The Reality Of Establishment Child Rape Networks And The Wilful Ignorance That Sustains Them

By M.K. Styllinski


Zdzislaw Beksinski

“Amateurs think prisons are full of sociopaths. A pro would tell you the truth: the only sociopaths in prisons are the failures.” Andrew Vachss


“British security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.”report by UK’s Sunday Express

A few days ago I found myself in the strange position of watching television. While I enjoy a trip to see a film now and then I don’t own a T.V. nor do I have any inclination to watch what passes for entertainment these days. I’d rather avoid endless streams of asinine mediocrity pumped into my mind. But that’s just me.

However, last night I was visiting my sister and we ended up tuning in to the UK’s Children in Need programme which is somewhat a British tradition. The general public donates to worthwhile causes such as hospice or hospital care; celebrates individual acts of courage, community projects and the like – all centered around children. Many folks spent the previous year fund-raising for these causes sending in their loot prior to and during the live show so it’s hard not to be moved by all this;  the tales of bravery and struggle and the subsequent money raised often reaching many millions of pounds.

There are legions of compassionate people in the UK who give up their hard-earned cash to make children’s lives better. Yet, aside from the fact that it literally relies on the good hearts of the public instead of what should be natural socioeconomic provision in the first place, it got me wondering about how aware we are concerning the presence of widespread child abuse and murder perpetrated by some of the international ruling elite on which I and many others have written about over the last ten years.

How many of those same folks who are willing to dig deep into their pockets for those in need of palliative care and charity are aware of those children passed around like candy by our power brokers; by those within the civil service, law enforcement, the judiciary and business? How many are willing to even contemplate that such a thing is possible and in fact, does take place in our so-called democratic societies?

With so many distractions available at our fingertips it becomes preferable and then easy to not think of such things because they are too terrible. Thinking positive and being happy is valuable – but not when it slips into denial and avoidance of what is, which can only offer a continuing cover for the status quo. The almost imperceptible daily choice to ignore it then becomes wilful, and ignore it most of us do, choosing to believe that a) It is merely a ridiculous conspiracy theory. b) That it is not possible to focus on such things because one’s sensitivity to a negative things of the world is simply too much for one’s delicate emotional constitution c) We are way too busy d) There’s nothing we can do so its better not to think about it.

These are just excuses we tell ourselves so that we don’t have to contemplate the powerlessness and dread that such things exist. Such thinking only creates serious cracks in our conception of the world and our place in it.

Despite many journalists and commentators doing the painful drudge work in highlighting what is often serious and organised abuse, the large proportion of the public still operate on a discourse of disbelief for the above reasons. This is the biggest obstacle to revealing state abuse and murder – the apathy and refusal from so many to address the crimes of the few. And yet, in comparison, we manage to expend enormous amounts of energy complaining about the relatively trivial in our Facebook/Twitter-ridden world of self-indulgence; so many distractions to keep our creative energy unfocused and dissipated so that the most vulnerable in our societies – who should be protected as part of our natural law – become playthings of the elite whom we tragically protect by default, from our positions of apathy and disbelief.

Now, it’s easy to slip into a self-righteous moral invective as a means to brow beat people into submission. That’s certainly not my intention…I struggle to keep my focus like anyone else when there are one thousand and one things to do in daily life and so much suffering all around us. Most of us don’t respond well to finger-wagging “persuasion” to adjust our outlook and recognise the not so obvious iniquities of this world.  However, regardless of our political or religious beliefs I think most of us would agree that this particular subject deserves persistent attention due to its extraordinarily horrific nature. Establishment child rape flies in the face of almost everything the average person believes about the role of those in authority.  It is so difficult to comprehend that there are not only human beings on this planet that delight in such crimes but worse, remain protected by the way society operates. And I can assure you the number of children that go missing every year as a result of our broken social systems masquerading as “normal” is simply astonishing. Foster homes, care homes, immigration and dysfunctional family life is producing a steady stream of children who fall off the radar and become extremely vulnerable to trafficking and/or these child abuse networks.

Glimpses into these networks rarely happened in the last century. But thanks largely to the internet and the information revolution it has been far more difficult for members to prevent an increasing number of breaches in their protocols and securities. The traditional link between ritual child abuse has always been nested in the military-intelligence apparatus as well as most religious orders. Although instances of family and inter-generational abuse have long existed, seldom do we hear of elite involvement. Yet, large scale child abuse of American boys and girls occurred under the government’s radiation experiments of the 1940s-1960s and the infamous MK-ULTRA umbrella term for a raft of explorations into drug and torture based mind control programs through the 1950s, 60s and 70s before going underground and outsourced.

In the late 1980’s through the 1990’s reports started to reach even local mainstream news stations describing systematic child abuse on military bases, most notably the U.S. military’s Child Development Centre at Presidio in San Francisco and McMartin pre-school in Manhatten, California. Although much maligned at the time, a ritualistic flavour to the abuse was clearly in evidence.

During a similar period, we had the ongoing revelations of wide-ranging abuse traced back to the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska where high level U.S. government members and celebrities indulged in paedophile and pederast parties. Compelling allegations surfaced from the victims that yet again, George Bush Senior and Bill Clinton among others attended these gatherings specially tailored for the elite. Parallel to this was the investigation into a homosexual pederast and padeophile ring within the Washington Establishment spanning the presidency of both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The persistent institutionalised paedophilia and black magick practices within both the music industry and Hollywood has also persisted for years, with allegations surfacing around billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his links to Clinton as well as one of many handlers such as sports coach Jerry Sandusky founder of non-profit charity Second Mile and provider of young boys to other networks. Over in the UK the same activities and patterns of abuse could be found with radio and television personality and philanthropist Sir Jimmy Savile who was one of the worst sexual predators (and necrophiliacs) Scotland yard had ever seen. Circumstantial evidence also suggested that Savile was node in a much larger network.

The European elite also participate in such crimes. Perhaps the most notorious case in the 1990s (though my no means the only one) centered around one Marc Dutroux who abducted numerous young women and girls and offered them to a large network of abusers and murderers. The network in question included members from royalty, governments, military and other sectors of privileged society.

As the embattled Catholic Church tried to suppress and cover its systematic abuse of boys and girls entrusted to its care and various schools and care homes around the UK and across Europe were found also to harbour small or larger rings of molesters, it became obvious that the rise in child pornography among deep web user-groups played a large part in the business of child sexual abuse in general.

Then we have the ongoing circus of an inquiry into the long known Westminister Paedophile ring which even the late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had full knowledge. Her reasons for keeping quiet was the same as so many within Establishment circles: a mixture of wilful blindness and a conditioned fear that it would see the mechanisms of British parliament fall into chaos should such revelations meet with public prosecutions. In other words, protect your own whatever the cost. This may explain why there was such a high turnover of those chairing the inquiry alongside yet another botched police “investigation.”

Most recently, we have have the ongoing research of an alleged child abuse network derived from Wiki Leaks’ John Podesta email scandal which, as well as uncovering wholesale DNC election rigging and corruption, also revealed the Clinton’s associations with black magic (or “spirit cooking”) and organised paedophilia via his brother Tony Podesta’s vile interests in art inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer and it seems pizza, care of a Washington D.C. pizza parlour…

There are some researchers who believe that this is all part of a propaganda campaign originally instigated by Trump supporters. Although there are certainly incidences of fake stories and disinformation, (links between Podesta and Madeline Mcann, for instance) sadly, I’m afraid this is not the case. If only it were merely the product of the sordid imaginations of Trump supporters…In fact, the vast majority of historical allegations of the Clintons, the Bush dynasty and other elite families are riven with associations, witness statements and deductive evidence that child abuse and black magick is an essential pastime for our psychopathic minority.

As to “Pizzagate” there is no “smoking gun” but certainly compelling circumstantial evidence. Although I suspect the narrative firewalls are a little more sophisticated than some of the video analysis so far carried out by enthusiastic researchers – there are always cover stories and fall guys to wheel on as protocol for prying eyes. Similarly, the big story of fake news items suddenly doing the rounds at this time is making sure that any genuine oddities surrounding these high level links with a lowly pizza parlour are placed in that category so that it is all forgotten.

These aren’t just aberrations, they are carefully concealed symptoms of institutionalised  – often occult – psychopathy hidden and protected as way of life.  When a society is compromised by psychopaths who have wrested control from normal people to attain positions of power across society then it is their perception of reality which gradually becomes the norm. This allows an array of crowd-based memes to encourage doubts and automatic self-censoring supported by the MSM before it even reaches the stage of serious investigation by social services, law enforcement agencies and courts. Various government reports and inquiries are thrown to the public as a means to quash further focus but these are either bound by “national security”; favours are called in, blackmailed members are activated or enough disinformation and purposeful ineptitude is introduced to scupper any hope of justice.

Our present inquiry into the Jimmy Savile and the UK government’s Westminster paedophile ring are examples of interference, obfuscation and delay. You can be sure that once this is allowed to fade from media and public consciousness much like so many other inquiries of the 1990s and early 2000’s – it will be forgotten and the child rape networks at the highest levels will return to business as usual.

Unless we keep the pressure on.

Conversely, the presence of witch-hunts and moral panics where mob mentality rules can and does guarantee that the innocent are placed on sex registers for life while civil liberties are lost as an excuse for the lone paedophile in your midst which is much the same tactic as the terrorist under everyone’s bed. The message is BE AFRAID – let government and the State protect you from all the bogeymen – anything as long as attention is focused away from Establishment abuse which can be discerned again and again if people have eyes to see. Similarly, the media circus of celebrities accused of paedophilia and/or predatory sexual behaviours serves as a perfect buffer to Establishment culpability by deflecting the heat onto investigations which are often neither paedophilia or child rape but borderline sexual crimes of a lesser nature. Crimes yes, but dredged up to deflect attention away from the real culprits who indulge in premediatated, organised rape of minors and infants.

We  have purposely blurred lines between a puritanical disdain for healthy sexuality on the one hand and the mainstreaming of pornography and sensationalist titillation appealing to the lowest instincts of human nature. on the other. This collective schism can only benefit those sexual predators who lead us. Creating obfuscation, confusion and thus further divisions is standard protocol. And since we live in a time of politically correct absurdity where so many expend energy being offended by everything except that which truly should offend us, it seems society is still battling against poor quality information which conditions us to interpret reality from a juvenile and outmoded perspective. Flood the internet with porn, reality shows and propaganda passed off as news and attention spans become smaller whilst the ability to think critically fades.

The human capacity to tenaciously hold to the refusal to see how evil works is a choice. And it is a mechanical effect of the long running pathological undercurrents of our society. The same refusal to see is now combining with the long influences of authoritarianism, narcissism and the snowflake generation. We are seeing the exact playing out of ponerisation through ostensibly benign labels. Political correctness and progressivism often comprises neurotic, spoiled narcissistic “activists” who are offended by anything accept the projections of their own vacuity.  This is now the back door where petulant resentment and wilful ignorance grease the handle so that ponerological influences enter in and from which underworld causes become overworld effects.

Whether it is Maoism, Stalinism, Nazism or any other totalitarianism – soft or classical – the benign, “progressive” back door is ALWAYS co-opted first and the facade used as a way to re-channel altruism and the infamous trope of good intentions to it’s antithesis. It starts with the educators and universities just as we see happening today with P.C. authoritarians purposely indoctrinating students to a pernicious inversion of truth with an eye to encouraging revolution. Only it’s a revolution designed by the elite to further their own blueprint for managed collapse.

The danger remains. Not only will abusing and murdering children continue apace it will be even more protected from prying eyes since it will be guarded by an army of clueless “progressives” or authoritarian followers who can’t see beyond their own binary beliefs. Thanks to these feckless premadonnas who love only their own selfie image, a less overt form of abuse  (though abuse nonetheless) will be mainstreamed into the collective psyche through conformity and uniformity as precise and as mathematical as the Great Pyramid.

It still intrigues me that there are those who become hysterical at the idea of animals being abused and will become militantly histrionic in their defence of such abuse, but will barely give a second thought for children who are trafficked across the world by day and murdered by night. And now we have tearful outbursts from those with too much time on their hands who hurry from one tweet and Facebook “like” to another, waxing lyrical about about the latest sexual and ethnic minority faux pas or perceived slight for not using the correct gender pronoun.

What a strange sense of priority.

You want to put your energy into “rights”? Then start with shedding your own pathetic self-indulgence and clueless sense of entitlement. Stop pretending to be concerned about rights when you are simply venting your resentment and impotence at the the world as it is, instead of making the effort to change.


How we economise our energy and learn to focus on what really matters is crucial in developing perspicacity and the ability to discern lies from truth, thus resisting pathology. It is then that our unique voice begins to matter and naturally joins with others to say NO.  We cannot directly confront evil since it will crush us with the sheer force of its brutality and cunning. Those that think otherwise are held by hubris and usually burn out, or eventually taken out. What we can do is begin small by holding these children in our consciousness. Offer them prayer, think of them in daily life, write an article, share and disseminate, discuss with others and raise awareness on the issue.

So, when you kiss goodnight to your own daughter and son and thank the lord they are safe in the their beds, linger awhile in the minds of those for whom by a tragic twist of fate have found themselves trafficked, sold and ultimately passed around by a bunch of conscience-less sadists who believe themselves protected and thus invincible; free to inflict pain and suffering to the point of death upon children as young as two years old. Stay a while and hold their hands in your imagination and try to feel the sheer sick horror of image and circumstance; dwell on that lost innocence as long as tolerable because without touching the edge of darkness and grief it will not give you the wings to transcend your own acquiescence and the response-ability to DO and BE on behalf of others. Use this burning anger that will naturally and justly rise up to fuel constructive, balanced action. This is the power of elevated emotion and will. When we face evil with courage, and embrace the unknown, we strengthen the soul and build authenticity.

For all the children who have experienced torture and abuse and who died the most horrible deaths is this not the least we can do?

Such predatory behaviour is bread and butter to these people and will not be easily drawn into the light of truth, as is surely obvious by now.  Yet, we are living in the Information Age of enormous change where the monopoly on truth is losing its power. Allow that anger and grief to move within you, to permit that conscience to grow into action. When combined with those of like mind, it is this inner transformation on behalf of others that will move mountains.

The world can be many things… We just have to think in limitless terms and choose which reality we wish to inhabit. That’s when communities of like minds begins to emerge and the potential for right action. There can be no greater prayer for the dying than growing our conscience, thereby honouring the Creative Universe, pledging our own part in encouraging its greater manifestation.

By doing so, we may have far more effect on the future than we may realise.


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One comment

  1. Most of us have heard, in various interpretations, that if a lie is big enough, it will be believed because the public cannot fathom a force so large being inimical to it’s interests. This assumes the lie will be told only once. But as the lie gets repeated, I believe it begins to come apart – the public consciousness succumbs to the propaganda element of repetition and begins to question the lie. The lie doesn’t seem so foreign anymore.

    When I first encountered the Franklin case, I dismissed it as the work of the fringe. But in the past three years, the many silent stories of the children have cried out to me like the stones becoming unmuted and screaming their stories. They can’t be ignored. It isn’t the fringe.

    When I learn of such stories, I wonder how my life might have changed had I been abused as a child. I wasn’t, but can only fathom what a terrible distraction such a burden must be.

    I read with concern that a child molester caught by the public in the Philippines was executed by a crowd. I was turned off by the act, but it did elevate my opinion of the Philippine people, strange to say. Being a white guy, I regard brown people as something less than white. But I’m beginning to think that is a big lie too.

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