Official Culture Reprise IV: Moving Away from the Psychopath’s Dream (1)

By M.K. Styllinski

“If societies and their wise people are able to accept an objective understanding of social and sociopathological phenomena, overcoming the emotionalism and egotism for this purpose, they shall find a means of action based on an understanding of the essence of the phenomena (of evil). It will then become evident that a proper vaccine or treatment can be found for each of the diseases scourging the earth in the form of major or minor social epidemics.”

– Andrew Lobaczewski; Political Ponerology

The male psychopath generally favours power structures such as corporations and governments, and takes a more overt role. The female psychopath operates under a different dynamic, and prefers public institutions and family settings, sexual services and caring professions, but no less effective in quarrying her prey. Both see power and control as vital to their existence. It is the presence of authoritarianism that demands the disappearance of a sense of responsibility – whether by Church, State or corporation – which ensures the rise of pathocratic principles and the decline of the ties that bind community relations.

Monotheistic religions and systems of centralised government appear to be the best carriers of the disease of inverted totalitarianism. In the United Kingdom and other European countries the traditions of democracy and the very notion of centralised government, monarchy and its economic structure is bound tightly to the belief that they are all somehow essential to the smooth operation of human relations and the avoidance of anarchy and chaos. This is more a case of habitual conformity and herd mentality than any real evidence that such way of life ultimately works. As psychologist William Reich wrote: “The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally necessary character. The bubonic plague was an extraordinarily powerful social reality, but no one would have regarded it as vitally necessary.”

Professor Michael Huemer explains in The problem of political authority the simple probability in our current times which makes the abuse of power so inevitable:

“First, given the existence of a powerful government, the people who are most likely to wind up in control of that government are those who (a) have the greatest drive for power, (b) have the skills needed for seizing it (for example, the ability to intimidate or manipulate others), and (c) are unperturbed by moral compunctions about doing what is required to seize power. These individuals are not in the game for the money. They are in it for the pleasure of exercising power.” [1]

And those who have the “greatest drive for power” are likely to be psychopaths, where love of money is the lubrication toward greater extremes. Moreover, the very concept of the State has always been a watershed in the fortunes of political ponerology.

The very serious distortion of what anarchy truly means is a potent sign of how far we have gone down the route of State power. Or as the late American journalist and writer Joseph Sobran termed it: “The measure of the state’s success is that the word anarchy frightens people, while the word state does not.” Government, in its present form is the trenchant edifice of authority and one of the roots of our reoccurring malaise. It is the people who are the solution and who can creatively manage the best of our political ideologies: Marxism, socialism, communitarianism and capitalism; applying these ideas within a framework that is not bound by any one ideology. Perhaps this is where practical methods of independence, free from State interference along with sustainability and technological innovation can combine to form a true anarchism which is self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-organised and self-aware. And most importantly, it has the knowledge of ponerology that will determine whether or not the nation, region, locality and networked communities stay inoculated against psychological infection. It is then that Edward Abbey’s remark on the concept of anarchism can be understood as being: “… founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.” Surely, by now we have had enough proof of that fact?

When creativity is always in a state of flux it must be allowed limitation as befits the same cycles in nature and as much scope and leeway as possible in order to naturally embody the best. Edmund Burke described it well when he said: “Circumstances give in reality to every political principle its distinguishing colour and discriminating effect. The circumstances are what render every civil and political scheme beneficial or noxious to mankind.” So it is with politics and social cohesion. We must redefine every aspect of our ideals and social strictures so that necessary limitations may define the next step on our collective staircase, rather than an interminable stasis at the bottom. It seems only a shock or disintegration from the outside – be it environmental or a genuine social and global revolution external to Elite manipulations – is the only recourse for authentic change.

YinYang© infrakshun

“In the last analysis the world … is a cosmos, not a chaos. This belief is the foundation of Chinese philosophy, as of all philosophy.”

– Richard. Wilhelm / C. Baynes tr.

Light and dark, sun and moon, wet and dry, happy and sad – these are all dualities which only appear to be polarised. It is an illusion as the Chinese symbol of yin-yang so beautifully illustrates. It’s all about balance where negative and positive are integral to each others existence . The friction created from the separation and cycles of opposites fuels the engine of life and offers us learning experience to choose. It seems that creative tension can only be achieved not by seeking one pole at the expense of the other. Indeed, not seeking at all.

Evil or extreme negativity helps us to learn what works and what doesn’t; what formulas for addressing harmony in ourselves and the world can be applied and what must be jettisoned. Negative experiences do this if we cannot see the emerging chaos in time: they offer the fire of transformation when we are backed into a corner of our own making. Thus, evil by degree, as the dispenser of suffering is the Great Teacher and a reflection of our lack of awareness regarding the nature of reality. In one sense, you could say there is no “good” or “bad,” in the dictionary sense, just waves of expression drawn from the choices we make and which swing back and forth from the centre until the balance is tipped toward yet another variant of age-old extremes.

The Energy of Life appears to be neutral but our choices are formed from ignorance or knowledge which will determine the quality and outcome of how reality will manifest. Once this has happened and the horse has bolted, then certain tools are needed, realisations and defensive measures must be undertaken, before a measure of equilibrium can be introduced. With noise and chaos dominating nothing can replace what has taken root in the mass mind. Transformation can begin to emerge from within only when a consensus has begun to sprout at all levels of society.

Then change may simply be inevitable.

The “sensitive chords” of humanity have been played with ease through a deep knowledge of us, the “normal people” born into a pathology that has distorted and deformed the right to live under a semblance of peace and cooperation. The collapse of societies and culture may be inevitable but we must seize that chance during this turmoil to build awareness of the psychopath so that new visions for humanity can be implemented through a psycho-spiritual knowledge which acts as a preventative inoculation against ponerological infection. This is one of the major keys to a more viable future, one that is not a utopia but qualitatively different in ways that may be hard to imagine when we have all grown up immersed in the pathology of normality.

The above summary may be an obvious – almost cliche – evaluation of the human condition yet, the missing ingredient which has so often fractured the path of humanity into endless cycles of lessons is the denial of the shadow in ourselves, and its crystallized personification in the form of psychopaths. It is a point I reiterate over and over again as it is something so difficult to process, not least that we have taken aboard so much of the psychopath’s version of reality. We have become the automatons of existence but we don’t even know it. To really see it is to admit the death of the collective personality which is the congealed substance of our official culture – the creation of macrosocial psychopathy.

 “A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.”

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

If this begs the question “why?”Please read this blog from the beginning. Although much of these series on various topics are derivative, the concepts offer an overall synthesis supported from my own subjective experiences which in turn, form the basis of an increasing number of people’s matching experience thus going some way toward an objective consensus. A common theme underlying all of these topics is the science of ponerology, a term coined by Andrew Łobaczewski to describe a progressive rise of psychologically compromised individuals who act on the body-politic and thus society in the same way a virus infects its host. The authoritarianism of State control and its institutions are particularly prone to the genesis of mass psychopathy. If we are to turn back the clock where 7-8 billion people will be able to live on moderately equitable and civilised terms then our present economic system needs a radical overhaul in line with a new perspicacity. That is not likely to happen until we re-evaluate the very nature of what we have got ourselves into and this goes way beyond notions of envisioning new societies grafted onto the old. As Albert Einstein told us: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And one of the most obvious examples of this thinking lies within our current systems of Western politics.

As stated in my introduction:

There is no greater knowledge humanity can have than to know the presence, behaviour and methods of the psychopath in daily life and on the international scene. Unless people are aware of the existence of pathological types in their midst, anything that is genuinely creative and qualitatively enduring has no chance. This is the primary lesson of history.

Nonetheless, if there is one thing I have learned during my own research is that my faith in humanity is still strong. I see my life inextricably bound to friends, acquaintances and people I have never met, scattered across this jewel of an Earth, each coping with their lives amidst an array of difficult – if not impossible – circumstances, living under an Official Culture which defines the parameters of our “progress.”  Everyone but everyone is unique. We all have a talent, however seemingly small, which, given the right circumstances can enrich the whole so that this vast circuit of people power can begin to glow with creative fire. That is something the Pathocrats fear more than anything else: normal humanity’s freedom of the mind and its limitless potential.

As a consequence of that danger, the means and techniques of Empire have been refined throughout the centuries and brought to bear with crushing brutality in order to extinguish the light of awareness. To a large degree, they have been enormously successful, but conscience, cooperation, love and compassion continue to exist as an indelible part of the human psyche. Yet, only our willingness to seek out sometimes extremely unpalatable truths will give us the wisdom for the human race to continue. It is here that we may have real hope that the cycle will turn, transforming the wisdom of the past into practical methods of defence for the present.


© infrakshun

Despite the tangible presence of shadow lands there are always glimmers of hope trying to emerge from the darkness. For example, there are fewer interstate wars, there is less hunger, less disease and poverty is being reduced at a faster rate. Overall global disparity and inequality is also decreasing along with a global decline of 4 percent in fossil fuel consumption[2] People across the world are living longer and the incidence of persons dying from AIDS has been steadily in decline for the last eight years, while deaths from malaria have fallen by a fifth in five years. [3] [4] Death rates for lung and breast cancer have also dropped markedly in recent times. Perhaps most importantly, violent crime rates around the world have seen dramatic decreases over the last twenty years. [5] Underlying community and civic blueprints for alternative modes of living are waiting in the wings, ready to be implemented at the regional and local level to slowly replace the “take, make and throw away” society. New forms of economics, ecological awareness, realistic renewable technologies and self-sufficient communities are networking with others to produce ways of living which could assist in releasing the creative blockages which have built up within humanity for so long.

You can read all about this vibrant creativity on internet forums, in books, periodicals and the discussions between new generations of young people in every culture. Acts of kindness, courage and selflessness take place on a daily basis yet we seldom hear about them in our mainstream news. Take but two recent examples from the video links below which show how group action doesn’t have to be a one way street:

Mind the gap: Commuters push train to save trapped man in Perth

London’s People lift Bus of Cyclist’s crushed leg

So, while there may not be a great deal of hope about the future, there are reasons to be hopeful about the creative potential lying somewhat dormant within the present.

Hope is only useful if it doesn’t slip into a form of self-calming or complacency. We cannot change anything except ourselves. And for that inner change to occur, some form of breakdown of our old, inner order must take place.

The most important message of this blog has been to place at the forefront of my own awareness the profound depth and nature of the dark side of humanity and the parasitical humanoids that lie in its midst. An attempt was made to highlight the need for us to recognise why our history is a long drawn out example of perpetual myopia regarding the psychopath in our institutions and the reasons for its continued ability to adapt and retain its Elite dominance. Without exception, if the door is left even a millimeter ajar, the psychopath will put his shoulder to it and all will be lost for another cycle, however long that may be.

The twist on perennial truths means that we do indeed create our reality but it is based on the quality of our intent and the level of our awareness – warts and all – not upon the basis of any desire to “get something.” We cannot anticipate through a sense of entitlement but simply work to achieve our true nature and that means a sincerity of purpose coupled with a complete trust in the Cosmos of which we are a part.

It bears repeating: contrary to the belief that by focusing on evil you give it power, you actually dis-empower this force by knowing how it works and by learning to recognise the signs of its presence. No one needs to act against evil but one does need to defend and protect the light once ignited and fuelled by knowledge of what is. Focusing on negativity does NOT empower it if the intent is to learn. Voicing the mantra that evil doesn’t exist, and that no negativity can hurt us provided we entertain happy thoughts, meditate for peace and send love and light is not only wrong but plain dangerous since it plays right into the hands of the purely negative polarity. Turning the other cheek does not mean lying down and casting eyes skyward while they proceed to extract your soul. It suggests the possibility that any acts of aggression and hatred are merely reflected back upon the instigator in direct proportion to the intensity visited upon the victim, whether a nation or an individual. Nor does finding the “path of least resistance” mean searching out the easiest way to live our lives but discerning how best to avoid unnecessary obstacles based on our our own lack of discernment – usually about the very things we disdain to be bring to the surface of conscious awareness: namely, our own shadows lying deep in our unconscious; those scattered parts of the psyche which we then project out into the troubled world, adding to the chaos.

The psychologist Dr. Mary Esther Harding who worked closely with Carl Gustav Jung wrote about the same archetypal denial of the shadow side. She explored our innate bias for projection and displacement of that which we would rather not address, and which waits to be transformed in the crucible of our own hearts.

Whether individual or collective the dynamic is the same:

“Plans for control of the evil forces that have been loosed in the world, attempts to compensate the evil-doing by good works or sympathy for the victims, efforts to safeguard the peace or to affect ideal solutions of all the material problems involved, can do little to change the nature of the situation. The real problem, namely, the question of what can be done for civilization in face of the nonhuman forces arising from the collective unconscious in thousands or rather millions of individual persons, will remain untouched. However, if only one human being has met and solved the problem in himself, he will be a living demonstration of a solution. Such an individual carries with him the germ of a renaissance of the spiritual values of mankind.” [6]

 “No tree it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

– C.G. Jung

Does each person with a functioning conscience carry that “germ of a renaissance of the spiritual values of mankind”?

I think so.  Yet, the natural question is: how will it be released?

It seems we have passed the point of no return in that regard. Either humanity has the courage to make the choice to resist lies and deception within itself or it plays out in the world, channelled by those whose nature it is to do so. We then all become – consciously or unconsciously – the enablers and foot-soldiers of Pathocracy. The Universe demands balance and it will happen through conscious, willful choice, “paid” in advance and by paying attention to the rich lessons of our ancestors. Or it will happen through suffering by being on the end of a cosmological and planetary balancing of polar opposites.

In that sense, the United States has been given the President they deserve and external reality simply reflects the chaos in the mass mind. Genuine consensus building, networking without prejudice and taking one sure step at a time, may allow us to emerge from the current round of Earth and human changes. Constructive thinking must surely lie alongside intuitive feeling in a balanced marriage of King and Queen, where neither have more power over our psyche than the other: the original meaning of the Royal marriage within – a balancing act, a creative tension which must be held to provide the next leap through the “window.”


© infrakshun

Perhaps the first step to developing solutions to our problems lies in grasping the full implications of what it means to defer to the psychopath’s manipulations. If we are to capitalise on the present window of opportunity with the dissolution of the Old Order and the onset of the new technology we must be able to head the Pathocrats off at the pass. That means understanding that all of this is an ancient Gordian Knot of distorted understanding rooted in our very concept of society and current notions of progress. It means turning away from those that seek to “get high” on reaction, conflict and drama, and quietly move toward those who seek to not only know truth, but to embody it.

A tall order maybe, but they are out there.

If we are to have a chance to counter these plans then we must be prepared to join with others in shedding the beliefs which hold ourselves back from truly growing and expanding our minds. We must rely on our ingenuity, immense creativity and faith in the unpredictable nature of the cosmos. Psychopaths and sub-deviants cannot conceive of anything that does not fall into their binary idea of reality as consumption and self-serving rewards. As mentioned, unpredictability is an anathema to their sense of control just as they cannot understand higher sensibility and conscience which denotes something multi-dimensional; an abstraction that is bound by service to others as natural state of spiritual self-preservation and collective survival.

Psychopaths work together only insofar as it meets their desire for conquest and greater extremes of predatory behaviour. The beliefs of collectivism, elitism, fascism and synarchy flowing through members of the Three Establishment Order all represent the best channels for the psychopath’s rapacious needs. It is wholly irrelevant what label we attach to these dynamics as they are all drawn from the exact same directives and principles. The challenge we face is how the ordinary man and woman on the street can get with the picture and understand that this is first and foremost, a longstanding psycho-spiritual problem which starts with ourselves; making sure that our A-B-C psychology is as healthy as we can make it. By “spiritual” this means that we do not derive our sense of meaning and self-concept from purely techno-materialistic pursuits but that we consciously experiment with the emotional, mental, and para-physical pathways despite the possibility that such potential may not be fully expressed in this  current paradigm.  We must think big and employ creative solutions which are not sourced from the same restrictive measurements given to us by our psychopathic masters. It requires thinking out of the box and embracing cultural and scientific advances of the present with the rich wisdom of the past so that they can fuse into a Third Force for change; where context defines our choices instead of the circular patterns of binary thinking that draw us back into the labyrinth of fear, emotional reactions and thereby unconscious behaviour.

It means safely sharing with others like we have never shared before.

The greatest activism is that which peacefully disempowers authority by not reacting but defends the space birthed from seeking truth. Reaction is the bread and butter of elite control and is one of the hardest to confront. It’s so easy to react and release the pent up anger and sadness of all those years; to identify with an external demon and to purge our own inner conflicts for momentary, self-righteous release.  Yet, to simply ignore their interference and presence (whilst monitoring their movements) utterly takes away their ability to control the outcome of emerging awareness.

Non-violent protest must work parallel to the formation of social blueprints which encourage clusters of breakaway communities to eventually become totally self-sufficient centres of natural living. Creative visions firmly grounded in reality with the will and wisdom borne from the experience of what is, as opposed to what we wish is the only way a pragmatic spirituality can manifest. In my own view, these working visions must be largely divorced from the State if it emerges from the ashes of the coming changes holding onto the same psychological infrastructure. This cannot happen overnight but the template can be ignited.

Of course, the challenges inherent in such a reset are immense but not impossible. The dilemma is whether or not the same destroyers will be allowed to rise to the top and repeat the process of control all over again for coming generations. That is up to us. Change may occur in ways undreamt of, the most revolutionary of which is drawn from the fire that is lit deep within ourselves.



[1] p.206; The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey by Professor Michael Huemer, published by Palgrave Macmillan (2012).
[2] Statistical Review of World Energy – British Petroleum
[3] ‘AIDS Deaths, New HIV Infections Continue to Drop Worldwide’ By Amanda Gardner, Health Day Reporter Wider availability of treatment, better funding may be the reason why, U.N. report says, November 20, 2012.
[4] ‘Impact of malaria control’ – World Health Organization |…malaria…/WMR2011_chapter7.pdf
[5] ‘Global Cancer Facts and Figures 2012’. | Bureau of Justice Statistics Violent Crime Trends (BJS) Key Facts at a Glance: “Since 1994 violent crime rates have declined, reaching the lowest level ever in 2009.” www.
[6] p.485; Psychic Energy: Its Source and Its Transformation by Mary Esther Harding [Bollingen Series X] Paperback – September 1, 1973.



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