Reality Change IV: Full Circle

By M.K. Styllinski

“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.”

– Carl Gustav Jung


We are all enmeshed in a vast network of interrelated and interconnected associations. Coming Earth changes might just be the catalyst to “flip the switch”. The question is: who are we and what do we see? The answer may determine where we are on that vast circuit board, and which reality we are likely to inhabit.

The onset of the next cometary bombardment does not necessarily mean a global catastrophe to end them all, but it would take care of the long-term emergence of Pathocracy should enough of us be armed with the knowledge of what has been going on here for centuries. It offers an enormous opportunity for a New World of balance, instigated along natural lines with inbuilt safeguards to prevent the entry of ponerological infections. At the very least, we would be on a level playing field where those that would seek to manipulate and lead by deception will be plainly seen for what they are. As such, we will be able to see make the choice not to share in the rebuilding of a replica of the past but use the knowledge to create a future without psychopathic inculcation.

Getting back to Nature is not some sentimental vision of naturists or the naive whims of failed hippy ideals. There is a wealth of deep wisdom in her cycles of growth and decay; the sensuality of tropical sands and the iridescence of birds of paradise; the ice-fresh air of mountain ranges and cathedral quiet of an English forest. Our hearts can be captured by its majesty, its glory and splendour. But masked by the emerald green foliage and the deep hues of a sunset over the ocean is a veritable ferocity of death and carnage; harsh, painful realities of predation that are as real as they are in the human family. Each exists side by side. We have yet to address what lies beyond the horizon, where metaphysics of the ancients meets the quantum physics of the future. Perhaps the latter is beginning to confirm that reality may be a nested spiral of multiple Universes branching out at the threshold of each thought? What if we are merely inhabiting one infinitesimal expression of what a Universal Mind can do, working by proxy, through flesh, blood, bone and hormones, passion, grief, love and violence, seeking out the choices of what will manifest as creation or destruction, each of us seeking ever sophisticated methods to enhance our chosen pathways?

Like the vast oceans which surround the continents of this planet, the interface of the human mind with our developing concepts of reality remains uncharted territory. Scientists claim they have the answers but the limitations of scientific materialism have never been more apparent. Science has explained so much yet it is now desperately trying to fit a hyper-reductive mentality into a conceptual bottle that simply can’t be done. Quantum theories are lapping at the consciousness of the human family and pushing it to expand. But to do so means to cultivate a new science of perception that experiments with consciousness and consensus that is not simply confined to the test-tube, petri-dish and particle accelerator. What is more, the creative power of science could literally change the material world but instead it is largely used to engineer new and ingenious ways to kill, maim, restrict and repress. Until we accept the idea that our thoughts are vibrantly alive, that what we think and what we say has immense power, then we will forever be looking for answers which cannot go beyond a self-imposed limitation chained to the material world.

psychopathsworld-angel-vert“As above, so below” | © infrakshun

In order to have some glimmer of hope in bypassing institutional psychopathy, a radical overhaul of the very idea of human progress must surely take place. Trying to tackle the causes and effects already housed in a manipulated continuum can only ensure a repetition of another generation of children coated with narcissism and the predators that will line up to prey on them. We can describe the legions of deeply-rooted flaws in our economy, in our education system, in governments, welfare systems, science establishments and organised religion; we can talk about the effects and root causes of the widespread psycho-social dislocation that is now so much a part of Western culture. There is no shortage of critiques and diagnoses of what ails our societies and what should happen to move humanity forward, just as there is no shortage of exciting and innovative solutions waiting to emerge phoenix-like from the ashes. But if we do not include ponerology in this equation then these often brilliant and creative flurries of activity that connect so many dots and so many great minds will still be locked into the same diorama of reality and no substantive change will arrive.

The psychopathic mind is the master of human mimicry and adaptation just as it is the exemplar of the Predator in human form. It must capitalise on the ferocity of its primal instinct to trap and feed; to do what is in its nature to do: learn the techniques and methods that will ensure a steady supply of human victims and to maximize the production of bio-chemicals of fear, hatred, anger, arousal, pain, grief, sex, and horror. Yet the desire to destroy and to take pleasure in the full gamut of suffering took on more refined forms as it adapted and mimicked human conscience, where individuals and groups began to learn the value of cooperation and understanding, empathy and accomplishment. This sounded the periodic death-knell for the psychopath and the dissemination of its numbers. Yet, they always returned as darkness always must.

The search for Knowledge and truth gave no refuge to the psychopath who was at home in mediocrity and the limited fantasy of his subjective desires. While normal humans sought to evolve, to develop their conscience and to seek knowledge and perhaps the potential of the soul, the psychopaths sought to devolve and to take us with them; they sought how to prevent humans from knowing by the institution of ignorance in order to prevent the light of awareness ever setting humans free; to wrap our extraordinary capacity for creativity in dark swathes of deception.

Our biggest secret was that we were slaves and we didn’t know it.

We were an experiment.

The binding nature of this deception became complex and multi-faceted woven into myths, religion and ancient wisdom showing only the briefest glimpses of truth before being distorted by the same dark force of flowing through its agents. It knows how to remain in the shadows and to manipulate humanity away from its birth right of higher emotional development and the potential of spiritual evolution. The psychopaths are the shadow side of humanity, the destructive force – the dark face of God. They are those who act at the behest of the ancient mythology of demons and evil spirits said to exist in the hinterlands between the human and spirit world.

Yet, we do have the ability to awaken from such elected victim-hood; to end the cycle of repeated suffering which is personified through so many of the world’s children. They are the symbol of this awakening which can grow to maturity in a full field of awareness or they can be still-born and cold to the touch like the foetus in the trash-can. Or worse still, they can continue to live under the tutelage of the worst predation that is a minority of humanity, as he was eons ago and as he is now.

The biggest victims of the psychopathic assault on the quality of consciousness have been directed at children who, if not struggling to exist, instinctively know that the human manifestations of our world are built on lies. They are educated in the Lie that is Official Culture and its streams of addiction. Children react against it before this reality consumes them, before they become the wardens or servants of a system that is sewn into their very cells.  Sexualized, commoditized and pulled apart by the McWorld and Jihads of our time-loop, they see beneath the veil and are taught to poor scorn on inner-tuition and natural perspicacity. Or they fleetingly see a possibility of their essence while paradoxically immersed in the sensual world, never to catch sight of it again until old age, if at all.


Beautiful isn’t she? And she’s about to let us know. Don’t take it personally. After all, we are just consciousness stuck in bio-chemical space-suits out for a ride …

On June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go, effectively setting himself adrift in the zero gravity of space. For 23 minutes White floated and maneuvered himself around the Gemini spacecraft while logging 6500 miles during his orbital stroll. White was attached to the spacecraft by a 25 foot umbilical line and a 23-ft. tether line, both wrapped in gold tape to form one cord. In his right hand White carries a Hand Held Self Maneuvering Unit (HHSMU) which is used to move about the weightless environment of space. The visor of his helmet is gold plated to protect him from the unfiltered rays of the sun.

On June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go ….

Many people do intuitively feel that there is something missing in their understanding of the modern world and the reasons for such destruction and suffering that seems beyond all mathematical probability. Surviving and coping with our daily lives is often more than enough for most of us. Yet, amid all this, within whatever circumstance and culture we find ourselves, we must dig deep and long for the possibility of reaching even a tiny glimmer of the Real “I.” And as we do so, we’ll find the buried children, half-eaten by our own inner denials and the choice not to see. WE placed them there, in the same ragged clothes of refutation that we wrap ourselves, snug and warm as they are, provided by a legion of predators that care for us, as we care for animals on their way to the slaughterhouse, vacuum-packed and ready for consumption.  Same process, different level of consciousness.

Andrzej M. Łobaczewski was an extraordinary man. I was lucky enough to meet him in person and aside from having a razor sharp mind I found him to be kind, gentle and full of hope for the future of humankind. Perhaps it is fitting for this pioneer of ponerology to have the last word on what type of new world could manifest as one of our many alternative futures:

“A system thus envisaged would be superior to all its predecessors, being based upon an understanding of the laws of nature operating within individuals and societies, with objective knowledge progressively superseding opinions based upon natural [emotional] responses to phenomena. We should call it a “LOGOCRACY”.

Due to their properties and conformity to the laws of nature and evolution, logocratic systems could guarantee social and international order on a long-term basis. In keeping with their nature, they would then become transformed into more perfect forms, a vague and faraway vision of which may beckon to us in the present.

The author has survived many dangerous situations and become disappointed with many people and institutions. However, the Great Providence has never disappointed him under the most difficult circumstances. This condition suffices to permit him to promise that elaborating a more detailed draft for such a necessary better system will also be possible. …

What is of crucial importance is to fully grasp the importance of the science of Ponerology and how many applications it may have for a future of peace and a humane humanity. This science permits the human mind to understand things that have been, for millennia, unintelligible: the genesis of evil. This understanding could very well bring about a turning point in the history of civilization which, I should add, is presently on the point of self-destruction.

Therefore, my request to you is: Be not shocked with the immense size of the task! Take it as a work to be gradually performed and hope that many other people will come to help and thus progress will be assured.

It seems that, in the natural order of things, that those persons who have suffered the most from psychopaths or bearers of other mental anomalies, will be those called to do this work, to accept the burden. If you do, accept also, ladies and gentlemen, your fate with an open heart and humility, and always with a sense of humor. Cherish assistance from the Universal Mind and know that Great Values often grow from Great Suffering.” 

During a period of history when psychopathy was on the ascendance, when persecution and totalitarianism had its genesis, psychopaths ensured the annihilation of all who opposed them. The Cathars’ knew that beyond the cycles of time and space their faith and purpose had sealed-in their alchemy of applied knowledge despite the presence of organised evil erasing anything of conscience in its path. For those people and many like them down through the centuries, they understood that within the kernel of humanity lay the answer and that the cycle would eventually turn offering a chance for Truth, Love, Goodness and Beauty to grow once more.

Truth can never be extinguished, suppressed or forgotten. The heat of destruction, no matter how intense, can never destroy it. Before long, it will push through, fresh and verdant from the ashes – we will come full circle once again.

In Christianity, the laurel, once sacred to the God Apollo, is said to symbolise the Resurrection of Christ and the triumph of the human soul, or as the Cathar maxim describes it: “Al cap dels sèt cent ans, verdejera lo laurel” –

“After 700 years the laurel will be green once more.”

Let’s raise a glass to that.




  1. I’m sorry if I’m over commenting, and I will relent, but I just wanted to add an off-topic comment, which you may have already covered in your rather rich and elaborate writings of an enormous scope:

    You may feel differently about it, but I firmly believe that the entire moon landing was a hoax, an even greater occult ritual than 9/11, and one can write an extra-ordinary amount on it. Like 9/11, it achieved its main purpose. This objective consisted of firmly entrenching, not just the Western consciousness, but that of the entire world, the dangerous and shaky foundations of scientism, a cultish “religion” somewhat worse than the others in many respects, though deceivingly positive and enlightening at first glance. Scientism may glitter, but it certainly ain’t gold.

    It’s not an accident that Brzezinski’s seminal book was published in 1970, and the book’s title is a play on that of one of the Apollo missions, I believe Apollo 13 … imagine that! The main reason why even critical thinkers find the moon hoax assertions to be absurd is that they ostensibly see no purpose like the geo-political considerations, and the Realpolitik, of 9/11. However, though they had fewer neo-colonialist goals, the Apollo missions have a far deeper occult dimension that dwarfs 9/11, and truly ushers the foundations of the New World Order, at the consciousness level, for the masses of the world. (This bizarre detail is well-documented even in the mainstream media: apparently Armstrong and Aldrin performed an intricate and extended Masonic ritual on the Moon soon after the landing, off camera. The worn apron is even on display at the main Masonic lodge in Washington D.C.)

    Here’s an analogy of the NWO scheme for perspective:

    It’s similar to building a skyscraper: the Apollo missions were like the groundbreaking event and putting in the concrete in the foundation, culminating in the open-house ceremony on 9/11. The only part remaining is to put in all the furniture in the building, and officially open shop for business. (In this analogy, the actual blue prints and planning were centuries in the making)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very interesting. I haven’t looked into this subject in depth but sounds about right to me. My feeling at this stage is that the moon landings were a mix of fakery and authentic exploration. I think the hi-res photos were taken in a studio but there was an actual trip to the moon with minimal footage, photos. This doesn’t exclude your synopsis of course.

      Well, Zack, with all this information and study you have undertaken I’m surprised you don’t have a blog!


      1. Excellent point. Yes, that many images were faked is not even up for debate, and an obvious fact. Thus, the main question is: were there genuine “manned” voyages and explorations? The more one looks into the finer details, the more the scepticism increases until one is convinced that it was highly unlikely.

        One of the best and thorough set of essays I have found on the topic is David McGowan’s “Wagging the Moondoggie” series. Here it is FYI:

        McGowan is highly detailed on the “physical” or physics dimension of the unlikelihood of moon travel, and persuasively demonstrates the absurdity of NASA’s claims. He does not touch or explore the occult aspects, and that’s fine. (As an aside McGowan has a decent book, “Programmed to Kill”, demonstrating how the serial killer phenomenon was a product of MK Ultra experiments)

        From an esoteric perspective, going or allegedly going to the Moon was the final blow to the Logos, and man declared that he can, through his “reason” (ie alchemy and kabbalistic ritual on the unsuspecting masses) become God-like, which is a hubristic and foundational premise of the new world order set.

        As for a blog, I may have a decent scope of the issues, but lack in depth. Perhaps in time!

        Have a great weekend!


  2. Ahhh! Fantastic writing! This is the best article I have read in a long time. Thank you.

    I look forward to go back through your blog and read some more.

    Hope you don’t mind if I reblog this.



  3. Reblogged this on soul synchronicity and commented:
    “Truth can never be extinguished, suppressed or forgotten. The heat of destruction, no matter how intense, can never destroy it. Before long, it will push through once again, fresh and verdant from the ashes: We will come full circle.”


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