent gushing praise for the agency is not without a pointed irony. Once again, Trump intends to obliterate ISIS and Islamic terrorism which means he wants to cut off the ideological and financial energy supplied to these proxy groupings, and prune back the CIA’s power. Much of what he says is indeed tough-talking designed to offer a false sense of security to his many enemies – this includes the Israeli lobby and Zionist infiltration. It has been said that Netanyahu is pulling his strings but I find this doubtful. Trump knows Zionism well and owes much of his Empire to American Jews and Zionists alike. Once again, it may be a tactic of keeping his enemies close and appeasing their fears with sweet-sounding words. We will see.

So, while the Drumpf is a child of Official Culture and may have benefited from Deep State dynamics and the usual world of corporate skullduggery there appears to be no substantial deep state dirt on the man other than mild bigotry, narcissism and bullish independence. If we were to examine the past history of presidents and their wives the Clinton duo and the groomed puppetry of Obama are among the very top echelon of those who have perpetrated crimes against humanity. And of course, Trump is only weeks into his presidency and there is still plenty time for him to take on those who stand in the way of his vision of USA ™ or – ironically morph into something beyond the pale. This is the Establishment plan for this upstart who was very much their very own glitch in the matrix, much to the horror of Hillary Clinton who was already picking out Whitehouse colour schemes. Now, they have the perfect excuse to mount all kinds of colour revolution tactics against him. So far it hasn’t worked but you can be sure they won’t be giving up. Never has there been a president surrounded by more neo-con hawks and wolves, except perhaps, the very different JFK and we know what happened to him.

If Trump’s ego gets the better of him – his obvious Achilles heel – he may end up like some of his predecessors – impeached or dead.


NATO and China are two of Trump’s targets in order to address the balance of power in trade and geostrategy

So, what can we say about the more constructive policies and orders from Trump’s platform so far?

Perhaps the most positive developments have included his wish to highlight the financial corruption and warmongering nature of NATO and his steps to rein it in. Withdrawing from the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the renegotiation NAFTA is also a welcome move and somewhat surprising considering Trump’s avowed worship of the corporate world. [8]  But it is his stance regarding International terrorism which may be bring the opportunity to establish stability in foreign policy. On the White House website we read: “Defeating ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups will be our highest priority. To defeat and destroy these groups, we will pursue aggressive joint and coalition military operations when necessary. In addition, the Trump Administration will work with international partners to cut off funding for terrorist groups, to expand intelligence sharing, and to engage in cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable propaganda and recruiting.” [9]

Thanks to the recent easing of sanctions by the Trump Administration the willingness to work with Russia will fit neatly into the above proposals especially since Putin had great success in doing the job that America should have been doing. Of course, since ISIS was a key geopolitical asset for various rogue factions within the 3EM it is not surprising the U.S. military never trod on their creation’s feet.  A possible joint US-Russian military campaign against Jihadi terrorism in the Middle East and Africa can only assist in the reparation of ties between Russia and the USA. Trump is not onboard with the New Cold War ideologues and elite bankers who believe that he is a serious threat to their interests. Trump also knows very well the difference between a healthy nationalism as opposed to globalism. He delivered a speech in Cincinnati on December 1 in which he made it clear that:

“..,.We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the pastWe will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments.... Our goal is stability not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country [the United States]… We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism …In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will.” [10]

Could you get anything less prone to criticism? And most importantly: “The world must know that we do not go abroad in search of enemies, that we are always happy when old enemies become friends, and when old friends become allies.” This is a pointed dig at the wishes of the war Zio-Con hawks in Washington as well as the embedded Zionists and Israeli lobbyists crawling over the military-corporate complex and Oval Office. This is why the CIA and the Clintons were so keen to mount a home-grown social revolution and political coup to impeach Trump before he went too far down his own path. [11]

Regarding energy and oil: “…Trump is committed to achieving energy independence from the OPEC cartel and any nations hostile to our interests. At the same time, we will work with our Gulf allies to develop a positive energy relationship as part of our anti-terrorism strategy.” And further: “Sound energy policy begins with the recognition that we have vast untapped domestic energy reserves right here in America. The Trump administration will embrace the shale oil and gas revolution to bring jobs and prosperity to millions of Americans,” the plan said. [12]  Since oil is one of the four drivers of the economic Deep State it’s hardly surprising so much ire has come his way.

The environmentally minded will no doubt be worried and with good reason. Trump could hardly be called an environmentalist, even though there is a some doffing of the hat to the cause. While there is little to celebrate in areas of conservation and ecology, we must also remember the grand vision of the technocratic elite when it comes to the ideas of sustainability and SMART society, all is unfortunately not what it appears to be. Then of course, there is the ponerisation of the green movement. Everywhere one looks you see the effects of ponerology and we forget this at our peril.

For obviously different reasons, Trump is dismissive of climate change and has removed relevant pages from the White House website. Although unnecessary, the climate change industry is based on faulty science and not a little corruption. There are indeed radical changes occurring in the climate which are having effects across our planet from the cooling of the upper atmosphere, the altering of oceanic currents and the alarming rates of species extinction. All of this is very likely due to a Grand natural cycle that includes both warming and cooling, not the much touted anthropocentric global warming or human influenced climate change.  So, I can’t get too upset if the Trump loses patience on that score. Still, such a move represents yet another money-saturated lobby that will be gnashing its teeth at the new president.


Again, with this level of anti-Trump rhetoric soaking every media outlet it is little wonder that any positive action from Trump will be thrown out simply as a point of principle which is quite wrong. No point reading the actual text of an executive order if it’s Trump right? A temporary “ban on Muslims” entering America is an example. In fact, this “Muslim ban”, is rather an extra vetting process on immigrants from seven countries which was, once again, started by the Obama administration several years ago and referred to “countries or areas of concern” and singled out under the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 and signed by President Barack Obama. President Trump has used this as the basis for his executive order. Let’s not forget that Obama also vetted and/or banned a further “six times,” a policy that was also used by presidents Reagan, Carter, Clinton and George W. Bush. [13]  

Indeed, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria are nations with the highest populations of Muslims – none of whom have been banned from entering the United States. Regardless of the FBI and CIA fuundamental policy to create and foster terrorism the fact remains that Islamic Jihadis – now the terror bogeyman of choice – ARE arriving in the U.S. and Europe under cover of immigration. To believe that all immigrants and refugees are law-abiding and ordinary is just silly. Therefore, his policy is actually a restriction on countries with a proven link to terrorist funding not a ban on a specific religious ethnicity. 14]  And let’s be clear what the actual executive order states for those who have sucked up the media nonsense without bothering to think first: “The Secretaries of State and Homeland Security can Waive the Executive Order for Individuals. Under Section 3(g) they can on a case-by-case basis and when in the national interest issue visas or other or other immigration benefits to nationals of countries for which visas are otherwise blocked.”  [15] 

Let us also remember that the executive order states that the U.S. will not “… admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law.  In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. [16] 

One would think that those who see Trump as the anti-Christ would have welcomed such deference to human rights, let alone women’s rights. However, it could be said that “those who do not support the Constitution” could be a major interpretative grey area since philosophical and ideological complexities are the source of continuing tension, usually based on ignorance and simplistic evaluations as we have so often seen in the past. Once again, let’s see how that one plays out.

Overall, it is clear that if Trump continues with such a policy without rooting at the real criminals who perpetuate and fabricate such terror plots then it’ll be an Elastoplast on a rapidly festering wound. None of it is pleasant or a remotely satisfactory situation and no doubt many will be affected by these restrictions who shouldn’t be. As Sputnik recently: “There is some black irony in the fact that President Trump banned the refugees from the states struck and exhausted by Washington’s decades-long assertive foreign policy and regime change practice.”  [16]  And lets’ remember who sponsors and pays for and created most of the Islamic Jihadis who were given a free pass to blow up Americans: Factions of the FBI and CIA with a supporting role from MOSSAD. I suppose this fact and the nice, smiley Obama who dropped thousands of tons of bombs on mostly Muslim countries during his tenure wasn’t worth protesting about? Meanwhile, the mainstream media is more than happy to amplify demonstrations against the immigration order and remain silent on Obama and Killary’s record.

As to the building of a Wall between Mexico and the U.S. to stop the flow of illegal immigration and charging 20% on Mexican products will not address the core reasons and may actively create deeper divisions long-term by effectively making Americans pay for the shortfall. So, this seems short-sighted at best. But the idea of the wall wasn’t Trump’s. Yet again, we discover it was none other than Bill Clinton who first suggested this policy of containment, which was then reinforced by the Secure Fence Act of 2006, signed by president Bush and for which both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted. So, so we can hardly get outraged and blame Trump for finishing off a project that was already started by a Bush and with full support of Democrats Obama and Clinton. [16]   We may not like this policy and it may yet back-fire but let’s not feed into hypocrisy and double standards by suggesting that Trump is the Apocalypse when at worst, he just revisiting Establishment policy, or at best, taking strong measures to scupper the trajectory of Establishment interests.

Steve Bannon - Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to United States President Donald Trump.

Steve Bannon – Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to United States President Donald Trump.

Another mystery that is circling is the Trump administration’s welcome to a gaggle of Goldman Sacs aficionados. For example, Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, top White House adviser, Steve Bannon, and Anthony Scaramucci transition advisers are all ex-Goldmanites. The “Great Vampire Squid” lives again. It seems especially odd when Trump lambasted Goldman Sacs “as a villain and symbol of the corrupt establishment.” [17]   The jury is out as to how much leverage the Zionists (not least Chabad Lubavitchers) will have in the new White House. But it does seem that Trump is aware of the various ideological players and may want to keep them close rather than have them operate in the shadows plotting against him. If Wall street’s personal envoy Hillary Clinton had won the White House, it would have done no good since Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders made it plain they would have blocked positions from any firm spawned from Wall St. or any banking fraternity. So, it is doubly ironic that ex-Goldmanites have found their way into to this administration despite the odds.  Let us hope that these guys have truly changed their spots.

One of these ex-Goldmanites is the “reactionary” Steve K. Bannon as top advisor to Trump who has caused consternation to almost every political grouping. Some say he is “fervently Zionist” while others are declaring a victory against Israel’s prospects for greater control of America’s politicians. A former boss of right wing Briebart News and a flag bearer for the alt. right, Bannon is no doubt very happy indeed that so many appear to be confused as to where his allegiances lie. Many Jewish writers and media commentators have condemned his appointment suggesting that someone who is “Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic, but Pro-Israel” has no place in governance. Yet, of all the many Jewish organisations only the Anti-Defamation League and the National Council of Jewish Women have openly criticised Bannon, and even they have since softened their stance on the usual anti-Semitic reflex. [18]   

Perhaps what is most worrying of all about this man is that he does appear to be a worrying redux of Neo-Conservative doctrine which could spell utter disaster for Trump’s foreign policy negotiations. Radical Islam, China, Iran and eventually Russia are all seen as the traditional enemy to which Trump (Bannon) should brook no quarter. Political scientist Andrés Perezalonso’s recent article on Bannon’s “Clash of Civilisation” beliefs provides an excellent overview of what we might be facing. [19] 

So, what of China, Russia and Iran?

Complementing Bannon’s simplistic visions of an apocalyptic show down with evil Islam is Henry Kissinger’s presence in the administration, yet again erupting like a persistent, poisonous fungus that refuses to go away.  Trump’s mind compared to this psychopathic leviathan is akin to Steven Hawking advising Simon Cowell such is the gap in tactics, strategy and sheer cunning. Which is why Asia Times journalist Pepe Escobar believes that Kissinger’s play is “….to seduce Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while keep harassing the weakest link, Iran.” Drawing from conversations from a high level minion labelled “X”, Escobar’s inside source offers an entirely plausible overview:

“Trump was elected with the support of the Masters to tilt towards Russia. The Masters have their tools in the media and Congress maintaining a vilification campaign against Russia, and have their puppet [Zibigniew] Brzezinski also come out against Russia, stating ‘America’s global influence depends on cooperation with China’. The purpose is to threaten Russia to cooperate and place these chips on the negotiating table for Trump. In a traditional good cop-bad cop approach, Donald is portrayed as the good cop wanting good relations with Russia, and Congress, media, Brzezinski are the bad cops. This is to aid Trump in the negotiations with Russia as Putin sees the ‘precarious’ position of his friend and should be willing to make major concessions as the line goes.” [20]

<br Deep State front men Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brezezinski

 There are likely other players jostling for supremacy, not least the Zionists and the Religious right. Escobar’s source believes it’s all about the military-corporate complex making a play for Eurasian control whilst kicking and screaming against its decline as a global power. China is the target and Russia is to be fenced off since the capacity to now confront the Big Bear is limited, hence Trump’s appeal to the military. Psychopaths at the Pentagon won’t change their game-plan so they must find other ways to confront the BRICS partners with particular attention the resource prize of Iran, the long desired jewel in the crown of Anglo-American and Zionist regime change.

In all probability Trump is being used in much the same way as every other President since Kennedy. Hubris is a killer in such a position and it doesn’t seem Donald has much humility to counter his impulsiveness in “cleaning the swamp”. Try to change many decades of entrenched darkness and the reaction may be just as severe, especially when half the “liberal” public would be happy to dance on your grave. This time, Establishment intelligence agencies and media are on full propaganda throttle, tarring him with the same Hitlerian brush as Putin whilst a large section of the U.S. and European populations sign petitions to see prevent him entering European countries or to see him impeached. The forces against the new president are formidable.

It’s fairly clear at this stage that Trump is likely being played in a similar way to the shaping of public discourse as is usually the case when we lulled into a false sense of what American politics might be, as oppose to what it truly is: a broken system run by shadow players in a casino full of dupes. If the president thinks he can offer a particular role to the moderate, Republican demographic to attain power, and to placate the powers that be by having the “enemy close” he is playing a highly volatile and unpredictable game. And yet, this may be his best protection: keeping his cards very close to chest and firing off policy. But it’s doubtful as this video eloquently explains: Trump is in a no win-situation and is likely the fall-guy for what’s coming down the pipeline:

In the next post we’ll take a closer look at Hillary Clinton and Obama’s past and present factual record and ask the question: How can it be that so-called “Social Justice Warriors” foam at the mouth if you even mention Trump when compared to these two? Yet, inflicting war on innocents and destroying foreign nations is somehow not worthy of protest?

See also: Symbolic Seduction: Women’s Rights, Partisan Politics, Ethnocentrism and “American Narcissism” By Edward Curtin

* Deep State = “term from Turkey, where it is used to refer to a closed network said to be more powerful than the public state. The deep state engages in false-flag violence, is organized by the military and intelligence apparatus, and involves their links to organized crime.” source:  Or, from the New York Times Op.ed: Deep State n. A hard-to-perceive level of government or super-control that exists regardless of elections and that may thwart popular movements or radical change. Some have said that Egypt is being manipulated by its deep state”. | Further reading: ‘Holy Smoke and Mirrors’ By David Guyatt

** Overworld = “That realm of wealthy or privileged society that, although not formally authorized or institutionalized, is the scene of successful influence of government by private power. It includes both (1) those whose influence is through their wealth, administered personally or more typically through tax-free foundations and their sponsored projects, and (2) the first group’s representatives. The term should be distinguished from Frederick Lundberg’s “superrich,” the sixty wealthiest families that he wrongly predicted in his 1967 book Sixty Families would continue to dominate America both as a class and as a “government of money.” The recent Forbes annual lists of the four hundred richest Americans shows that Lundberg’s prediction was wrong on both counts: his richest inheritors of 1967 are mostly not the richest today, and today’s richest are not necessarily those projecting their wealth into political power. The overworld is not a class but a category. As a rule it is wrong to think of overworld influence institutionally, as exercised through the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign Relations. However, there are less known, usually secret, cabals (such as the Pinay Circle and the Safari Club that flourish in these overworld milieus”. | Further reading: The State, The Deep State and the Wall St. Overworld by Peter Dale Scott.


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[20] ‘Here’s how the Trump presidency will play out’ by Pepe Escobar, The Saker, Janaury 19th –




  1. Thank you for this nuanced view our new “leader.” Thucydides stated that history has two causes: the underlying conditions of mankind and the catalytic reaction. Trump is of course an expression of a vector that has the Deep State at one end and God knows what at the other. But the underlying condition is one of an un-educated population, in the classical sense, that is increasingly dis-empowered and dis-educated and yet has a need to believe in something bigger, but can’t find it. God has been outlawed. I think the Deep State thought they were going to be the bigger thing the people could believe in, but failing that, decided on more dumbing down and the more forceful means. Militarized police, for example. But I think the Deep State is now running on empty and the void is being filled by, perhaps George Soros and his minions. In any case, as your post I believe correctly concludes, the only thing we can do is stand by and wait to witness what looks like an oncoming train to nowhere running out of track. .

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    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your comment. Strangely enough, I think it’s when we do run out of track that we’ll hopefully start seeing real change. Not soon, but it would be nice to think in my life time. The realist and optimist do battle once more…


      1. Thank you for your note. I think the thing the Deep State didn’t factor in was the power of the internet, and I believe that effect has some kind of exponential growth rate. For example the posts on just Pizzagate have exploded with ordinary people, perhaps not so ordinary in a sane world, doing the most astounding research. It is a virtual rip-tide tearing away at the establishment…stand-by…..

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