Confronting the Authoritarian Mindset (Or Keep Your Eye on the Cheese Knife) Part II


‘Monster and Villagers’ (2006) by London-based artist and illustrator Tom Gauld.

Continued from this post. Please read first for the background.

As far as I can recall, here is the complete dialogue with my resident authoritarian border line personality type whom I have called “Ned.” Our Ned was a classic 71 year-old WASP Establishment figure, Corporate CEO and ex-military man. He sat across from me at a dinner party of around eleven people and had already established his lack of redeeming qualities well before we were shown to our seats. After a full hour of obnoxious oratory I decided to tackle his statements partly out of boredom and partly to rescue the poor guy sitting next to me who was receiving the full brunt of his mega-phone grandstanding. The dialogue that follows has inevitable holes, but I think it’s a fairly accurate summary.

Ned: Yup, it doesn’t matter what you do with people like Assad, Chavez and our despot of the day Putin, they always want more and they’re pretty darn good at gettin’what they want – sometimes over the very long-term…Sure.  This is where the U.S. has gotta step in to restore some order. Sometimes they don’t always get it right, I’ll be the first to admit that, but that’s more to do with leadership issues than foreign policy. On foreign policy we need to be strong to counter the Muslim threat and the terrorists.

Stephen: (Man sitting to his left): So, you’re not a fan of Mr. Putin then?

Ned: He’s a fuckin’ liability Simon –

Stephen: That’s Stephen…

Ned: – and lemmie tell ya somethin’ about this ex-KGB ass-wipe (takes a gulp of wine) he won’t be satisfied until he’s gotten control of the whole goddamn world – I’ll stake my military career on it. The guy’s as corrupt as a mafia don. Goodfellas’ has got nothin’ on this guy lemmie tell ya….”

S: Well, you might be right there …

Ned: Lemmie tell you Simon –

S: – Stephen…My name’s

Ned: – if I’m not right then why are we in the shit-hole we’re in now huh? Can ya tell me that? Huh?

S: Well – I –

Ned: “I’ll tell ya why, it’s because our nation has been sold down the River by spineless, chinless, closet commies like Obama and his crew. They’ve allowed immigrants to infest the country and – and – allowed Islamism – Islamists – to spread like a cancer. They’re a bunch of incompetent do-gooders who have no understanding (finger jabbing) what it means to be disciplined, to have honour and respect for the rule of law. They don’t have a fuckin’ clue Simon. You need balls of steel to tackle trash like Putin who hates America as much as those Arabs and Chinks. And it’s because of communism and Islamism – the two greatest evils on this earth today – that American has to – MUST – step up to the plate and enforce the rules.

(Slams palm on table).

Tim: (Man sitting to my right) “I don’t know about that Ned…I mean we live in a very complicated world and interventionism hasn’t exactly been a great success has it?

Ned: Whatya talkin about?

Tim: (Daps at his mouth with a serviette) “Just that look at the Iraq war and Libya. You could say that the fact that the U.S. and NATO interferred only made things worse.”

Ned: Are you a progressive?

Tim: I’m sorry?

Ned: I said … Are you a progressive?

T: Well, I’m not on the right of the issue if that’s —

Ned: I knew it! It’s always the same, anyone that actually steps up to confront evil like these terrorists and dictators like – like – like  Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda or Osama bin fuckin’ Laden is somehow morally wrong. Bullshit!

T: I wasn’t —

Ned: What’s your name son?

T: Pardon? Er…Tim. We…met before…

Ned: Oh yeah, yeah, sure right, with the brunette. Well listen Tim, you need to educate yourself a little better and stop with all this left-progressive, liberal bullshit and try and see what’s happening on the ground, ’cause it ‘ain’t pretty friend, it ‘ain’t pretty at all.”

T: I can assure you I’m not unaware of –

Ned: – Sure, sure you’re not, right…

T: – of the complexities involved… I understand very clearly that the war in Iraq wasn’t democratic and there wasn’t WMDs and our governments pretty much lied about the reasons for -”

Ned: Lies? You’re talkin’ about lies Tom? Come on! Really? So you think because they didn’t find chemical weapons that he didn’t have them? Is that what you think?

T: Yes, actually. I don’t think the Iraqi regime —-”

Ned:  And you think that we should have just left Al-Qaeda to run over all the Middle East and across American homes to plot many more nine elevens –

Tim: Of course not, but —

Ned: – and to let the Baathist fuckers remain in power just because you didn’t think it was done by the UN’s bureaucratic book? Is that what you’re tellin’ me Tom?

T: No, I’m telling you that –

Ned: You don’t know what you’re even tellin’ yourself never mind what you’re trying to tell me. (Smiles and adopts a fatherly look) Look, the truth is that terrorism was on the rise, foreign powers were on the rise, Islam was – and IS – on the rise. Look at where we are now for Chris’ sake! You think that’s because of America and our European Allies? Really? Where would we be if had the same pussy attitude when Hitler and Nazism was knocking at your blighty door and we had to bail you out? You think it’s different? You think dictators and despots are more educated now?

T: I think that’s an entirely different…

Ned: It’s EXACTLY the same Tom, exactly. And it’s people like you – too frightened about taking action that causes the most harm in our world.

T: (Laughs and shakes his head) I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but whatever it is, I don’t think I agree with it..”

Ned: Of course not! You can’t agree with me because you it goes against getting somethin’ for nothin’ lifestyle that you’ve grown up with!

T: Oh for Goodness sake, you don’t even know me, just because…I think we better move on…

Ned: I know your type, I know what camp you’re in buddy. I’ve come across guys like you a thousand and one times. And you might actually learn something if you didn’t keep running away from reality Tom.

T: I’m not running away from anything. I just don’t agree with your position. My name is Tim by the way.

Ned: (Snorts) Well excuse me TIM. Don’t get all prickly on me. Disagree all you like but facts are facts.  I didn’t just fall outta the stork’s mouth ya know. I don’t come to these conclusions lightly my friend. Lemmie tell ya about Ned.

(Ned’s wife sighs and puts a tentative hand on his wrist. He scowls at her and pulls his hand away).

I was in the U.S. Air force from 1963-1968. I was one of the youngest men to serve. Why? Because I always knew what was important. I always knew what I had to do to serve … to serve God, my country and to protect my family from anything that threatened it. Back then there was no pissy ideas about right and wrong. You just knew what you had to do, and you did it, if you had any kind of moral fibre. My Daddy taught me everythin’ I needed to know about how to be a man Tom, how to treat a woman and how to love your country. Those three principles should rule your life. All else follows from this. Which is why I’ve been so successful and why I’m regularly in the top rags of today. You name it: Forbes, Newsweek, Tatler, The – what is it? That British rag?…What’s it called?

(His wife whispers it to him).

RIGHT! The Economist, right. I was even in GQ this past month. Ya think it’s because I talk shit that I’m in there? Huh? Or do ya think I might have my finger on the truth? Whadya think?”

M.K: “What about The Bearsden Gazette?” I said, cheerily.

Ned: “Huh?”

M.K: “Have you been in the Bearsden Gazette? That has a great business section. If you haven’t been in the Bearsden Gazette then….”(apologetic wince).

N: “I don’t know the Bearsden Gazette. Is it an architectural digest?”

M.K: “No it’s a community local, south of Glasgow.”

(Eyes narrow, chin juts.)

“You know, community? That thing which emerges when people start to work together without State and big business routinely fucking them over.” (Winning smile).

Ned: You pullin’ my chain?

M.K. Maybe….

Ned: (grimaces and folds his arms). You obviously think that people like me rule the world and poor little oppressed whiners like you are just soooooo misunderstood? I guess you’re holding Tom’s limp dick on this one right? You’re right up there with the touchy feely Obama progressives who want everything on a plate right? And when the crapola hits the fan it’s guys like me who rescue you because you have no idea how to do it yourself.

M.K. Well, that’s an interesting picture of how your mind works but obviously quite wrong.

Ned: It’s obviously “quite wrong” is it? And how do you figure that? Please enlighten me, I’m all ears.

M.K. I think you’ve been talking about how you’d like things to be rather than what is. Nothing of what you’ve said has any connection to reality as far as I’m concerned.

Ned: (almost inaudibly) Is that right? Ooookaaaay….And who the fuck are you, the Lone Ranger?

M.K. I can see you like that kind of George Bush “bring it on” style of brinkmanship. It’s easier to kick ass first and think later isn’t it?

(I continue eating).

Ted: I’m happy to shove this up your ass (picks up butter knife) if you’d prefer? Whadya say?

M.K. (I put down my knife and fork). You’re taking this a bit personally don’t you think? We’re at a dinner table not Fallujah.

Ned: You make it personal buddy.

M.K. Just because Tim and I disagree with you?

Ted: NO. Because I know WHY you disagree. You’re the reason America and most of Europe is going down the sewer pipe because you’re self-indulgent pricks full of your own ideas and theories about how the world works but you’ve never been at ground zero fighting for your life.

M.K. You seem very convinced by by your opinions. And that’s all they are as far as I can see. And just because I haven’t been in a war zone doesn’t prevent me from commenting on the reasons why I think such horrors come to pass and how we might be able to stop them. Don’t you want to discover how to prevent future horrors from happening? Don’t you want to use your knowledge and experiences to decrease aggression rather than drive a wedge between everyone you meet?

(Silence) (Ned stares at me, still fiddling with the butter knife, his wife still occasionally whispering in his ear. He places his elbows on the table, putting his hands together to form a pyramid, as though carefully pondering his next move).

Ned: Do not cross me. I have five multi-million dollar companies and I’ve served in the USAF —

M.K. Yeah, I got that…

NEd: — I know exactly how the world works. What do you think YOU know?  What is it you think YOU can teach ME? What credentials and life experience do you have Mr. smart-ass that you can tell me what I don’t or don’t know? Who the hell gave you the right to judge me on my experience and my knowledge?

M.K. You don’t need any particular credentials to actually make the effort to think for yourself Ned. It becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly what’s bullshit and what’s truth IF you’re able to leave preconceived ideas behind that is …

Ned: Oh it does it Mr. smart ass? Hahahahahaha – hoo boy….

M.K. –  and I have exactly the same right to break that fact to you, since we’ve all had to sit through your misanthropic sermons about what we should or shouldn’t be thinking…

Ned: HA! Shame you have it the wrong way around buddy. You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about butcha think you do!

M.K. (Leaning forward in a whisper:) You know that’s spooky because that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking about you! Who’da thought?

Ned: Ohhh, I KNOW what I’m talking about bud –

M.K. Of course you do and you want to make damn sure everyone has your opinion seared like cattle-prong into their brains.

Ned: I’m blunt sonny, you don’t like it – too bad.

M.K. I heard your life story third time around and sorry to break this to you but that’s no protection against erroneous beliefs – you’re a living example of that.

Ned: “PFAH!  Your Mom was wiping your ass when I was flying jet fighters buddy so don’t lecture me with your psycho-babble bullshit. Belief is everything. If you don’t believe in yourself you can’t move forward in life and I have passed the speed of light in that area my friend and it doesn’t look like you believe in anything much! God, nationhood, family and fighting for the original American way is what I believe in. Yeah, and I’ve no doubt you’re part of the whining, smart ass generation that believes in nothing but their smart ass theories.”

M.K. I try not to believe in anything, you’re right.

Ned: I know I’m right! (Takes a swig of wine) So, you’re a…what’s it? You’re a …you’re one of these nihilist fuckers?

M.K. Not at all. I try to know not just believe I know. I don’t want to just pitch my tent on any old belief and give up. I don’t want to…believe something because it makes me feel secure and comfortable. And most of what you’ve said this evening conforms to belief not fact.

Ned: (Shakes head) You can chatter on like a milk-maid about what I, you or Prince Fuckin’ William believes but it won’t change the fact you’re still a whiner who does nothing and I feel sorry for you because you can’t pull your finger outta your ass and smell the roses!

M.K. (Laughing) I think you got that a bit back to front there Ned…

Ned: Yeah, you can laugh shit for brains…Can’t you see what’s happenin’ to America? Can’t you see what’s happenin’ to our world?

M.K. Yes, I do see what’s happening but the reasons I have for why these horrible events are happening are very different to yours. And I find it difficult to BELIEVE that you really care. You either contribute to the noise or you seek to lessen it. You seem to wallow in that noise because you haven’t a clue what’s going outside your belief bubble.

Ned: Listen wet-behind-the-ears where do you get off lecturing me with your psychobabble you fuckin’ pussy! I’ll tell you the reasons why we are diggin’ in the dirt! Seems like you need educating about the REAL facts, so yeah, hunker down and take notes. You seem to be ignorant a world that’s comin’ under fire from Islam and ter’rusts ripping apart our families and our nations! American is under attack and has been since 9/11. Can’t you see that? Jeeze, you guys in Europe don’t have the horse and cart no more, you got these quaint little villages with li;’ gardens and ya- ya red telephone boxes –

M.K. (Laughing) Er – I think you’re locked in 1950’s mirage there Ned –

Ned: – and you think because you have YOUR way of doin’ things that the terr’usts can’t find you. You think that if we all hold hands and pray for human fuckin’ rights that everything will be okay. Well, friend, it won’t be okay. There’s a World War going on right now and you have to choose which side you’re on: Christian or Muslim; Great Britain, and America or go and join Iran, Russia, China and all the others who hate us – hate us for —-

M.K. – for our freedoms perhaps?

Arthur: Oh Good grief…

Ned: Yeah, actually yeah…exactly. It’s not complicated – it’s a clear case of good vs evil buddy. Time to decide!

M.K. I’m still waiting for the facts Ned rather than a comic book narrative.

Ned: What are you stoopid? Can’t you see what’s in front of ya goddamn nose? Terrorism and Islam is killing your way of life and you’re doin’ NO-THING. NAH-THING.

M.K. Jesus. Firstly, you don’t have any idea what I’m doing in my life, so best not to make any more judgments on that score. Secondly, you —–

Ned: Did I get your knickers in a twist?

M.K. —- Secondly, you seem to be completely unaware that the war on terror and terrorism in general is an industry, a “strategy of tension” – it’s an old, old formula for controlling the mass mind alongside the use of pretexts tailored to geopolitical strategy —

Ned: PFAH…That’s just bull –

M.K. No, it’s not bullshit it’s the truth. Yeah I know, I know it’s a horrible thing to contemplate that the state kills off its populace whenever it wants, but it is a matter of historical record that factions pulling the strings of governments or the state routinely murder civilians —-

Ned: Oh, riiiiight….No historical record I’ve ever seen…

M.K.  —- routinely murder civilians for domestic and geopolitical objectives and it uses precisely the kind of emotional reactions that you are sharing here this evening to fuel its existence.

Ned: Ahhhh, I see where you’re comin’ from now…You’re one of these conspiracy theorists aren’t you? Oooookay, now I can see where YOUR beliefs lie…

M.K. They aren’t beliefs Ned.

Ned: You believe in conspiracy theories….so popular these days with spotty little nerds just out of college…

M.K. Conspiracy theories which, for the most part have now become fact. Operation Mocking Bird? MK-ULTRA? The Dreyfuss Affair? Operation Northwoods? CoIntelpro? All these were considered ridiculous fringe theories until they were proven to be conspiracy fact. The state is conspiratorial by nature Ned. Folks like you who filter your experiences through the Clint Eastwood lens of let’s beat-the shit-out-of-them-now-ask-questions-later STILL maintain the state is unimpeachable and somehow exists as a product of democracy rather a symptom of its exact opposite…

Ned: You don’t know shit buddy…(pointing finger)

M.K. And by the way, if it means you’re a nerd to want to get closer to the truth then I’ll embrace being a total nerd!

Ned: Just as well buddy! Hahahahahaha… Oh yeah ….

M.K. Here’s something for you to chew on: did you know the very term “conspiracy” was pushed and disseminated by the CIA in the late 60’s to undermine an increasing development in public awareness and investigation on “sensitive” matters to the State and military?

Ned: Another conspiracy theory from the nerd, how convenient! Did you just find that on some amateur blog?

M.K. No, this was confirmed by a Freedom of Information Request. You can see the declassified documents at George Washington University.

Ned: I don’t give a shit whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t alter the facts.

M.K. And what are these unassailable facts you keep droning on about? All I’ve heard is hot air. You have to actually connect the pieces here!

Ned: Don’t tell me what I have to do buddy…

M.K. Do you really think—–

Ned: … I don’t have to connect anything —-

M.K. —– that those in power go about their business wholly open about their dealings and wishing only that the public determine the longevity of their power? Honestly? The longer they get away with corruption and lies the bolder they become.

Ned: (Violently shifts in chair) Who is “they” exactly huh? Who are these shadowy people that are plotting against the American people huh? It’s always just “they” isn’t it?

M.K. That depends. You can talk about statesman, bankers, members of think-tanks, CEOs of certain large corporations, academics etc. But the persons who hold the real power brokers are seldom seen – they don’t court publicity for obvious reasons.

Ned: Whatever. I KNOW that in the Western world we operate under a general mandate of democracy and we elect our members of congress through democratic means. Yeah, yeah there are some bad apples and sometimes there are crooks… Maybe a lot of crooks, especially in our government, but you try living in Iran or North Korea or…Or Saudi Arabia – THEN you’ll see how your whining about conspiracies around every corner is like pissin’ in a pot.

M.K. That’s just degrees of the same sickness. There’s no point arguing that just because those countries have overtly oppressive regimes doesn’t mean we don’t recognise a “softer” version, a more covert version of the same oppression in countries setting themselves up as democratic when they are nothing of the kind. Funny that you mention Saudi Arabia since that’s one of America’s closest allies and about as barbaric as ISIS who incidentally, with Turkey’s help, it happens to be funding.

Ned: Oh of course, and America created ISIS to bomb itself back to the stone age right? Perfect sense!

M.K. Not the government Ned. Factions within and overseeing the machinery of politics. It is ordinary people and soldiers through wilful ignorance become their willing pawns in fighting for their resources and fear…fear Ned is the greatest lubricate for swaying public opinion.

Ned: U.S. soldiers are some of the finest on this earth so don’tcha dare say anything against those guys!

M.K. Maybe things are different to when you were in the Air force. But what I can say is there hasn’t been a war in the last fifty years, minimum – and most of those have been started by the U.S. invading a weaker country  – that had anything to do with humanitarian principles or a “greater good” and most especially the recent crimes of invasion such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia and Yemen.

Ned: We’re overthrowing corrupt regimes and providing aid! Yet, you want to turn it around and make it out that dictators and warlords are a good thing!

M.K. You honestly believe that’s what America was doing invading those countries? You really believe that resources such as oil and minerals and geopolitical leverage played no part?

Ned: The U.S. has to remain dominant in the world …if it doesn’t then it’s chaos.

M.K. Dominance at any cost? Who made America the world policeman? Based on its democratic record with over 2 million people incarcerated and police brutality off the scales?

Ned: If America – America is still the most democratic country on this planet. FACT.

M.K. Where on earth have you been living for the past forty years?? Police brutality, the evisceration of the bill of rights, the constitution, suspension of haebus corpus, CIA torture, Abu Gharaib, massive state surveillance, the NAA, the patriot act, the continuing habit of invading other countries precisely so that the war on terror can justify those taxes, justify the fear, justify the control and make lots of money for the bankers, weapons companies and corrupt governments all over your precious Western world.

Ned: YOU don’t live in the U.S! I know my country better than you and I think there’s a lot bullshit from conspiracy websites, leftist media and charismatic leaders who know nothing about morals and values which are country was founded on.

M.K. You live in a soft dictatorship Ned and you’re in complete denial…

Ned: I’m not denying anything buddy. America is still the greatest nation on earth and like any great nation it’s gonna have problems but it’s still leading the way, showing how democracy should work, can work and sometimes it has to get down and dirty…

M.K. So, you’re selective about what you choose to believe?

Ned: Huh? I – I – yeah, I guess, of course I’m selective. Whadya mean?

M.K. You trust the mainstream media like CNN, Fox News, CBS, because they fit your belief?

Ned: I make my own mind up about what’s happening…

M.K. Really? And when there are only five corporations who determine when, how and what kind of news reaches our T.V.s and all of whom are affiliated to particular political ideologies, are you sure your mind isn’t made up and you just look for confirmation that they happily feed you? Maybe you’re primed and ready to dish the dirt for THEM not for you…

Ned: I can turn that around to you and say exactly the same thing smart-ass!

M.K. Not really. Since I don’t set myself up as socialist, right-wing, libertarian or any other political ideology. I try to separate myself from bias and belief. All I want to find out is the the truth. I don’t have an axe to grind.

Ned:  Oh the purity! We have a bonifed truth-seeker in our midst. Pfffff! (Turns to his wife and laughs. His wife smiles thinly and turns back to her conversation with a lady on her left).

M.K. Since when did that become a dirty word?

Ned: When truth-seeking became anti-government and anti-values. It doesn’t mean finding the truth it means destroying our institutions.

M.K. And what if our institutions, as they are now, are the problem?

Ned: I’ll tell ya what the problem is: ISLAM and their ter’rusts infecting a once proud nation.

M.K. Every time we get closer to the truth of the situation you jump back to evil Islam. That’s where you draw the line between your belief and the facts – you don’t want to know that the issues may be far more complex than that, and you don’t want to even contemplate that the U.S. government might not be the rosy apple you think it is.

Ned: I’ll tell you what I know buddy: I KNOW that the U.S. government is down a dark hole ’cause  it has that asshole Obama as President who only knows how to read an auto cue and probably isn’t even a legal president! But lemmie say this: I’d lay down my life for him! Sure, I would if you wanna compare the U.S. government with Islam and ter’rusts.

M.K. Well, at least we have the same distaste for Obama but probably for different reasons…But what if the terrorists were just pawns in a Grand Game? What if they were not aware that they were being maneuvered as if on a chess board? Did you know that it’s standard to create or inflame terrorist groupings in question so that they act as hammer to whatever nail you want to position. You then hammer as many nails as you can into the country in question which has all those resources you what to get your hands on —-

Ned: Ha-ha, back to conspiracy woo-woo again…

M.K. —- which fractures the country or balkanizes it…leading to civil war and general mayhem. Then you install your CIA backed dictator of choice which governs the country for you enabling corporations to ransack the country while you go have another staging post for the Empire and further leverage in the Middle East or Africa.

Ned: It’s called maintaining U.S. interests and making sure communist and terrorist cancer doesn’t multiply.

M.K. Very convenient reasons to do whatever you want wherever you want under the pretext of preventing terror. Which is why the Muhajadeen were funded and supported by the Reagan Administration back in the 1980’s and which led to the eventual withdrawal and break up of the Soviet Union. But then they’d created a monster called Al-Qaeda…and Osama bin Laden who happened to be a CIA asset left over from his Afghanistan days of Freedom fighting…

Ned: It wasn’t like that…

M.K. And we now have the same exact pattern occurring with ISIS since the U.S. NATO had to fight alongside Al-Qaeda to get what they want, they had to create, fund and train a new mercenary terrorist group who would be paid handsomely for their trouble – and the more villainous and terrible they were the more fear and geopolitical leverage they would have. This is psychopathic statecraft 101. You’re just refusing to see it.

Ned: Or this is just your conspiracy wet-dream?

M.K. Oh get your head out of your arse Ned and wake up! Heard of Machiavelli’s The Prince? What about The Art of War by Sun Tzu? All, this was known and applied centuries ago. What about Propaganda by Edward Bernays? These guys in power have read all this stuff and follow it, literally by the book and rely on your cluelessness to continue.

Ned: You wanna just escape reality by dressing it all up in your James Bond bullshit. And I’m not saying espionage doesn’t exist – it does. But U.S. and British intelligence are good people doing a real tough job in combating Jihadists.

M.K. Riiiight…So, USA equals pretty flowers and puppy dogs on the right side of God while everyone else is instantly evil for the very reason they don’t subscribe to American exceptionalism?

Ned: American democracy IS the leading light unless you’re a marxist or anarchist or like chopping off people’s heads?

M.K. Like the Royal House of Saud which Obama recently bowed to and continues to support?

Ned: That’s strategic. They have strategic interests. Why burn your bridges?

M.K. That’s where the problem is Ned. You assume that government and their agencies are unassailable bastions of goodness without any possibility that they can be compromised. You’re still living in this idealised, Gary Cooper idea of politics and the military which hasn’t been true for decades – if ever.

Ned:  I know more about reality that you ever will BOY!

M.K. Er…I’m 46 years old Ned….

Ned: The U.S. Air Force and military AND their agencies do great work. Yeah, there are bad apples, but they’re not ALL bad. They are decent people. In all my years in business and the military I never saw anyone in the higher ups doing anything conspiratorial or underhand. You wanna live in a state of paranoia go right ahead!

M.K. Sure, there are decent people but they are under the umbrella of compartmentalisation. The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. The higher-ups often know what’s going on but they value their careers and their status. It’s got so rotten now that folks don’t know what to do about it, because when it gets that rotten the scum naturally rises to the surface pushing out the decent folks.

Ned: (Shaking his head) So, this is the latest from conspiracy central?

M.K.  This isn’t a conspiracy – this is basic statecraft 101 and it’s built into the system. You say that you never saw anyone do anything underhand…Does that mean it didn’t happen? Sorry to say Ned but the Universe doesn’t revolve around your subjective orbit…


Tim (Aside) Can’t argue with that can you?

M.K. Didn’t Donald Rumsfeld say something similar? There are known knowns and unknowns knowns…?

Ned: You LISTEN! People do bad things, of course they do! But the kind of conspiracy you’re talking about makes no rational sense at all. Why the hell would the U.S. kill its own people? Why in God’s name would it plot and conceal things from the public and military personnel when we all know who the enemy is? We ALL know it! It’s hippy dippy bullshit left over from the 1960s is what it is.

M.K. Of course it makes no rational sense! But you’re not dealing with people who are rational. They camouflage a lack of rationale and conscience with masks of sanity and democracy. Are you absolutely sure you know who the enemy is?

Ned: Don’t patronise me Styllinski. It’s Islam and any domestic agitator and extremist who just wants to see governments fall because they like chaos – that’s the problem we have.

M.K. It is a problem, sure. But who is pulling the strings of Islamism and who is ensuring that there is this ridiculous “Clash of Civilisations” meme? You need to really look at the PROVEN history of state-sponsored acts of terror. Jeeze you’re a military man, do you really think that those in power who order their soldiers to act for them and do all their dirty work…to DIE for them, to DIE for nothing but their greed – do you think they are doing it for the milk of human kindness? To protect the Homeland?

Ned: The majority YES I fuckin’ do! I do.

M.K. Have you even contemplated the possibility that these brave serviceman and intelligence agents are simply being used? What if the love of their country and their various hatred of “the other” is fuelling the ability of a minority in positions of power to do what they do? What if you are actually enabling them through your refusal to SEE?

Ned: Where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence? In your mind Styllinski!

M.K. No! It’s as plain as day and easily verifiable. And these are the building blocks upon which conspiracies are erected even though they are more complex and difficult to prove.

Ned: They’re difficult to prove because they’re usually just propaganda.

M.K. If you’re a man of history then go back and retrace your steps and discover a whole dimension of history which has been conveniently left out of our academic courses and current media outlets. Why? Because a certain mindset that favours a particular STORY – His -STORY – has been allowed to compromise almost every facet of Western societies.

Ned: (Yawns loudly) I don’t buy it. Our culture seems have done pretty well before Islam and blacks descended on our nation. Besides, there are hundreds of terrorist plots which have been foiled!

M.K. Oh and who told you that? The FBI and their media? If we have a terror industry then the technique of entrapment is essential to that end. Find some wannabe jihadists who are disaffected with American society, turn them into agents to find mentally ill, highly suggestible young men, mess with their minds and give them some weapons, whip them up into an emotional frenzy of hatred and righteousness and Hey Presto! You have your terror plot foiled and you have your fear and chaos.

Ned: BULLSHIT! There are plenty of real-life Islamic terror plots without any of the tactics you think go on by our intel groups! It’s Bullshit, I don’t believe it.

M.K. And your prefer to believe in the sanctity of an American Republic – the REPUBLIC – that doesn’t actually exist. Entrapment techniques used to be very rare but now they are standard. Abuse of power is absolutely endemic, you just don’t hear about it on the news because their editorial remit and corporate sponsors would never allow it. You’re being sold a lie Ned.

Ned: Oh, fuck you. If we didn’t have the state and the law then chaos would rule and a vacuum would welcome every kind of radicalised freak from Syria to Bali. You think it’s bad now, it would much MUCH worse if the State was dismantled in favour of your anarchist and jihadist friends you love so much!

M.K. I’m not in favour of dismantling the State I’m in favour of ignoring it and putting our energies into alternatives.

Ned: Counter-culture reasoning eh? And look where it got them?

M.K. That wasn’t a genuine alternative. And if it was, it was co-opted pretty early on.

Ned: CHAOS Styllinski that’s what you want and I want nothing to do with it —

M.K.  You think that maintaining the status quo that his is balance but it’s actually inviting more chaos through perpetual war. I want to find the road that leads us away from Chaos. Fermenting chaos as a political tool has always been what the state is about! It was born out of violence and fear; it’s a means to control for God’s sake! It runs on cycles of peace and war. And people inevitably begin to see past the camouflage whether that is economic disparity or a false history. Now we live in an age of information and people are starting to wake up just as they did in the 1960s. This time we have the internet and it’s not so easy to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Ned: No one needs to pull anything over anyone’s eyes you just gotta look outside and see what’s happening outside your own front door!

M.K. Isn’t it possible that with State-induced formula for managed chaos you can enact, initiate and introduce all kinds of laws and regulations that otherwise would have been unthinkable in peace time? And peace-time isn’t very lucrative for the state.

Ned: Ahhh, you love this conspiracy shit don’t you?

M.K. It’s HISTORY Ned, HISTORY and the true reason for the National Security State. You seem desperately attached to that “conspiracy” word, like it’s some kind of life-jacket to keep your own beliefs afloat. It’s like you need that counter-point for validation! Politics and statecraft is by definition conspiratorial. THAT’S WHAT THEY DO: conspire to obtain their ideals without the knowledge of the public. And even better, to create ideologies which contain paramoralistic and paralogical discourse which gives the illusion of democracy – just enough to keep people occupied.

Ned: Para what? Paranoia is all I can see. Look Styllinski, if you can’t understand that the enemy is Islam then I wouldn’t recommend visiting the USA anytime soon. This IS about a clash of cultures and some very tough decisions are going to have to be made in the near future whether you like that or not. Islam is a cancer that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth! Suck it up buddy!

M.K. And what about Islam? There’s nothing wrong with the original principles of Islam in the same way there is nothing wrong with old Christianity. They have both been corrupted into monstrous cults. Islamism is not the same as moderate Islam. Fundamentalist Christianity is not the same as moderate Christian thinking, yet you make no distinction!

Ned: Because I don’t remember any terrorist act being carried out against America as white or Christian!

M.K. Actually, according to the FBI’s own statistics in the last 30 + years there have been more terrorist attacks carried out on U.S. soil by Jewish extremists than Muslims. The Muslim terrorist has been massively hyped because it’s expedient to do so – it fits geopolitical designs. You need a bogeyman to promote nationalism and fear and the idea that the government is acting in your best interests instead of lying through its teeth.

Ned: You make all kinds of shit up to suit YOUR beliefs too.. We need the State or everything falls into anarchy. That’s it.

M.K. Who says? When did you last experience what the world would look like without centralised government which means: weapons, human trafficking, drugs and the flow of money into a  very small minority while 99.9% of the population has to get used to poverty and / or austerity – a euphemism for propping up the banking system when it begins to crash. Your attempts to put it all down to Russia and evil Muslims is pathetically simplistic.

Ned: And you are full of shit because anyone with any ounce of intellect knows that without the State machinery and its armies no nation would survive. Objective my ass!

M.K. Who told you that?

Ned: LIFE!

Tim: (Aside) But not as we know it Jim…

(Everybody ready for dessert?)

(Desserts are delivered. Relative silence and light banter for a while)

Ned: You see, I can read you like a book Styllinski (Waves spoon in my direction dropping ice-cream on the table) I know that people like you…Anarchists and terrorist sympathisers …You follow a train of thought…Like…Like… Putin is really a good guy, Islamists all had poor childhoods and just needed love; the U.S. is no longer a democratic nation; our intelligence agencies are secret commies;  morals are relative;  blacks are saints, feminists are righteous….and on and on until nobody knows where they are anymore. Well, I KNOW where I am and I see Muslims as a threat. I see Putin as a threat and I see terrorists as a threat because I’ve SEEN the results over decades and its those results I joined up to prevent buddy. But here we are. And if God means anything it means we stand up and be counted and to voice REAL TRUTH when you see it, not your pseudo truth and conspiracy bullshit you try and sell to bored housewives in need of a thrill. You don’t know shit Styllinski. The USA is still a force for good in the world and whether you or any other liberal pussy thinks the opposite makes no difference in the real world.

(picks up butter knife and holds it very tightly, thrusting the tip in my direction)

You know that these Jihadi Joe types would cut your head off like it was nothing more than a rooster. It’s nothin’ to them. It’s Islam that created these people. And now you’re defending them.

M.K. Perhaps you’d like to plunge that knife into my throat? Maybe you have more in common with them than I thought Ned. After all, I’m disagreeing with you aren’t I? And you can’t stand that can you?

Ned: Don’t put ideas in my head.

M.K. I guess it’s that easy isn’t it? Put ideas in your head and off you go like a wind up toy… You just proved my whole point.

(Suddenly thrusts the knife toward me getting up from his seat, his chair falling to the floor behind him).

Ned: Hahahahahahahah…Hooo boy you nearly shat in your pants….Hahahahahahahaha. Sometimes TOYS can be unpredictable Styllinski especially when they’ve been taught hand to hand combat. Maybe you should remember that when you go to bed at night?

(I am still standing as is Tim and Arthur the gentleman next to me. The table is silent)

Ned: Oh, come on guys si’ down. Can’t you take a joke?

M.K. I didn’t have you down as a practical joker. Hilarious.

Ned: (scrapes the remains of his ice-cream loudly) Yeah, well, you don’t know me do you? You don’t know me at all.


It continued in this vain for a while. As described in the previous post, Ned hit his head on the lamp as he lunged forward again a few minutes later and not long after that he took his leave. We talked about Vladimir Putin. I tried to point out that a new cold war was being formulated by U.S-NATO cabal and the massive propaganda campaign levelled against Russia was to create a sufficient momentum to that end. I explained that Russia had bent over backwards to initiate peace plans whilst defending against the psychopaths presently dominating the West.

In a sense, this was very much an example of how difficult it will be to convince social dominators and authoritarian personalities that they are not even coming close to seeing reality objectively because they have no interest in doing so. These are the true authoritarian followers which enable our psychopathic institutions to flourish.

After such conversations, one can only defend and highlight the truth as you and so many others see it without getting caught up with the idea that you can change anyone’s point of view. It’s often pointless to try. In this case, it was very probably self-indulgence on my part. In the end I suppose, I was tackling Ned in order to show to others – despite their lack of contributions – that sometimes you have to speak up and say NO. I will not submit to this. Not this time.

























  1. This was beautiful! I don’t think I could have kept my composure dealing with this asshole. As you said, you can’t get through to people like that because they have no interest in truth, only in pumping up their fragile egos. (He seems to have a lot in common with the “snowflakes” he professes to despise. But you set a good example for the others and hopwfully got them to think…..

    Liked by 1 person

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