Official Culture Reprise III: Authoritarianism Revisited (2)

 “… instead of trusting what their own minds tell them, men have as a rule a weakness for trusting others who pretend to supernatural sources of knowledge.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


Promotional poster from the film 1984

Authoritarianism only becomes a dominant force when ponerisation is advanced and normal humanity succumbs to the emerging restrictions. Our trust and belief in those who offer the pretence of leadership and a para-moral imperative appears to have a symbiotic relationship to our wilful blindness and apathy which is also part of the rise and fall of numerous Empires. Someone to lead and show us the way, someone with power, personality and charismatic inspiration that is almost spiritual… The same old patterns are in evidence everywhere one looks.

But what if such power lies within a network of human beings who have shed their reliance on an external authority and have discovered the pragmatism of their own centered faith in the Universe and each other? Do we have to have to have ideologues who arrive based on what we lack inside? Is it possible to manifest a leader or leaders who are drawn from something quite different and where the very notion of leadership is redefined?

We have explored the theories of ponerology, authoritarianism and our own stratum of wishful thinking and wilful blindness. We must also factor in an undue emphasis on the material world and the separation from Nature to which we are mysteriously connected, not just through the thousands of years of bio-rhythms and collective archetypes pulsating through the human psyche, but resonant through our very DNA. We might also posit that all the problems of the world lie not in economic, ecological or socio-cultural solutions but ultimately in our relationship to ourselves and the potential to connect with realities that transcend the five senses.

Before we can do justice to that we must be able to live in this world without prescriptive beliefs which bind us exclusively to thoughts and visions which denote security and comfort at the expense of truth. We must understand as much as we can of ourselves and our external world in order to approach any semblance of harmony. Or as Saint Augustine explained: “Seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.”

When belief takes place of true understanding then we inevitably add to the chaos.

It seems understanding cannot be obtained any other way than with self-knowledge gained from experience – and shared. When we seek to cultivate discernment and discrimination or in other words, practice a willful attempt to see things as they are, we are gradually able to see how we fit into the currents of life, since we are attuning more and more to an authentic life. This makes it much more likely that we will be delivered from unscrupulous manipulators who wish to use our cherished beliefs as bargaining chips to achieve their goals.

Attachment to beliefs allow us security, a sense of self-importance and a sometimes a positive way to navigate through the often confusing and bewildering ontological concepts that seek to neatly package our existential concerns. While offering emotional support (suppression of fear and internal dissonance) and intellectual comfort (perceived certainty and sense of self) the energising of meaning creates a perimeter of subjective thought that acts as a limit to any further expansion of awareness and thus the quality of one’s consciousness. This belief may be the result of genuine intuition about the aim, object or condition in question, but is nevertheless remains just that: a hunch.

Perhaps faith is more preferable to the attachment of beliefs as it keeps the mind open to knowledge while forging trust in the ability of things to work out. Faith is from the heart not the head and places absolute trust in the natural and perfectly harmonious undercurrent of universal laws that operate perfectly well if we resist the urge to interfere. Doing so merely muddies the waters and creates ripples that disturb the flow of Truth that is constantly trying to make itself known. With every ebb and flow, every in-breath and out-breath, there is a pause. Seldom has the individual or societies been shown how to live in the silence between action and non-action and thus we have lost the ability to centre ourselves; to not only embrace the unknown but connect with our own “inner-tuition.”

To arrive at the infinite possibilities of the unknown whether scientist or athlete, writer or farmer, we need to somehow find that access point that provides the evidence that faith is a scientific inevitability. This quest does not have to be a product of fear-based indoctrination but a choice to test reality as to whether our existence follows a purpose and whether the ignition of that purpose follows a universal path of access. Only by entertaining that possibility as a serious and testable proposition can we begin to begin to apply it. If we don’t take the first step, the rich inner life will not respond and will not be manifested in external reality. Faith and the humility borne of suffering could be the first step.

Aldous Huxley had no problem with faith though he was somewhat scathing of the notion of belief. Through his character “Will,” in his 1932 book Island he wrote the following:

Give us this day our daily Faith, but deliver us, dear God, from Belief.

Faith is something very different from belief. Belief is the systematic taking of unanalyzed words much too seriously. Paul’s words, Mohammed’s words, Marx’s words, Hitler’s words—people take them too seriously, and what happens? What happens is the senseless ambivalence of history—sadism versus duty, or (incomparably worse) sadism as duty; devotion counterbalanced by organized paranoia; sisters of charity selflessly tending the victims of their own church’s inquisitors and crusaders. Faith, on the contrary, can never be taken too seriously. For Faith is the empirically justified confidence in our capacity to know who in fact we are, to forget the belief-intoxicated Manichee in Good Being. [1]

Could it be that by maintaining faith and trust, while paying deep attention to the world around us we can halt the possibility of that faith morphing into mere belief – an open door to subversion of ethical principles?

Beliefs operating through religion and science, has shown how well they can reflect each others dogmas while rejecting alternative views that both may nourish. Many choose the belief that materialism and atheism is the only paradigm on offer where the arch-deacons of contemporary science provide all the answers we need. This is fallacious based on an arrogant assumption that all can be explained within the framework of human perception; that reality is fixed and unyielding as opposed to non-linear and fluid; where a legion of anomalies inside the Cartesian and Newtonian legacy that constantly make their presence felt, are summarily dismissed as irrelevant or a product of human neurological dysfunction or worse – imaginative whimsy. Granted, it is often precisely those things. But it can equally be said that the workings of the mind, body and the Universe are still so inconceivable and mysterious that we remain like a collective cell within the body of the cosmos and its accompanying level of perception.

Science, dominated by profits and a restrictive thought police brushes aside thousands of years of esoteric, ancient wisdom teachings, the messengers of which drew their knowledge from beyond the material world as they saw it. Until we open ourselves to the broader picture while retaining the tools of rigorous science and knowledge, humanity will never escape the from the belief trap it has created for itself and which the psychopathic minority have used as a powerful prison on consciousness. Perhaps it is reasonable to cultivate a balanced dis-belief and the deep questioning that provides the escape route to re-envisioning our societies rather than the familiar regurgitation of World State policies dressed up as progressive modernisation. Yet here we are believing in systems of governance and their politicians who cannot possibly deliver what is asked of them because they are shackled by the rot that lies in the very walls of the structure itself.

And authoritarianism can only exist through the willing embrace of unyielding beliefs which have their fuel from the instinct of fear of change and the emotional reaction of losing what are a myriad of comforting desires.

Which brings us to one of the most glaring examples…

The Obama Syndrome

One of the most glaring indictments of the American political system was on display with the 2009 installation of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. The same leader-worship that was seen with Bush is also in evidence under Obamamania, though of a far more incendiary quality.

With the iconic assistance of fellow Democrat candidate Bill Clinton who appeared to be trying to outgrin his compatriot for power, the cult of personality was on show during the Obama-Biden campaign at a level that took spellbinding spectacle to new heights. Whereas journalism and academia at least gave the appearance of objective analysis in decades past, the US election saw a glorification of the political system and the revolving door of conveyor-belt candidates. Far from providing even partial checks for the public, already too busy trying to survive, it was to be a glowing endorsement of corporate, political, legislative and military authority – a submissive affirmation of Official Culture.

Let’s remind ourselves what Dr. Carroll Quigley had to say on contemporary politics and the planned outcome of a two party system. He stated:

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so that American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.” [2]

What these denials mean on the ground, away from the lights and glitter of wishful thinking is more death and destruction from a system that is rotten to the core and which does not, cannot allow authentic candidates with conscience to ascend the ladder of responsible power. This is proving a very hard lesson for many of us to learn since critical analysis plays no part at all in the process.

As so-called foreign tyrannies are emblazoned across newspapers and internet sites, television shows and films, we seldom see a cold-bloodied examination undertaken regarding the West’s part in shaping those tyrannies let alone casting an objective eye over its presence in our own lives. Inverted totalitarianism is far more insidious. Its presence arrives by stealth and likely takes much longer to disintegrate than the classical totalitarian systems as evidenced in Maoist China or the now worsening situation in North Korea. When you are so inured in the belief that you are free then there is no incentive to act. Which is where those most susceptible to authoritarian dictates will tell you: “If you’ve have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about.” Indeed, if you cow-tow to authority, where loss of civil rights is forsaken to be in the authoritarian’s good books  – then they will indeed be the same people who willingly watch their dissident friends marched off to Guantanamo or the local detention centre … for the good of the whole. Sacrifices must be made

They will be “safe” because they prefer to live in ignorance and denial, selling their soul to Daddy dictator – something which our one time human rights lawyer Mr. Obama knows all about.


image credit: Shepard Fairey | Hope and Change? Or Changing Hope?

“I mean, drones and domestic spying are the last things I would have thought [he’d support].”

– Shepard Fairey, creator of the above graphic quoted in Esquire magazine

A friend of mine recently mentioned that she thought Obama had a “holy mission.” She is African-American, an intelligent, inspiring speaker and facilitator, fully aware of corporate influence yet, she trusts completely Obama’s vision for America based on his book Letters to my Father.

So, how do we square the words against the actions? Is Obama an honourable man attempting to change the system or is he just another candidate who was chosen for his gargantuan ego and marketing mileage?

Either way,  something is very wrong with the “Hope & Change” doctrine which propelled him into the hot seat, as many more cautious commentators mentioned at the time. As usual, the warnings were buried under an avalanche of wishful thinking after the disaster of the Neo-Conservative Bush administration. So, what exactly did Obama do as the first “Black” President, riding in on the marketed amalgamation of Kennedy-King imagery?

In fact, not one promise has been kept since Barack Obama came to office flush on the money donated by banking and corporate sponsors of Goldman Sacs and the Rothschilds proxies. (You can see the full list of contributors to the cyclic election fraud HERE).

Although the president gave a solemn pre and post-election promise to halt the bailouts of banks and place a cap on CEOs’ salaries, Wall Street is flourishing under Obama and a bonanza of bailout money and Chief Executive salaries have soared, far outstripping anything the Bush cartel could have imposed. [3]  Corporate lobbyists are allowed to carry on as normal while civic advocacy groups are further denied accountability as a direct result of these policies. Such is the nature of a billion dollar PR machine.

One of the “Yes we can” sure-fire winners which got supporters dewy-eyed with hope, was Obama’s promise to bring back US troops from Iraq when he was in office. A proportion of troops did come back. However, America’s embassy, the largest in the world located in downtown Baghdad (costing the taxpayer $3bn for the privilege) was hardly going to be forgotten when the game-plan was to keep a permanent presence in Iraq once the conquest was completed. Therefore, over 18,000 State Department personnel and thousands of armed, well-paid private contractors continue to ply their neo-colonial trade. If there are any insurgent activities you can bet your tax dollars that US Special Forces and PSYOPS companies are frequently deployed to keep things on track.

Another selling pitch on the campaign trail was to tune into the revulsion at the Bush-Cheney legacy of Guantanamo Bay prison camp and promise to close it when he became President. In fact, with a handful of detainees being released at the beginning of his tenure, this was soon reversed. Far from being closed, it’s business as usual for Guantanamo Bay where torture continues and a number of inmates have died. Parallel to this broken promise, Obama also sold the idea of restoring the habeas corpus rights – this too has been revoked and the policies of Bush have been reinstated and enhanced. Once you end up in Guantanamo Bay with no recourse to democratic law, you are likely to stay there. [4]

Usually Muslim suspects were shipped all over the globe to be tortured by other oppressive regimes because it was too risky to do in the US and Britain (though they were happy to carry waterboarding when they could). This was known as “Extraordinary rendition” an illegal practice which Obama also promised would disappear. The incumbent President expanded that too, simply outsourcing it to all the usual suspects who worked under the Bush Administration.[5] And just in case we thought that this might have been a terrible mistake, Obama went on to sign the National Defence Authorization Act into law, (NDAA) on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2011, something the Bush administration would have applauded. This allows the government to indefinitely detain citizens while legally assassinating Americans without charge or trial, thereby continuing and expanding the Bush doctrine and the “War on Terror.” As an ex-human rights lawyer, Obama would have been acutely aware of the implications of these legislations.

The centrepiece in the Bush Administration’s drive to roll back constitutional and civil rights was the warrantless wire-tapping surveillance of US citizens. Obama did not double this law but actually quadrupled it, effectively turbo-charging the initial directive.[6] With the thousands of classified documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden still doing the rounds care of journalist Glenn Greenwald we have been allowed to have a glimpse of just how bad this surveillance state has become. Despite these revelations there is no sign of addressing these unconstitutional and illegal activities. In fact, the NSA continues to ignore the public outrage with Obama defending his intelligence minions.

Barack Obama continues to deepen the delusion that he is a President rather than another puppet with a record of warmongering even more impressive than his predecessor. Yet, if you mention that Obama actually has a record that is worse than Bush derisory laughter ensues, or the instant belief that you are merely another Republicrat “having a go.” Let’s not forget that our Barack and his winning smile has taken a leaf out of the Tony Blair’s book of oratory and scripted rhetoric, which is partly why they were both groomed to create the needed cognitive dissonance between words and action, hope and disillusionment.

After just a few years at the helm Obama’s “Hope and Change” has managed to:

  • Massively expanded drone wars in Libya (without congressional approval); in Yemen and Pakistan
  • Through AFRICOM he has allowed a neo-imperialism to loot, rape, divide, and destroy African countries under cover of humanitarian intervention.
  • Launched proxy wars in Somalia and Syria
  • Escalated the war in Afghanistan
  • Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia
  • Sold nearly $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, the largest weapons sale ever made from the US.
  • Allowed US Special Forces to be deployed in 75 countries
  • Suppressed genuine revolutions in Bahrain and Egypt with billions of dollars of weapons, while supporting the propaganda of coloured revolutions that would benefit Anglo-American interests.
  • Signed acts into law that protects and enhances agribusiness and GM giants such as Monsanto which places them above federal laws. [7]
  • Expanded the Terror Industry and bought into the official story of 9/11, strengthening the myths and lies of the Al-Qaeda/ISIL terror network as a threat to US citizens.

This President of the free-world has defended body scans at airports, random searches on the street, signed the Patriot Act extension into law, deported a record 1.5 million immigrants (drawn from the very regime change chaos he has perpetrated) and presided over the largest erosion of civil liberties ever to befall the Republic. It also goes without saying that Obama has bought into the same Anglo-American Israeli butchering of the Middle East resource grab which means he is exactly the same monkey dancing to exactly the same Organ grinder of the 3EM. To be the President, you must play the game and learn the script. (You can read a much more extensive, well-sourced list of Obama’s record of hypocrisy, lies, corruption and double-dealing HERE).

So, how does one’s belief in Obama square with this reality? 

What this support really means in the face of jarring lies and propaganda is to support the perpetuation of corrupt politics and the further disintegration of America. Or, in the words of attorney and journalist Glenn Greenwald:

Yes, I’m willing to continue to have Muslim children slaughtered by covert drones and cluster bombs, and America’s minorities imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands for no good reason, and the CIA able to run rampant with no checks or transparency, and privacy eroded further by the unchecked Surveillance State, and American citizens targeted by the President for assassination with no due process, and whistleblowers threatened with life imprisonment for “espionage,” and the Fed able to dole out trillions to bankers in secret, and a substantially higher risk of war with Iran (fought by the U.S. or by Israel with U.S. support) [8]

And these are only the facts fully mandated by law. What goes on beyond the purview of creaking democratic accountability?

Well, by now, we should have some idea.


Bush and Obama – The only difference is in the degree of psychopathy | image source:

“Obama has harassed, threatened, accused and locked up more journalists and whistleblowers than any previous administration ever. Moreover, he has charged more whistleblowers with violating an antiquated 1917 espionage act for treason than all past presidencies combined, sentencing them to jail time 25 more times than all previous combined. The least transparent president in history also denied more Freedom of Information Act requests in 2014 than all previous administrations, only proving himself to be the most vindictive, revengeful, secretive despot president in history.”

Joachim Hagopian, Global Research

It seems we must make the choice as to what we are honestly prepared to countenance and whether it promotes genuine change or if it is simply another sop to our misplaced political Left vs Right preference and the need to feel good in uncertain times.

If we support Obama then we support the above, irrefutable facts. Period.

As journalist and blogger Chris Floyd pointed out, the so-called “progressive” tendency slips into cognitive dissonance when presented with the unpalatable evidence of Obama’s presidency. He draws our attention to Roy Edroso’s none too pleased reaction to Greenwald’s unequivocal rendering of the truth:

“This is painful. This is watching someone who is obviously of good heart twist and contort themselves to avoid the truth that they are supporting mass murder. Mass murder. The reality of children being torn to shreds by drone bombs at the order of a Democratic president is no less evil than children shredded by Republican neo-cons or libertarian extremists — or by the worst kind of psychopathic child-murderer stalking some city street somewhere. There is no moral difference in the evil of these acts. Yet Edroso, blinded by the partisan blood in his eyes, casts about this way and that trying desperately, desperately, not to see the truth in front of him.” [9]

If we still maintain our belief in Barack Obama and by extension, the American political system which allows such people to be plucked from obscurity based on what they can do for a corrupt elite rather than their nation, then we are exhibiting symptoms of the Obama Syndrome which is a pathological denial of reality based on a mix of wilful blindness and utter ignorance regarding the machinery of the Establishment. He is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with America and everything that is wrong with our reality which allows such deceit to perpetuate.

To be charitable for a moment (which is probably a mistake) perhaps Obama may in the beginning, have had a genuine desire to do his best for the American people. Clearly, he is a candidate with far more intelligence and social grace than Bush Jr. (which admittedly, isn’t saying much). But it could be that once ensconced in the Oval Office he was then exposed to the reality of the situation – namely the Shadow government and those who really controls his decisions. His hubris was reduced leaving only his impotence and the auto-cue.

However, one suspects this is sadly, not the case. Rather, he knew precisely what his role would be.

Conversely,  J.F. Kennedy stepped out of his Establishment role and genuinely went against his programmed path. His fatal mistake was to underestimate the number of forces that would never allow such a wholesale change of the military-corporate machine and its pipelines to profits. Obama faces exactly the same challenge to his conscience each day he remains in office and it is likely if he did decide to take a leaf out of Kennedy’s book he would go exactly the same way and/or members of his family.

The unfortunate reality is that the very reason that Obama is where he is and not part of Establishment lineage, means he had already sold his soul to get there. The electoral system is designed to favour those who serve the economic nature of the beast.

That’s it. THAT is reality.

Whatever the reasoning in the mind of this highly marketed image known as Barack Obama, it is improbable at this stage that he will step out of the role that has been designed for him and deliver on the sentiments expressed to his father and the electorate who so wished for them to be true. All in all, he has provided the exact opposite of “Hope and Change,” rather, another pattern of compliance and conformity. He has served as an enabler of the Bush Doctrine and Neo-Conservatism under the mask of the Democrat. After touting the rhetoric of new policies for an economic revitalisation he played the exact same neo-liberal economic fraud of “trickle down” and followed the course laid down by his Goldmanite Masters who were at the forefront of the financial warfare of 2008, 2011 and the present pending earthquake in 2015. It is not without reason that current and former employees of Goldman Sacs are found in significant numbers in the Obama Administration itself. The gross result is that a Shock Doctrine of economic austerity continues to be inflicted on Americans with a national deficit reaching stratospheric levels of debt, and this in the face of corruption and blatant fraud so systemic an amoeba could point it out. 

For those who object to such a reality and still prefer to believe that he is a New Hope, just like my friend, it simply illustrates the extremely problematic nature of American political system and the absolute saturation of mass mind programming in the once fair nation of the United States. Candidates will always be hewn from the same psychopathy or pathological narcissism and paramoralism which has turned American upside down.

Puppets like Obama are way too egotistical to recognise they will not have the power to change anything, let alone offer hope. And maybe that was exactly the point. It is the system that is broken and no candidate delivered to the door of the Oval Office in its current incarnation will be any different.

Until we can grasp this fact we will be duped over and over again. *


* As to what the immediate future holds under Obama’s presidency, you might want to read: Towards a militarized police state in America? Explosive new revelations over “Jade Helm 15 exercise” and potential false flags and make up your own mind…


[1] p.43; Island by Aldous Huxley 1932. This edition published by Flamingo an Imprint of HarperCollins Publ. 1994 | ASIN: B004A8SX16.
(pp.1247-1248) Quigley, Carroll, Tragedy and Hope: A History of Our Time. Published by GSG and Associates (June 1, 1975).
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[9] ‘Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies’ by Glenn Greenwald,, December 31 2011. | 3039 ‘Blood in my Eyes for You: The Deep Progressive Love for the Laureate’s ‘Industrial Killing Machine’ by Chris Floyd, January 3, 2012.


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