Dark Skies, Community and Cooperation (I)

 By M.K. Styllinski

Note: It wasn’t my intention to post again until the New Year at the earliest but I felt I had to write something in light of the horrific Paris attacks, albeit tangential. I want to review what has got to this point and broach the subject of community and begin to explore how to make its presence felt in the face of these dark skies. The following post might be part of an ongoing series to continue … at some point.

© M.K. Styllinski

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller

Hard to believe in the face of darkening skies, but one way or another, the emergence of community and cooperation is coming.

Unfortunately, it will likely come from intense collective suffering rather than any radical change instituted by our societies’ leaders and their deluded minions. What is certain: any shred of hope in our current systems of centralised government has been irrevocably lost within the last 15 years of the Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations, including many governments across Europe. Our response must be to turn away and re-enchant human values and a community ethos on our own, whilst ignoring those in power who have created, perpetuated and fed on needless destruction and atrocity for so long. By refusing to react to their depredations we become free to build templates for social networks of LIVING communities based on pragmatic and practical solutions. No one is going to do it for us – least of all those who benefit from the old patterns of endless exploitation. And as we come together to build these communities in our towns, cities, suburbs and rural villages we will slowly recognise what it means to live in decentralised, socially and economically empowered organisations which both honour the individual and the collective. By doing so, the sum of its parts is enriched as a natural consequence.

During the next decade or less we will probably be forced to set up community building due to necessity and not by choice, such is the trajectory that our governments are determined to follow. The sooner we see the writing on the wall the sooner we can start to forge these connections that will see us through; providing mutual support in our immediate locality. Strong community ties will be the difference between victimisation and psycho-social survival in the face of economic breakdown and environmental catastrophe, the signs of which have never been greater.

It IS possible. And the connections are beginning to form.

embrace slavery

The recent atrocity of the Paris attacks on Friday November 13th, 2015 represents yet another chapter in Establishment psychopathy seeking to enforce its will. More innocents dead, more pain and grief circulating the world like a heavy, leaden pall seeping into so many lives and tainting all with a sense of hopelessness and futility.

(Russian mainstream news is the only outlet to offer a true narrative as to the true nature of the attacks. See here, here, here and here for further information).

A friend living in Paris recently sent me an email in which he berated the left and communists whom, in his view were saying that the West was responsible. He believed the real culprit was the rise of militant Islam.  This is a caricature of the nature of the problem, misunderstanding that Islamism is a Frankenstein, a homonculus made to serve geopolitical aims of Western elites. Fragmenting consciousness into left, right, black, white, secular, religious etc. is the strategy of terrorism, to create tribal divisions fuelled by fear, anger and a sense of helplessness which serve to polarize latent beliefs. These manifest in actions which encourage long suppressed emotions and desperate frustrations to burst forth as crime or misplaced activism. Emotional capital and the instinct of fear are eminently malleable, where forced choices lead to ready-made “solutions” dangerous to the ordinary man and woman but useful collateral for the government and world Establishment.

The latest collective demon to up the imperialist ante and take over from Al-Qaeda is ISIS/ISIL. Far from failures of intelligence and inept foreign policy their presence on the world stage “… is the result of concerted, immense, multinational state-sponsorship.” The fear and hatred engendered by such evil has enormous repercussions in every facet of our lives, from the refugee exodus to increasing state surveillance and the erosion of civil liberties.

However “aware” we think we are so much of our personality is still tied to the addictive power of tribal thought forms and peer group pressure. Stepping out of that into one’s own sovereign world is often frightening but necessary on the road to true self-reliance.  Nothing is more important to those who consider themselves wardens of our existence than to restrict emancipation of our innate creativity and natural predisposition for cooperation and mutualism. Accordingly, when we live under a society that has become gradually pathologised, then the basic framework of values and morals begin to fall away in favour of paramoralistic and paralogical discourse. The lowest ebb of human instinct and emotion blur the boundaries between moderation and extremes. And the more a society begins to function on shock value, and a narcissistic fast-food mentality, the more extreme behaviour becomes  in order to feel something, anything that shows we are alive instead of the legions of the walking dead.

A psychopathic minority’s continued dominance through history must depend on a cycle of managed chaos to keep the normal people oblivious to their existence. For groups of psychopaths who inveigled themselves into key positions of power, the only way to allow  unfettered freedom for their predatory behaviour is to hijack social systems and institutions; to invert sound ideologies so that they are constantly predisposed to destructive, backward perceptions of reality. And it has worked, time after time and age after age, where secrecy, hierarchical authority and the good intentions of normal people are used to provide perfect cover.

The terror industry is a prime example of government PR designed to hoodwink the public into thinking evil terrorists are under every bed and on every street corner. When in fact, although extremism does exist and is on the rise, the majority of atrocities are either black operations carried out by governments and their often outsourced agencies and paid assassins or entrapment operations involving agents who stimulate jihadists to carry out the same.  Unless the public at large becomes educated on the nature of terrorism as an age-old geopolitical tool of control we will continue to re-play exactly the same responses, playing right into the hands of our governments and their string-pullers. And so it is.


After about 15 years of analysing the nature of terror attacks, intelligence agencies and the rise of the centralist State in Western societies there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that false flag terrorism as a tool of warfare has had a long history and is as old as warfare itself; where acts of terror perpetrated against innocent civilians serve to galvanise the opposing forces into open conflict. Most importantly, it is a war against ordinary civilians who pose a threat to the Establishment’s order. Civil war in society and a crackdown on those who question the accepted narrative is the goal.

It is a tried and tested formula used to involve ethnic groups, regions and whole nations in wars that offer massive profits for relatively few. Banksters roll into the targeted country and tempt corrupt politicians and businesses with unlimited power and prestige which is then mandated under global economic law, enforced by the IMF and World Bank to place countries in life-long debt. This consists of asset stripping, social welfare destruction, corporate colonisation and access to virgin resources such as oil, land, minerals and gas. Gaining control of whole countries by installing dictators working for Anglo-American masters has characterised most of Western foreign policy and their cynical international alliances forged in the last two centuries. This is the story of pathocratic Empires and the propagation of false narratives necessary for their ascendance.

In the Age of Information we have access to rich, empirical evidence that the very inception of the State and its agencies – democratic or otherwise – has never been about protecting or providing for the people who can’t take care of themselves. In fact, the latter comes about because of statism, not despite it.  These are merely new variations on a theme to control and engineer compliance. Huxleyian and Orwellian control has always been at the kernel of Western “democracy” where true autonomous networks of self-regulating and self-organised communities based around freedom of thought and spiritual emancipation have been continually prevented from developing. Examples of communities have occurred though inevitably flawed and abortive, to be reabsorbed into the  leviathan State and its outposts.

Intelligence agencies are now a highly compartmentalised law unto themselves serving those without conscience and whose only purpose is to corral and control the world populace for specific long-term goals. Authoritarian followers inhabit its environments and self-censoring beliefs give the glue for plausible denial. Terrorism has always been a tool for herding the public into pens of belief which serve the Establishment of governments, monarchies, military and corporate worlds and their many organisations and agencies. Post World War terrorism and its offshoots is nothing more than a creation of Western governments through the auspices of NATO and through high level factions within the agencies of America’s CIA and FBI; Britain’s MI5 and MI6 and Israel’s MOSSAD. There are other affiliations working through ostensibly benign think tanks, financial corporations and economic organisations but these are the key signatures of state-sponsored crime syndicates with operational oversight on world terrorism.

This is no conspiracy theory but merely an unspoken and purposefully excluded history.

Stretching back to Europe’s “stay behind armies” of Operation GLADIO in the 1950’s and 60’s, through to the Middle Eastern land and US-NATO regime changes, British balkanization and Israeli terror tactics of our modern age, the pathological infection of the 3EM continues to camouflage their activities through a morally bankrupted media. Psychopathy infects all sociopolitical and economic pathways. It is now so entrenched that many people still find it impossible to believe that the eulogies and dramatic words of resistance given by our puppet leaders are part of a dog-eared script used time and again. Our sound-bite culture and its social media encourages short attention spans coupled with a lack of education in reading the signs of targeted social programming. Therefore, when are ridiculous leaders dutifully read emotional trigger phrases (“Barbaric” “evil”  “Will not go unpunished…” “”…will track them down” etc.) they add to the propaganda that  governments are somehow opposed to their proxy armies and double agents lying behind all terror groups.

Terrorism IS the State.

It is the both the source and the enabler within an neo-imperialist and military-intelligence framework, using individuals and armies for hire to carry out geopolitical objectives. This is historically labelled the “Strategy of Tension”, a policy which has been extended and updated by the ideologues of globalism. Indeed, most politicians are so obviously incapable of understanding this fact since they are blinded by ambition, a lack of perspicacity and conscious or unconscious realisation of their own limited power to affect change in their role. They are largely told what to say and which auto-cue to look into. In the unlikely event that they choose to grow a conscience their political career is swiftly brought to end, or, if their illumination is dramatic enough a heart attack or cancer is induced. (Yes, it is possible, no, it is not conspiracy paranoia). They are, after all, only in such a position of superficial authority because they have shown absolute willingness to sell their souls for what they perceive is the machinery of the State and the power it confers. They are true minions of Establishment rule and cannot see beyond such choices. Therefore, we must ignore them, and not engage with their anti-human games.


Prime Ministers David Cameron and Francois Hollande – tired puppets on strings, the variations of which we’ve all seen before. Both have been given their orders to stay with the Western narrative of Russia as evil  in order to advance the resource grab objectives of US-NATO interests. Hollande recently moved toward Russia during its routing of ISIS targets and the result was a warning manifested as probable false flag attacks in Paris. Expect events in Germany to follow.

Our culture of “bread and circuses” has now reached exactly the state that Aldous Huxley described in his Brave New World. We see entertainment in endless Youtube videos depicting a thousand ways a human being can fall from a bicycle, a skateboard, sledge or  skis; videos of street fights involving children smashing the shit out of each other in place of a missing rites of passage. We see robberies at supermarkets and petrol stations where the tables are turned and justice appears to be done; we can take perverse pleasure in seeing the products of an equally perverse society spew out those who cannot cope, where crime and mentally ill persons become fused; paraded as social refuse and shoved into the infotainment machine to be reprocessed as new forms of “reality” TV.  Voyeuristic entertainment takes the place of sincere interpersonal connection, where puerile titillation is elevated as a pastime for those equally switched off from true empathy and emotion as those seeking their Youtube seconds of fame.

We have a world of fashion and glamour that elevates death, violence and sexual abuse as art; where anything is art as long as it can be commodified. Marketing and advertising see children’s minds as fresh new real estate to exploit whilst our school systems masquerade as places to educate, stuffing what is left of any child’s natural joy and auto-didactic ability to learn into a test tube of reality so restrictive that the mere concept of freedom and spirit may as well be scrawled on a public toilet door.


Official Culture and the State

That trust is still somnambulistically offered up to our institutions and governments that have routinely sacrificed its people throughout history is testament to both apathy, the disease of disempowerment and inculcated ignorance.  Is it any wonder that so many people have come to love their servitude thinking it normal and healthy? Since there isn’t anything worth emulating then it isn’t surprising that life becomes a case of existing rather than living.  Similarly, large-scale disillusionment of politics has not led to the observation of how the operations of those in power are merely using mass ignorance of socioeconomic and political realities for their own ends. Academia has hung limply on the ladder of its ascent and used corporatism and corruption to maintain its status. It isn’t just politics that needs to be questioned but the whole concept of our societies and the centralised blueprint which permeates our lives.

Entertainment saturating the internet also reflects our desperately bankrupt media who instead of offering a clear appraisal of our world serves up “news” which is carefully vetted and sanitised so that corporations retain their stock dividends and politicians keep their funny money; where torture, sexual abuse and economic warfare against the poor is not only allowed to continue it is purposefully encouraged by wilful blindness and a lack of self-responsibility; accepted by a socio-cultural programming that celebrates narcissism and psychopathy as Hollywood chic. It is the general public itself who keeps this dark, viscous toxicity permanently flowing. It is a learned acquiescence which slowly chokes our conscience and atrophies our hearts and ability to think critically. We become those that believe we are alive when we have nothing original in our mind-body system that we can truly call our own since we are mechanical in thought and emotion.

Like blind puppies sucking at the teat of the State we actually believe we are entitled to something.

What do we expect to get from that which seeks to subjugate and emotionally anesthetize human behaviour from the deep heritage of conscience? All the better to predict and thus control with absolute impunity.

There, there little man … There, there little woman … Go and be the good Ken and Barbie that you are … Eat shit and silicone. Laugh when we say. Clap when we say and take on the weight of our world. 

As long as we have that tribe, that group-think and gadget-based belonging we can forget that we have no energy of our own and thus no intrinsic purpose. By attaching our own shiny feeding tubes to others everything we have ever accumulated has been sucked up from everyone we have ever loved and hated. Wherever we can find a weak spot that energy rushes through us as a steady stream of transitory “nourishment” permitting a temporary respite from what we know lies in the rhythm of daily life, that soft blanket of suffocating mediocrity.

But this energy nutrient, sourced from all the unconscious drama we create doesn’t stop with us. Our feeding tubes never give us enough because Official Culture and the State keeps us attached in a bizarre symbiosis of need. Yet, it eventually strips us of everything authentic we have inside, including our ability to access our true self. Anything approaching the delicate mirage of soul light – that gentle gossamer flame waiting for that cycle of dawn promised through a thousand deaths and cyclic returns – is extinguished along with the potential of true purpose and meaning that is uniquely our own. Which is why we are forever empty inside and addicts to bio-chemical hits laid down in childhood, caught in the trap that we are significant if only we could be or possess this and that; to make it over that green pasture and all would be well…

If we decided to peel away all the layers ossified on the façade we call Mr. ______ or Ms _______, would we find anything at all worth cultivating?

Are any of our thoughts truly our own?

We are living in a reality that allows the soul to be imperceptibly consumed so that the agony of potential is crushed before it can ever be set free. It is stretched out over time; a slow death where the body-mind complex is screaming as loud as our Cosmic Spirit that flows through us. If we were to attune ourselves to the sheer macro cosmic pain flooding the fabric of the Universe we would be changed in millisecond. We would wake up and see that we are not only prostituting our spiritual life but we are actively feeding evil by believing the lies we tell ourselves and thereby accepting the lies promulgated in public life. We would see how inured in this world of fakery we have become; it would make us sick to the stomach, saddened beyond consolation, shocked at the horror of what we truly are – a vampire of emotion conjoined with the werewolf of instinctual responses churning and writhing in us as archetypes of predatory behaviour and always, ALWAYS afraid that we will be discovered.


© M.K. Styllinski

There is something darker more oppressive in the skies these days. And it is demanding to be recognised.

We are all addicted to Official Culture in some way or another and it seems those most happy with such a state of affairs are those most irretrievably lost.  We are all directly responsible for these continuing atrocities since we consistently offer them the energy to do so by claiming indifference, sitting on the fence or reacting with righteous anger and fighting fire with fire which is precisely the reaction our elite wardens desire.

The pathology that passes for culture has now reached a point of such darkness that I don’t see any way out, accept by participating with it as little as possible with a view to exiting from this dark emotional hailstorm as soon as I can. And rather than purchasing a piece of strong rope and tying it to the cross beam in my garage, I mean to engage with that which is clearly not part of this darkly hilarious idea we call Western civilisation that never was. I mean to ignore this psychopathy passing for culture; to refuse to engage with it as far as is possible. I will not react to the Powers that Be and deny them any energy at all. Perhaps I can create something within myself that is outside and beyond their touch. In doing so, I hope to manifest that link to others who have left that ridiculous cat and mouse game thereby establishing the potential to create community – to eventually exist outside the sheep pens of Official Culture.

I cannot do this however, until I’ve created a centre within.

I cannot do this until I make that promise to grow the soul within, to the point that it begins to manifest on the outside in my relationships and activities. Otherwise, any concept of community seeding itself in our material world will inevitably sprout within the sheep pen – to be eaten as quickly as it came.

We must change ourselves.

I had a chance to do this earlier in my life and I rejected it. Clearly, I wasn’t ready, too damaged by the poisons that made up my fragile personality. Whatever the reason, choices determine our lessons. The faintest glow of soul growth needs friction to become the spark that provides constancy and persistence to see it through to the end.  We are too easily discouraged by negative influences and the myriad phantoms assailing our minds; the daily changes which threaten our gaudy masks of self-conceptualisations. Patterns of learned, negative behaviour overwhelmingly have their origins in our own denials and habitual weaknesses. These shadows, these demons becomes so insistent, so powerful precisely because they have been neglected, buried and denied. Thus it is no surprise that they are unconsciously acted out in our daily lives until the effects of these unhealthy dynamics – to whatever degree – are mirrored back to us. Then we are confronted by choices to understand and transform the hard way.

2013-06-07 17.30.31

                        © M.K. Styllinski

Perhaps a time is approaching where there is an opportunity to address the barren ecology of our inner lives balanced by a healthy, simple attention to external duties. The latter will become a good way to monitor our successes and failures, that is, if we have that drive to be truly authentic.

What matters is the effects we have upon others. That is the simplest barometer of objectivity we can use to gauge our progress.

I mean to explore what it means to be part of community – what it is to have true, joyous meaning in one’s life, where everyone cares for each other because each and every person has access to his or her own well-spring of creativity, naturally disbursed. This occurs because everyone knows that sharing of this kind enriches the whole. It is drawn from a once vestigial but spiritual umbilical cord to the Universal Ocean of the same, where Truth equates to beauty and is embodied in the lives of the community as an artistic way of living – the true art of alchemy, the antidote to the prevailing anti-human ethos.

It has taken me decades to reach a point where I can even begin to make tentative steps to address my own part in this film of life and a further 8 years of conscious experiential discovery to see if there is anything within worth salvaging. I am convinced that most of us have the potential to find our purpose within this complex mosaic of interaction, strangely interrelated and interconnected by the perpendicularity of our lives; by the grief, fury, passion and love. The alchemy of mind-body change may be discerned within a genuine community of relations which nourish and support its members. Yet the effort to build a healthy ecology of community must first take place within before we can find it in the material world and play a part in extending its influence.

Overall, communities inside centralist societies never work since they are still inside the very social systems which are designed to offer just enough freedom to function. The real purpose of our current societies are to padlock the creative expressions of humanity’s soul and with it compassion, love, empathy, critical thinking, networking and the knowledge that gives rise to objective truth – because it is KNOWN and lived.

In a true community we give each other courage to be all we can be in the face of forces arraigned against us. Courage is multiplied when the effects begin to be seen, when truth is embodied and applied. No more evidence of its efficacy is needed. It is then that right human relations becomes a basic spiritual principle downloaded into everyday simple activities.

Have clusters of communities achieved the kind of equilibrium so many idealists dream about in our distant past? I believe so and I think the time is ripe for such interlinked communities to manifest again, although it may mean several major shocks to Humanity before the correct form of communitarianism can safely be grown.

Whatever community means to you, now is the time to test the water in your own life and to see if there is the potential to forge links with others who share your perspective for practical, psycho-spiritual change that is grounded in reality. It might just provide the material and emotional support which could not only save your life but build a future that is more sustaining than you could ever imagine.

Meantime, Illegitimi non carborundum …





  1. I have come to learn that whenever there is an out-of-the-ordinary event, something is at work that will manifest later, if it is not manifest already. Such is the case of the episode of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. At the time it looked like some kind of a set-piece involving a highly-coached hotel worker. Sure enough, Paris is attacked and President Hollande carries out his orders. I think, like DeGaulle didn’t take orders from Washington, neither would DSK. He was a problem that needed getting rid of to make way for “Our Man in Havana” Hollande. I am surprised the French aren’t more with it. I would really like to learn what DSK thinks of all of this?

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  2. Hello Pat,

    Yes, I agree. There are so many “set pieces” which provide pretexts for designed “solutions”. This is pretty much how politics now works. DSK’s weakness was certainly sex on tap. Yet, DSK’s private antics are nothing compared to what a large proportion of the Establishment gets up to, with levels of debauchery that are difficult to comprehend. In Strauss-Kahn’s case I think you are correct. I think he was set up precisely because he was actually doing an extremely good job at the IMF and shaking things up to an extent he had to be gotten rid of. Powerbrokers with big egos have their achilles heels and easily derailed.

    Your example of DeGaulle is also spot on.

    Good to hear from you,

    All the best,



    1. Mr. Styllinski,

      It is always a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your very kind comment. And thank you for picking up on the Paris story.

      I am moving from dismay to alarm. The pace of events seems to be picking up. The Paris events but also recently, the Miami FLORIDA airport was locked-down (their term) because someone had gotten past the Homeland Security checkpoint without having his bag checked. After 3-hours it was reported to be a dentist with his tool kit. Of course all preposterous and made up, getting past the screening, a dentist with his kit bag, almost comical. But, passengers sitting on planes at gates told to put hands-on-head during militarized police search. The entire airport shut down, people in concourses herded into shops and locked in behind metal screening. Most bizarre. A horror story and it is real. Scary.

      Pat Pappano

      632B Heritage Village Southbury CT 06488

      Office 203-405-3434 Mobile 440-460-1010

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    1. Your friend in Paris blaming militant Islam; we are surrounded by not only perpetrators but their well-meaning and unconscious enablers – our neighbors. And when you study evil, it is really the enablers who are the problem, the Eichmann’s of the world, who just want to do their job. If there were no soldiers, there would be no war; if there were no enablers, there would be no evil.

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  3. Yes. Although I think there will always be evil since we might say it’s one face of God or the yang behind the yin and therefore we cannot banish it completely. Maybe we can only attain a level playing field where evil is recognised despite the camouflage or deception. I think we one day we may see a return of that perception, but we have to learn a new language of the soul, so that we are no longer deceived and most importantly, we do not continue to lie to ourselves about the nature of this world. The key principle of deception is after all, one of the primary reminders from both ancient spiritual wisdom and the Bible designed to alert us during these intense collective changes but I fear we may have left it rather late in responding to that call…

    It’s in the this sense that understanding state-sponsored terror campaigns is absolutely crucial to moving forward as it’s such a powerful weapon in releasing collective anger, hatred and trauma which can leave scars in future generations. It is quite literally a ritualistic invocation used to increase chaos at levels unseen. And like you Pat I increasingly despair. I have very little hope at this juncture, although I fight against it. Hence my present research into the history of community and how we can re-enchant such concepts.

    We will see.


    1. I am writing a book titled American Gracchi which draws parallels between the Roman Gracchi brothers and Jack & Bobby Kennedy. It is the research for this book that is causing me to come to grips with what is going on, but in a more universal way, rather than reacting to the horror on the ground. It is this activity that is causing me to move toward an indictment of, as Socrates would say, the unexamined life. For instance, I was talking to a gentleman about joining Oath Keepers, an organization of former law enforcement committed to upholding the Constitution. They are not my people, as Aaron Russo said of CFR, but I thought, why not? It is all to the good. But I have moved away from that interest with my newer understanding that it is they who enabled the illuminati. It is fine to retire on a comfortable pension and take issue with one’s former life on the comfort of your couch, but that does not take away the horror. We may expect those actors locking down the Miami airport to some day, join Oath Keepers. It isn’t good enough. In fact, my view is that those taking the public pay have an even greater obligation to examine their role and effect than those, such as myself, engaged in commerce, with no other objective in mind but profit within the law, and perhaps, within moral law. No. Those taking up military careers and careers in public security are the evil. They are the real threat and not those few, who although very wealthy beyond comprehension, and evil beyond comprehension, are not a force at all. We must understand the enemy and the enemy is right out in plain view, they are everywhere, collecting their paychecks; planning their retirement.


  4. Brilliant article; excellently penned and full of erudition. However, I regret that I do not share your tentative optimism that any change from within the masses of humanity is to be expected either anytime soon, or ever.

    When one critically and dispassionately looks at the broader canvass of what is happening in the world, the utter disgust one is bound to feel toward the so-called “Establishment” is minuscule and insignificant in comparison to the revulsion and repugnance elicited by the so-called “common man” or the vast and overwhelming majority of humanity. Why? It’s a no-brainer really, and only misplaced rosy optimism gets in the way of an intelligent person’s critical faculties to see a spade as a spade, and subsequently call a spade a spade.

    You see, never in history … I repeat, *never* in human history have we, “the People”, have had such an astounding and inordinate degree of access to almost infinite knowledge. Now this assertion is absolutely no hyperbole and exaggeration, for even a 10yr or 12yr old, through his or her smartphone, can *instantaneously*, in under three to five seconds flat, retrieve a vast amount of information on any topic. Imagine if one were to spend just 10 or 15min simply “researching”, out of basic God-given curiosity, how this so-called “isis” came to be, or suspending a few minutes and finding a reputable website to read the counter-point to the 9/11 mainstream media farce version, etc, etc. But of course, despite the extraordinary ease and inconceivable facility, the average Joe and Jane *absolutely chooses* to live in a cesspool of ignorance, preferring to stay deaf, dumb, and blind.

    We can disingenuously and insincerely try to find all sorts of excuses for their chosen imbecility … “oh, but it’s the aspartame”… “no, it’s the vaccines” … “no, no, it’s the fluoride in the water” … “it’s all the preservatives and sugar in the food”, and on and on and on, ad nauseum, but we both know how absurd such excuses are when it involves about 95% of the population. There is absolutely no excuse, because the Establishment gets *its consent* very clearly from the implicit nod and affirmation of the masses. Amazingly, the so-called masses have access, as already mentioned, to vast amounts of knowledge that can readily and immediately blow to smithereens the “official” narrative of any these dreadful and disgusting false-flag events.

    No. Given the sheer disregard for the basic decorums of decency and basic morality in condoning state-sponsored terror through wilful blindness and chosen ignorance, we must indict and condemn the vast and overwhelming majority of humanity first, *before* tackling this or that type of psychopathy exhibited by the so-called “elite”. Even 15-20yrs I could understand the excuse: i.e. too difficult and cumbersome to acquire the facts and the knowledge. Today, in the Information Age, where immeasurably vast quantities of information are a mere click of a button away on a smartphone or tablet while waiting in a dentist’s or doctor’s office, or the hairstylist’s … there is absolutely no excuse; NO excuses whatsoever.

    In a bizarre way, we, or rather I, have come full circle: at the turn of the last century, from about 1900 to 1920’s, there arose a group social theorists, mostly from Ivy League schools (Bernays, and Lippmann among them) whose writings pulsate with an almost sublime loathing and contempt toward the “common man”, with constant references such as “the imbecile herd”, “the vulgar multitude”, “the dumb and ignorant masses”, “the lesser breeds”, “the uncultured hoards” etc etc. I could never understand the hatred when I first encountered the writings years ago. I finally understand it, and it’s all so clear and … sublime. If people freely choose their repulsive state of ignorance, then it’s perfectly logical and reasonable that they suffer the horrific consequences. Action, reaction … a fundamental law and principle of the Universe. If I choose to stay deaf, dumb, and blind to the suffering around me, I fully deserve what’s coming my way, whatever it may be.

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    1. There certainly is much evidence to support these views, but I think there are other things at work as well. First of all, I think much of the U.S. population is directly or indirectly involved in employment that requires adoption of the correctness of the present state. The military is an obvious case and one where it can be postulated that the people are abused, but still join up. Of course the export of the U.S. manufacturing sector produces that effect. But aside from military there are the law-enforcement people, and their relations, and then then all those in government service, which means not only federal, but local, county and state. Then there are the NGOs who are closely allied with government ethos. So adding up all of this, and those folks, let me point out, are not curious about anything that does not produce a job for a brother-in-law, there are not too many who would have the curiosity to wonder why. And of course, the generational thing – how many have been around long enough to detect a difference. However, in the general tenor of this post, Zack Steiner, is correct, it is “The People” who are failing in their duty. I believe there is also one other factor that discourages people from searching, those few left in private employment, and that is fear. Fear of not only the dark forces, but of any untoward comment or behavior. To merely stand out is to be feared. The Sikhs in India are obliged to wear a turban, a bracelet, and a knife so that they cannot hide, their appearance gives them away. This is a requirement so that Sikhs cannot shirk their duty. There is a lesson there for us. Thank you Mr. Steiner for posting.

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  5. Hi Zack,

    I agree with the thrust of your reply if not all the details. Don’t misunderstand my trust in the re-emergence of community to automatically mean that the “mass of humanity” is going to suddenly get with the picture. Perhaps you’d agree that this is not one of those blogs that promotes the idea of seeing the world through rose-coloured spectacles.

    No. We are in for very dark times ahead. And if community does emerge it is likely to be only in vitro, as a starting point from total destruction. I think the sense of community to be re-established in a way that actually works must come from massive change, the likes of which has only occurred during the catastrophic earth changes and/or the fall of Empires. They usually go together.

    As for holding in contempt the mass of humanity this is dangerously close to assuming that we are somehow separate from such a mass mind and elevated to sufficient degree to make that judgement. Are we really? Have we really reached a pinnacle of self-awareness and self-knowledge to begin to cast the first stone? I doubt it. Once we go down that road then we firmly align ourselves to the elite mind-set. When we start comparing these iniquities based on the assumption that we are above such things is usually when a rude awakening arrives. Humility can be a fickle mistress in that sense and hard to come by when we identify with the manifesting shadows of the mass mind.

    Yes, it may be the truth that humanity has, en masse, relinquished its chance to claw back any semblance of dignity and freedom. But we all played a part in the collective results we are now experiencing; we are here because we fit. We have things to learn and perhaps it took each of us some time to “wake up” not only to the external dynamics of this “Official Culture” under which we live but also to the process of self-knowledge which is inevitably work in progress. As such, disgusted as I am with some of those within humanity it is too easy to claim the high ground because just when we think we have attained it something happens to show us we never had it in the first place.

    I actually think we’ve all been this way many times before with varying degrees of knowledge at particular junctures in history – even pre-history – though I cannot prove it. There is nothing new under the sun, as they say. Things change naturally and at their own pace, even if it means we must all go back to the drawing board. Much as it may frustrate us we are all in this together, albeit in sometimes very bizarre ways…

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  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed this, and other pieces here on this site. I believe that you are absolutely right to identify the spiritual aspect to the needed changes in the coming times. It is those relationships in which we can dwell upon our own inter relation to these evil realities which will bear fruit, either now or in future times. I was hoping to see some articles on the history of the Soviet Union; it is my belief that the human experience of Soviet Russia has acted as a template for the technocratic psychological control of the West. And further, has established a spiritual dimension that facilitates all manner of deception. How we respond now and in the future will depend largely in how sophisticated we are at understanding contemporary manifestations of the occult. Your article Smoke and the Moon was a joy to read in this respect. One must understand community as a meeting of soul and spirit and common understanding; do you have any meetings outside the internet?


    1. Hello Fraser and thank you for commenting.

      I would certainly agree that Stalinism and Maoism have served as a template for the Western Establishment designs. It seems there is nothing that isn’t touched by psychopathy these days.

      As to meetings outside of the internet – I’m working on it…


    2. Admittedly a feeble reply I do have some research on the Soviet Union as a template for NWO. I believe what occurred was that there was a higher necessity of stopping the Third Reich as a successful model of complete and enlightened sovereignty. It was thought that Britain and France could do the job but then Russia was brought in as Britain and France faltered. But then even the Russian component was overwhelmed and so the U.S. had to take a hand. But in the meantime, Stalin threw off his puppet chains and became ungovernable, and so the cold war, brought on by the assassination of Roosevelt and Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech in Fulton MO. Postwar capture of Europe and the U.S. has been total but in the meantime, Russia seems to have gotten away again. As the late Mississippi Senator wrote, this is like herding cats for the NWO.

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