Smoke and the Moon


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“The Truth, when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

 Some recent news articles and reports which were gathered at random:

The secret epidemic of Police domestic violence: Cops up to 15x more likely than general public to be domestic abusers

Japan: Fingerprints to Be Tested as ‘currency’

Federal Business Opportunities: 994 Tons of Weapons Shipped to al-Qaeda in Syria

4-Year-Old Alameda County Boy On Terrorist Watchlist

Drone kill list: UK Parliament deceived on ‘medieval assassination’ program

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street

Mind Control Microscope Changes Behavior of Mice: Scientists Say They Will Soon “treat the brain as the keyboard of a piano”

US-NATO Plans for a New War in Libya

Wi-Fi exposure is more dangerous to kids than previously thought

Greenpeace Helps Corporations Destroy the Planet


The Apex

The above articles offer a glimpse into a rising tide of pathology scorching the global consciousness. There is a veritable storm of complex forces presently battling, appeasing, joining, consuming, subsuming or resisting.  The friction is electric out there. No doubt you feel it impinging on awareness in a variety ways.  It feels like an apex of change is in sight.

We have US police brutality and abuse which almost defies description, symptomatic of a nation engineered for decline; various countries (in this case, Japan) pushing state surveillance and SMART society programming;  clear evidence of US-NATO, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia working on behalf of their Western masters to supply weapon shipments to Daesh / ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliated mercenary  groups – all handsomely paid for their trouble; more evidence of the United States extrajudicial assassination program mirrored in the UK assisted by the growing obsession with drone technology; yet another ridiculous case of a “terrorist” appears on the ever-burgeoning Terror Watch List, this time in the guise of a 4-year old; US-NATO Establishment cartels busy expanding their wars for corporate profits and psychopathic ideology of total control, while the health effects of Wi-Fi continue to raise alarm bells just as they did with mobile phone use and a growing realisation that genuine environmental activism is being ponerised toward corporate interests and the Establishment agenda of UN Agenda 21 and their “one world” SMART society.

These reports are a window into some of the current trends of our world, all of which are interrelated through a common theme: the psycho-social infection of the psychopath who is presently taking every domain of our global societies to the edge of chaos. Each represents a tributary into a raging River of Change which cannot possibly end in anything other than dissolution and destruction.

I don’t know about you but it dawned on me earlier this week in a rather visceral fashion that we have passed the point of no return. At about 3.00am in the morning – the veritable witching hour where the demons stir and emotions and memories of what the world could be rise up and meet the moon – I felt the most enormous anxiety and dread which quickly dissipated to leave only intense sadness. I slipped out of bed, rolled a cigarette and stepped outside.  This anxiety then transformed to a slice of moon-lit “excitement” (lunacy?) as if various opposites were wielding their swords within me.  It’s difficult to describe other than the unnerving realisation that I’d almost become a receiver picking up a multitude of dissonant signals from God knows where…One rock song on the radio from earlier in the day kept flashing through my mind which seemed particularly apt. A portion of the lyrics kept replaying over and over and layered with the hint of a cruel grin:

It’s with me still,
I need a pill,
It’s taking me over,
My brain is fried,
It’s suicide,
Crazy time …

I’m losing touch,
Can’t lose too much,
It’s taking me over …”

Regardless of your musical predilections, you might pick up on the melancholic tension and feverish anticipation in the song and how it seemed to fit my mood. (Increase the volume to maximum and you’ll be in the ball-park for this metaphor…)


So, what was “with me still”?

Far from being a need to escape into subjective reality via a drug induced stupor, perhaps it was the result of coming nose to nose with the world’s objective reality;  an almost gothic sense of despair wrapped around an intense electrical excitement running in a loop, over and over, as if something was trying to break free external to my own psyche; something which was imminent.

“It’s taking me over…”

And these moments occasionally bring us back to the red pill /blue pill scenario and the reaction of which can lead to: …I’ll have a steak please…and keep that wine coming…Nothing to see here…And nothing to remember.

But once you see this world as it is, you can’t forget it. Not if you wish to extract yourself from it’s lies and deceit.

My cigarette smoke drifted across the clear sky and stars. It seemed both beautiful and oppressive. What was this desolation rising up inside?  The loss of conscience in the world at large?  Or my own snail’s pace “progress” toward any kind of authenticity? Or perhaps it was all an excuse to be self-indulgent…?

It’s always the same: so many lies deeply rooted in ourselves, so much weakness and apathy, resistance to beauty, love and objective truth clouded by centuries of rapacious violence to the soul. And even now, we still persistently claim the opposite, that we have somehow purged ourselves of all our shadows and denials and taken the higher ground in the domains of activism and “seeking truth.”

I’m not so sure.

Not to say there aren’t some great trail-blazers out there amid this global information explosion … Yet, when I take a long, hard look at the intense activity of the internet and the alternative media I still see more egos, axe-grinding, grandstanding and general narcissistic behaviour than ever before. (And this is before any of the monopolising tactics and corporate controls). These are the natural effects of living under a variety of psychological deviants who have made it their pastime to funnel normal people into their perception of reality.

What is so tragic is that so many of us don’t see that we are dancing to their tune in the ways we react to this pathology. And popular reaction is the bread and butter of the state and their agencies.


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An example would be those who produce their radio shows, podcasts and write their blogs; disseminate information about resisting evil and even travel the country giving lectures – in some cases for free. Then some of these “teachers” advocate gun rights and the defence of their property by any means necessary. (Cue photo of orator with a semi-automatic looking suitably angry – “I mean business dude.”)

Okay, you have many modern day counter-culture, anti-establishment and ‘spiritual’ leaders who encourage you to arm yourself against the State and also urge a crowd-base call for mass revolution. In reality, this conduct has the Establishment salivating with anticipation since it is precisely the reaction they seek to encourage. This is the hook by which radio talk show host Alex Jones and others inspire resistance in the minds of young activists and alternative media journalists, through an undercurrent of guns, ammo and revolution in the tradition of 1776. We play right into their hands by responding in this way. If we look at the history of revolutions rarely are they connected to true emancipation, rather it is the occult Establishment’s way of tapping into genuine social unrest to achieve their own ends. It’s the same old Hegelian dialectic writ large.

Break it, to re-make it

Nothing much has changed.

Sure, one has the right to own guns and to defend that right. And of course, gun control is a red herring designed to de-fang the populace and ramp up the fear factor via mass shootings. But encouraging resistance head on is misguided. How do you think that’s going to end under this pathocracy? Look at what police raids are doing right now in downtown Amerika. Look at the level of brutality and death perpetrated by law enforcement. What do you think is going to happen when American Patriots and gun-toting alternative media hosts join together because they have “truth on their side”?


Perhaps even civil war, precisely the kind of fragmentation and social chaos needed to “remake” America in line with World State aspirations.

This is World Order strategy based on very ancient beliefs in feudalism for the masses so that the mass mind remains in the strait-jacket to which it has become accustomed. It moves with the times by employing conscious and unconscious “change agents” in each societal domain. It is the drug of adrenaline and dopamine flowing from emotional reactions of our “teachers” and activists’ inflated egos which feeds into the Three Establishment Model and their continuing plans for a targeted and controlled demolition of society. The inducement of emotional reaction and active, “righteous” aggression is essential to that end.

The more anger and fear you can create the better. That’s the whole point. It’s a balancing act for sure, but they usually get what they want as history attests.  Society begins to gets a sniff of what’s going on and wars are introduced. The latest economic free-for-all has run the deregulated coffers dry and more centralisation is needed, time to create asymmetric war and coloured revolutions tweaking latent tribal divisions, torrential propaganda and synthetic distractions from technology. They need your emotional capital to fuel their agenda: break the spirit, build anew, In THEIR image; total war through psychological terror from overseas and most importantly from domestic “threats” from within. This is why reactionary personas with their often messianic missions and the idea that they have “DUH TROOF” is so dangerous to ordinary folks but very useful to the authorities.


It isn’t the fact that the information is wrong (although it often is, by design or by beliefs) the problem lies in the fact that it is they who become liable since they are so identified with their role and thus wide open to manipulation from their enemy. This is HUBRIS, the definition of which is  “excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.” In the tradition of Greek tragedy, they fail to see how easily they can be slaves to their emotions, getting high on the passion of leadership and thus incurring the wrath of our self-elected “Gods.”

This hubris doesn’t defend or reduce the power of such a nemesis but actually inflates it through the inability to see their own self-importance. They fail to perceive that the confrontation they seek will only produce more chaos and a reaction from authorities who positively seek any excuse to go to the next phase of totalitarian oppression. They hugely underestimate the extent to which these psychopaths will go to achieve their ends.

You see, we are not dealing with what we have come to understand as human beings, rather the image of a human being mimicking the normalcy of the human condition or those with the potential for exercising conscience. We have what amounts to humanoids holding most positions of power in our world and which has now chronically infected government agencies and our social systems.

CoIntelpro for Everyone

Accordingly, departments within agencies of western intelligence – responding to trickle down orders from a relatively small coterie of deluded and deranged – have been steadily developing new and ingenious ways of corralling the global population. In terms of “information dominance” they knew precisely the way this brand of internet-based activism would unfold since they had for many decades been testing their methodologies of mind control and psychological coercion techniques upon the civil rights, nuclear disarmament, animal rights, peace and psychedelia movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet, in truth, this was merely a modern day outgrowth of the latent seeds of authoritarianism waiting for the Hysteroidal Cycle to come around once again, where a nations population would be suitably tenderised and dumbed down so that a full blown pathocracy could emerge,  the signs of which we can see only too clearly in the United States.

They knew how to disarm awareness first and channel it into often subtle by-ways second via think tanks, NGOs, and their countless memes of change seeded on the internet. From the standpoint of corporatism’s advertising and marketing, the web is a battleground for the real estate of your neuroplastic mind. This applies equally to the search for truth which encompasses subjects such as the 9/11 truth movement, geopolitical commentary, human rights and most certainly the hot potato of Israel and their destruction of the Palestinian people to name just a few. You can tell exactly who is an agent of obfuscation and disinformation by seeing what these people will allow and what they will not allow in their forums and on their blogs; whether their beliefs are conducive to truth seeking or actually serve as an impediment, thus useful for those who have a far greater perspective on humanity’s trajectory.

How to Spot CoIntelpro Agents   |  25 Rules of Disinformation

This is largely the case with Alex Jones who falls into the category of a paid shill or conscious agent. David Icke is another who may have started off with genuine intent but was so full of his own importance that he couldn’t see that he was setting himself up for major co-option. Mix in a blood-drinking and baby-sacrificing British royal family and reptilian shape-shifters with the more sober subjects of economic and conspiratorial control, topped off with “all you need is love” idea of consciousness, it becomes a heady brew designed to distract and oppose the very things Icke believes he is encouraging: freedom of the mind. In both cases however, the net result is to vector objective awareness of what is really going on in the world into a variety of sensationalist dead-ends with just enough truth to keep the often younger minds locked in.

In Jone’s case for instance, he rarely mentions anything related to Zionism and Israel who remain at the forefront of global deception and false flag terror. His belligerent and bellicose style is so patently over-the-top that he can rarely be taken seriously by anyone – which is the general idea. His support for violent revolution along with a heavy commercial angle to his burgeoning media Empire vacuums up all and everything conspiracy-related therefore managing, by association, to tarnish more reputable outlets who are actually interested in the truth. Far from assisting people to understand the true nature of world events he relies on hyperbole, rumour and sensationalism mixed in with enough “inside intel” to keep younger members coming back for more. Jones is the primary pied piper for conspiracy consumerism. He is not interested in educating his audience but transposing his agenda onto those seeking genuine awareness.

Where some alternative news websites encounter censorship at the hands of Google, it seems Alex Jones always manages to remain at the top, ready to peddle his aggressive, emotionally-driven fundamentalism. It is a clever ruse of tabloid information masquerading as truth-seeking. If you ever had to look for a “limited hangout” operation within alternative news and conspiracy websites – Alex Jones fits the bill to a T.

After all, it was Jones (so he likes to say) that predicted the 9/11 attacks before anyone else. One has to ask if that was so, who gave him this piece of information so that he could ride the wave of conspiracy fervour right into the waiting spotlight? His handlers perhaps?

Indeed, a coterie of paid and unpaid shills are rounded up for this very purpose way in advance of public awareness. Learning to see who is and who isn’t the real deal requires hard work, a honed bullshit-o-meter and access to a genuine network, the likes of which are not thick on the ground. (In fact, I only know one that is worth it’s weight in gold). So, anyone that you see pushing American Patriot fundamentalism and urging pro-active reaction against the government is either deluded, a bit dense or is paid by the government to do so. (Or all three). That is not to say that any activism is wrong. Not at all. But civil disobedience has to be carefully targeted so that maximum awareness of key principles is achieved. You cannot change the State and its minions but you can open the eyes of those seeking alternatives to grow outside of Official Culture. (More on this in a future post).


Alex Jones disinformation shill co-opting truth seekers.

The Establishment are licking their lips at the thought of overtly and explicitly rounding up dissidents and subversives and actively preparing for such a scenario after the coming economic meltdown which is coming, of that you can be sure. If you are grandstanding and encouraging such “revolution” it will get you killed and martyred for the cause. Except you won’t be a martyr – you’ll be someone who is just another useful idiot who thought he could beat the state head on. You merely hastened your role as domestic cannon fodder.

Dissident violence meeting State violence doesn’t work. It never has. Yet, there has been an endless procession of trail-blazers and “truthers” under the delusion that they can change society and change the world according to their individual ideas as to how it should work, and whilst remaining inside the belly of the beast. They also make the mistake in thinking that they are invincible thereby showing that they have not reached a state of humility regarding the material forces on this earth and beyond. They make the mistake that because they have gone through the fires of hell to get where they have, they subconsciously imagine: “…this is where I’m at and there is nothing more I need to learn.” Actually, this is just the beginning. If you take on the responsibility to inform others about the nature of this reality and you reach a significant threshold of success and popularity, you better be damn sure you have a network of genuine support in place.

And most importantly, if you are ALLOWED to do what you do, ask yourself why? Is it because you have the whole banana? Doubtful. And in fact maybe it is a case of being so far from the truth that you become useful to the State in sowing confusion and misinformation?

As you begin to make progress and feel like you’ve been given the keys to unlock truths for others, you might reach the stage where you accrue all kinds of “helpful” individuals who provide you with enlightening information and “big secrets” about the way the world works at the highest levels of skulduggery. You may even believe you really can change the external world (rather than your perception of it) and are convinced that you have a handle on the scope and requirements for the mission. Moreover, if you are supported in your endeavour and have relatively little interference then you can be reasonably sure that you have gargantuan gaps in your awareness and are actually assisting the Establishment and their endgame. This is how CoIntelpro works and most assuredly within the realm of high strangeness beyond the five senses.

Aside from conscious agents the more you consider that you have the low-down on how things work here on this right royally screwed planet of ours, the more one permits exclusive belief to dominate it increases the likelihood that you are actually being groomed as a pawn, patsy and useful idiot without one iota of awareness. This assistance only requires the belief that we must struggle against these forces and play them at their own game, rather than struggling against our frailties within, which produced these vulnerabilities in the first place.

I suggest that it is this latter struggle that potentially places us in a better position to discern and discriminate the various degrees of bullshit in the external world not whether we have a tattoo on our shoulder, sing the national anthem, stick to veganism or subscribe to Alex Jone’s media channel.

“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world … as it is in being to remake ourselves.”  – Mahatma Ghandi

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Ignoring the Psychopaths’ World

You ever feel like that hamster in the above wheel? An activist, scholar, occultist or journalist getting high on the cause and feeling like you’re making a difference until the spin throws you half way across the cage?

And yet, we seem to just get up and do it all over again, usually because we cannot face the awful truth that what we do makes no difference at all. It’s not that funny really. Though no doubt the cosmic trickster is doubling up with hilarity. This is however the truth. This is the story of humanity for the last two thousands years. Around and around in a loop where soul and spirit are still caught between materialism and religious extremism; where awakening minds are caught between CoIntelpro and more sophisticated paranormal forces of control which as yet, won’t fit inside the collective mind.

I know what you’re thinking. This is wrong. It’s not that bleak. I’m being a major party pooper and unjustly raining on your unique parade.

i.e. Fuck you dude. We CAN change the world.

Perhaps.  But maybe not quite in the way that Alex Jones would have you believe. 

I actually quite like Nafeez Ahmeds’ contribution to the subject of “changing the world” which is simple and concise: One — Start with you  Two — Continue with those around you and Three — Create something new.  Seeing the world in all its negative and positive glory doesn’t mean sitting on your arse and navel-gazing about how wonderful / horrific it all is. But the key thing to remember is to educate ourselves regarding how DEEP the darkness truly is and how clever it’s machinations. Without this comprehension we cannot fully realise the light potential within and ignite it in others. It’s like we have too many shutters and buffers to truth. It’s only a logical differential after all.

That said, the object of this article is not to send you into a tailspin of interminable depression. It’s always paradoxical. When you comprehend just how far down in the collective poop we are, this realisation offers an instant candle to light your way out of that stinky gloom. And one way is to observe our emotional reactions in relation to psychopathy and its related pathology that presses in on our minds. By choosing not to engage and by learning the ways of the psychopaths and authoritarian followers within our institutions and how we have allowed them to distort our vision of the world, we gain the ability to divert much needed inner energy so that we may cope with reality – as it is. This economy of energy is akin to a akido maneuver which allows us to dip under the radar of “The Matrix”. This is the first step to true independence.

If we choose to react to the psychopath’s world using their methods we are already locked into their game-plan, and once inside, we are effectively an extension of their designs, thinking that we are fighting the good fight in equal opposition to evil. This is very much part of the hypnotism of a further cave – inside Plato’s cave. It is a self-replicating illusion that we are in control. Once you see the Magician behind the curtain, the mistake is to believe that we must fight it head on and indeed, that this magician wasn’t one of many, the deeper you dig.

The only way we can defend against the psychopathic incursions into our lives and the havoc they wreak against the world at large is not to participate in any of their lies and distortions; to ignore their authority (not excluding by peaceful, civil disobedience where necessary) and refusing to react to their provocation. Most importantly, to defend our soul by purifying the source within. And that means healing our emotions and learning to recognise and respect what IS; refusing to pander to willful blindness and personal beliefs. Building a new world must take place in ourselves parallel to creating the foundation of new communities outside the psychopathic paradigm in which we live.

But whatever you do don’t try and change others before you have attended to the basic evil that DOES lie in your own heart.

Changing ourselves is an ongoing, ambitious process which doesn’t stop just because we have gone through an occult school and think we know their nefarious plans, or that we have progressed through the ranks of journalistic integrity and feel ourselves immune to the propaganda and pay-cheques that come our way. Or maybe we thought we had achieved a strategic enclosure of tried and tested strength and along came spiritual partners and activists who gave us the last pieces of the puzzle in such synchronous ways that it had to be true! Destiny and protection was at work!  In fact, with notoriety and exposure comes an immediate tracking and targeting in innumerable ways to render people useless. And this happens primarily through insufficient awareness of our weaknesses. Pumped egos and wishful thinking is a great opportunity to have our butts kicked in a host of colourful ways. (I should know).

You see, it’s easy to preach to the choir as I and many others have done on various other blogs, websites and social media. The internet is an incredible tool. It is a global brain seeking to connect; a technological zeitgeist of unparalleled potential. There is no question that many minds are waking up to the nature of the State and the endemic lies and mediocrity that it must produce in order to exist. Nevertheless, it could be said we are all here at this level of existence precisely because we “fit.” We are all here because we have been given the chance to “see the light” in ourselves and then choose how we may manifest that process of becoming in the material world, to gain the slightest chance to move into a more authentic reality. (This may be more literal than we think)


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What is it that we must accomplish over and above resisting government mendacity?

To confront ourselves in our quest to root out lies and to join together with others who are actively attempting the same – whether through art, journalism, communitarianism or environmental activism or a natural synthesis of all four. A spiritual process of shedding illusions and beliefs, healing our emotions and learning to achieve a measure of wholeness in our lives must kick start this process instead of Official Culture’s requisite fragmentation and narcissism to which we have all been inculcated. Accomplishment and activism take on a different trajectory where we IGNORE state controls and bypass their inducements to react against their inhumanity. It requires a long-term approach and a strong measure of self-control in the face of easy temptation to engage. Not so much Rage against the Machine as to re-direct it, so that this power goes where it is needed in order to affect change with the minimum of interference. 

Once again, to be truly effective there must be an awareness of psychopathy and the nature of its psycho-spiritual infection within every social domain and discipline. If not, the new, shared creativity is wide open to subversion. Inspiration and good intentions are nothing without real-world knowledge of psychopathy which exists among us and from which we have all suffered in some form or another. If we do not address this crucial aspect of evil, we will accomplish nothing more than the repetition of yet another cycle of involution and dissipation, where souls wink out as if they had never been there at all. And so it begins all over again…

Yet, countless stars send out the ancient light of their existence as if to warn us that what humanity is facing now has probably been faced countless times before; that these sparks of conscience are routinely extinguished as a natural equation. The harvest of those who followed their essence begins while those who acquiesced to evil took another ride on that interminable merry-go-round we call earthly life. Regardless, the Universe is going its own way as it always will and it is offering us the chance to choose creativity or entropy. This choice between two poles – ascent or descent, the choice to SEE – is becoming urgent.

The point of no return occurred through the slow engineering of psychopathic belief which gave birth to the State and humanity’s subsequent mind-numbing adherence to a morally bankrupt authority. We allowed the Western mainstream media to sell 9/11 as an attack by Muslim extremists;  we permitted a cabal of psychopaths to gradually infect our social systems to the point that there could be no other outcome. Whatever the mix of complex causes, the reality in which we find ourselves is now so dire, so utterly bereft of collective conscience that we are now moving toward the inevitable denouement where the Earth will stretch a little, work up a fever and slough off the psycho-spiritual virus of evil that is manifesting through the apathy, greed, and callous indifference of the psychopaths and narcissists of our troubled world. That means there is an opportunity for all of us to grow in ways unimagined. Unfortunately, since there are still not enough of us seeing reality as it is – warts and all – this confrontation with truth will be harsh and unforgiving.


It seems the Universe and cosmic processes do not give personal attention until you are moving toward a singular type of resonance which is a consciously directed choice to seek a creativity that purifies, heals and receives; an internal revolution that is alchemical at its inception, the results of which must act as a catalyst of change in others. It only becomes personal when we elect to work toward this creative stream rather than lying in the glamorous mud of its entropic down-flow.

The world is presently basking in the negative juices made up of our denials, with the consciousness of billions about to become the main course to those denizens of a dimension so beyond the conceptions of most that it would be pointless to even try to point it out. They have done so well in corralling humanity for thousands of years it is hardly likely that in a critical mass of earnest seekers of truth – most of whom are following a legion of CoIntelpro pied-pipers – could suddenly perform a quantum feat of magic and permit such unpalatable realities to fit inside the heads of many.

It’s a fait accompli.

It won’t work.

If so many still crave authority and actively and wantonly pretend that subjective reality is what counts; are willing to burn the very seeds of their souls to believe it, then there is always the possibility that they’ll take us down the cosmic plug-hole with them… Yet, the wish for a New World will not arrive through activism alone and certainly not in terms of a strictly materialist perspective. The die has already been cast.

How we respond to these micro-macrocosmic changes will determine which reality will find us.

Numerous worlds and many timelines may be shimmering and coalescing just out of phase… Many of us could find ourselves in a literally different reality depending on how attentive we have been to objective truth in ourselves and in the same vain, how well we have paid attention to the world as it undergoes transformation.

As stated in a previous post, there will come a time, perhaps very soon, where it will be imperative that we get into groups, not only for physical survival in the short-term but to create the binding glue of future communities armed with knowledge that protects and nourishes. Now is the time to forge these links with those who see the writing on the wall and with those whom you know you can trust. And if you do not have close family or friends, it might be sensible to begin forging those links. No man can afford to be an island these days. 


You can’t wake anyone up if you haven’t worked on yourself to a degree that alters your internal landscape; that you are no longer just a reaction machine, open to endless emotional memes which fit your conditioning but do not necessarily align to objective truth. All you can do is strengthen what is naturally within and link up with those who “get it,” at whatever level that maybe. So, it falls back to the individual to revolutionise him or herself, to be that example instead of projecting fear and anger onto convenient outer demons. Perhaps this is where evil represents the anvil upon which we sharpen the sword of the soul. For when you see the face of evil lurking inside your own being, it has the potential to change you forever. It changes you because you realise that you are just a puppet on a string lost in this toxic sea of illusion in which our psychopathic brethren are so at home. Until we see that we are meat-machines made up of a psycho-chemical cocktail of influences – none of which belong to us –  we will be prey to the crypto-geographic influences of Wetiko and our childhood traumas inculcated as “normality”.

We have to fight, tooth and claw to find the essence that is truly us, then we have to surrender to that process like a snake that is shedding its skins. THEN you can begin to separate from evil because you have seen how it uses you; you have heard how it sniggers as you go about your daily life thinking you have the answers when all along you are just a little man, a little woman, sucking at the teat of a vast self-replicating abyss. 

How could I say such a thing?

I send love and light to all; I say my prayers like a good Christian; I get my prayer mat out and bow my head to the Imam Mahdi…

Go ahead and ritualize. We are just machines fed on lies for centuries, fattened up for the kill in this momentous period of Great Reckoning.

Have I made you think that perhaps I’m not being “positive” enough or that I have relinquished all hope for a better outcome? Or… Every cloud has (new age) silver lining? That we create our little red-waxed Secret reality?

Ignorance and willful blindness ensure that we never find out how such patently obvious bullshit is sold to us because we – I – have been too afraid to let go of a carefully crafted mask, a mask I see everywhere I go, a mask that presently fits like a cast iron cage around this jewel of an Earth.

Yet despite this, when you see what a deep, dark pit we have dug for ourselves you can also see with dramatic clarity our part in that suffocating descent. And it is that clarity which drives us to forge something new within in order to take action without. And this action cannot be identified with changing the world. It can only be about aligning to that which is spiritually, objectively authentic; that which is receptive to growth and nourishment rather than an exclusive service to self. This in turn must have its expression in a pragmatic preparation without anticipation or obsession; without any trace of fear.

Not at all easy, but it may well determine the outcome.

After all, if you have faith and trust in the Universe then we must apply it in practical ways. It doesn’t respond to “wait and see” and sitting on the fence. It responds to effort directed toward ourselves and in response to our environment; by co-creating with nature and preparing the ground…The probability of adding something spiritually significant during one’s lifetime and which may not become apparent until after death, is part of that cycle. Religion has nothing to do with it, science and experiential verification shared and pooled with others most certainly does.


The New Heresy and Snake-oil Secrets

Can you not hear the cries of those hundreds of thousands of “witches” and “wizards” “heretics” and “heathens” burned on the pyres outside their own homes and in the cobbled streets? This heresy continues today.

Those that love truth and resist the psychopaths’ dream must stay connected to objective reality whilst being immersed in serial pathology of varying degrees. We must take responsibility for ourselves by becoming aware that there is Truth which reveals universal principles of values, morals and cooperation. Rather than burning alive these dissenters the State now weaves a softer spell of totalitarianism as the first phase toward its classical expression. Meanwhile, an Orwellian invocation is at work and so deep that we have come to love our consumerist distractions; to become addicted to the infinite flavours of Official Culture so that our slavery is wired in from birth.

When we are confronted with the fact that authoritarianism and hierarchy as expressed in this Synthetic Age is pathological, the vast majority of us cannot detach themselves from it’s mainframe. Many cannot function without this authority overshadowing them – it would mean an end to their self-concept and ability to make sense of the world. Thus dissolution would ensure a headlong fall into their own mini abyss, which up until that point had been kept in abeyance by the State, its fake Rule of Law, regulations,  social strictures and the kind of guiding parameters that limit growth, divert it toward the centralisation of group consciousness and uniformity.

Giving away our response-ability and embracing such atomisation is far more corrosive to the soul (should it be present at all) than the horror of physical torture and pain. Once one has chosen to believe the lie and to willfully join evil – even if it is decked with sweet-sounding words and seductive images of freedom – you become subsumed into that same monumental lie where one’s very soul is accessed, processed and eaten.  And then you become a “light-eater” yourself;  you become the living dead.

The tragedy is, we don’t even know it. 

But we create our own reality! All there is is love!


Not only is this a gross distortion on the nature of reality but it becomes a horrible caricature of truth when you recall the young boys passed around Westminster paedophiles like candy, to be raped to death (yes that’s right – raped to death) and discarded in rubbish dumps; when you remember the catholic priests who defiled and stomped on innocence to satisfy their desires, whilst relying on successive Popes to cover up their deeds; not forgetting the children sold into slavery every minute of everyday, who are abused, murdered in snuff films and satanic forms of rituals at the behest of some of the highest movers and shakers in the land.

Our beloved media makes it easy for us to move on to the next infotainment news item where reality and fantasy naturally blur. Clearly, the new age market place wishes us to believe that these children did not think positively enough about their reality and thus brought in upon themselves. Not being privy to the The Secret, the Universe it seems, cast them into an unyielding determinism where Rhonda Bryne’s re-packaged “sacred wisdom” could have saved them from such Predators. What this disinformation actually counsels is the inflation of ego by getting something for nothing while spinning the very core concepts of spirituality into self-help capitalism as the arbiter of happiness. 

The idea of spiritual growth has become as much a commodity as the dead children it helps us forget.

And talking of death, I see it sitting on my shoulder daily. It reminds me that nothing I ever do will ever alter the fact that it will come for me. Yet, death is my friend. He shines with the wisdom of the Dark Half of God as much as the Light. Neither can exist without each other. Knowledge defines which one we will embrace before any notion of love and light enters in. The Shadowsphere knows this. It binds us so tightly that we cannot breathe or pay attention to anything which whispers a remembrance of who we truly are. Such a concept doesn’t even approach the sheer depth of darkness which spreads over every rock and wraps around every star busy screaming their ancient echos from deep space.


… The light travels through that blackness and it is never extinguished. It can never dissipate. Just like the choices we make to change ourselves. Once we take on that hero’s journey and truly decide to bring all the separated pieces back together, however long it takes, you can be sure that we will see ourselves reflected in those stars, which are integral constituents of galaxies and universes – without end.

How then can we give up, when we see our very essence reflected in deep space? This hope will sharpen the will to see the world as it really is. And therein lies our road to freedom.

One more cigarette and I close the door on the night.

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  1. It appears that Paul Craig Roberts is missing. Perhaps I am duped, always a possibility, but I have been able to smoke most of the double and triple and quadruple agents out. I even got an off scent whiff from Chris Hedges, demonstrating perhaps a little too much sensitivity. But as one of the best lines from “Traffik” goes, when accused of being paranoid, the response was: “Paranoia keeps me alive.” Wonderful to hear from you Mr. Styllinski and a wealth of links for which I am very grateful. I am concerned about Aaron Hawkins. It has been a long time.


    1. Hi Pat,

      Great to hear from you.

      Paul Craig Roberts appears to have a post on his page from yesterday so I’m not sure about that one.

      As to Aaron Hawkins, this interview appears to be the last piece of work from January of this year. Looks like he is in the middle of major and general work on his home, family and his new “learning centre” incorporating permaculture etc. He looks fairly exhausted in the video so I think he is just snowed under with work.

      My concern is that he is basically on his own in terms of work and with very little on the ground networked support. At least, as far as I know. I might be wrong. But that would be dangerous in terms of the subjects he is covering.


      1. Thank you for your note.

        I found your post depressing. Like a foregone conclusion we are as good as gone. I can certainly understand that view and see it as a logical thread. But I am also seeing a very rapid, nay a proliferation of sites sounding the alarm. I think for the first time in recorded history, the population may be waking.

        I should also note, I am well on my way to becoming a card-carrying member of the Flat Earth Society. It is becoming my belief that the globe earth model is part of the conspiracy, to eliminate God and insert NASA as the legitimate “Go-To” authority on the Cosmos. If interested Stinky Cash seems a reliable source.

        Best and God Bless, you do the work the Lord wants done,


        1. Thanks Pat.

          You are right. There is a great awakening. And no, there is certainly no foregone conclusion we are all – gone. But I think it is inevitable that there will be massive, catastrophic change. That can be seen as depressing for sure. But depression can also be a stepping stone as with all great transformations.

          As to the Flat Earth Society…I believe it must be satire…

          UPDATE: You may also want to read this:
          “Flat Earthers SYSTEMatically Being Used To Disrupt And Undermine Truth Movements Everywhere”


        2. I came to the flat earth society by way of NASA. Some friends I would describe as fast asleep, for some time had stated they didn’t believe the moonwalk. I blew it off as some kind of very esoteric thought of people on the fringe. I then investigated and came to believe also that it was Hollywood in outer space. That led to the assertion that it would not be possible to even leave the confines of the earth, that according to the Bible, the earth is a domed “firmament” with a sun and moon quite nearby. This was too much, but again, upon inspection, begins to fall into place. For example, on a flight from South Africa to Los Angeles, an emergency landing had to be made in Alaska, reported in the Daily Mail.


  2. Totally agree with you. I finally understood that ‘growing in awareness’ meant that I had to place all the dark shit on the same shelf as the light stuff…they are not exclusive. The dark stuff has a ‘place’ because it exists…accepting this allows you to expand and detach.

    I was in awe of your ‘eloquent’ writing style (see post submitted under

    I have a retired friend who managed a number of NASA space programs…I grilled him on the flat earth possibility … he patiently indulged me. and explained that every shuttle and/or space vehicle has a number of cameras attached to their external surfaces. These cameras are constantly sending data back (in the form of images) as they travel through space in real time and monitored by hundreds of persons. Faking space exploration would be very difficult given these circumstances.


    1. Hello Silver,

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Yes, it took me some time to step from theory to practice regarding the integration of the shadows. Work still in progress…

      Your information on NASA is interesting and something I’ve heard before. I have very little time for the flat earth theory which I think is a cointelpro operation designed to taint and corrupt conspiracy/alternative media in general. That is not to say that NASA doesn’t have it’s secrets and certain embargoes on revealing UFO visuals for instance, but the flat earth is clearly a cyber psyops.

      All the best to you,


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